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If You Win, You Turn PRO.
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  • Lyza Vee
    Lyza Vee 4 hours ago

    Jp won

  • Cooper Fuss
    Cooper Fuss 9 hours ago

    Funny af

  • Anthony Gayou
    Anthony Gayou 13 hours ago

    when you grip your handboards you should use a nail file to take the extra grip off

    M-BASSY 14 hours ago

    Lol 😂

  • Heath
    Heath 14 hours ago

    PShhS I don't knOow man -well, I do

  • The randome Videos
    The randome Videos 15 hours ago

    Both of you did

  • The randome Videos
    The randome Videos 15 hours ago

    Bro you lost weight 👏

  • Chupatwo Chupatwo
    Chupatwo Chupatwo 16 hours ago

    i think you may have submitted the next Tesla official logo!

  • ShadowCooper
    ShadowCooper 17 hours ago

    Hahaha you can publish your tesla art?!?! Only elon musk would do that lol!! 😂😂 also sam won the last one!!!

  • Hudsonj Ekberg
    Hudsonj Ekberg 17 hours ago


  • Spencer Lewis
    Spencer Lewis 17 hours ago

    You should have said loser has to color the whole box in

  • Joshua Galloway
    Joshua Galloway 17 hours ago

    Jp’s Dino eating a skateboard is so awesome

  • Frank Kolondra
    Frank Kolondra 18 hours ago

    Nice video!

  • Eli Hockenhull
    Eli Hockenhull 18 hours ago

    Yoooooooo you said my name right sam!!!! Lol

  • James D
    James D 20 hours ago

    Both of the Dinos where THE DOPE!!!

  • Jo Neu
    Jo Neu 21 hour ago

    Like the drawing videos a lot... Good job both of you

  • Caleb bernhard
    Caleb bernhard 21 hour ago

    I could probably drop better than the guy in the passenger seat because I’m left-handed and if you look at the angle it works

    • racegirl2857
      racegirl2857 20 hours ago

      Caleb bernhard Jp? And he's a rly good drawer

  • caleb matrisciano
    caleb matrisciano 21 hour ago

    Yuju a buenas

  • Brianna D
    Brianna D 21 hour ago

    This is awesome!

  • kez leat
    kez leat 22 hours ago

    I want jps giraffe in a bath on a board

    HIGH GRADE GAMING 22 hours ago

    please draw comman 1990s car parts

  • Cooper Doud
    Cooper Doud 22 hours ago

    Coolio my brolio

  • Zachary Waxman
    Zachary Waxman 22 hours ago

    JP looking at those Oreos like "I'm about to finish this whole box" hahahah you guys are great

  • The Hybrid Ninjas
    The Hybrid Ninjas 23 hours ago

    I just realized, Sam Tabor low-key looks like Roderick from the original Wimpy Kid movies. Maybe it's just me though...

  • Jesse Lewis
    Jesse Lewis 23 hours ago

    I’m JP’s #1 fan

  • The Trick Shot Brothers


  • jim Tom
    jim Tom 23 hours ago

    The 2 best giraffes in baths I have ever seen in my life 🦒🦒🛀🛀

  • Gordon Ramsay 46
    Gordon Ramsay 46 23 hours ago

    Hi Sam are u gonna do golf with Ryan again plz like y’all for him to see this

  • Ryan Tube gaming
    Ryan Tube gaming 23 hours ago

    who watches SAM tabor over 12 years old. I know i do i am on the road to 500 subs any help will be appreciated .

  • Isaac Gamaliel
    Isaac Gamaliel 23 hours ago

    5th comment

  • Zack’s Lab
    Zack’s Lab 23 hours ago


  • Muhammad Shoaib
    Muhammad Shoaib 23 hours ago


  • Diana Brown
    Diana Brown 23 hours ago

    My dad and I watch you all the time!

  • SBLC 2015
    SBLC 2015 23 hours ago

    I’m so jealous but happy you got a Tesla!

  • shr3dophile
    shr3dophile 23 hours ago

    Dude, that is sick! I wish my car had something like that. 😢

  • Michael W
    Michael W Day ago

    Do this again, but with more carpet scraps and a snowskate. Bam, year-round snowskating.

  • wndowlikr
    wndowlikr Day ago

    Handboard challenge: Nollie pressure hardflip late flip 😎

  • Lillana Sweet
    Lillana Sweet Day ago

    Ahh a GoPro omg a GoPro omg

  • Joshua rizky
    Joshua rizky Day ago

    9:18 what did you do after doing a trickshots?😂

  • Aqib Sunesara
    Aqib Sunesara Day ago

    Finally gets a dream car. 1st thing he tries is auto-pilot (pretty cool). 2nd thing is fart sounds.

  • Kremit The Phrog

    Use a regular skateboard on a trampoline

  • vaishurajful
    vaishurajful Day ago

    Good luck for service and customer service ..Tesla service is horrible world wide.. nice car but once you need help you will be out of luck. They messed up my free miles and it is been 1 month no response . 200 emails and 250 hours of waiting in chats and no one pick phone

  • Mr. JB_Benny
    Mr. JB_Benny Day ago

    Idk why but this was hilarious. Your a funny person Sam 😂 so is katherine

  • Frank Kolondra


  • Ali Alnabati
    Ali Alnabati Day ago


  • Birdman-12
    Birdman-12 2 days ago

    Really missed having Casey in the videos!

  • Douglas Jett
    Douglas Jett 2 days ago

    Hey, Sam, if you & the rest of the crew haven't seen Matt Tomaselo's Jenkem video yet, you'll love it! Using boards cut in half and taped together, trampolines, mattresses, all sorts of incredible inventive skating.

  • Kumamadness patricio

    Unko besides Casey in your vids which is always entertaining. Wish you could do one with your best friend. He’s good at basketball and got a degree in Accounting. Those vids him was awesome 👏 too dude. 🐻🌈🌴🌺

  • ThatBigBear
    ThatBigBear 2 days ago

    Your videos always make laugh man, thank you for being great!

  • Christina Jarrell
    Christina Jarrell 2 days ago

    Sam, I think you should try handboard carpetboarding

  • Robbie Bowman
    Robbie Bowman 2 days ago

    I’m not sure why, but that moment at 4:15 made me laugh out loud.

  • Ratchet Bunny
    Ratchet Bunny 2 days ago

    Need some more carpet to put on the hubba 🙃

  • sidewinder15599
    sidewinder15599 2 days ago

    I have missed you guys doing vids together. Good to see!

  • Skater Kid
    Skater Kid 2 days ago

    Do an other carpet board game of skate with Ryden and Andy

  • Atraeyu01
    Atraeyu01 2 days ago

    Casey is the betterest

  • jim Tom
    jim Tom 2 days ago

    I miss the z button 😢😞

  • Twilight Skaterboarding

    I want more bottle flipping

  • Jonathan Taylor
    Jonathan Taylor 2 days ago

    Glad to see kacy (sry for prob misspelling) in the vids again.

  • Mia Watkins
    Mia Watkins 2 days ago

    Is it just me or does casy look like egsy from kings man 😂

  • David Castro
    David Castro 2 days ago

    As an OG subscriber, I would like to see another LEGO building video with you and Casey.

    • SpottyWot21
      SpottyWot21 2 days ago

      Yess I said this on another video

  • Florian Martin
    Florian Martin 2 days ago

    Use a snowskate! It'll slide more?

  • JP Coovert
    JP Coovert 2 days ago

    Man I missed these videos! You guys just havin funnnnnn

    • JP Coovert
      JP Coovert 2 days ago

      @jim Tom IT's JIM TOM! What's up dude!

    • jim Tom
      jim Tom 2 days ago

      Jp you legend

  • auto_Edmonton
    auto_Edmonton 2 days ago

    b o a r d

  • Sage Prophet
    Sage Prophet 2 days ago


  • panna Vickery
    panna Vickery 2 days ago

    At 10.46 the only reson sam landed it is because his friend put wax on it but inpresive i would say

  • JokesOnYou
    JokesOnYou 2 days ago

    Yessss love seeing Casey again!!!!!!

  • weasley313
    weasley313 2 days ago

    in the last 2 years.. have you ever done something thats not "EXTREME..." or "EPIC..." or "INSANE..." ? your titles are really getting annoying

    • SpottyWot21
      SpottyWot21 2 days ago

      I don't find it annoying at all

    • Roccy
      Roccy 2 days ago

      weasley313 yes

  • Ben Salamone
    Ben Salamone 2 days ago

    You should make a hand board with finger board trucks instead of hand board trucks

  • MagicTrashBag
    MagicTrashBag 2 days ago

    dude! totally forgot about Risky Reels lmao

  • Joanna Park
    Joanna Park 2 days ago

    I laughed far to much at this, great video Sam x

  • DanielaBBH
    DanielaBBH 2 days ago

    im selling replays 3:35 3:57 4:02 1 replay cost 1 like.

  • A to Rhombus
    A to Rhombus 2 days ago

    I honestly thought Casey moved, super hyped to see him again

  • Hockeygirl 05
    Hockeygirl 05 2 days ago

    Take a shot every time u hear "carpet" You'll die

  • Souprix
    Souprix 2 days ago

    Casey somehow looks like a midget xD

  • David Norrman
    David Norrman 2 days ago

    You should glue the carpet to the BOARD for your next video

  • penut dog
    penut dog 2 days ago

    You know I would really like it if Sam would heart this

  • Carson Bailey skatez

    I love you Sam your the coolest

  • Dave 3rdEyeart Wood

    Casey is hilarious 😂 more Beckler !

  • Jesse Mc
    Jesse Mc 2 days ago

    Get a piece of carpet the length of the mini ramp.

  • Camss
    Camss 2 days ago

    Love your videos Sam

  • Andreas Prinz
    Andreas Prinz 2 days ago

    more videos with casey pls

  • Casey Bechler
    Casey Bechler 2 days ago

    the guy in the grey shirt sucks

    • shr3dophile
      shr3dophile 23 hours ago

      Casey Bechler The guy in the grey shirt is good. No idea what you’re talking about... 😂😂😂

    • Casey Bechler
      Casey Bechler 2 days ago


  • Paul Kilgour
    Paul Kilgour 2 days ago

    I always love the videos with you and Casey, you two make great videos together love the energy.

  • jimi kent
    jimi kent 2 days ago

    Mad I might try this myself

    • jimi kent
      jimi kent 2 days ago

      @Sam Tabor your awesome

    • jimi kent
      jimi kent 2 days ago

      @Sam Tabor you should do another game of skate with ryden

    • Sam Tabor
      Sam Tabor 2 days ago

      It’s fun 🤗

  • Gordon Ramsay 46
    Gordon Ramsay 46 2 days ago

    Hi Sam are u gonna do golf with Ryan again plz like y’all for him to see this

  • Really not Rob
    Really not Rob 2 days ago


  • Joshua Estep
    Joshua Estep 2 days ago

    I feel like my legs would literally die from trying this. Insane!

  • Joppe dhaen
    Joppe dhaen 2 days ago


  • IkeOn
    IkeOn 2 days ago

    Awesome video as always Sam! If anyone wants to visit my channel, feel free👍 fitness, challenges, and skateboarding are you kidding me?!😁

  • James D
    James D 2 days ago

    Sam! Please do videos on “Sessions” just released on steam early access. Also I really hope revive skateboards are in the game! Tell Andy and Brian I wanna be shredding in Sessions on revive boards!!! Please and thank you!

  • Laskat
    Laskat 2 days ago

    Unbeliebable how your bottleflipping Videos get so many views and you Others dont. Sad

    • Sam Tabor
      Sam Tabor 2 days ago

      I mean this was just uploaded, all my videos grow overtime, who knows where this will be in a month.

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson 2 days ago

    I not first I’m not last But when I see Sam Tabor I click fast

  • The last Kid 3000
    The last Kid 3000 2 days ago


  • Allan Mcphee
    Allan Mcphee 2 days ago

    Sick video sam!!!

  • Abed El Kader Anouti

    I love you

  • Jayden Lim
    Jayden Lim 2 days ago


  • TheJrMizzGamingLounge

    I'm here early!

  • James D
    James D 2 days ago

    Review on “Sessions” pre release on steam!

  • Davis Campbell
    Davis Campbell 3 days ago

    Andy ryden Sam game of skate