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Happier Bastille - Acoustic
Views 1.6K11 months ago
With or without you - U2 Piano
Views 1.5K11 months ago
Bastille - Pompeii Ukulele
Views 92K6 years ago
Coldplay yellow acoustic
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  • Rinyapam Shatsang
    Rinyapam Shatsang 2 days ago

    Adam Sandler is a RU-clip singer now ?

  • ความหวัง ความตั้งใจ

    Love from Thailand 😍❤

  • Paulo Germano
    Paulo Germano 2 days ago

    Eselente gato joinha sem duvida

  • erez simon
    erez simon 4 days ago


  • Meliha Cuma Bal
    Meliha Cuma Bal 4 days ago

    🌍💎 👏🌸❤

  • corlixxx di
    corlixxx di 6 days ago

    😍😍😍 very very cool

  • 인호inho
    인호inho 9 days ago

    verry verry good!!!!

  • Nouijah
    Nouijah 9 days ago

    Except for adam sandler i love how the string at the ends look like bug's eyes

  • Francesco Attura
    Francesco Attura 10 days ago

    Gimme the chords pls

  • Fluk Camel .
    Fluk Camel . 10 days ago


  • Bobbyrock13
    Bobbyrock13 11 days ago

    Lose the guy on the box 📦👌🏻

  • Cologne Batingan
    Cologne Batingan 12 days ago

    I think your dog is singing too mr. adam

  • Cologne Batingan
    Cologne Batingan 12 days ago

    merry christmas too mr. sandler btw your dog is cute

  • Cologne Batingan
    Cologne Batingan 12 days ago

    merry christmas too Mr. Adam Sandler

  • Ayu Talan
    Ayu Talan 13 days ago

    😘😘😘😘 back in anger

  • Wadafi!
    Wadafi! 14 days ago

    Aqui estoy despues de 6 años

  • สุระศักดิ์ เจริญพร


  • haryanto fama
    haryanto fama 15 days ago

    Kalo gua bilang "MANTAP" kalian ngerti ga mister? Wkwk

  • rob suede
    rob suede 15 days ago

    These guys fucken suck

  • Bubba Ben’s Fishing Channel

    This dude must love nature, first he sings about loving the earth then he sings about being somewhere over a rainbow

  • Nathaniel Thunder
    Nathaniel Thunder 17 days ago

    I'm gonna tell my kids this was Lil Dicky

  • kilotski m
    kilotski m 18 days ago

    love this

  • Opik Codet
    Opik Codet 19 days ago

    Klo di indonesia udah rame sama bocil bocil pantai 😂

  • Its Maldito
    Its Maldito 19 days ago

    Very good :'3

  • Justin Kamerman
    Justin Kamerman 20 days ago

    I married a cunt that’s doesn’t even like Oasis. Who am I?

  • Inojin RFO
    Inojin RFO 21 day ago

    Reminds me of 50 First Dates Movie 🥰 Fav. Movie of all time 👌

    DOMONIQUE STEWART 21 day ago


  • Nba 2k VC glitches
    Nba 2k VC glitches 22 days ago

    nice beard

  • giuli2001
    giuli2001 24 days ago

    I'm italy!😂😂

  • Rahmad Andri
    Rahmad Andri 26 days ago

    what cord did you play??? @Patrick Carroll please write down

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz 28 days ago

    Alguien que hable español?🤣

  • Andre Ir
    Andre Ir 28 days ago


  • HeyItsDani XO
    HeyItsDani XO 28 days ago

    What chords are these?

  • Ranbeer Gulati
    Ranbeer Gulati 28 days ago

    I thought it was Simon helberg

  • Цветокот
    Цветокот Month ago

    Hey Dude!

  • Цветокот
    Цветокот Month ago

    Howard+Adam Sendler 😸

  • rodrigo papacharle


  • Kamilah Chavez
    Kamilah Chavez Month ago

    One of the most Beautiful covers 🤩🥺

  • MaltheGaming
    MaltheGaming Month ago

    He is man of many faces😂

  • Gaminger
    Gaminger Month ago

    Why isn't this thing famous.

  • evajune dkhar
    evajune dkhar Month ago

    This made my heart pop😍

  • Guinea Pig
    Guinea Pig Month ago

    When I grow up I'm gonna be a unicorn 🦄. My parents are full of 💩 telling me that will never happen. I'm not gonna give up my dream. I will proof them wrong and then they are sorry they can't ride me over the rainbow 🌈 to visit Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Adults are dream breakers. Their loss, never stop believing...

  • joseph scott
    joseph scott Month ago

    Keep it up

  • cooltunesmadeezy
    cooltunesmadeezy Month ago

  • ᗰᒍ ᒍᗩᑕKᔕOᑎ

    Beautiful cover 🤙🏽 RIP IZ

  • Sandy Martins
    Sandy Martins Month ago


  • Tiago Elias
    Tiago Elias Month ago

    2019 🇧🇷💕🎵🎶

  • Kai Zo
    Kai Zo Month ago

    the Drum is coming 1:12 Chills start...

  • Francis Joseph Sales

    Oh,i wish i was there too!

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder Month ago


  • Malik Ahmad
    Malik Ahmad Month ago

    Hello im from Indonesia 🇮🇩, I like your video....Nice

  • Sean McCauley
    Sean McCauley Month ago

    Sloppy Joe, Slop-Sloppy Joe...

  • rinaldi
    rinaldi Month ago

    Meeeee very good

  • Julian Mathias
    Julian Mathias Month ago

    it is recommended on RU-clip 2019

  • Deep Heat
    Deep Heat Month ago

    And for their next trick one of them will play *"Eruption"* by *Van Halen!*

  • Arlan Rocha
    Arlan Rocha Month ago

    Muito bom 👏👏

  • Jaylan Suarez Music

    Your so good man 💯 keep up the stuff 🙏🏽 and should try and go on a show

  • Donavin Stoops
    Donavin Stoops Month ago

    Who’s here from East Quad @umich

  • Vape Clouds901
    Vape Clouds901 Month ago

    man your tremendously good brotha you should be touring and you also inspire me to continue learning and playing guitar i know the basics like basic chords a,d,g etc just need a new guitar i got mine for my uncle and its over 60yrs old and the bridge is broke and does ever turn right thanks man

  • Vape Clouds901
    Vape Clouds901 Month ago

    wow bro this is one of my favorite covers ever im learning how to play i know the basic chords and now your inspiring me to play even better

  • ロシアンクマさん

    not need Percussion. just guitar & singing is the best of best.

  • Danielle Lamb
    Danielle Lamb Month ago

    Really enjoyed your interpretation of this song!

  • Andrey E4RD3N
    Andrey E4RD3N Month ago

    Guys, please, tell me, what's this ukulele ? I really want buy this.

  • jon sixxx
    jon sixxx Month ago

    Adam Sandler's sons

  • oh ok
    oh ok Month ago

    You look so jewish holy moly

  • Henrique Cf Al
    Henrique Cf Al Month ago

    kkkkk os caras tao de camisa na praiakkkkkkkk

  • Gabriel Nobrega
    Gabriel Nobrega Month ago

    in arraial do cabo

  • arlindo costa
    arlindo costa Month ago

    É na praia do boqueirão ?

  • arlindo costa
    arlindo costa Month ago

    Você é aquele que tocava: concret jungle do Bob Marley ?

  • Jaime Vilca GutierreZ

    Beautiful song Patrick 🤩


    2019? Like🍂🍁😘

    • Deep Heat
      Deep Heat Month ago

      Boring, repetitive, unimaginative comment!

  • julia Dec
    julia Dec Month ago

    I love the part at 2:23 !

  • SoMa128
    SoMa128 Month ago

    5 guitars and nobody does the solo

  • Gold Whisperer Prospecting

    Gayer than aids

  • Gold Whisperer Prospecting

    2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019- great, now I have cancer.

  • Suraj Patankar
    Suraj Patankar Month ago

    Searching this song on itunes too 😂😝

  • Afif Ramadhan
    Afif Ramadhan 2 months ago

    yang denger lgu ini oktober 2019 koment

  • kevin mccaffrey
    kevin mccaffrey 2 months ago

    i know im late to the party, but bro your good. dont stop singing you have a great voice

  • unique ness
    unique ness 2 months ago

    Can someone tell me the chords? So good to hear this..great cover 😊

  • javirod281
    javirod281 2 months ago

    I get lil dicky or Howard but no where near Adam anyone?

  • Bimbo Battung
    Bimbo Battung 2 months ago

    Damnit Adam Sandler you can't fool us!

  • Eva Jenkins
    Eva Jenkins 2 months ago

    I can't help falling in love with you..............

  • auroratheexplorer
    auroratheexplorer 2 months ago

    Hello! I'm a wedding videographer and currently editing a wedding where this song was used to walk the bride down the aisle. I just wondered if I could use this cover of it for the video? I will of course credit you and your channel in the video and in the description! Thanks so much, Aurora

  • Pablo Gabriel Lopez
    Pablo Gabriel Lopez 2 months ago

    Muy hermosa voz, te felicito por tu don

  • Paul Murdie
    Paul Murdie 2 months ago

    Wow, you write some incredible stuff. Why haven’t I heard of you before ? Please if you have more original stuff then get it posted

  • Jaime Jaimes
    Jaime Jaimes 2 months ago

    23 seconds talking shit.

  • Paul Murdie
    Paul Murdie 2 months ago

    What a beautiful song and what a fantastic voice. Well done

  • Carl Hamilton
    Carl Hamilton 2 months ago

    Such soft guitar playing

  • Alessandro Rotolo
    Alessandro Rotolo 2 months ago

    Niente Male bella voce....

  • El Pelucas
    El Pelucas 2 months ago

    This is my favorite cover of Don’t look back in anger

  • Dark Rider 57
    Dark Rider 57 2 months ago

    Lil Dicky eyyy

  • Dark Rider 57
    Dark Rider 57 2 months ago

    Adam Sandler long lost twin. 2019 anyone

  • CHEETAH 47
    CHEETAH 47 2 months ago

    On the final song, so Wow..!

  • read1986
    read1986 2 months ago


  • vasilisa moskovskaya
    vasilisa moskovskaya 2 months ago

    good job!!!♡

    GENGHISKEN01 2 months ago

    Flawless playing and beautiful voice. Very peppy version of this song, love it. And you look just like Patrick Carroll -- really it's uncanny!

  • Bardock
    Bardock 2 months ago

    Your guitar have long hair xD

  • Vitorio Augusto
    Vitorio Augusto 2 months ago


  • zinadien sywi
    zinadien sywi 2 months ago

    Saya orang Indonesia i'm from Indonesia asia