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WROUGHT film - trailer
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Pine trees (Pinus sp.)
Views 3153 years ago
Spruce trees (Picea sp.)
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Spore prints
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Urban Moss
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Bryum moss (Bryum sp.)
Views 1.4K4 years ago
Begonia / Begonia sp.
Views 1.1K4 years ago
Tamarack / Larix laricina
Views 4264 years ago
Bjerkandera sp
Views 335 years ago
Goldenrod / Solidago sp
Views 525 years ago
Anthurium magnificum
Views 3575 years ago
Anthurium scherzerianum
Views 1.8K5 years ago
Anthurium sp. 'Pandola'
Views 3905 years ago
Nephthytis poissonii
Views 715 years ago
Goldenrod / Solidago sp.
Views 1735 years ago
Clematis sp.
Views 1555 years ago
Nelumbo nucifera
Views 8K6 years ago
Lilac / Syringa sp
Views 336 years ago


  • Trendle Ellwood
    Trendle Ellwood Month ago

    BeaUtiful! What wonderful work you do.

  • TheGreyKnight
    TheGreyKnight Month ago

    I love this video. You should change your named to Horticultartist, though. And if you don't like that pun? Just give it some time, because it'll grow on you.

  • Matthew Wilkes
    Matthew Wilkes 2 months ago

    I photographed a single seed last year and have been captivated by them since. Now have a small amount of seeds to make a little patch in the garden for them to show their intricate beauty.

    • Matthew Wilkes
      Matthew Wilkes 2 months ago

      @momentaryvitality this is a link to the pic i took, its on Instagram. I'll delete the link if you would like me to...

    • momentaryvitality
      momentaryvitality 2 months ago

      Matthew Wilkes very cool!

  • Arina __
    Arina __ 4 months ago

    wow amazing!

  • Arjun Badwal
    Arjun Badwal 4 months ago

    I easily understand about sphagnum

  • Joshua Guting
    Joshua Guting 6 months ago

    Absolutely amazing video. Thanks man.

  • Robyn's Green Rainbow
    Robyn's Green Rainbow 7 months ago

    Utterly breathtaking, easily the single most amazing video ever posted on youtube, absolutely stunning!

  • Donald Johnston
    Donald Johnston 7 months ago

    This is really, really great. You pick up where Zea left off, and really run with it. I was going to show my class Zea tomorrow (which is how I ended up here). Maybe I'll follow it up with this film on a follow-up day.

  • Brittani Brown
    Brittani Brown 7 months ago

    do you make all of your videos with scanner images?

    • momentaryvitality
      momentaryvitality 7 months ago

      that's awesome!!

    • Brittani Brown
      Brittani Brown 7 months ago

      @momentaryvitality that's awesome! I am studying photography at UCF and we are in the middle of a project where we have to make scanner art. I emailed your profile to my professor!

    • momentaryvitality
      momentaryvitality 7 months ago

      mostly! I'm getting into DSLR stuff now too. :)

  • Andres Madrigal
    Andres Madrigal 7 months ago

    I see this moss is used mainly for orchids , can this be used on other plants or palms in hot climate areas? I'm thinking of using it on my next project. Will be planting palms, and tropical types of plants.

    • Hoe Hunter
      Hoe Hunter 2 months ago

      Spaghum moss works well as a potting medium for tropical plants --Especially epiphytic plants!

  • Swadin Unni
    Swadin Unni 8 months ago

    It Is seen like a pteridophytes

  • Niharika Parashar
    Niharika Parashar 10 months ago

    I love moss.

  • Miguel Pasqual
    Miguel Pasqual 10 months ago

    I get seed set on mine here in tropical north Queensland

  • Kari K.
    Kari K. 10 months ago

    We have mostly Spanish moss here, hanging from the trees. They're epiphytes, and I love to pull some down from the oak trees to start them in some of our trees, like our smaller oak trees, as well as along the fence that is at the back of the yard, behind the pool, so every year, the moss clusters grow larger and shade the area beside the pool. Plus, once I am certain that they're free of any pests that could harm them, I hang them decoratively with my large, hanging orchids, like the Vandas and the others that are similar and prefer to be grown bare-rooted.

  • Kari K.
    Kari K. 10 months ago

    I wish I could smell those lilacs! I miss the unmistakable sign of spring: the scent of lilacs!

  • Kari K.
    Kari K. 10 months ago

    Your cinematography skills are amazing! I invite you to my home, New Orleans, Louisiana, to make some videos of the flora and fauna in our gardens and swamps, which also can be within mere yards of each other. I used to live in North Dakota, so I'm a bit familiar with some of the Canadian plants that you show in such a way that makes them look so unordinary!

  • Kari K.
    Kari K. 10 months ago


  • Mikaela Bell
    Mikaela Bell 11 months ago

    This video made me so happy!

  • Kate Young
    Kate Young 11 months ago

    Very nice footage!

  • Fran Gourdet
    Fran Gourdet Year ago

    Some music would've been nice.

  • Shanali Delay
    Shanali Delay Year ago


  • BeReal Relentless

    hello, interesting, been growing my own moss for Bonsai landscapes and art projects. Curious how long this footage is? time frame that is. Thanks

  • Akira Clemmons
    Akira Clemmons Year ago


  • Hello Stranger
    Hello Stranger Year ago

    I had a moss that was grown under water and it had a very herb like smell. Any clue what it could be? The person who gave it to me said it was rose moss.

  • Nathan Wild
    Nathan Wild Year ago

    Breathtaking, captivating and hypnotic

  • Steven Bock
    Steven Bock Year ago

    Fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

  • HowToHydroponics


  • Hannah
    Hannah Year ago

    Please make more videos!

  • Hannah
    Hannah Year ago

    Amazing cinematography.

  • Alexandre Perrachon
    Alexandre Perrachon 2 years ago

    Beautiful work Your videos deserve to be seen much more !

  • Quynbi
    Quynbi 2 years ago

    Wow, thank you for sharing this masterpiece.

  • Stacey Speers
    Stacey Speers 2 years ago

    That was SOOO COOL Oh my gosh what a beautiful video! I can only imagine how much time went into this. And what a masterpiece, and a great combination of skills you put together to create it!


    Very nice colours. I likes this. Do you selling. Mail me;

  • Camila Medel
    Camila Medel 2 years ago

    Nelumbo Nucifera, o más conocida como flor de loto. Esa parte es el fruto de la flor, que se llama Martillo... Es maravilloso el vídeo, pero no sé si es el pasar del tiempo, cuando toma o vida, o bien es cuando absorbe el barro.

  • briansuxxx
    briansuxxx 2 years ago

    You're my favorite channel on here. Don't stop these!

  • Rosa Limez
    Rosa Limez 2 years ago

    qué carajo es esto? sólo me dio más tripofobia

  • HardTarget Jimmy
    HardTarget Jimmy 3 years ago

    The reason for this video? Also why can't I tick the dislike, but I can tick the like?

  • Luis Daniel GP
    Luis Daniel GP 3 years ago

    Where do you find all this beautiful stuff?

    • Maracachucho
      Maracachucho 3 years ago

      @momentaryvitality Most of the area around my city is just cattle farms or dry bushlands with very little to see, and believe me I look hard when I'm out there. The town where I grew up was much more full of life so maybe I just have high standards. I don't mean requests for you to do anything differently, since you're the one who goes out there in my opinion it's you who have to decide what's worth the effort. But maybe someone wants a closer look at a plant or mushroom, or maybe people would like to support another video like the one that got featured in vsauce, who knows? I would support you just for pretty wallpapers, but don't limit yourself.

    • momentaryvitality
      momentaryvitality 3 years ago

      Once I started looking I began to notice lots of cool stuff. Probably the same where you are too! Cool idea! I've considered starting one. Do you mean requests for certain plants - or something else?

    • Maracachucho
      Maracachucho 3 years ago

      +momentaryvitality Man, I wish there were stuff like that around my city ... hey how about you start a patreon in exchange of requests and full scans? I'd be down for that! What do you say?

    • momentaryvitality
      momentaryvitality 3 years ago

      +Luis Daniel GP For this video I mostly found the fungi in forests in and near my city, Winnipeg. :)

    • Luis Daniel GP
      Luis Daniel GP 3 years ago

      Yeah but outside where? Is it like a forest near your house or something like that?

  • Sandeep Sachdeva
    Sandeep Sachdeva 3 years ago

    Hello sir. I have Anthurium plant.. but lost 4 or 5 days I am noticing green leafs turning into yellow and brownish please guys reply me how to cure myplant at this stage?

  • Marjolaine Hébert
    Marjolaine Hébert 3 years ago

    Well done!

  • Paraiso De Flores
    Paraiso De Flores 4 years ago

    Does bryum miss can dude ice under water? Like in a fish tank

  • Emrah Is
    Emrah Is 4 years ago

    Hey, good stuff man. How did you scan the plant like that?

    • Emrah Is
      Emrah Is 4 years ago

      Oh neato! That's a great idea. Thanks for getting back to me :)

    • momentaryvitality
      momentaryvitality 4 years ago

      Thanks! I just put them on computer scanners and have them scanned every few minutes for a few days! I get some pretty neat things this way. :)

  • Marsz
    Marsz 4 years ago

    Helechos heterosporados | Helecho que revive

  • Lollywood
    Lollywood 4 years ago

    The Rhododendron is the unofficial state flower of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan.

  • Shawn K
    Shawn K 4 years ago

    Great work man!

  • Judy Peck
    Judy Peck 4 years ago

    This was amazing.... great job

  • briansuxxx
    briansuxxx 4 years ago

    One of the best ones so far!

    • momentaryvitality
      momentaryvitality 4 years ago

      @briansuxxx Thanks! I was really surprised by this one. :)

  • Emily Borhi
    Emily Borhi 4 years ago

    so cool!

  • Emily Borhi
    Emily Borhi 4 years ago

    amazing work!

  • StarAnyse
    StarAnyse 5 years ago

    Absolutely AWESOME footage !!!

  • Maracachucho
    Maracachucho 6 years ago


  • momentaryvitality
    momentaryvitality 6 years ago

    No, I wish!

  • momentaryvitality
    momentaryvitality 6 years ago

    Thanks. Check out this interview I did with my alma mater's paper. (take out the spaces) uniter. ca / view/8260/

  • momentaryvitality
    momentaryvitality 6 years ago

    I wonder the same thing myself. :) Share away!

  • momentaryvitality
    momentaryvitality 6 years ago

    Thanks! :)

  • momentaryvitality
    momentaryvitality 6 years ago

    For this one, maybe one or two hundred? But overall I'm getting close to having 3000 flower time lapse sequences on file!

  • momentaryvitality
    momentaryvitality 6 years ago

    The balance between quick shots and ones where more focus is given is something that I'm working on. Thanks! :)

  • momentaryvitality
    momentaryvitality 6 years ago

    Haha, some of them are pretty scary for sure!

  • Diego Moncada
    Diego Moncada 6 years ago

    My, those are some scary looking flowers. Like if they had a mouth.

  • chimpsnpimps
    chimpsnpimps 6 years ago

    These films are amazing. I would love to know more about your technique and process. It would be fascinating to see how your time lapse scanner photography actually works.

  • Maracachucho
    Maracachucho 6 years ago

    This is way more beautiful than I expected. Thank you.

  • GSteinkraus_
    GSteinkraus_ 6 years ago

    Awesome song i like it! :)

  • B
    B 6 years ago


  • Nikolai Allermann
    Nikolai Allermann 6 years ago

    Oh and did you make the music to the video?

  • Nikolai Allermann
    Nikolai Allermann 6 years ago

    Why is this not getting like 3 million views?!

  • ali nasser
    ali nasser 6 years ago


  • CrystalCanary
    CrystalCanary 6 years ago

    Watch this on LSD. HOLY SANTA CLAUS SHIT.

    CHEEKY MONKEY 6 years ago

    It should come with a warning "don't forget to blink"

  • momentaryvitality
    momentaryvitality 6 years ago

    Yeah, I'm still surprised at how beautiful wilting can be, and the myriad of ways in which it can happen. It's truly fascinating. Glad you liked it.

  • amazonavittata
    amazonavittata 6 years ago

    I never knew wilting could be so beautiful, thank you

  • momentaryvitality
    momentaryvitality 7 years ago

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

  • momentaryvitality
    momentaryvitality 7 years ago


  • Amanda Aguiar
    Amanda Aguiar 7 years ago

    Great video.

  • dE3L
    dE3L 7 years ago

    wow that's pretty awesome.