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  • Paula Isaiah Panganiban

    thank you. I love your recipes. Easy and yummy.

  • Yvonne Behrens
    Yvonne Behrens 8 hours ago

    Melvin needs a buddy to play with.

  • Yvonne Behrens
    Yvonne Behrens 8 hours ago

    He looks like he might have a little English setter in him, too. More than a little, really. Cute puppydoggy! 🥰

  • Rosilin Liba
    Rosilin Liba 10 hours ago

    Hello I bought my Air Fryer at Home Goods for 29.00. The brand is called DASH they have all kinds of kitchen products reasonable.

    MzCAGOMEA 14 hours ago

    I have a toaster oven and an air fryer. I use the air fryer every single day. If you freeze and thaw tofu and then put it in the air fryer its so great man. Especially if you marinate it after it thaws. So good

  • Ingrid Peguero
    Ingrid Peguero 17 hours ago


  • Ivette Ramirez
    Ivette Ramirez 19 hours ago

    Congrats on your new puppy he is adorable! I also just got a new puppy he will be a home dog. Can you explain to us how you are potty training the puppy?? I know everyone does it differently

  • Jones LeFae
    Jones LeFae 20 hours ago

    Your hair looks really pretty and much longer than I thought! Love seeing your new pupper - so cute! I love how he passed out right in front of the stove as you're cooking. My dog does the same thing, only he's huge (well, relative to a puppy)! Hot sauce? I also love Marie Sharp's - fell in love with it when I was in Belize 8 years ago. I love the green one the best. I don't know if you like green hot sauce, but Trader Joe's Green Dragon sauce also rocks!

  • Acacia Case
    Acacia Case 20 hours ago

    Can we start a thread of the weirdest things everyone’s dogs have gotten in to while unsupervised? My husky boy, Cujo, has taken a bag of potatoes off of the kitchen counter, pulled a loaf of bread off of the counter and ate a few slices, gotten into a k-cup box (his tooth punctured one kcup and that was all) and taken a (not even that dirty) saucepan out of the sink. Such a weirdo 😂

  • mastiff people
    mastiff people 20 hours ago

    Yay!!! U got a puppy!!!

  • Acacia Case
    Acacia Case 20 hours ago

    Hot sauce recommendation: Los Calientes from Hot Ones. From the RU-clip series First We Feast. We’re on our second bottle because my fiancé is obsessed with it 😂

  • buff barr
    buff barr 21 hour ago

    Try crate training!

  • Laurie Ramsey
    Laurie Ramsey 23 hours ago

    Crate Train! So worth it

  • Laurie Ramsey
    Laurie Ramsey 23 hours ago

    “We’ve never raised out own dog”,,,, Lol,,,, have fun! JK, done tons, big challenges,, big love!

  • myeviltwinbrother

    Enjoying a big glass of real cows milk while watching this... I love the taste of it... especially that coating of the pallet that you seem so grossed out by... Oh well. I grew up up on real milk it in Sweden. There are literally isles (plural) full of different dairy products in the shops. I doubt that Oatly will have any great impact on the market in the long run... but it’s trendy right now. Oatly is such a high quality product to match the already high standard of dairy products on offer in Sweden. The rest of the world seem to have a lower quality offering of diary to start off with, and alternatives like Oatly has no problems to come across as a great alternative.

  • miztri
    miztri Day ago

    Did you use canned or raw soaked chickpeas. I tried this with canned chickpeas and it didn't hold up.

  • Dan Delobo
    Dan Delobo Day ago

    In order to do good to your skin, try to use only simple product, don't buy fast food in any form, use less olive oil, eat every day around 200 gr. nuts and raisins without fruits sugar and syrup (almond, peanuts, cashew + 50% raisins), drink 1-2 times a day coffee without any milk, for it drops down sugar level, try to apply strong prepared coffee on your skin for example over night (it may help, try it!), eat simple meat like boiled buckwheat, rise, chickpeas, beans prepared with plenty of vegetables (also very convenient the frozen ones), eat frozen berries doused warm with boiled water every day, exercise physical endurance like bike etc., eat fruits moderately, eats only B-vitamin group supplementation every day you exercise, avoid any supplementation of vitamin C for it may do bad for your skin, eat vegan Omega 3 ega / dha. Try it for a month to see if it work for you. I hope you will not regret. Be careful with limes and lemons, in your situation it may be bad for skin! You can try some cremes with benzoyl peroxide and / or zinc oxide to support the healing. Too much garlic may do bad. Cumin and kurkuma powder do normally good, moderately, a bit ginger powder.

  • S K
    S K Day ago

    What? Those crab cakes are so good!

  • Kaitlin Benz
    Kaitlin Benz Day ago

    Did you adopt him from New Hope cattle dog rescue? He looks like a pup I was looking at recently!

  • Paige Noll
    Paige Noll Day ago

    how does one consume such a savory breakfast

  • BA Phoenix
    BA Phoenix Day ago

    Congrats on the new baby! Make sure to let them out potty right after they eat. Eating usually triggers the need. ❤🐾 Also, I used to have adult acne. I was prescribed 5mg of MTHF(it's an OTC vitamin. I use "Intelligent Labs brand. Brand matters) once a day because of a gene issue I have. It was life changing. Please research and try it. I would like to see if it helps you too.

  • Drashti Patel
    Drashti Patel Day ago

    Is your dog vegan, too?

  • I do Plants
    I do Plants Day ago

    Congrats on your dog!... So cute!

  • Elysse Vernon
    Elysse Vernon Day ago

    if you can find the pop corner's sweet chili flavor I highly reccomend it's addictive

  • Anne v. E.
    Anne v. E. Day ago

    Love your videos. Melvin is too cute🥰😍❤️

  • Mollie Joyce
    Mollie Joyce Day ago

    Where do you get your workout leggings?!

  • Miranda Hanchett

    We used Embark DNA test to find out what our pups were! It also gives you an idea on age based on their DNA. Super helpful :)

  • Rose from UK
    Rose from UK Day ago

    I may try my lomo that’s been in the cupboard for two years because I’m afraid to try it lol

  • Rose from UK
    Rose from UK Day ago

    I miss tuna mayo sooooooo much. I’m so sick of eating what tastes like bad BAD cat food every so often to see if good tuna has been achieved 😢

  • Rose from UK
    Rose from UK Day ago

    I love you two together. X

  • Linda Rosenthal

    Melvin is adorable! Congrats.

  • Maegan
    Maegan Day ago

    Hi Sarah! Your pup is adorable. Congrats on adopting him :) I was "awwwing" through the whole video. In regards to hormones and acne- I did so much of what you're doing now. The maca powder, the seed cycling, supplements, etc, etc. I saw nothing but frustration until I tried spearmint capsules. It was life changing for me. I went from having painful, cystic acne all throughout my 20s to now being 32 and having maybe 3 or 4 cystic pimples TOTAL the past year. Spearmint acts as an anti-androgen and supposedly eliminates excess testosterone and cleanses the liver. Any who just thought I'd leave my 2 cents.

  • Samantha Martinez

    My dad is new to vegan food and when we went to mother's market for lunch, he asked the waiter where we could buy the hot sauce on the table. So definitely try Brother's hot sauce, chipotle habanero is dope

  • Bec Lane
    Bec Lane Day ago

    Dude I feel you about the annoying skin/pill/antibiotics deal. Hope it clears up soon for you. Xx

  • phyllis west
    phyllis west Day ago

    I was an acne sufferer too, until my forties when I started using proactive. that stuff made my skin look so beautiful. when that got to be too expensive, I had to look for something else. i found it in an exfoliating wash cloth. it's from "Evriholder Products". it's textured on one side and terry on the other. i use it all over to exfoliate my whole body. Do not scrub your face with this thing at the beginning, as it is just too rough. carefully wash with small circles, and cover the whole face. you can wash as hard as you want on the rest of the body, it makes the skin feel amazing too. i haven't a had a problem with acne anywhere since. you should find it in the cosmetics section , but sometimes I've had to just look all around the store. it isn't a shelved item, but one of those that hang on a strip, and they are less than 2 dollars each, and lasts a long time before you'll need too throw it away. i say throw it away because once the roughness is gone, it's really no good any more. so give it a try, it may help you too. Be sure to hang it to dry between uses, and wash as you would your other wash cloths, but i'm telling you, this thing will spoil you for anything else.

  • Alicia Michela

    I love this video, I love you guys, I love Melvin.❤️🌱

  • Diana Mendoza
    Diana Mendoza 2 days ago

    Hi Sarah, 6 years ago I got my moderate acne under control with a benzoyl peroxide cream. Two years later I started taking birth control (and I am still taking it). One day I decided to stop using the cream and I got cystic acne. Birth control did not help me and so I looked for natural methods and dietary methods. I cut out dairy and I would drink a liter of fresh ginger + fresh turmeric tea every day. If I stuck with it, I would not get cysts. If I missed a day, I would get a cyst. Eventually my acne was no longer cystic and I only had moderate acne. This was when I decided to try cream acne medication again. I wanted to keep my routine natural, but honestly my acne felt like it was taking over my life and i didn’t understand how to help it. I was diagnosed with IBS and i still am working on figuring out what foods do and don’t work for me. So I tried Curology and I have been using it for about 6 months now. My skin is clear and I don’t have to drink that tea anymore! However, if I had cystic acne when I started Curology, idk if it would have been powerful enough to fight it. I just wanted to say that it’s okay to use topical prescription medication. I understand that you want to get to the root of the problem, but make sure you’re happy along the way. If you feel like you’re out of options, try a topical solution. Do what’s best for your mental and physical health.♥️

  • mariedmeeks
    mariedmeeks 2 days ago

    Where do you keep Melvin when both of you are out? Seems like he is pretty free to roam. He's already a part of family. 🐾🐕😊

  • Tarun Sanghavi
    Tarun Sanghavi 2 days ago

    can this be made with whole wheat flour?

  • Pollie Fam
    Pollie Fam 2 days ago

    How darrrre you suggest a toaster oven can do all the magical things my air fryer does 🤬🤬🤬

  • Sharon J. Smith
    Sharon J. Smith 2 days ago

    Man, cutest dog ever! I'm in love with that dog already!

  • Betsy B
    Betsy B 2 days ago

    Frequent tofu consumption could be affecting your hormones/skin since soy is an endocrine disrupter:

  • Little Boots
    Little Boots 2 days ago

    who doesnt love steel cut oats? i mush banana in mine for creamy sweetness.

  • Erin W
    Erin W 2 days ago

    Melvin! 😍💕 Also, that Annie's mac and cheese is my fave! I can only find it at Sprouts though... every other store has a different version: the vegan Annie's (not gluten free) or the gluten free Annie's (not vegan) 😤😫

  • Anna K
    Anna K 2 days ago

    I just watched a cows milk yogurt video right before this vegan show lol. I appreciate y'all letting us know what you think of all of these products.

  • itneverends7
    itneverends7 2 days ago

    My puppy has discovered he gets chased when he picks up something he's not supposed to. It's his new favorite game. I walk in the door and he immediately picks up a slipper or sneaker or something that isn't his toy. There's footwear all over the backyard.

  • itneverends7
    itneverends7 2 days ago

    Dr. Greger's site has a bunch of videos on acne based on clinical studies. There's also a 'healthy hot sauce' recipe w/o salt in his 'How not to die cookbook'.

  • rachl8400
    rachl8400 2 days ago


  • Supreme Medjai
    Supreme Medjai 2 days ago

    First of all we always care. Also I wonder if your frequent use of antibiotics is partly the cause of your gluten sensitivity? They don't call them complex carbs for nothing. 😅

  • DeaHamlet
    DeaHamlet 2 days ago

    Have you tried the elimination diet over several months re-introducing food to see how each food type makes you feel?

  • Emily Green
    Emily Green 2 days ago

    I feel like such an dingus for not thinking to cut onion like that for a burger. So smart so you can have onion on every bite.

  • mack0rz
    mack0rz 2 days ago

    That chocolate bark is some of the best. The dark chocolate salted pretzel is most excellent.

  • Mack
    Mack 2 days ago

    Zak George ftw

  • Atlas
    Atlas 2 days ago

    Why speed up the workout portion? It should be slowed down instead

  • Nicki Loder
    Nicki Loder 2 days ago

    Welcome Melvin! Check out @JustJoeLee on YT (if you haven't already) for some dog/puppy tips! I think they'd be a great help for your crazy chewing pup!

  • Molly Joy
    Molly Joy 2 days ago

    My goodness, your little Melvin is absolutely precious! 💕🐶

  • sarafray
    sarafray 2 days ago

    Heelers have very strong personalities and quirks. Definitely look into the breed. Even if Melvin is mixed heeler, I guarantee you will benefit from it as new dog parents.

  • Heather S
    Heather S 2 days ago

    I was on birth control for 9 years and my skin reacted just like yours when I came off of it. I started oil cleansing at night and helped so much! I definitely recommend it.

  • GothicaBeauty.
    GothicaBeauty. 2 days ago

    Tetley Cold Infusions are lovely & it ensures i get my liquid intake each day.

  • lorilucena
    lorilucena 2 days ago

    oh i loved having an air fryer! i even made mug cakes in it haha (we didnt have a microwave). it’s my parents’ so i miss it a loooot

  • Taylor Knapp
    Taylor Knapp 2 days ago

    Your hair is getting so long!

  • Ian Bybee
    Ian Bybee 2 days ago

    I LOVE aardvark habanero hot sauce. Nice and spicy but the flavor is 👌

  • Leanna Iden
    Leanna Iden 2 days ago

    it’s def hard getting stuff done w a pup at home! my trick is to just always offer toys and stuff for them to do while you’re working so that they leave you alone but they have their own stuff to chew on. also really helps to allow them to get their exercise in early and burn them out so they will chill.

  • PadFootPoms
    PadFootPoms 2 days ago

    @SarahsVeganKitchen I am a Canine Nutritionist and I would LOVE to talk to you about your puppy! Check us out on Padfootpoms channel! I sent you an email :)

  • kame hameha
    kame hameha 2 days ago

    You look anemic.

  • Breezy Godiva
    Breezy Godiva 2 days ago

    I hate how puppies are only babies for such a short time. With human babies, you get about a good 3 years of a baby. With dogs, even though they're still really young, they literally go from tiny to DOG. So bittersweet. Your little guy is cute.

  • Darla
    Darla 2 days ago

    Colon Cleaner hot sauce is so good! I know, it has a funny name. It is a mustard base hot sauce. It’s easy to find on the internet

  • Emily Arnett
    Emily Arnett 2 days ago

    Love this video. I’m celebrating one year with NO MEAT today. 💕🌱 I just posted a vlog from Twin Cities Veg Fest & it would mean a ton if you checked it out & subscribed back ❤️

  • Koko Hawk
    Koko Hawk 2 days ago

    Trader Joe's taco sauce is great. Also the puppy is sooooo adorable 🥰

  • Linda Romanowski
    Linda Romanowski 2 days ago

    Melvin is absolutely beautiful - congrats!

  • Nia Marchetti
    Nia Marchetti 2 days ago

    Hey Sarah! My hot sauce recommendation is Dave's Gourmet Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia hot sauce. It is super spicy and I mean SUPER spicy! But it has such a great flavor. I put that shit on everything. <3 Congrats on the new pup!

  • Robyn Michelle
    Robyn Michelle 2 days ago

    Youre so pretty. I love your channel I hope you feel better! DO WHAT YOU LOVE

  • Bailey K
    Bailey K 2 days ago

    Highly recommend setting boundaries or no go zones for puppy. Our dogs are not allowed in the kitchen as it can get very dangerous for human and puppy to be near knives, stoves, etc. We keep a cozy bed just outside of the boundary where they can still see us but it’s more comfy than laying on the floor and trained to make it their space when we’re cooking. Improves safety 100%. Also highly recommend crate training! It will give puppy a safe space and give you some relief about not being on guard 24/7. Best of luck! Animals are the absolute best but require lots of training to make the baby phase easier.

  • Emily Krow
    Emily Krow 2 days ago

    I’m obsessed with Melvin! I’m a cat owner myself. I’d love to hear how you approach pet food needs as a vegan. Obviously they can’t be plant based because they need different nutrition, so how do you find a responsible brand of food for them etc?. Would be a great talking point in a vlog!

  • Mara K
    Mara K 2 days ago

    I LOVE your puppy❤😀 he will help you to be more confident💕 I know this cause I have also two 🐕🐕

  • Elsa frt
    Elsa frt 2 days ago

    If you want to try the best mayo use one part soy milk and 2 parts oil, some lemon juice and mustard. I’d lather my body with it if I could😅

  • Tiffany D
    Tiffany D 2 days ago

    Trader Joe’s habanero hot sauce is THE best!

  • Ginny Williams
    Ginny Williams 2 days ago

    So glad you are back Sarah! Your new pup is adorable! Congrats. He’s one lucky pupper! 🥰🌿

  • Kelsey G
    Kelsey G 2 days ago

    Unsolicited advise: crate training

  • T Eye
    T Eye 2 days ago

    Do you have to use oil with the air fryer? Also which brand/model do you recommend? Thanks!

  • Manuela van Borselen

    Remember to train him to stay by himself. If you leave him alone without teaching him that you'll come back there's a chance he develops anxiety around staying home alone. I had this happen with my foster dog from the shelter. I started training with him, leaving him 1 minute, 2...5..10 up until 30 minutes and this went great. But then one day I went too fast with the training and he developed fear around being left alone. It's something that some dogs can be very sensitive to.

  • Jamie Lee Olivero
    Jamie Lee Olivero 2 days ago

    Love this! Ugh I'm trying to maintain a vegan/comedic RU-clip Channel too, anyone care to take a look? (I have ALOT of exciting new videos to come very soon!)

  • meh.
    meh. 2 days ago

    have you tried African black soap? I used to break out so bad then pop all of my pimples to no end. When I stopped over-drying my skin and causing inflammation, my acne reduced a LOT but I still had bad flare-ups. Since then I started using just African black soap every other day with cocoa butter as a moisturizer and skin has never looked better. lol That is saying a lot too

  • happily healing Alexandra

    Hi Sarah ♥️ For gut health & skin health, I highly recommend checking out Gut Back To Nature, Dr. David Klein, and Dr. Robert Morse on RU-clip 🙏🏻💓 Good luck! My life has totally changed because of these guys.

  • The Discount Vegan
    The Discount Vegan 2 days ago

    Omg!! Where to start! First off....puppy cuteness OVERLOAD. I have a Wheeler mix too. But he's pushing 15yrs now. They are natural cheers i find. Take him on lots of long hikes and walks. That's what worked for my boy. P.s. love your leggings.

  • peatrisha
    peatrisha 2 days ago

    Melvin is SO cute...

  • Good Vibes
    Good Vibes 2 days ago

    OMG sooooo adorable!!

  • Vickie Gonzalez
    Vickie Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Hellman’s (Best Food’s) vegan mayo is my favorite!

  • Brooksterr92
    Brooksterr92 2 days ago

    Great vid as always, Sarah! As a groomer, red heelers are one of my favorite breeds!

  • Complex Carbivorous

    I came for the puppie ;o)) For skin improvement, reduce the fat from vegan cheese, olive oil, tater tots and other refined products. You are beautiful, anyways ;o))

  • dani ribero
    dani ribero 2 days ago

    Since it can take years for hormones to regulate themselves i’d recommend getting a Clarisonic to clean your skin every day. i’d get the sensitive brush head then the normal one, use a basic gel cleanser and micellar water to remove makeup, then benzoyl peroxide and The Ordinary products like serums, and an SPF with no oil. doing this should get your skin better in a week or so xx

    • Sarah's Vegan Kitchen
      Sarah's Vegan Kitchen 2 days ago

      thank you for the tips!! i've heard great things about the ordinary as well.

  • Patty Turner
    Patty Turner 2 days ago

    Hi Sarah, I know you aren’t asking for advise in raising your puppy but... I’ve raised service dogs and we have them for 2 yrs before we return them to the school for their formal training. You might consider crate training for several reasons. The crate becomes a safe haven for your dog while you are gone or when you are unable to watch him. The pup will begin to regard the crate as their den and end up loving it. Also, you want to protect your dog from harming himself by ingesting things around the house that might result in costly vet bills. I am not an expert but have raised 5 guide dogs for the blind in the last 10 yrs and it is our responsibility to love, train and protect this precious animal. The crate is not used as punishment but like I said a safe place for your dog to rest while you are busy and unable to watch him. Best of luck! Patty

    • Sarah's Vegan Kitchen
      Sarah's Vegan Kitchen 2 days ago

      Thank you! We are crate training him. He doesn't seem to mind it at all; goes in voluntarily and sleeps like a baby in there. Sometimes I do still feel bad when I have to leave the house for more than an hour and he's in there though. 😩

  • Paulsgirl28 R
    Paulsgirl28 R 2 days ago

    I have a red heeler collie he's a cutie

  • xynzee3
    xynzee3 2 days ago

    Your heeler will be your new personal shadow. Following room to room is the new normal. Welcome to heeler life.

    • Sarah's Vegan Kitchen
      Sarah's Vegan Kitchen 2 days ago

      Hehe I'm okay with that. I always loved my first cat so much because he was clingy AF.

  • Andre Ayton
    Andre Ayton 2 days ago

    Yesssss the red bag of popcorners is too addicting 🙌🏾

  • Puggleatlaw
    Puggleatlaw 2 days ago

    Such a cute name. Mazel Tov on the new addition. We love the aardvark sauce. It’s habanero and made in Portland.

  • Zoe May
    Zoe May 2 days ago

    Awwww Melvin is so sweet! He looks like he could be part Labrador to me? It would also explain the webbed paws.

    • Zoe May
      Zoe May 2 days ago

      Sarah's Vegan Kitchen yeah that as well! Lol whatever he may be, he is very cute😂

    • Sarah's Vegan Kitchen
      Sarah's Vegan Kitchen 2 days ago

      We also think that's a possibility! Might also explain why he seems to be bigger than a typical heeler.

  • Frances Lozada
    Frances Lozada 2 days ago

    Melvin 😍

  • JenniSa
    JenniSa 2 days ago

    Not going to lie, I only clicked on this video to see the puppy. What a cutteeee!😍 😍😍 Love the vegan content too!

  • kittenwalks
    kittenwalks 2 days ago

    does the puppy eat vegan? i hope not