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1 Week in Our life in China!
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Amazing Chinese Food Ep5!
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  • Papa Jose
    Papa Jose 10 minutes ago

    She did not knead them long enough and the reason why they are not as fluffy

  • My Living Journal
    My Living Journal 15 hours ago

    Who cares what anyone else thinks! This is your life & you can live it the way you see fit. It's none of their business really. We Americans are all too fat. Just ignore them & you will be a lot happier! :))

  • Lil Monsta
    Lil Monsta Day ago

    You said it! Dieting is not just about losing weight, it can be for so many things, even gaining weight (for people who want bigger muscles or are told to gain weight by their doctor). Again, theirs also a fertility diet and just a general healthy diet! Only your doctor can tell you if you need to gain/lose, and if your doctor says the weight you like is healthy, no one else should be sensitive, judge, or tell you what to do.

  • CourtneyMarie 6661

    Girl, as long as you’re healthy that’s all that should matter. Don’t worry so much about your weight. You’re already tiny.

  • ice queen
    ice queen Day ago

    chinese beauty standards are dangerous. i think most of us were concerned because you’ve always been obsessed with your weight and losing weight. you are very slim yumi!! i’m happy you’re trying to have a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle!

  • KawaiiPinkPunkStar

    I had been so worried since you stopped uploading. Glad you're back.

  • Glenda 1947
    Glenda 1947 Day ago

    You look wonderful now and you will look wonderful when you achieve your desired weight! 😉

  • Heamii TM
    Heamii TM Day ago

    108lbs? Oh sweetie, you're so tiny. Lol but I'm glad you wanna be more healthy.

  • Penelope Hernandez

    Hey ❤️

  • Petersongirl1
    Petersongirl1 Day ago

    You are perfect just the way you are!😘 Your weight suits you and you wear it well.

  • 玉米Yumiking Vlog

    I gained so much after I Got Married! I hope you'll understand that I want to go back to my regular weight and maintain it.I know some people may say you need to gain weight if I want to get pregnant. Absolutely NO, because my doctor says my weight is perfect fine even if I go back the weight I had before I got married. And if I’m pregnant, I’ll follow healthy slender pregnancy diet. I bought a book about it. You don’t need to be obese during pregnancy. Gain 25 to 35 pounds is normal.

    • Lil Monsta
      Lil Monsta Day ago

      You are also very correct that most people should only gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. Unless your doctor tells you to or you have twins, gaining more than that can cause health problems for mom and baby.

    • MsZeldasaga
      MsZeldasaga Day ago

      Gaining weight is natural during pregancy so there is no need to gain weight. The only people who need to gain weight are people who are very underweight.

  • Sherrie Behrends
    Sherrie Behrends 3 days ago

    I love wonton soup and now you've taught me how to make it thank you from Texas🦄💖💋

  • Miki N
    Miki N 5 days ago

    Tibetan tingmos are better

  • You Ugly
    You Ugly 6 days ago

    Yumi, you're so pretty. 🙏☺️

  • Daniela Montgomery
    Daniela Montgomery 10 days ago

    I hope her hubby is treating her good.👿👾👽👻💀☻☻👻💀💀💀👻😹😸👻👻👻👻👽👻👻💀👺😠😠😠☻

  • Kevin Hoang
    Kevin Hoang 11 days ago

    tbh those taste good enough. but thing is i instantly get acne on lower cheek within a few hour after eating it well probably I can't tolerate any gluten and oily even tho it's kinda spicy but not that spicy. my recommendation is only to have a few strip that's it

  • TidePod Musical
    TidePod Musical 11 days ago

    The music box-like music in the background just adds creepiness, haha....ohhhhhh, noooo. This is just weird.

  • Cura Lyons
    Cura Lyons 11 days ago

    I want to date a guy who talks to me like this! He loves you lots and it shows!!

  • luna night
    luna night 13 days ago

    Is it the fondant that keeps it from getting bad

  • luna night
    luna night 13 days ago

    I think it takes at least 3 hours to like it every scene right and stuff

  • Ava Hall
    Ava Hall 15 days ago

    I want that iPhone

  • llella muñoz
    llella muñoz 16 days ago

    Que es esas bolas

  • Malika Diza
    Malika Diza 17 days ago

    “They look like tiny brains”😂😂😂😂

  • pinkpastelhearts
    pinkpastelhearts 18 days ago

    her eyelashes are soo cute and i cant tell if her eyes are blue (i know she's wearing contact lenses) or a vibrant black that looks blue, but still, it looks so adorable & gorgeous on her plus with her hair and her adorable dimples. ❤

  • Chan Kaman
    Chan Kaman 20 days ago

    Why didn't u make any new video?? I miss u!😭

    TECH MJ 22 days ago

    There's a way to eat aloe vera

  • farheen khurram
    farheen khurram 27 days ago


  • Enrico Sanchez
    Enrico Sanchez 29 days ago

    Last night, I dreamed I was eating a giant marshmallow. When I woke up, my pillow was gone! :((

  • *NZ Maori*
    *NZ Maori* Month ago

    Fancy? Lol

  • Ms. Mo2cndaD
    Ms. Mo2cndaD Month ago

    She sounds so adorable!

  • Hunter Southon
    Hunter Southon Month ago

    I think if you use cranberry or pomegranate juice and add a few drops of red and tiny amount of black food colouring it would look like blood, I am going to make fake blood and put it in bottles with labels because I only have a week, my friend always jokes that I’m a vampire because I hate being in sunlight, I am extremely pale and I have pointy k9 teeth, she is coming over and I thought it would be funny to just have a few sitting in the fridge and open it to show the food we have and say “oh uh..... that wasn’t meant to be there....” shut the fridge and continue on

  • Happy Peach
    Happy Peach Month ago

    Lol “I don’t want Italian meatballs in China” 😂😂

  • Dominique Paige
    Dominique Paige Month ago

    “I’m going to make bread..” : has 2 ingredients 😧🤷🏻‍♀️

  • JON Cunningham
    JON Cunningham Month ago

    Aloe Vera is good for you. The bitter is also good for you. But you must drain out the yellow a bit poisonous sap out first by standing up the stalk after you cut it. . Put in blender and mix w other items incl stevia for taste. IMO

  • The Kerman Show
    The Kerman Show Month ago

    You cannot do whatever you want when it comes to baking. I mean you could, but results will suffer haha 😆

  • pinkpastelhearts
    pinkpastelhearts Month ago

    i so love drinking aloe vera juice and it's so cute how they argued about eating each other's food LOL to me that's true love right there

  • Gerald Boateng
    Gerald Boateng Month ago

    You should add black

  • Mu Dah
    Mu Dah Month ago

    I know all Korean K-pop but only one girl group are my favorite is blackpink my favorite blackpink member is Jennie

  • Raevyn20
    Raevyn20 Month ago

    You can't just bake with cornstarch like that unfortunately it won't work. You need the gluten from the flour or if you are doing gluten free you need to use a mixture of flours. It stayed so white because of the corn starch.

  • Ashley Kelly
    Ashley Kelly Month ago

    Great try 👍🏻 never stop trying you will get it next time

  • Enrico Sanchez
    Enrico Sanchez Month ago

    You should politely tell him, "I'm sorry, but as an artist, you stink. Please give me a cheerful refund."

  • pinkpastelhearts
    pinkpastelhearts Month ago

    i would love to see more of these no background music no talk videos of her cooking more delicious dishes that she wants to create, this one looks awesome ♥

  • Cornchipgirl
    Cornchipgirl Month ago

    Too skinny

  • pinkpastelhearts
    pinkpastelhearts Month ago

    it's going to sound odd, but... when yumi does get pregnant, i can imagine her eating stuff like this when her cravings hit (come on ladies, you cant tell me you didnt have a wild food craving when you all were pregnant)

  • Wolfy Team
    Wolfy Team Month ago

    I’m gonna try this

  • Wolfy Team
    Wolfy Team Month ago

    I’m gonna try this

  • Collasweet
    Collasweet Month ago

    Yumi, there are a ton of lolita fashion meetup groups on Facebook. Please join them!!!

  • Jocelyn Richmond
    Jocelyn Richmond Month ago

    Hahahaha! So sorry, but that was hilarious!

  • Anandamoyaa Mukherjee


  • Ican’tdothisanymore Helpme

    What recipes did you follow ? Regular cake recipes can be quite easy to make . I never saw people use corn starch in a cake recipes . Maybe its a specific kind of cake , and you should add vanilla extract if you make it again so it doesn’t smell like egg .

  • cheng cheng
    cheng cheng Month ago

    I like yumi and his husband is so adorable and funny.... 😋😋😋

  • liz
    liz Month ago

    you essentially made a meringue. cake requires some type of flour, whether it be wheat or gluten-free.

  • Rhazel Anadis
    Rhazel Anadis Month ago

    Thought she was making cake not bread lol

  • pinkpastelhearts
    pinkpastelhearts Month ago

    aww yumi... i would have loved to make chinese egg sponge cake with you (i think that's what you were trying to do sweetness) ❤️

  • Crystal Rose
    Crystal Rose Month ago

    I don't think reducing the cornstarch would make this into bread. This seems like a marshmallow or meringue style candy. Bread requires flour, fat,a small amount sugar, and will usually include yeast or something like baking powder to help with the rise. There are lots of recipes online. Keep trying and you'll get it.

  • pinkpastelhearts
    pinkpastelhearts Month ago

    hey yumi darling, if you don't want apples or veggies like potatoes to oxidize (turning brown), put them in a bowl of water (like cold or lukewarm, not hot though) with some lemon juice or even seasoned rice vinegar to it, that way while you're busy cooking and preparing other foods, your apples or potatoes wont ruin and they will be ready to be put in delicious dishes that you've created for you & your husband i love your all's video soo much ❤️

  • pinkpastelhearts
    pinkpastelhearts Month ago

    couscous is soo delicious, i think it's the near east brand that i get and it's roasted garlic & olive oil flavored, gosh it's soo good with breaded pork chops or any type of meat especially with a teriyaki sauce next to it or a gravy <3

  • Linda Sue Sharma
    Linda Sue Sharma Month ago

    It looks good Yumi ! And if it tastes like Peeps I would love it !! But to make actual cake you need to add flour .. seems like you made something like an angel food cake !! Which is delicious !!! 💞😊💞😊💞

  • LavenderTea
    LavenderTea Month ago

    Have you considered finding cooking classes in your area?

  • Reagan Shields Reagan channel

    Like video cool

  • Cornchipgirl
    Cornchipgirl Month ago

    Homegirl you made pumpkin bread before 😂💕

  • M P
    M P Month ago

    Hi Yumi! At least your trying 😀👍

  • Dancing Dog
    Dancing Dog Month ago

    Do you have a recipe to follow, makes cooking easier

  • Yasmin
    Yasmin Month ago

    Sugar must be mixed little by little with the egg so you get fluffy egg whites, then add the flour (don't mix it with an electric mixer), just go slowly with a whisk or spatula like wrapping the egg and the flour do not overmix or it will get flat (you need to keep the eggs fluffy) and that's it 😀

  • Mackenzi Coffaro
    Mackenzi Coffaro Month ago

    Marshmallows have gelatin in them. I think it’s sugar, gelatin and cornstarch. So you were close. I’m a terrible baker, but I know with egg whites if you are trying to get meringue you need to incorporate the ingredients slowly. Cream of tartar also helps a lot to get the stiff peaks. Just something to activate the egg whites to stiffen. I’ve managed with sugar before, but it takes a ton of whipping to do and you have to make sure the eggs stay cool, if they get too warm it’s way harder to do. Hope you try it again, it looks really neat!

  • Loan van
    Loan van Month ago

    Hi guys look delicious yum ❤

  • Jackie
    Jackie Month ago

    I’m pretty sure you have to incorporate the sugar very slowly.. like a tablespoon at a time then mix. Same with the corn starch

  • hardworkingdiva
    hardworkingdiva Month ago

    It looked a lot like a flat angel food cake. Very interesting. Baking is a science and a recipe has to be followed unlike with cooking regular food. I love baking and cooking, but cooking is cool because you can be more renegade. 😊

    • CourtneyMarie 6661
      CourtneyMarie 6661 Month ago

      I think that’s why she had a hard time with this. She (and her husband) like to do their own thing when they cook and baking is a whole different ball game.

  • Tia TT
    Tia TT Month ago

    I loooooove your new glasses tiki they look so good sweetheart

  • Tia TT
    Tia TT Month ago

    Yes yumi that's happened to me when i get new glasses lol ....

  • Odethe Rodriguez
    Odethe Rodriguez Month ago

    I suggest to look at Cooking Tree for some cute and delicious recipes of breads and desserts

  • Kitten Ivy
    Kitten Ivy Month ago

    Did you follow a recipe out of curiosity?

  • McAllister fernandes

    Omg the same thing happened to me today😭😭😂😂😂

  • McAllister fernandes

    Omg the same thing happened to me today😭😭😂😂😂

  • chan chan
    chan chan Month ago

    when cooking mapo tofu, add some water will be better

  • Yinka Yasmin
    Yinka Yasmin Month ago

    You're so cute and sweet! Lovely couple

  • 해피뻘리Happy Pearl Vlog

    green rirakkuma ice??? awwwwww

  • Shannon Bliayang
    Shannon Bliayang Month ago

    LoL. He said head to the Legion to talk about Old Times. And the lodge... lucky man, very beautiful young lady and cook...

  • 10x88
    10x88 Month ago

    Looks delicious. I make gyoza all the time, which is very similar. I will have to try this!

  • KawaiiPinkPunkStar

    I really liked this video! Now I want to make wontons too! I liked the story your husband made for the soup

  • detalosi 19
    detalosi 19 Month ago

    never had a wanton soup but that looks good 😗

  • Dancing Dog
    Dancing Dog Month ago

    Nicest husband ever

  • Dancing Dog
    Dancing Dog Month ago

    I will try this

  • Bruce Willi Bruce

    A Happy Husband and a Cooking Wife

  • Bruce Willi Bruce

    wanton It looks like food 3,000 years ago.

  • Reagan Shields Reagan channel

    Like video

  • Emma Donaldson
    Emma Donaldson 2 months ago

    Chinese cabbage blanched in the broth is also yummy, so you get a juicy crunch, dammit, want wonton soup now! 😆

  • Emma Donaldson
    Emma Donaldson 2 months ago

    P.s. I refer to the soup as my 'healing broth' every time I feel poorly out comes the wonton soup 🍲 works a treat

  • Emma Donaldson
    Emma Donaldson 2 months ago

    My favourite soup ever, so filling and super yummy 😋💗

  • Cocó Aedo
    Cocó Aedo 2 months ago

    Loooove the soup but I’m afraid it’s like diet food for me, I don’t think I’ll be ok with just this. I’ll prepare it as an appetizer before something else 😊 Thank you for sharing! 💕

  • mysticdreameryvp
    mysticdreameryvp 2 months ago

    This is definitely something I will try to make! Please make more videos like this.

  • Smoosh Goo
    Smoosh Goo 2 months ago

    That wonton soup looks really good yumi 👍

  • Agi Paluch
    Agi Paluch 2 months ago

    Cabbage & meat wraps - it’s exactly what we have in Poland „Gołąbki” - it’s one from traditional dishes in our country. We use white cabbage ( I never tried whit Chinese cabbage. I must try!) we add tomatoes sauce and we eat that with boiled potatoes or just piece of bread. I love your channel! All the best for you and your husband. P. S. I’m sorry for my bad English 😭

  • Nguyet Vuu
    Nguyet Vuu 2 months ago

    Hahah she's like jumping into conclusion when he was talkin about soemthing els lols...

  • Krestena
    Krestena 2 months ago

    Your sound effects are so cute!

  • Deena NoniDagoo
    Deena NoniDagoo 2 months ago

    Whenever I make wonton soup at home , I love to add more scallion onions , sliced Japanese or white mushrooms , and lots of veggies such as bok choy , green lettuce , & tofu with it . Sometimes for favor , I like to add a little Chinese sesame oil or Chinese black vinegar on top of my soup bowl for a more sour taste . (^~^)

  • ILikeWatermelons AndK-Pop

    How old are you?

  • pinkpastelhearts
    pinkpastelhearts 2 months ago

    she is just sooo cute when her husband said that he broke her burger especially when she said "awwwww" <3 i wanted to cuddle her and pat her head to tell her it will be ok , she is soo adorable <3

  • S E K A I D R E A M E R

    I love simple cooking video ! Can you do more simple recipe Chinese food ! I really like it ❤❤❤❤

  • Nix
    Nix 2 months ago

    I don't blame your husband for wanting a sandwich after the soup. Although it looks good, it doesn't seem very filling as far as a meal goes. Maybe an appetizer?

    • Nix
      Nix 2 months ago

      PANDA MOON 80 Yes, or more meat 🤷🏽‍♀️

    • PANDA MOON 80
      PANDA MOON 80 2 months ago

      Nix she could've have noodles with the wonton