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  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 3 days ago

    4:15 alright that was hilarious.

  • Kris Frederick
    Kris Frederick 3 days ago

    8 Eyes


    Power blade 2 sadly never came out in Sweden. Thank god the first one did. Its just such a cool game. Toki is way better on the mega drive.

  • Jacob Harmon
    Jacob Harmon 6 days ago

    This is dumb as shit

  • Choboy 46
    Choboy 46 6 days ago

    So if he failed, he recreates the comic and saves a copy of her?

  • Abdul Eletu
    Abdul Eletu 6 days ago

    Where can you play this game on?

  • Hot Pepper
    Hot Pepper 8 days ago

    Eddie Rip did a 450 splash not 🐸

  • Marcelo81125
    Marcelo81125 9 days ago

    Shatter hand is an exelete game man!!! also Cage!

  • Kareem Ninja
    Kareem Ninja 9 days ago

    I love this video just because she ended it with the Ultimate Warrior

  • Lupe Guillen
    Lupe Guillen 10 days ago

    @1:28. What was that ? That was not Eddie guereros frog splash @2:08 hogans leg drop ?

  • MG86
    MG86 11 days ago

    edge spears like a girl, canadians dont know how to tackle

  • Arthur -YT
    Arthur -YT 12 days ago


    BOODRO WEBB 14 days ago

    Chronotrigger is a game I didn't know about until the Classic, and it's sick!!!! I'm very picky, but this game is amazing.

    BOODRO WEBB 14 days ago

    Super Mario All-Stars/Super Mario World. If you're gonna hack it, add that one. The controls for Mario 3 are correct. I've had trouble with regular all stars...just saying.

    BOODRO WEBB 14 days ago

    Hey Josh, new here. I'm an aging gamer too. (33). Lol but the only system I give a crap about is SNES, so I'm in. Looking forward to more content. Thanks! Oh! Subbed!

  • Happy D
    Happy D 16 days ago

    I play The PSP version in phone...HBK's SCM is insane !!!

  • Thee Damon Alexander

    Damn” Triple H’ crushed CM Punk👊🏽

  • Francisco Otárola
    Francisco Otárola 17 days ago

    wtf those finishers????? awful

  • Hunter Exline
    Hunter Exline 17 days ago

    This game and this game only can make edges spear look good

  • Tony Black
    Tony Black 18 days ago

    Reminds me of WWF wrestlemania the arcade game. I hate over the top wrestling games

  • MrHousecup
    MrHousecup 18 days ago

    good picks!

  • HE360
    HE360 21 day ago

    How about: Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Street Fighter 2010, Maniac Mansion, Battle of Olympis, Guerrillas Wars, the Rocketeer, and Low G Man The above are good games. Yet, many people have never heard of them. Btw, had to subscribe!

  • David Jimenez
    David Jimenez 21 day ago

    This game is evil cause 1. Bret Hart broke Shawn michaels SPINE 2. Roddy piper SNAPPED the NECK of Jimmy Snuka

  • Curt
    Curt 21 day ago

    Ahhh I remeber 2k11 when all characters were extra buff

  • Django84
    Django84 21 day ago

    Looks better than wwe2k20 lol

  • Juned Alam
    Juned Alam 22 days ago

    Where’s Benoit’s Cripler Crossface

  • Zois Mrgs
    Zois Mrgs 24 days ago


  • FallicIdol
    FallicIdol 24 days ago

    I hate these

  • Old School Uncensored

    They need to do another Legends of Wrestling game and use the same engine

  • Adil Mohammed Ahmed
    Adil Mohammed Ahmed 25 days ago

    Best game in sega good old days 1995

  • Jesse Duke
    Jesse Duke 25 days ago

    What system is this on. I want it

  • Panda Harmony
    Panda Harmony 26 days ago

    Agreeable list!

  • Joey Boivin
    Joey Boivin 27 days ago

    Look my

  • Vonya Wallace
    Vonya Wallace 28 days ago

    On jack swagger it was not a ankle lock, it was Patriot lock you were close though.

  • tanity Torres
    tanity Torres Month ago

    Ese juego yo lo tenía y me lo robaron enmi propia casa

  • Valentino Falcon
    Valentino Falcon Month ago

    Best wwe game ever

  • Champsy 2004
    Champsy 2004 Month ago

    Roddy piper just snapped jimmy snukas neck he's the one who killed jimmy

  • Anthony Settee
    Anthony Settee Month ago

    I never heard of Crystalis until I was 24, very glad to be experiencing it now. If I had it back when I was a kid, I'm sure it would have been my favorite

  • Roby roby
    Roby roby Month ago

    His knee is harder than *2$ S T E A K*

  • Danilo Veljkovic
    Danilo Veljkovic Month ago

    That GTS was GTD (Go To Die).

  • MythoVirus
    MythoVirus Month ago

    This game was so YUM... I was always a more SNES guy rather than Sega, and retrospectively I hated most games that were adaptations from cartoons, ie i hated Aladdin, Lion king, toy story, also played multiple Mickey mouse game which I hated . But youngling me, was much in love with this game, it was magical, me and my sister loved it and cherished it to the same level as Super mario world. Always when I want to indulge in nostalgic memories this game always pop up, can vividly remember screenshots of those days while playing this game. Man the 90's was a cool decade to be a child in.

  • jean lasting
    jean lasting Month ago

    This was entertaining to watch but i heard this game wasnt that goood

    • Chris Ricketts
      Chris Ricketts 14 days ago

      I enjoyed it but when I play it now I keep thinking of all the people I wish were in it.

    • bigdinlaca
      bigdinlaca 19 days ago

      It is fun but the replay value wasnt that great and it was easy on the hardest level once you master the moves.

    • Tim Kilmister
      Tim Kilmister Month ago

      It is a LOT of fun, if you can still get hold of it

  • Spanky Jones
    Spanky Jones Month ago

    I always that 3 was the easiest because of how slow it was and the lack of respawns. Ng1 used to kick my ass, especially 6-2

  • Jameson king
    Jameson king Month ago

    Mr. Gimmick bad look like some from Mario games

  • LilGloryBoyZay
    LilGloryBoyZay Month ago

    Watched the whole video just for the sweet chin music it was so rare to do

  • Will Mistretta
    Will Mistretta Month ago

    People think Sypha is bad? That's crazy. Her magic is the strongest thing in the game and she has the second best physical, attack, too. Weaker than the whip, but much faster and able to hit things slightly above her as well as straight ahead.

  • Magic Powers
    Magic Powers Month ago

    I could never get past the first section or two om level 3 myself as a kid. Fuck that water level.

  • Magic Powers
    Magic Powers Month ago

    I legitimately did not understand this game as a kid in the 80s. I could never get past 3rd or 4th screen. Snake's Revenge was much more user friendly (or maybe my brain developed further by then so i could understand stealth). Fuck this game... Glad u over viewed it tho. Monster Party and Double Dragons would be awesome retro reviews bud

  • Magic Powers
    Magic Powers Month ago

    Sad faise... Will never be able to play it.

  • Magic Powers
    Magic Powers Month ago

    Yo this is quite possibly rhe most difficult NES game i ever beat. I once left my console on for over a week so i could start from where i was when i got grounded xD those damn falcons were the worst IMO. I think it was level 5 there was a part you HAD to get hit by a falcon to be able to clear a jump to grab a wall... It was BS Oh and that shirt is AMAZING bro

  • Magic Powers
    Magic Powers Month ago

    Man i could get pretty far in this but never beat it, favorite 2ndary character was Grant. Beat 1 & 2, 1 was much harder than 2. Enjoyed the @/&-÷@ out of this one dude keep it up

  • Murilo Vilela
    Murilo Vilela Month ago

    Played this for the first time a few months ago. Quickly became my favorite NES games of all time. Loved it so much I beat it four times to get all four endings and all paths.

  • Back in the Day Gamer

    I just finished 1 finally and your vid has prompted me to try and tackle this beast. Exactly "how" much harder is it than the 1st? lol

  • Aurora Castaneda
    Aurora Castaneda Month ago

    No mi chica me keep moving

  • mark holtzen
    mark holtzen Month ago

    I haven’t played this entry, but watching the review made me realize just how much Bloodstained Curse of the Moon really is modeled as a spiritual successor.

  • mark holtzen
    mark holtzen Month ago

    Welcome back Josh, hope the family life is well.

  • Luke, I am your father

    And those god damn medusa heads !

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Month ago

    Taking notes 📝

    MEGADAN29 Month ago

    my favorite castlevania :)

  • Matthew Bonarek
    Matthew Bonarek Month ago

    The first Castlevania I ever played was Simon’s Quest. Years later I played the first one. I own this one but never played through. I think I will soon

    • The Aging Gamer
      The Aging Gamer Month ago

      Matthew Bonarek its definitely worth playing. If I ever made a “Top 10 NES you NEED to play”, Castlevania III would definitely be on there. lol. Hope you enjoy playing when you get to it! ✌🏼

  • B. Stanley
    B. Stanley Month ago

    Check out the Japanese version’s soundtrack. NIntendo created (Konami developed) a new sound chip at the time which added extra channels, and this was one of the few games that used it. Unfortunately the chip was not in the US version.

    • The Aging Gamer
      The Aging Gamer Month ago

      B. Stanley ya know i remember hearing something about that a while back. Looking back now I wish I would have done more research and included it in my video. lol

  • Fredrick Bush
    Fredrick Bush Month ago

    Good to see you back man. I really enjoyed your review. Castlevania is such a great franchise.

    • Fredrick Bush
      Fredrick Bush Month ago

      @The Aging Gamer 👍👍👍👍

    • The Aging Gamer
      The Aging Gamer Month ago

      Fredrick Bush good to be back! 🙂and the Castlevania series really is one of the best. Lol

  • zegtendo
    zegtendo Month ago

    Shatter hands looks like a cyberpunk jojo game😅

  • zegtendo
    zegtendo Month ago

    Before Shante there was Kabuki

  • Vlad Tèpès
    Vlad Tèpès Month ago

    Kick master and street fighter 2010 are highly under-rated games.

  • Gerry Bluemug
    Gerry Bluemug Month ago

    I Want this for PC. With online Multiplayer!

  • Hellwig64275
    Hellwig64275 Month ago

    There's no Rick Rude, but they have Swaggert?

  • Daria James
    Daria James Month ago

    Cm punk knocked hhh,s head off. And Cody Rhodes killed Rey mystrio

  • FleXx Lugar
    FleXx Lugar Month ago

    Soooo def jam vendetta was never created 🤔

  • Spazzing Falcon
    Spazzing Falcon Month ago

    Why are they flying in the air like that?

  • Dion McCall
    Dion McCall Month ago

    Def Jam Fight Night Urban Combat cool story line

  • Dion McCall
    Dion McCall Month ago

    So Gang they took Away our Def Jam for this ...😶😶

  • 철우박
    철우박 Month ago

    그래픽 다 좋은데 액션이 너무 오바해서 꼴배기 싫다

  • Jake Spy
    Jake Spy Month ago


  • Maranda Schrader
    Maranda Schrader 2 months ago

    At 3:12 he’s graving his butty

  • jblue88 hood gamer
    jblue88 hood gamer 2 months ago

    Who had the craziest finisher s this game or def Jam Vendetta or fight for ny.

  • kethan gatty
    kethan gatty 2 months ago

    Everyone is on steroids

  • Victor Salas
    Victor Salas 2 months ago

    Finally someone mentioned Crystalis on a list. Its definitely one of my favorite games of all time. A couple of others that definitely need mentioning: Blaster Master Willow And the Kunio-Kun series

    • Kris Frederick
      Kris Frederick 3 days ago

      I didn't even know they made a Willow game, loved that movie as a kid.

  • shiningwizard327
    shiningwizard327 2 months ago

    Sup man, what happened to your Instagram?

  • Tyler Bergen
    Tyler Bergen 2 months ago

    How can it be a bad ending?? He lived and he is an actual human what a character he drew died. Boo boo lol...the very fact he survived this absurdly hard game is a victory upon itself!

  • CASE - NES On the Internet

    Always found It funny how the American Boxart fits the style of the cutscenes alot better than the Japanese hoxart

  • Brian Heinrich
    Brian Heinrich 2 months ago

    Great review man...I recently re visited this trilogy from when I was a kid I'm 33 now and I admit this trilogy is insane and often times way harder and obnoxious as modern games...with that said I have meat ng1 and ng2....currently working on n64 as it's a pain in my fucking rectum lol but really fun...keep up the great vids

    • Brian Heinrich
      Brian Heinrich 2 months ago

      Sry had some typos in there...not n64 ng3 and beat not meat....peace ✌

  • arun ad
    arun ad 2 months ago

    which game is this

  • nazish arshad
    nazish arshad 2 months ago

    The death are like fist of north star like

  • Prashant Nambiar
    Prashant Nambiar 2 months ago

    It's like Telugu movies 😂😂

  • The light
    The light 2 months ago

    In dusty's finisher we can hear lawler talking even if he's getting the boinic elbow???

  • Heartless Tank
    Heartless Tank 2 months ago

    The SNES version is amazing!

  • Murilo Vilela
    Murilo Vilela 2 months ago

    Great review! Got the Genesis mini today and this was the first game I beat. I had never played it before either. It was fun but I agree that it does have many flaws.

  • Georgian Vines
    Georgian Vines 2 months ago

    Please can you tell me this game's name

  • Gonza_R
    Gonza_R 2 months ago

    Wild Guns, ninja warriors!

  • King Ace
    King Ace 2 months ago

    Tf is up with jumping high every special move

    • lorenzo jones
      lorenzo jones 21 day ago

      King Ace idk man I guess steroids n a lot of energy drinks 😂😂😂

    DEMON KANE 2 months ago

    Game name please

  • YuYang Lin
    YuYang Lin 2 months ago


    PHILL SHIVELY 3 months ago

    Day of Reckoning 2 had a brilliant submission system

  • maunty1984
    maunty1984 3 months ago

    Bucky O’hare 😔

  • GamingCube
    GamingCube 3 months ago

    This game makes me question the laws of physics

  • B. Stanley
    B. Stanley 3 months ago

    The characters were super cool to play as (especially Nightcrawler), but it was much too difficult and ruthless for the target audience of children who loved the cartoon. Nice Smashing Pumpkins shirt

  • Mike Sullivan
    Mike Sullivan 3 months ago

    Great head to head. I agree. The SNES version just has the makings of a great platformer despite not having the level of presentation the Sega version has.

  • Vandal Ru
    Vandal Ru 3 months ago

    You forgot about the best racing game Eliminator Boat Duel.

  • Aaron Lauretani
    Aaron Lauretani 3 months ago

    This was the first Genesis game because I was obsessed with X-Men. I was super excited to play it, but I hated that they limited your mutant powers. I also never got past the second level.