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  • Soumyaranjan Amarseth
    Soumyaranjan Amarseth 12 seconds ago

    This history through mcq, which number of lecture is it? Sir....

  • Stylish Bharadwaj
    Stylish Bharadwaj 2 minutes ago

    Hello...sir I'm student of your teaching...in NICS....gud to listen your class sir

  • Nameirakpam Clinton
    Nameirakpam Clinton 8 minutes ago

    Why are there no videos after 13th and 14 the October ????

  • sidapeta aakhila
    sidapeta aakhila 18 minutes ago

    You have a very good voice mam pupils will be very much interested if you happened to teach them

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  • Manoj Dhakar
    Manoj Dhakar 54 minutes ago

    Thanks sir jee

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  • Afifa Zarreen
    Afifa Zarreen Hour ago

    Sir aap kitna jaldi jldi bolte hn .

  • Swagatika Patra
    Swagatika Patra Hour ago

    Thanq mam,what a fantastic explanation in Hindi.Mam plz Could you make videos on Geography and Civics ,plz plz. I need both too.once again thanks a lot mam.

  • Rajeev Kumar
    Rajeev Kumar Hour ago

    God bless you sir for providing free for student like us

  • Sandy Balayan
    Sandy Balayan 2 hours ago

    Great mam.....

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  • Rajeev Kumar
    Rajeev Kumar 2 hours ago

    Video start from 6:10

  • yaman tyagi
    yaman tyagi 3 hours ago

    Mem app coaching kaha pr dete ho

  • Yallesh Chavan
    Yallesh Chavan 3 hours ago

    Thanks sir I got it your video

  • Tushar A.
    Tushar A. 5 hours ago

    I am feeling proud to be born with such contemporaries. ❤️

  • raja dutta
    raja dutta 5 hours ago

    Hie roman i want to ask you one thing why don't you prepare for NEET PG and get into radiology....then give FRCR....I think it will be a new challenge for you and bring thrill in your life...

  • Mithlesh Singh
    Mithlesh Singh 5 hours ago

    How to increase study for long hours

    ARVIND GUPTA 5 hours ago

    18:54 Roman Saini sir Ravan ban Gye😂😂🤣🤣

    ARVIND GUPTA 5 hours ago

    Barkha mam is looking so cute🤗🤗hello mam.

  • CryptoAnarchy
    CryptoAnarchy 6 hours ago

    Good collection of facts here. Castro absolutely was a Communist dictator and a tyrant, it's just a question of whether you think that's a good thing or not. There are people who unironically think Dictatorship is a positive quality for Government. Justin Trudeau is one of them. He is on the record talking about how he views "Basic Dictatorship" as a positive thing for a Government. It scares me that so many people think men like Castro are good guys, including some of the most powerful leaders in the world. Communism is a real threat and will be for some time.

  • red farest
    red farest 6 hours ago

    Video accha nhi lga sach me ..bura mat man na

  • ashish tariyal
    ashish tariyal 6 hours ago

    8 hrs daily including newspaper?

  • Devika Raturi
    Devika Raturi 7 hours ago

    Thank you so much sir.. Such an informative video.

  • dumo lollen
    dumo lollen 7 hours ago

    Hahahhaha it's was due to my crush who didn't accepted me 😭 I got into the fear of UPSC

  • kajal patel
    kajal patel 7 hours ago

    Sir i m religiously following ur videos, the way u explain, u've taken the polity to a next level. I never thought polity to be this fascinating subject. I was reading laxmikant polity for last 5 yrs, but never got the concepts as u explain. sir 2020 will be my last attempt & i can't afford to subscribe plus course, so i request u to make such courses free of cost if possible, it will be huge help for aspirants like us. If u read this comment, plz consider my request. WILL BE GREATFULL TO U FOREVER .

  • chaitanya aghi
    chaitanya aghi 7 hours ago

    biswa is actually intelligent as hell

  • kunal pathak
    kunal pathak 7 hours ago


  • kunal pathak
    kunal pathak 7 hours ago

    Now onwards i will watch this video whenever i find myself in confusion.

  • navneet sinha
    navneet sinha 7 hours ago

    And if the bill is sent within six months then it shall go to the governor not to the president.,?

  • Krati Pal
    Krati Pal 8 hours ago

    Thanks sir for covering the topic of 1 week in 36 min.😊 .....really helpful .

  • sushil kumar gupta
    sushil kumar gupta 8 hours ago


  • G P
    G P 8 hours ago

    This person deserves a lot of respect.

  • Manish Awasthi
    Manish Awasthi 8 hours ago

    Sir Indian economy pe aisa lecture bna dijiye


    Dosto books padhe ye sab mis guide kar rhe h

  • Aparna Mishra
    Aparna Mishra 8 hours ago

    Thanks a lot sir for giving huge information in a short time

  • Ankur kunwar
    Ankur kunwar 8 hours ago

    Dumbass girl tapseee

  • shakir mushtaq
    shakir mushtaq 8 hours ago

    nice series keep it up, it is very helpful

  • Nuzhat Parveen
    Nuzhat Parveen 8 hours ago

    sir ! your videos are awesome and helpful for our upsc preparation. keep it regular pleasssssssssssssss

  • Harsha Phutela
    Harsha Phutela 8 hours ago

    i have passed 12th ,should i do start study

  • prachi kumari
    prachi kumari 9 hours ago

    IS there will be an alternative of geo and history or will you now go with history only?

  • Manish Awasthi
    Manish Awasthi 9 hours ago


  • Kiran bedi
    Kiran bedi 9 hours ago

    Hiii sir...

    CRACK UPSC 9 hours ago

    Sir plz provide pdf of the mcqs

  • Fatima Hasan
    Fatima Hasan 9 hours ago

    Sir please Hindi me bhi btaye

  • Rohit Rattan
    Rohit Rattan 9 hours ago

    This teacher has made *A Boring Subject to an interesting one* Actually I'm not preparing for UPSC but his way of teaching I admire... claps for you sir 👏👏🙏

  • alok yadav
    alok yadav 9 hours ago

    Your teaching style is mind blowing

  • Creativity Chaser
    Creativity Chaser 9 hours ago

    those who are from poor background how can make a digitised notes,is there another way.

  • Vishal Sawarn
    Vishal Sawarn 9 hours ago

    Is this related to class 6 ncert

  • Ankur kunwar
    Ankur kunwar 9 hours ago

    very nice keep it up sir.

  • alok yadav
    alok yadav 9 hours ago

    Sir please provide in hindi

  • Joel Arulanandam
    Joel Arulanandam 9 hours ago

    She is amazing

  • sanjot kalbhor
    sanjot kalbhor 9 hours ago

    This lecture was very helpful... Please post the 3rd part as soon as possible!!

  • Alkuuu Singhhh
    Alkuuu Singhhh 9 hours ago

    Sir aap hindi mae bhi samja deya kro ishe doubt clear ho jayenge

  • Samrat singh
    Samrat singh 9 hours ago

    Mam , CVC & LOKPAL me kya difference hai ????? Please explain 😐😐😐

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  • Ram Sundar
    Ram Sundar 9 hours ago

    Sir make video on ap history maq

  • alok yadav
    alok yadav 9 hours ago

    Sir please provide in hindi

  • laxman chandra shivakasipuram

    That 6th question is truly a trap 🙏Thanks jatin sir.

    MUNAKALA GANESH 9 hours ago

    Too high 40k

  • Ankush Yadav
    Ankush Yadav 10 hours ago

    Very good sir

  • Mr. Suriya
    Mr. Suriya 10 hours ago

    Sir math question kuchhu nehi pochhogi UPSC exam se

  • shubham bobade
    shubham bobade 10 hours ago

    Aap jase madum school me hote to kay mast rahata.

  • harry s
    harry s 10 hours ago

    8:48 starts

  • ayush rav
    ayush rav 10 hours ago


    PRABHA SINGH 10 hours ago

    11033m hai mariyana trench

  • Md Asif
    Md Asif 10 hours ago

    Sir apka 2 days current Affairs video nahi aaya sir plzzz upload karo..

  • Fitness world
    Fitness world 10 hours ago

    Sb chutiya kaat rhe h aur aayi ye madam baccha bolne wali 😂

  • simmu mann
    simmu mann 10 hours ago

    What else we need for polity except laxmikant

    NOOB GAMING 10 hours ago

    If he hold a open degree from ambedkar society can I have chance to give a attempt .

  • koushik keerthi
    koushik keerthi 10 hours ago

    it is the place of hindus

  • Poulami Roy
    Poulami Roy 11 hours ago

    Excellent mam next v chahiye medieval aur modern

  • Salman Kasgar
    Salman Kasgar 11 hours ago

    Thanks you sir I am from meerut

  • Tech Unboxing
    Tech Unboxing 11 hours ago

    You are the best teacher

  • Shivani sharma
    Shivani sharma 11 hours ago

    Suprb sir

  • Nikhat Parveen
    Nikhat Parveen 11 hours ago

    Superb series sir

  • Yadav Birendar
    Yadav Birendar 11 hours ago

    Mam aap bahut Accha padhte hai but explain karte time thoda Hindi Ka Jada use kare to ayr acche se samajh me Aaye ga

  • Waseem Firoj
    Waseem Firoj 11 hours ago

    Sir is it weekly?? Or monthly?

    DINESH 11 hours ago

    Sir name and uska means mein problem aa raha hey

  • sanjay kumar
    sanjay kumar 11 hours ago

    Thanks mam

    VATSALA GUPTA 11 hours ago

    Thank you 🙏

  • vijay gupta
    vijay gupta 11 hours ago

    English pls

  • Gunjan Chaudhary
    Gunjan Chaudhary 11 hours ago

    Good explanation

  • Aman Bibhuti
    Aman Bibhuti 11 hours ago

    Thank You for this......

  • Saiba Shaikh
    Saiba Shaikh 11 hours ago

    Sir plz continue your class 😔😔

  • Smoke
    Smoke 11 hours ago

    Sir this is 10th lecture and only 1 on DPSP

  • Puja Singh
    Puja Singh 11 hours ago

    Sir plz har din ka the hindu ko 2-2 din ka mat kijye u r best teacher sir

  • Pankaj Vishwakarma
    Pankaj Vishwakarma 11 hours ago

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  • Simran Suzain
    Simran Suzain 11 hours ago

    proper voice and full energy ,

  • Divya Arora
    Divya Arora 11 hours ago

    1 instruction in mother tongue - Article 350 - A 2 Development of Hindi language - Art 351

  • Amita Tiwari
    Amita Tiwari 11 hours ago

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  • Nil Pujari
    Nil Pujari 12 hours ago

    Thanks you are working hard for us.... without any expectation.

  • harshna 2667
    harshna 2667 12 hours ago

    Sir question 16 la option should be a as per

  • Manoj Jaiswal
    Manoj Jaiswal 12 hours ago

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  • Aatif Khan
    Aatif Khan 12 hours ago

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  • Jay Deep
    Jay Deep 12 hours ago

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  • a ak
    a ak 12 hours ago

    Every thing not explained properly!! Probably skipped most of the stuff....... From nxt tym pl. See to it that u cover the importants also..... Btw no hate...... Thnkx for the video.....

  • Sreelakshmy Leenaprasad

    Sir can u speak in English sir

  • saifi gl
    saifi gl 12 hours ago

    Sir.neet k lye 12th class private jamia university se clear art side se or fir 2 month baad nios se science 12th clear kar ke eligible ho skte hain