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  • Reynaldo Rivera
    Reynaldo Rivera 35 minutes ago

    About time. These new well old uniforms look nice. The dress blues were plain garbage

  • booyah booyah
    booyah booyah 36 minutes ago

    America warmongering again! Trying to get Saudi Arabia to do your dirty work by blaming Iran hoping The Saudis will strike Iran.

  • Robert H
    Robert H 38 minutes ago

    I support spying on citizens.

  • SoldatGaming
    SoldatGaming 38 minutes ago

    Is this going to Alabama

    SHARKIES GIRL 39 minutes ago

    VERY WET STORM..😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • geminiwilliams037
    geminiwilliams037 39 minutes ago

    You keep saying something loud & often enough you'll eventually get the masses to jump on the bandwagon! How many more years are we going to go to war with the same countries after we have "supposedly" won it convincingly?? Warhawks & the Military Industrial Complex at it once again!!!

  • Jason Ge
    Jason Ge 40 minutes ago

    it's not a good idea to going a real war when you already have a trade war

  • Missy Marie
    Missy Marie 40 minutes ago

    These young men are brilliant just from their own doings.❤️🤗👍 🙂❤️🙏✝️❤️✌️

  • yulianto rahardjo
    yulianto rahardjo 41 minute ago

    is huawei involve in this device ?

  • grumerguy
    grumerguy 42 minutes ago

    This means we'll be paying 20 or 30 cents more at the pump! Crap!

  • Papercutpostman
    Papercutpostman 42 minutes ago

    Guess Juul company didnt pay off the relevant parties...

  • jmh30us
    jmh30us 42 minutes ago

    Trump says this one is going to hit Montana pretty good

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams 43 minutes ago

    america blames yet another attack on locals to provoke war. shocking

  • watchlighter
    watchlighter 43 minutes ago

    14 days Poor baby. I hope she can make it 😑

  • Anime Unknown
    Anime Unknown 45 minutes ago

    Damn now we all really gonna die climate change 🥶

  • Universal _Wisdom
    Universal _Wisdom 45 minutes ago

    Saudi does not have America’s best interest in mind. Let them figure themselves out. Israel is tapping into the White House, houthis or Iranians are bombing Saudi Arabia, Russia has moved on. Nobody matters anymore. America needs to be American only.

  • Lun Thang
    Lun Thang 46 minutes ago

    US weapons are not working for Saudi Arabia. If a drone is not detected by It radar. Saudi buy outdated weapons from US. keep on buying.

  • Juan Moor
    Juan Moor 46 minutes ago

    To all the "black" people complaining, correct your status and stop calling albions "white!" They have stolen our birthrights long enough. Colors are legal status, "white"= sovereign, " black" = dead in the eyes of the U.S. legal system. Get from under the spell of the "black" hoax! Nationality is the order of the day. There is only one race! Don't agree with there being only the human race and then call yourself a color. Albions are immigrants. You can't have a child in China and automatically be Chinese. You are what your mother is and we, who think that we are "black" are indigenous, aboriginal American. We didn't come here on ships, they did. The lie was to take your place as the sovereigns of our land. "We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us!"....." We have been exiled in our own land! " remember those statements right before Malcom & Martin died? They figured it out... The color system is what they used to blackball us... We must learn true law.... Forget your public school learning.. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, even when an evil system teaches you lies about the law...

  • Stella Resairo
    Stella Resairo 47 minutes ago

    OMG, Keep Alabama safe!

  • Falwen Valendur
    Falwen Valendur 47 minutes ago

    Oh. My. God. It's. Not. Our. Problem.

  • Taylor Craig Newbold
    Taylor Craig Newbold 47 minutes ago

    Yes, let's blame the whole of Iran and its regime for something a rebel faction group took exclusive responsibility of....

  • Travis Thornton
    Travis Thornton 48 minutes ago

    I wonder if the black ops team that pulled this off will get street credit in Yemen.

  • waltzguy14151
    waltzguy14151 48 minutes ago

    Can’t believe how far our country has fallen since. What a cool cat President Obama is.

  • Joe Shmoe
    Joe Shmoe 48 minutes ago

    It shouldn't affect us here at all. But you can bet it will. The oil co's use every excuse in the book to raise prices.

  • Lars Frisk
    Lars Frisk 48 minutes ago

    No, it was from Yemenis who are sick and tired of the Saudis genociding them, WHICH THE UNITED STATES SUPPORTS!

  • Darius Tyne
    Darius Tyne 48 minutes ago

    Gulf of Tonkin.

  • John Kendel
    John Kendel 49 minutes ago

    I've seen 5 comments all saying a different country did 9/11... Do people know what they're talking about?

  • Mo Fungo
    Mo Fungo 49 minutes ago

    hahahaha! Who's gonna believe that? Someone is itching to get to war with Iran...before 2020. If Agent Orange stays in the WH the puppet masters will be protected and a war could almost certainly insure his re-election.

  • Enjoy skippas.
    Enjoy skippas. 49 minutes ago

    I thought Trump fired John Bolton

  • Jonas Lau
    Jonas Lau 49 minutes ago

    Did u see people moving behind the tree lines and grass and speaking Vietnamese?That is definitely some horror movie

  • Frank Strange
    Frank Strange 49 minutes ago

    If Tesla’s were cheaper we wouldn’t worry

  • Bell Iron Fist
    Bell Iron Fist 49 minutes ago

    We have no right to judge. These two made the best of their lives. They didn’t let a sickness or disease stop them from living their life the way they wanted. They enjoyed life and were perfectly capable of doing things how they wanted.

  • no juice
    no juice 49 minutes ago

    False flag #2

  • cameron peake
    cameron peake 50 minutes ago

    For 8 years we had an actual clown of a puppet as a president

  • Joseph Ortega
    Joseph Ortega 50 minutes ago

    Obama gave to Iran "The Drone Technology" I remember one USA drone that mysteriously landed in Iran territory during Obama presidency. (Remember that Obama is Muslim, and that is a fact that anyone can find out)

  • Frank Strange
    Frank Strange 50 minutes ago

    The USA stages attacks to move in for control

  • TruMoist
    TruMoist 50 minutes ago

    yall it was me i did it

  • Inalienable Rights
    Inalienable Rights 50 minutes ago

    If America starts a war with Iran. It is time for the Revolution.

  • Malcolm MacLeod
    Malcolm MacLeod 50 minutes ago

    The propaganda is getting out of hand; so is the Israeli vendetta against Iran. This is leading to nowhere good; Israel is by far the U.S.'s greatest enemy in the world.

  • Kjca
    Kjca 50 minutes ago

    Here we go again boys

  • XIII
    XIII 51 minute ago

    Why tf would they name it Humberto? That’s such a tragic name💀

  • Red
    Red 51 minute ago

    Why should I believe the US government under the Trump Administration, if we were wrong to trust it under Bush? Saudi Arabia is an authoritarian monarchy. Why are they our allies? Trump and Saudi Arabia want war with Iran. For all we know, those drones were american, or supplied by Americans to the Yemeni rebels in order to blame Iran.

  • Taariq Blackwell
    Taariq Blackwell 51 minute ago

    Oil war or American lives which one will they. choose this. time around.

  • Harry Shahrum
    Harry Shahrum 52 minutes ago

    Only reason to attack Iran. We all know whose politics this is...

  • ThePaleoConservative ForTruth


  • Dragoner Productions
    Dragoner Productions 54 minutes ago

    Oh no poor Alabama

  • Jay Wu
    Jay Wu 54 minutes ago

    You sure that’s not US drones?

  • Daryl Leckt
    Daryl Leckt 54 minutes ago

    Israel spying on trump? Israel buys a lot of tech with the $9000 per minute trump sends them as aid.

  • Jesse Mora
    Jesse Mora 55 minutes ago

    Hmmmmm debates taking place, issues of war arise, election in a year. Just a little odd.

  • Great Value
    Great Value 55 minutes ago

    John Bolton may have been fired but right now he is on the jumping with joy.

  • Darren Skjoelsvold
    Darren Skjoelsvold 55 minutes ago

    Do not commit US troops to Saudi Arabia. Let them fight their own wars.

  • Donald Robbins
    Donald Robbins 57 minutes ago

    14 days, I hope she can pull through that long bid.

  • BishBaroniee
    BishBaroniee 57 minutes ago

    I let out a sigh of relief when they said it would be moving away from the Bahamas. They've been through too much already. Btw I can't tell if this host is hot or not. I'm just going to say she's moderately good looking 😂

  • joseph Buck
    joseph Buck 57 minutes ago

    The bigger the war the more money here in the US we will make

  • Sammy sausage
    Sammy sausage 57 minutes ago

    More Americans fighting rich people war. Bet none of there kid go just look how many Congressmen an senator kids are in the service.

  • Falconfest
    Falconfest 57 minutes ago

    Well, now we know where all the surfers of the world are going to be at for the next few days.

  • joseph Buck
    joseph Buck 58 minutes ago

    Now if we could just get our President Donald j Trump to raise tariffs on China another 25% that way we can have a much bigger war because wars how we make our money

  • Nicholas Tortis
    Nicholas Tortis 58 minutes ago

    and there goes the ozone lol

  • Vincent Vermeer
    Vincent Vermeer 59 minutes ago

    are there actually sane people who believe it was iran who did this, rather than a black flag to instigate war between iran and america?

  • Parra Painting
    Parra Painting Hour ago

    But but but Hilary

  • Jslayallday92 S
    Jslayallday92 S Hour ago

    This Indian reporter (Boonjabs) still wish’s she were a white English woman, along with most other boonjabs.

  • John K
    John K Hour ago

    It should have been U.S drones as punishment for 911. The majority of the highjackers were Saudi, i say good job Iran!

  • Shawn
    Shawn Hour ago

    Every time they try to squash the energy there will just be more...

  • Logan Colarik
    Logan Colarik Hour ago

    I miss neighbors being like this..

  • ChuyeGo Mez
    ChuyeGo Mez Hour ago

    But, won't blame Israel for spying on the White house?

  • Carrie Hanifen
    Carrie Hanifen Hour ago

    That should be real great for the environment.

  • ItsMeEthan
    ItsMeEthan Hour ago

    That’s messing up the air 😑

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson Hour ago

    America is the most likely country behind the attack.

  • Mike Hockhurts
    Mike Hockhurts Hour ago

    Yea thats convincing...

  • Johnny Shawn
    Johnny Shawn Hour ago

    B.S and that’s not our concern anyway worry more about Israel spying on us. Why did we change the topic so fast America!?.

  • Darricka Dukes
    Darricka Dukes Hour ago

    Please quit sparing Florida

  • bob brown
    bob brown Hour ago

    oh no another hurricane! i could have never expected this!!! seriously though, after Dorian was a non issue for Florida i seen hundreds of people returning Generators, Particle board etc to stores as if another hurricane would ever happen. if you live in a hurricane state, keep the damn Generators and hurricane preparedness supplies... hurricanes happen every year and those supplies will eventually be put to use. it blows my mind how people think another hurricane will never happen after Dorian even though the height of hurricane season hasnt eve begun...

  • Blake Fin
    Blake Fin Hour ago

    Alabama watch out!

  • XeX Savage
    XeX Savage Hour ago

    This really makes me mad my father is 72 years old and vaping the flavored vape juices made him get off of cigarettes and now your banning them because of children using these vape devices. Take the vapes away and think about it the children are going to move to cigarettes.This is outrageous 6 people died and it had nothing to do with actual vaping it is from thc cartridges, not flavored juices marijuana vape pens. Let’s have trump ban something else, pain pills for example many young adults die from these and the president talks about it but does nothing about it. Just to let you all know I doubt he’s gonna go through with it but still my father is in shock that a thing that saved his life is getting banned he already purchased 10 bottles of vape juice because of what the news has been saying.

  • Talal S
    Talal S Hour ago

    The bottom line is that US failed to defend Saudi Arabia and the multi-billion dollars of US weapons and defense systems are just scarecrow !

  • Skittles31 skittles31

    No child should EVER look like is really sad and heartbreaking..🥺🥺

  • Missy Marie
    Missy Marie Hour ago

    Ruby is a rare find...(no pun intended) She has a genuine gift of caring and being selfless. These blessed souls are very, very rare. Just as that little baby, who’s passion is obvious and set in their mind what they are going to grow up to be...and they follow through easily... THIS is this little girls passion which acts more of an ongoing-blessing that will continue to grow and resonate, far beyond in longevity that any Senior could even live! Especially given she now has “chapters” stationed all over. Kids need to volunteer with elders, animals and...even their peers. I think it is the only way to light a spark within them, that isn’t able to be lit by any other way. Compassion is felt when one becomes selfless enough to feel for others- if started with all kids from Kindergarten on...I think it would be a world of difference as they continue to grow well into adulthood, especially. So this warms my heart 10xs over❤️ Great job kid! all of the kids whom are tending to her chapters by establishing one in their town. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Connda Pierce
    Connda Pierce Hour ago

    I guess that O'Neal guy is not an undercover operative anymore

  • Don N
    Don N Hour ago

    FAKE NEWS!!!!! False flag operation!!!!

  • Hermaeus Mora
    Hermaeus Mora Hour ago

    Doesn't mean we're going to war. Those Muslims need to fight this one against themselves, on their own.

  • Delirious Delirious

    These Alabama jokes are PRICELESS!!!

  • Hick-ory holler
    Hick-ory holler Hour ago will only get worse, violence can solve 1problem,but sows seeds for many more...stop the madness?

  • John Bush
    John Bush Hour ago

    Destroy irans oil facilities.

  • Thomas Griffin
    Thomas Griffin Hour ago

    False news.. U.S. attacked Saudi Arabia

  • Greg Ryans
    Greg Ryans Hour ago


  • whitehope
    whitehope Hour ago

    This smells like israhell tactics to start another war.

  • tech 52
    tech 52 Hour ago

    Retaliation for canning Bolton by the USA deep state war mongers.

  • Danny Boyd
    Danny Boyd Hour ago

    i dont believe anything the US says anymore

  • SayNoMore
    SayNoMore Hour ago

    Да зачем вам это надо, не лезьте вы туда, не впутывайте вы американский народ в это! Пиздец!

  • Orange Potato
    Orange Potato Hour ago

    Bro Iran just helped the world by eliminating the cause of global warming

  • Micah macht das Würstchen

    Ignore those camels that’s not America’s problem

  • wetlandweasel
    wetlandweasel Hour ago

    How do these people get drones that can deliver a munitions payload?

  • samnelso
    samnelso Hour ago

    How about we wean ourselves off oil and let them just fight amongst themselves

  • Trevorkian
    Trevorkian Hour ago

    Can you feel the fake news's desperation for another storm so they can bash Trump on something related to the storm its so sad

  • mary jones
    mary jones Hour ago

    yet another attempt to get us into a war with iran... no! trump, if you want a war then you send your worthless kids!

  • generousg83
    generousg83 Hour ago

    Lies lies and more lies

  • Misskt15
    Misskt15 Hour ago

    liberate iran woohoo!! those people deserve better life.

  • Stubs 324
    Stubs 324 Hour ago


  • Just Me
    Just Me Hour ago

    R.I.P. Alabama

  • Jerome Lund
    Jerome Lund Hour ago

    Many great Alabama comments here... That's entertainment!