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    MYOWNGOD 5 hours ago

    Why they Playing negative affirmations , we get it. Play only positive !

  • Cedric Johnson
    Cedric Johnson 11 hours ago

    Be a servant of God.

  • JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    U too lier😃😄😀😍

  • Mirai Trunks
    Mirai Trunks Day ago

    I wasn't nothing to yall last year So why tf am i something now Cause i prove that im the man here shit is that the reason that they hunt me down Everybody said i aint shit funny Now im living it and it aint shit to me Shed a tear with a hand on my chest cause having the last laugh is the best rock with me-Vi

  • Cam S
    Cam S Day ago

    How do I get out of the cycle of worrying about past events? It's driving me crazy, I just can't let go of past situations where I've failed to act perfectly. I obsess about how the situation could have gone and how I might have been perceived by others. It's been a few days now and I still can't let go of this one particular situation. It really gets me down and I worry how I will be able to deal with the future. I feel really stuck :(

  • D
    D Day ago

    really glad i came across this today

  • Gygf Gyyg
    Gygf Gyyg 2 days ago

    Naver let your dreams case u to murders others u stole from

  • Abhijit Taware
    Abhijit Taware 2 days ago

    the background music should be stopped or have lower sound

  • pullen Onyango
    pullen Onyango 2 days ago

    She left me for another guy a week after I lost my mum n my job...I just don't know her I guess.

  • Modern Day Motivation

    It’s all about feeding and watering your motivation and growth. You have to eat daily, you have to drink daily, you have to Motivate daily.

    • MakeIt Fun
      MakeIt Fun 2 days ago

      Amen. “You have to motivate daily”

  • Feeture Films
    Feeture Films 3 days ago


  • Ciara mc devitt
    Ciara mc devitt 3 days ago

    Good things are supposed to happen to me

  • Raw seduction
    Raw seduction 3 days ago

    Getting away from myself never a truer word said!

  • Ashish Reshmi
    Ashish Reshmi 4 days ago

    I have heavy head due to my mind how can I recovered

  • Marcus Carter
    Marcus Carter 4 days ago

    When GOD gives us hard times we don’t realize it at the time but he’s building us up by putting us through tough situations. Even building up our confidence because once you get through a really tough situation you feel as if nothing can break you.

  • Mathapelo Portia
    Mathapelo Portia 5 days ago

    wow this is powerful indeed damn✌😢👑

  • francesca l
    francesca l 6 days ago

    thank you. it’s 3:36 AM. i haven’t slept during the night in weeks because i fear closing my eyes. i fear what might happen. what could happen if i let my brain shut down. i fear that someone will brake in. kidnap me. torture me. harm me. abuse me. kill me. i fear it so much i refuse to give up my alertness. refuse to sleep, or even try to. you have encouraged me to at least try. to take a step forward rather than stay still. i might not succeed today but i will succeed eventually. and to do so i must at least try. so that’s what i’ll do today. try.

  • Edwin Hashakimana
    Edwin Hashakimana 7 days ago

    I've remembered the time when I told my friend that I wanna buy my first smart phone and he said that I can't. I added that I'm left with. I bought the new gadget after few days.

    • Edwin Hashakimana
      Edwin Hashakimana 7 days ago

      After a month I sold it of and I had to upgrade to a bigger smart phone. I really thank the almighty God for enabling me purchase it. God thank you for forgiving me my sins. Lord you healed by sickness. I love you my Lord, I really appreciate you for giving me nice dreams and visions. Amen

  • Gygf Gyyg
    Gygf Gyyg 7 days ago

    U locky I would off kill u already

  • Gygf Gyyg
    Gygf Gyyg 7 days ago

    My money is my life to suvive u all took that from me to and u all talk u love me I don't think u no what love is and what u do to others

  • Gygf Gyyg
    Gygf Gyyg 7 days ago

    You naver no way walk with me

  • Gygf Gyyg
    Gygf Gyyg 7 days ago

    What I holds u can't tuch

  • Gygf Gyyg
    Gygf Gyyg 7 days ago

    Move me if u can u thifts

  • tony cat
    tony cat 7 days ago

    After all you've done to me ! " I'm still standing !!!!" no matter what you do . I AM THE BETTER PERSON. thank you and good bye I have a life to live, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it ...…… people there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Tiffany Shafiko
    Tiffany Shafiko 8 days ago

    I loved this boy more then anything in the world. But he broke me in ways that no human deserve to feel such pain. And yesterday he made me realize that I never meant anything but someone to fuck around with. I guess it’s really time to move on. I deserve better. I deserve to be happy

  • Agua Menti
    Agua Menti 8 days ago

    It's hard to act when you're homeless like me I'm even struggling to charge my phone everyday no place to shower or eat properly.

  • Michelle Morgang
    Michelle Morgang 8 days ago


    FRESH MOTIVATION 8 days ago

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  • Rising Gr8ness
    Rising Gr8ness 9 days ago

    It's possible...

  • Kourτ Jεffε
    Kourτ Jεffε 9 days ago

    Great! Thanks for posting!

  • D D
    D D 9 days ago

    Get up get out and get it!!!

  • Andres Stovall
    Andres Stovall 9 days ago

    Perfect timing thanks

  • Winter Star
    Winter Star 9 days ago

    Put anything someone says to you, or that you are saying, in the context of: .....Is it true? Is it necessary? Does it improve upon the silence? If it’s not true, challenge the person speaking it to prove it...they cannot. If it’s not necessary, it doesn’t need to take up your time/silence. If the words don’t improve on silence, time to bring back some silence.

  • Briyanaism
    Briyanaism 10 days ago

    I'm having a bad day

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 10 days ago


  • jez dav
    jez dav 10 days ago

    Wow this is so powerful, on the verge of tears ... thank you God for all that I have despite what I’m going through !! 🙏🏼❤️

  • missjuneplum1
    missjuneplum1 11 days ago

    Wonderful video, shared it with my children and grandchildren.

  • thomas chapman
    thomas chapman 11 days ago

    💪 💪 💪 💪 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 👍 👍 👍 👍

  • Gabriel Esparza
    Gabriel Esparza 14 days ago

    It funny I have friends but I don’t like some of them I were a mask

  • postalaka
    postalaka 14 days ago

    I love you who ever is reading this! Sometimes we all need to know someone cares. Everyone deserves to be loved and you are special!

  • The Messenger
    The Messenger 14 days ago

    I'm tired of being looked down as a doormat

  • The Messenger
    The Messenger 14 days ago

    I'm tired of being watched and I'm tired of being ridiculed for my past

  • Jason Anthony Witt
    Jason Anthony Witt 14 days ago

    Cool guy says, "blanket statements like worry is bad for you are pseudojunk. Example suburban angst. Worries all too often drive the successful to their success."

  • Jason Anthony Witt
    Jason Anthony Witt 14 days ago

    Cool guy says, "who are all these islands with no social support? Certainly not the ones with great expectations!"

  • Va Landon Moua
    Va Landon Moua 15 days ago

    Thank you.

  • Rob Percy
    Rob Percy 15 days ago

    So my ex left me for a “friend” I had who hit on her during my relationship. And I’m dating someone else right now but that still hurts from what she did, any advice RU-clip?

    • Rob Percy
      Rob Percy Minute ago

      @Bluu thank you, that’s very kind and good advice, I really appreciate it

    • Bluu
      Bluu 14 days ago

      The best thing too do is stay away from something until you are ready for it again. Getting into another relationship with someone with a wound from the past that still didn't heal, will ruin your new relationship, and destroy you even more. Much love, hope God will bless your heart with anything you ask for and hopefully this helps :)

  • Lorraine Cardillo
    Lorraine Cardillo 15 days ago


  • Robert Luna
    Robert Luna 16 days ago

    Morning prayers

  • hozville
    hozville 16 days ago

    God bless everyone 💯💯🙏🏽

  • Bella Baht yisrael
    Bella Baht yisrael 16 days ago

    Growth adults, education & well education but yet (play games) when u know it's not " IDRIS ELBA want some votes that bad..... dum ass LOL used " IDRIS ELBA FACE. For your motivation speech wow that's funny That's hilarious

  • lashika harris
    lashika harris 16 days ago


  • Gabriel Agudu
    Gabriel Agudu 17 days ago

    Out of the aboundance of the heart the mouth speaks.......the reality is::: u are what u feel and confess.....this izzz ur reality..

  • Tafari Major
    Tafari Major 18 days ago

    Good things are meant to happen to me

  • Kawannabear 21
    Kawannabear 21 19 days ago


  • Fransina Netumbo Shilongo


  • Pebbles Shine
    Pebbles Shine 19 days ago

    I cried.The man i love for three years decided to leave me, because He cant fight for me, at the midst of me knowing i have an illness..he left me.. Yesterday,he just broke up thru text.. He promised he will not leave, and i mean the world to him..yet he let go.

  • G VvbG
    G VvbG 19 days ago

    My worries revolve all around my girlfriend. Is she okay,how is she,am I enough,will we last,what does she think of me. This can all revolve around her not awnsering fast enough or when we are on a FaceTime call sleeping and it hangs up. The thoughts are only not running through my head when she’s next to me. When I physically can hold her and know she’s okay. When I’m playing football and she’s cheering and she’s not back in time at 1/2 time. Even 5 minutes can set me off. One minute later then she said she was going to call me can almost make me cry. I sometimes feel lost and sad. She is keeping me sane and right now I’m overthinking the stuff I should because her phone hung up as she was sleeping. Overthinking the things I can’t change. Help

  • shan shan 20 days ago


  • HI it's me me
    HI it's me me 20 days ago

    So woohoo true, I've always believed this.

  • Nora Brown
    Nora Brown 20 days ago

    Please help me God...yes i release my husband..i set him i can be free

  • tchikou mahmoud
    tchikou mahmoud 21 day ago

    Whats the musique name plz ?

  • Crystal Crawford
    Crystal Crawford 21 day ago

    I can overcome addiction because I have a plan of action. I wake up every morning with a routine that will change the course of my life..

  • Eloy Ruiz
    Eloy Ruiz 21 day ago

    I open my own company thank God I am the owner of ER Computer Technicians but I must tell you I am a white, tall, with green eyes but I am MEXICAN AMERICAN. IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT TOO. I learn English at 15 years old & people used to talk to me in English when I was learning English & I used to say: No English yet!!! 210-772-7028 ER COMPUTER TECHNICIANS SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Fallow your DREAMS MY DAD IS SO PRUD OF ME BECAUSE OF ALL HIS SONS I AM THE ONLY ONE THAT OPEN A COMPUTER BUSINESS... & ALL MY OTHER 3 BROTHERS BECAME A CPA: Certified Public Accounting just like my Dad, but I love technology so to me working on fixing computers 🖥 is not a job “IT IS MY Hobby” Thank you God for blessing me...

  • Million money quotes Motivate

    If your reading please stop worrying please smile their are people who love you and your life will be better ❤️

  • ndelle isidore
    ndelle isidore 22 days ago

    Always have a dream an goals am so happy an blessed by this Motivational words

  • Tlotlisang Kluivert
    Tlotlisang Kluivert 22 days ago

    Tomorrow is not promised to us yet belief that tomorrow will come is enough to show that with belief there is hope🤞

  • Carl Gois
    Carl Gois 22 days ago

    The only thing that provokes change is action. These motivational things are great, but they are nothing until we act, decide, move in the direction of our dreams or goals. Period. So what’s it going to be today? Looking at the mirror? When we look in the we dream. When we look deep inside we awaken. To quote from Vince Lombardi, the desire and the will to win. That’s far more important than the outcome. 💪💪💪👍👍👍. Today, not tomorrow, not next week. TODAY is the day we take back what’s ours. The ability to dream, achieve, and most importantly ACT. Let’s not stand in the tracks of the past waiting for the train of the future to run us over 😊😊😊

    GO SEE THE WORLD 23 days ago

    3:40mins - Poor Mouth yr Gona have a Poor Life

  • Howdy Cowdy
    Howdy Cowdy 23 days ago

    Life is a test you fail keep going

  • SJK Gaming
    SJK Gaming 23 days ago

    You say I dream too big. I say you think too small!.

  • BDx XDkE123
    BDx XDkE123 23 days ago

    My view is different but I still respects all speeches within this video and the people who gave them. I believe that you should tell everybody your dream, let the doubt and say it’s obscure, it will just push you further to achieve it.

  • thomas chapman
    thomas chapman 24 days ago

    💪 💪 💪 💪 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 👍 👍 👍 👍

  • Abdur Amin
    Abdur Amin 24 days ago


    GUESSITS MYFAULT 24 days ago


  • Dennis Osei Kuffour
    Dennis Osei Kuffour 24 days ago

    Good things are supposed to happen to me 😊

  • Dara Alexander
    Dara Alexander 24 days ago


  • c d e
    c d e 25 days ago

    I have battered woman sendrum and PTSD and ppl always said I wouldn't bring down the man telling me I can't do it strangling me over and over again but I did. And I give God thanks. Even though I keep repeating what the negativite ppl say to me. And I believe it. But it's them not me. And I had to put that man in jail for drugging and strangling me. And now he's paying the consequences.

  • Duke Buhay
    Duke Buhay 26 days ago

    I lost her and I lost everything. Please pray for me.

  • Baruch Hashem
    Baruch Hashem 26 days ago

    I'm gonna play this video at the next interview when I'm asked, "Where do you see yourself in five years time?"

  • Lady Day Eagle's Wings

    Spies are really nosy. So when speaking you may be heard. You can't stop speaking your desires because of nosy good for nothing's.

  • Benedicta Alfonso
    Benedicta Alfonso 26 days ago

    We all human being that every thing is possible, but you cannot serves 4 Masters in one time

  • Minns Nabeel
    Minns Nabeel 26 days ago

    I gave me heart and soul to the only trust best friend I ever had and ever loved. I forgave and forgave, I tried to bring light to his life. But he did that one thing that I had told him would destroy me. But I still forgive him. I am moving on though. I am the light.

  • djdianawat wat
    djdianawat wat 27 days ago

    Narcissists and psychopaths don't let go of the past

  • Maxwell Runte
    Maxwell Runte 28 days ago

    what was the first speach called

  • Sohaib Oran
    Sohaib Oran 28 days ago

    Thanks for your new video

  • shewa remi
    shewa remi 29 days ago

    if you help enough people get what they want you can have everything you want

  • yzwoody
    yzwoody 29 days ago

    Same thing keeps coming back to hurt and disappoint. And I keep letting it hoping for a different outcome. Could’ve swore when I met her I heard god tell me I’m supposed to know her. Now I just want to be where I don’t keep hoping just to wind up feeling this way again.

  • Anu Baby
    Anu Baby 29 days ago

    Good things are supposed to happen to me!

  • Emress Brown
    Emress Brown 29 days ago

    I have a girlfriend, she explained me how to be valuable in the world and to be a leader. So i started to change my life with improving my self and i am seeing the results. I am thinking who I need to be and I am making a lot of dreams and goals as usual. I am gonna be the most successful person in one day. And I will say her '' thank you! '' after my parents of course. One thing we have to remember all time NO ONE BELIEVE IN YOU, UNLESS YOU DO isn't it? Gooooooooood luck us! Pray us to be married with my girlfriend in one day. Thank you all of you guys who is reading my words!

  • MimiClervil
    MimiClervil Month ago


  • Elena Ne
    Elena Ne Month ago


  • Elena Ne
    Elena Ne Month ago


  • Ali
    Ali Month ago

    Are we supposed to listen to him or this stupid music idiots

  • lis vendi
    lis vendi Month ago

    Good things are supposed to happen to me ❤️

  • Simon - London Trucker

    Thanks for this powerful speech video

  • Clinton Riveira
    Clinton Riveira Month ago

    I lost so much i wanted to die but i put my trust in god that ill be alright 🙏🏽😥thank you for loving me when i lost faith once and now i know you will guid me and my children i will not be depressed or hate for anyone love is god

  • Aaron leghissa
    Aaron leghissa Month ago

    i cant even sleep at night

  • Jasiel Galvez
    Jasiel Galvez Month ago

    Let God works. I know its not easy but its necessary.Time to back off.

  • Jasiel Galvez
    Jasiel Galvez Month ago


  • Joey Thurmond
    Joey Thurmond Month ago

    There is and always be enough for everyone. It's simply up to us to pull up to the table and eat. I wish there was a switch I could flip for just a few seconds to show others what their lives can be. I love all of you guys and cant wait to see how you succeed in ways you never dreamed!