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USA Science & Engineering Festival
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Expo 2020 is Coming to DC!
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Giving Tuesday 2018
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X-STEM Symposium
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  • First Name
    First Name 15 hours ago

    i am studying physics so i kind of knew this... a cool application of bernulis principle is double coolers on your laptop it creates space in between blowing in much more air

  • Bruno ds
    Bruno ds 29 days ago


  • ronlovesit
    ronlovesit Month ago

    Meanwhile arrogant religions say.. "We DO know" everything.. even without a shread of proof!

  • Brendan Kuhl
    Brendan Kuhl 2 months ago

    I saw him at the College of Staten Island when I was in 4th grade. Ja.

  • Thecoolboyx1z
    Thecoolboyx1z 3 months ago

    He came to my school too!

  • Teresa Muldrew
    Teresa Muldrew 4 months ago

    i saw him at the thrasher horn

  • Gengar Kid
    Gengar Kid 4 months ago

    he was here today

  • Siren Gacha Playz
    Siren Gacha Playz 5 months ago

    I saw your show today

  • Mr.krick ick
    Mr.krick ick 5 months ago

    Omg i met him in kean university

  • piggy annie
    piggy annie 5 months ago


  • piggy annie
    piggy annie 5 months ago

    Im going there on monday im so excited in 2019

  • CayleePlays
    CayleePlays 5 months ago


  • Fatu Bleh
    Fatu Bleh 6 months ago

    I had a field trip with him today

  • Wendy Wang
    Wendy Wang 6 months ago

    Could you make a joint word

  • fatty macintosh
    fatty macintosh 7 months ago

    Dr kaboom sounds like a porno

  • idk anymore
    idk anymore 7 months ago

    I saw him it was pretty epic lol *_*

  • AB MAN
    AB MAN 8 months ago


  • Amy Stone
    Amy Stone 9 months ago

    Doktor Kaboom I am on my mom's phone and I'm going to a field trip and I'm going to go see you so I think it's going to be really fun bye

  • Ana's life
    Ana's life 9 months ago

    I seen you at a field trip

  • •T h e G a c h a M e m e•

    What the heck I saw him on a field trip to Yavapai collage!!!

  • Roxanne Schroeder
    Roxanne Schroeder 10 months ago

    Can I please have like because I never had one before

  • Roxanne Schroeder
    Roxanne Schroeder 10 months ago

    I saw him for my Field trip to

  • Carl The ACTOR
    Carl The ACTOR 11 months ago

    I saw him today on a field trip

  • Phil Emmert
    Phil Emmert Year ago

    Very inspiring, Dr. Cola. I will be interrupting my FORTNITE'ing grands with this and with your vid wherein in you shared about your post-Grad work in Purdue's Birck Nanotechnology Center. [BSME, 1971, Purdue University, W. Lafayette]

  • Space For All
    Space For All Year ago

    Excellent presentation! :)

  • Natalie Hartleben

    He was kinda a jerk to my school so I’m not a fan

  • Maximilian
    Maximilian Year ago

    This is evil! We will all be judged!

  • 【L B S】
    【L B S】 Year ago

    science bob is da best

  • John H
    John H Year ago

    Proof that life is not fair at all. Such a great man taken to early and we must all pay the price of his passing.

  • fun box
    fun box Year ago

    where did you get the bubble fluid holder at?

  • Theodore Tekkers

    The New Science magazine brought me here.

  • Chris P
    Chris P Year ago

    when lockheed martin is viewed as an educational source. when most teachers pensions invest in lockheed stock. we are all evil

  • jose amaya
    jose amaya Year ago


  • _iiEvelyneii_
    _iiEvelyneii_ Year ago


  • Pink_ Wolf
    Pink_ Wolf Year ago

    In my school we saw dr kboom on a field trip

  • Moonlight
    Moonlight Year ago


  • Izreal Lloyd
    Izreal Lloyd Year ago

    I saw you today

  • Startup Stars
    Startup Stars Year ago

    Looks awesome!

  • Startup Stars
    Startup Stars Year ago


  • Skullfused
    Skullfused Year ago

    I saw him today at the field trip to the walker center

  • paddy brady
    paddy brady Year ago

    look but dont abuse mine or poison.

  • Cadet Kennedy
    Cadet Kennedy Year ago

    I saw him in school and he said the same things and the kid who swung the thing with the cup spilled it on Dokter Kaboom

  • Igor Svačić
    Igor Svačić Year ago

    idiots, on presentations you film the SCREEN not the lecturer

  • The UK Sexy
    The UK Sexy Year ago

    I think this guy is a pedo

  • Ex3TrMe
    Ex3TrMe Year ago

    I went there xD

  • Turtle Man
    Turtle Man 2 years ago


  • eu tenho firmose
    eu tenho firmose 2 years ago


  • Shridhar Sri
    Shridhar Sri 2 years ago

    They are easy

  • Jmshy Kk
    Jmshy Kk 2 years ago

    WOww...its awsome

  • TheYoungProdigal
    TheYoungProdigal 2 years ago

    The female astronaut has a name, right? I didn't hear you introduce her. I'll have to watch the video again. Maybe I missed it??

    • Space For All
      Space For All Year ago

      Astronaut Nicole Passonno Stott was not introduced, you're right. First time she was mentioned was at minute 07:29

  • Nihar Dalal
    Nihar Dalal 2 years ago

    Is veronica trolling?

  • Channel pop
    Channel pop 2 years ago

    I went to that one by Alta Vista do you remember

  • Rishi Nelli
    Rishi Nelli 2 years ago

    Ram u so cringe

  • Savannah Gross
    Savannah Gross 2 years ago

    seen you at field trip today

    • R0CKET XY
      R0CKET XY 2 years ago

      Savannah Gross the girl that screamed was in my class

  • Niyah Cruz
    Niyah Cruz 2 years ago

    hey i saw u today #feild trip

  • Lori Maisch
    Lori Maisch 2 years ago

    We are so excited to see you Dr. kaboom and I hope and pray that you choose my son to go up on stage he can't wait!

  • KaPow - Agario
    KaPow - Agario 2 years ago


  • Sophia Kazemi
    Sophia Kazemi 2 years ago

    I love making origami! This video is so interesting, and the creations are incredible!

  • Mahmuda Akter
    Mahmuda Akter 2 years ago

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  • Mahmuda Akter
    Mahmuda Akter 2 years ago

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  • Betsy Faircloth
    Betsy Faircloth 2 years ago

    Hey I love cats

  • 124bel875ive
    124bel875ive 2 years ago

    Platonic solids are a hardening of the categories. The 30-Verty loosens alignments. However, beware the Schizma :-)

  • Owayne Dilworth
    Owayne Dilworth 3 years ago

    Awesome!! Dr. Crystal :)

  • Glen Rhodes
    Glen Rhodes 3 years ago

    very nice work

  • Nonsense c:
    Nonsense c: 3 years ago

    I was following until the cockroach part, I hate them.

  • Emilio Arroyo
    Emilio Arroyo 3 years ago

    how is it that the kids voice has a delay and astronaut voice is not

  • Emilio Arroyo
    Emilio Arroyo 3 years ago

    the veins in his neck are going to blow up :s

  • Jolene Anderson
    Jolene Anderson 3 years ago

    Our future lies with these future engineers and scientists

  • William Parker-Rivera

    I was there!!

  • William Parker-Rivera

    Hey I was there!!!

  • Toasted C
    Toasted C 3 years ago

    wish I knew about this for when I was younger

  • Lcd_ Ultra
    Lcd_ Ultra 3 years ago

    First like first comment and first view

  • aopc cpoa
    aopc cpoa 3 years ago

    20:00; he sort of described Indra's Net. Not a sermon, just a thought.

  • keghn feem
    keghn feem 3 years ago

    Very nice.

  • Joseph Stokes
    Joseph Stokes 3 years ago

    You can tell this video was put together by a bunch of well meaning nerds!! LOL Thanks though as there is a lot of good stuff here! Carry on! Did anyone else notice this was about "science" and not invisible people in the sky? Great!

  • Lcd_ Ultra
    Lcd_ Ultra 3 years ago

    First person to see this

  • TheTheCherman
    TheTheCherman 4 years ago

    You rock, Vanessa! Bonus points for inclusion of statistics.


    ☆The Universe Space #Space&Energy *Best action of Israel,Energy in Space: 2015/08/16(227th/year) @*comment from YUMI MAEHATA前畑由美 ⭐🌃💫

  • Molly Liegel
    Molly Liegel 4 years ago


  • zapfanzapfan
    zapfanzapfan 4 years ago

    That´s the kind of evangelical I like! :-)

  • Matt Skoll
    Matt Skoll 4 years ago

    424 views...this (and many others like it) deserve SO much more.

  • אדם סופר
    אדם סופר 4 years ago

    great lecture, very intresting!! is there a way to stay updated on your research?!

  • christina
    christina 4 years ago

    I wonder how long each "generation" is? It's not on the axis :/

  • edguy99
    edguy99 4 years ago

    Great video, inspirational and motivational. The importance of animation in communication whether a cave man is warning about how a Rhino horn works, or an educator wants to show how cell kinesins work. Loved it.

  • Tacit Murky
    Tacit Murky 4 years ago

    Mariner-2 is not 1st interplanetary craft, if one consider attempts. Soviet Venera-1 is, but it failed on its way to Venus. Moreover, Mariner-2 had so primitive instruments, that it could only pose more questions rather than answer them. Actual info on atmo's temperature, pressure and density was delivered by Venera-4/5/6/7, with last one actually made it to the surface. Before that nobody ever thought of 480°C and 95 bars. Emely is either wrong or making propoganda here.

    • TVDawn
      TVDawn 4 years ago

      @Tacit Murky Mariner-2 was the first successful interplanetary spacecraft, so maybe Emily missed a word out? And I'm old enough to recall that Mariner 2 wasn't designed to answer all the questions, however its radiometers determined a surface temperature of around 400degC (don't quote me :) ) eliminating those (few) imaginative theories that this was some primordial overcast version of Earth with steamy forests and the like. But don't get me wrong - the Veneras to Venus and especially the landers (I believe 8 landings and 4 of those providing images?) were awesome feats of achievement and their scientific returns were invaluable.

  • Harry Schulting
    Harry Schulting 4 years ago

    "Planetary Evangelist" Emily Lakdawalla: She is the best. NASA should hire you. Thank you.

  • chess747
    chess747 4 years ago

    This guy will be a CEO of an Airline one day and he deserves every bit of success ...I'm from Australia and he is a true inspiration...awesome hustle to fight what you believe in.

  • warmaxxx
    warmaxxx 4 years ago

    did anyone record the lecture got link?

  • reza Almasi
    reza Almasi 4 years ago

    It was very inspiring, temptational, educational and lovely presentation Made my mind spark some new ideas, Tnx

  • zabelicious
    zabelicious 5 years ago

    Well done kiddo! Your determination is a source of inspiration for all the truth seekers. Science doesn't have to be done in a lab, it all starts in the head with a specific intention and desire to uncover a mechanism. Then testing, testing, testing by any means at your disposal.

  • Pam Rockcastle
    Pam Rockcastle 5 years ago

    I want to learn more about the ocean I want to know if there's any mermaids in the ocean

  • Snoopy Doopy
    Snoopy Doopy 5 years ago

    Fascinating that we are so hardwired to spot predators that three indicators are sufficient for our brains to recognise them. I mean, seriously, face on mars, holy people on toast?

  • Elizabeth Taylor
    Elizabeth Taylor 5 years ago

    Check out the movie about her - Mission Blue - on Netflix

  • Zephan K.
    Zephan K. 5 years ago

    Sort of

  • Zephan K.
    Zephan K. 5 years ago

    It is cool

  • Zephan K.
    Zephan K. 5 years ago


  • Cari Vinci
    Cari Vinci 5 years ago

    Great for the kids and am fascinated about DNA testing for dogs

  • KTLBandit
    KTLBandit 5 years ago

    Very inspiring. I look forward to the next festival! Excellent job!