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My Last Meal • MUKBANG
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i'm having a really bad day.
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my husband.
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Taco Bell • MUKBANG
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  • ML player BNSM
    ML player BNSM 14 minutes ago

    Wut tf is this

  • Anthony's wonderful world

    "you should not be eating an apology" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pratham Bharti
    Pratham Bharti Hour ago

    U look terrible eating that

  • prywatne kras
    prywatne kras Hour ago

    Jesteś gruby i tyle

  • Pratham Bharti
    Pratham Bharti Hour ago

    Are u gay ??

  • arize e
    arize e Hour ago

    Are u gay?

  • flash ah ah
    flash ah ah Hour ago

    The char broiled burger is really char broiled real flame cooked.

  • flash ah ah
    flash ah ah Hour ago

    If you dont start kindergarten in another country, you'll never learn another language.

  • GoblinKillerDude69
    GoblinKillerDude69 2 hours ago

    I just love me some (b)ashed (b)otatoes.

  • aileen sumner
    aileen sumner 2 hours ago

    Hi 😊try to visit Philippines to and try our food here 😊❤️

  • The Lone Wolf Hunter

    Imma do a takis and hot Cheetos challenge with my friend on my channel

  • Jill Malever
    Jill Malever 3 hours ago

    You talk too much

  • D3AL
    D3AL 3 hours ago

    Me and my mom always get Chinese food for breakfast 🤣

  • Darkness Ravenx
    Darkness Ravenx 3 hours ago

    I can really hear his voice But i barely hear the crunch Just wow

  • { Green Tea }
    { Green Tea } 3 hours ago

    11:31 WhOs ThEre? Im NoT EaTiNG AnD iF I wAS I’m NoT ShARInG

  • Gaming God
    Gaming God 3 hours ago

    You know it’s good when he can’t talk about it

  • Steve Simpkins
    Steve Simpkins 4 hours ago

    A visual representation of me swallowing my car note mortgage bills extra expenses every month

  • Sanaa Branch
    Sanaa Branch 4 hours ago

    I live in philly and That cheesesteak had to be from max's

  • Tiffany Lam
    Tiffany Lam 4 hours ago

    Everybody has an emotional moment, some people find comfort in recording themselves or going to therapy or taking to a friend.

  • Nakhyla Gilmore
    Nakhyla Gilmore 4 hours ago

    Is that ur boyfriend

  • Migeul Fernandez
    Migeul Fernandez 4 hours ago

    12:37 bruh I’m ded 😂😂😭😭

  • Nevaeh Fuhrman
    Nevaeh Fuhrman 4 hours ago

    U gay bichis

  • Migeul Fernandez
    Migeul Fernandez 5 hours ago

    Bruh I keep hearing nigga cado avocado

  • Gacha zaza
    Gacha zaza 5 hours ago

    You gay

  • Melanie Clarke
    Melanie Clarke 5 hours ago

    omg why is he gay ewwwwww

  • Dinya Ismail
    Dinya Ismail 5 hours ago

    Nickado: *oMg seAseME sEEDs * Me: *dieing of laughter*

  • Lavagirl Sup
    Lavagirl Sup 6 hours ago

    Nick ur freaking Gay!!

  • Lauryn Rankin
    Lauryn Rankin 6 hours ago

    But nick funny

  • Lauryn Rankin
    Lauryn Rankin 6 hours ago

    RU-clip is just getting so messy like if u agree

  • DANIELLA the SLIME QUEEN#goofygirl

    No I will not

  • Shirley Seferiano
    Shirley Seferiano 7 hours ago

    Why does it look like he's torturing himself in the thumb nail 😂 😂

  • طير الغربه
    طير الغربه 7 hours ago

    هذه اذا احط ثريد بطشت بس ادور وجهي مالكا🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Ozlem Tan
    Ozlem Tan 8 hours ago

    Angel is so cute I love the videos with himmm

  • Elf On The Shelf #christmas

    I have watched this video twice so far and that one part when you couldn t talk and food kept coming out and u kept saying Nick edit that out still gets me laughing. U completely turned my day around😁

  • pebblesj5
    pebblesj5 8 hours ago

    Broadway should call you, Nick. You have a stage personality. 😃

  • LazyLife Friday
    LazyLife Friday 8 hours ago

    When his boyfriend joined He said " the food looks good and he looks very good😏" That was uncomfortable

  • Martyna Iavarone
    Martyna Iavarone 8 hours ago

    Zach oi asmr

    PARIS EVANS 8 hours ago

    LITERALLY NO ONE: NICK:I LoVe ChEeSEeee YeS I DOooooooooooo love him

  • al spencer
    al spencer 8 hours ago

    It’s Ajou you dip the beef sandwich in it before you eat it.👍

  • Kimberlïë La'niyah

    Me in the back of the classroom:

  • Fire King
    Fire King 8 hours ago

    Wtf is he doing

  • Alexa Axtell
    Alexa Axtell 9 hours ago

    You should do Mozzarella stick animal style fries

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear 9 hours ago

    I am so shook 😂😂😂😂😂 I had no idea these other channels existed I don’t even know how I got here😂😂😭😭 I love this side of you!

  • Boys Bangtan__
    Boys Bangtan__ 9 hours ago


  • Debby Nofal
    Debby Nofal 9 hours ago

    You eat completely normal!!! ❤️

  • Biddy Hansom
    Biddy Hansom 9 hours ago

    Guess who cause this Donlad trump

  • Edan Smith
    Edan Smith 9 hours ago

    Um who else is scared

  • Lovely Heart
    Lovely Heart 10 hours ago

    Lmaoo “uh uh uh, who’s that, who’s that” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😫exactly who tf is he just siting there for no reason

  • Angelica Chavez
    Angelica Chavez 10 hours ago

    In the description he forgot to add chicken nuggets 😂

  • Modesto Perez
    Modesto Perez 10 hours ago

    Wow thats alot of food

  • Dz Geary
    Dz Geary 10 hours ago


  • cookie dough 2
    cookie dough 2 10 hours ago

    How can mukbangers have beef?They should be eating beef!

  • Tony Le
    Tony Le 11 hours ago

    Who heard a fortnite sound in the start of the video

  • Elizabeth McGlown
    Elizabeth McGlown 11 hours ago

    i found the story a little entertaining, watched tj=his in the backround of me playing minecraft

  • cookie dough 2
    cookie dough 2 11 hours ago

    The start was so funny

  • Dominique Alexander
    Dominique Alexander 11 hours ago

    Dude you are like so gay that's why god fo

  • Mohammad Faour
    Mohammad Faour 12 hours ago

    Be a fucking man you gay shit

    • Assassins Creed
      Assassins Creed 7 hours ago

      Mohammad Faour like actually though. This guy makes me sick

  • al spencer
    al spencer 12 hours ago

    I bet I could fix Angel a fish taco that he couldn’t resist.

  • Jacob Gilkey
    Jacob Gilkey 13 hours ago

    Good video

  • Seth Tems
    Seth Tems 13 hours ago

    He did a little ceacers video 2 years ago

  • Danni Com2N
    Danni Com2N 13 hours ago

    Algum brasileiro aq?

  • Magdalene Aniako
    Magdalene Aniako 13 hours ago

    angel is grown

  • _ multifxndom.s
    _ multifxndom.s 14 hours ago

    i once ate cookie dough while (mostly) crying and laughing-

  • 조선조
    조선조 14 hours ago

    Is that spicy? Are you sure?!?!?!

  • bil bil
    bil bil 14 hours ago


  • furqan ali
    furqan ali 15 hours ago

    fat shit

  • faze_chr7s_riot yt
    faze_chr7s_riot yt 15 hours ago

    Why are u built like Sid the science kid nah better yet a ant eater

  • Olivia Svensson
    Olivia Svensson 15 hours ago

    Tbh I would probably not even be able to finish the nuggets, ur stomach have no bottom lol

  • areej Hussain
    areej Hussain 16 hours ago

    Um mm If u felt uncomfortable Turn that grey button to Blue! | | v

  • Davi Andrade
    Davi Andrade 16 hours ago


  • Liselotte van Rossum
    Liselotte van Rossum 16 hours ago

    It starts at 6:37

  • Syarmien Iqmal
    Syarmien Iqmal 17 hours ago

    I dont know why..but his face got the characteristics of a dumbass.

  • kat Smith
    kat Smith 18 hours ago

    I hope he gets no followers because the depression he has is staged so stop tryna get clout sir🤮😑😅🤷

  • Dilek Haydaroğlu
    Dilek Haydaroğlu 19 hours ago

    Fucked gay

  • Sofya Giraldo
    Sofya Giraldo 19 hours ago

    Preach preach

  • Elizabeth Duran
    Elizabeth Duran 19 hours ago

    Aww the kiss moments make me cry cuz I am single 😭🤪🤣

  • Epic GamerZ
    Epic GamerZ 19 hours ago

    2:11 Thumbnail:

  • Briley j
    Briley j 19 hours ago

    he says todays hoing ti be a short video but its 51:06

  • Abdulnasser Dimnang
    Abdulnasser Dimnang 19 hours ago

    Mukbangers vs veronica wang.

  • GaM3iNg KnIgHt
    GaM3iNg KnIgHt 19 hours ago

    Wait he's gay

  • Suleman Sattar
    Suleman Sattar 20 hours ago

    Your do bad Nick

  • Fernanda Zepeda
    Fernanda Zepeda 20 hours ago

    este men se la come doblada

  • DarkenedCodex
    DarkenedCodex 21 hour ago


  • masterkeypro123
    masterkeypro123 21 hour ago

    I wanna eat it

  • PrinceJGamer //MCPE
    PrinceJGamer //MCPE 21 hour ago

    Am i the only one who doesn't like how they pronounced palabok?

  • PrinceJGamer //MCPE
    PrinceJGamer //MCPE 21 hour ago

    The hotdog has both melted cheese and pieces of cheese.

  • J Shaw
    J Shaw 22 hours ago

    Isn't CIck fil A anti LGBTQ?

  • Deidre Planko
    Deidre Planko 22 hours ago

    Fuck u your gay And your family are poor

  • Hamid Mohamad
    Hamid Mohamad 22 hours ago

    What a big boy eats

  • Mohamed zimaam
    Mohamed zimaam 22 hours ago

    Do a Alfredo cheese video

  • Alejandro Martinez Ibarra

    5:49 we didn’t ask

  • Yorkpugacorn Silvestre Melo

    He skipped one

  • Briana Rodriguez
    Briana Rodriguez 23 hours ago

    Omggg it looks so goodddd

  • Karim Moustafa

    BIG gai

  • Mariam Tadesse

    Best burger ever esp the Baja and the avocado. Am craving it at at 2:00am.

  • Siilver Studio

    Tf this girl..Really?? She acts like a 1st grader

  • { Green Tea }
    { Green Tea } Day ago

    I enjoyed this video till up to the point 7:31 What am I watching? Interesting...

  • Rafael Santos
    Rafael Santos Day ago

    Oh my god north americans are disgusting

  • Amanda D
    Amanda D Day ago

    I love ur videos 👍👊 please check out Hungry helpers A and L. My mom and I just started a channel and would love ur support 😁 BTW I would eat all them cheese sticks 🤤

  • Biddy Hansom
    Biddy Hansom Day ago

    Gayyyy gayyyy