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When (RC) pigs FLY.... 🐷
Views 197K7 months ago
Can your jet do this?
Views 388K9 months ago
Oh the things that can fly...
Views 348K10 months ago
We Have Big Plans...
Views 59K10 months ago
Flying Box Fan Drone!
Views 1.1MYear ago
Crazy Red Bull Planes!!
Views 174KYear ago
3 person FPV plane!
Views 118KYear ago
The Bow and ArrowPlane
Views 401KYear ago


  • Lazlo
    Lazlo 18 minutes ago

    Like he's never done that before: 19:21 LOL!

  • Krazy Kanuck
    Krazy Kanuck 23 minutes ago

    RADIO FLYER: I want to see a Classic mid 90's BOOMBOX FLY. media.npr.org/assets/img/2009/04/22/boom_006_slide-8789e9421028b2eab38ec5e350eb615dc2ea6bb6-s800-c15.jpg

  • D
    D 28 minutes ago

    I love these big transport type designs. That one looks a lot like a Fairchild AC-119 gunship - it's just missing the Vietnam-era paint job and some side-firing weaponry. What are you waiting for guys?

  • THE lemon
    THE lemon 43 minutes ago

    Me: wow look spacex DIY Elon musk: U stole my idea🍋

  • justin pyne
    justin pyne 44 minutes ago

    Would love to see that with a nitro engine!!!😂

  • XMasterMMOSX/Dreadlord Gaming

    Those who dislike the video is who believe in UFO

  • Fatih Saputra
    Fatih Saputra Hour ago

    Mobize dan tak akan bisa kamu lupain aku tidak

  • Galaxy-X-Gaming
    Galaxy-X-Gaming Hour ago

    Could u make a tardis from doctor who unless you already haven’t

  • Fynn AJR7
    Fynn AJR7 2 hours ago

    Make an airport and an aircraft carrier for the lake

  • Bernie o'connor
    Bernie o'connor 2 hours ago

    Those big wheels just scream bi-plane to me.

  • Team Pumpkin
    Team Pumpkin 2 hours ago

    I honestly think if you didn't have so much pressure with it flying and stuff cause of the time you have to so you can edit and upload that video and stuff and you actually spent a lot of time on that you could make it awesome and better and not go through all those problems

  • Diana Anderson
    Diana Anderson 3 hours ago

    you guys should make helicopters

  • Ralph Percy
    Ralph Percy 3 hours ago

    Were you in special education??? How much RU-clip dikk. Did you suck to have them push these idiotic videos??

  • Saggy Beez
    Saggy Beez 3 hours ago

    Do u really NEED partners for ur videos? It looks like your BILLIONAIRS in ur huge mansions and ample acreage in a beautiful area of the country

  • Ralph Percy
    Ralph Percy 3 hours ago

    Are you sheeple, not entertained?????

  • Waning Crescent
    Waning Crescent 4 hours ago

    I feel like josh would be a youth pastor

  • Nick Molliger
    Nick Molliger 5 hours ago

    5 бачей за тележку? А двигатель? А батареи? А радиопередатчик? А контроллер? А радиоаппаратура? Это обычно самая дорогая часть у RC самолетов. Вы еще FTP присобачили, а это шлем и камера, из-за чего ваши 5 S больше выглядят как нелепая шутка и кликбейт.

  • Tony Ballesteros
    Tony Ballesteros 6 hours ago

    Low key a weapon. Pretty neat 😎👌

  • Kenneth Kustren
    Kenneth Kustren 6 hours ago

    .... If only I could use a piece of 1/4" plwood....

  • Kenneth Kustren
    Kenneth Kustren 6 hours ago

    WHO'S SCREWIN' AROUND WITH THE CNC MACHINES .. ? #1) 20-30A Relay w/ Weller Pencil Soldering Iron w/ EXACTO BLADE ... ... to melt away a flare\flange in the foam in incremental steps.

  • The Derpz
    The Derpz 6 hours ago

    Why dis boi looking like an ME-163

  • David Rook
    David Rook 6 hours ago

    The unsinkable stationary battleship. Good thing for the pilots that SAM's had not been invented as of yet.

  • paul mowery
    paul mowery 7 hours ago

    How about an aerial DEMOLITION DERBY

  • Antonio Luna
    Antonio Luna 7 hours ago

    Absolutely my favorite video of all time. This was a fantastic build, great history, full story, and climactic ending that was very satisfying! Just so very impressed and excited to see more!!! Wow.

  • Teresa Williams
    Teresa Williams 7 hours ago

    Make a RU-clip video about it dropping bombs on tanks in the tanks trying to shoot it down

  • ElseedoBandito
    ElseedoBandito 7 hours ago

    *B O S S* *M U S I C*

  • Brianna Michelle
    Brianna Michelle 7 hours ago

    After seeing this, and what you guys challenged Peter with, I have an idea. 3D print some miniature sized push lawn mower decks (with handles would be cool), and then put the electric motors on the top of the deck like a push mower would have, and a propeller on the bottom like a lawn mower blade. Put 4 of them together, and make a QuadMowerCopter :D

  • Chewbaca Wookie
    Chewbaca Wookie 8 hours ago

    Here's another one for the real flying toilet

  • Dave G
    Dave G 8 hours ago

    You should say it is free to subscribe older people I have talked to think you have to pay for the subscription like magazines back in the day.

  • Tyy Tyy
    Tyy Tyy 8 hours ago

    Ima be the negative nelly that points out this is alot more than $5

  • Nothin But Crafts
    Nothin But Crafts 8 hours ago

    How about the flying toilet?!

  • Mildred Pound
    Mildred Pound 8 hours ago

    You should try battle of warships. I'm at level 29.

  • Kittelizer Laurelott

    Seems to me I remember a plane called the scissor jack, or something like that. Basically it was an arrow that after its launched, the wings and tail sprung into position from a parallel position. Like the wings scissored out, after either a certain altitude or decrease in vertical pisitioning, or even time triggered. It was more a glider type plane, so it was to be pointed upwards. I dont remember when or where I saw it. Maybe shop class?

  • John Payne
    John Payne 8 hours ago

    These shoes are bout to kick your butt

  • Kalen Hagopian
    Kalen Hagopian 8 hours ago

    Why was there a nerf Apollo at someone’s desk

  • geepcj2a
    geepcj2a 8 hours ago

    Those are beautiful!

  • macmurfy2jka
    macmurfy2jka 9 hours ago

    That was really cool!

  • Vihree Linja
    Vihree Linja 9 hours ago

    Fail. Way more than 5 bucks. It kinda flew. But so does a chiken too.

  • Justin Clonts
    Justin Clonts 9 hours ago

    much more successful than the real thing

  • Fink Ployd
    Fink Ployd 9 hours ago

    "it's not dropping" "Story of my life"

  • Dennis Whitlock
    Dennis Whitlock 9 hours ago

    Great review guys - Thanks !

  • JGplanes
    JGplanes 9 hours ago

    Hate to say it guys, but the music changes break the video continuity. The music track needs some help.

  • justanotherguy
    justanotherguy 10 hours ago

    You dudes are friggin awwsumm!!! I love all the "radio" chatter. The FPV and drone footage was amazing! I don't know what else can be done to make this hobby more realistic than it already is. Maybe a machine that can shrink humans down so we can fly in the plane?

  • Dj Project
    Dj Project 10 hours ago

    Just hovered mine today in my driveway. Pretty cool plane. Can’t wait to get it out to my airfield.

  • M5guitar1
    M5guitar1 10 hours ago

    Awesome knife skills! That' one big #11 blade,

  • Braylon Wood
    Braylon Wood 10 hours ago


  • skyliner_369
    skyliner_369 10 hours ago

    I do find myself asking, why not use cable/rope struts? why use aluminum strapping?

  • God of plumbing
    God of plumbing 10 hours ago

    So getting up to work for 6am means you're dedicated? More like average.

  • King Slayer1122
    King Slayer1122 10 hours ago

    0:00 oh god i just thought about really bad memes

    GI JOEPOLICE101 10 hours ago

    My great grandpa was in d day and my other great grandpa was on a boat that was blown up and he saved a bunch of live on it only if he was still alive...

  • Nick Morphew
    Nick Morphew 10 hours ago

    Old school flite test.

  • Chris Luehmann
    Chris Luehmann 10 hours ago

    the sounds!

  • Kenneth Kustren
    Kenneth Kustren 10 hours ago

    Seriously ... ?? Now I gotta think about programming trajectory/timing software for my NERF-GUN BOMBS !!??!!

  • Kenneth Kustren
    Kenneth Kustren 11 hours ago


    • Kenneth Kustren
      Kenneth Kustren 11 hours ago

      P.S. Jealous. Envious. I make claim for REMEDY. I will be compensated. ( re-doubles efforts of DIY EpoxyGranite 4AXIS CNC. )

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 11 hours ago

    Would love to see a flying bicycle

  • Anderjon
    Anderjon 11 hours ago

    Background music is super distracting. It’s like that annoying friend who insists on turning their car stereo up and then trying to have a conversation with you. Pick one.

  • PRO Plays
    PRO Plays 11 hours ago

    Put a smoke bomb as the propulsion in the game!

  • Just Flying10
    Just Flying10 12 hours ago

    You need to make a flying mini house

  • Bradley Wyle
    Bradley Wyle 12 hours ago

    Instead of dropping golf clubs, make it drop golf balls. Make a indexing system that drops one ball at a time and see who can get it closest to the hole on a green. You may need to use the indoors practice balls so the ball doesn't bury itself in the green. Have fun guys.

  • Raif Tadehara
    Raif Tadehara 12 hours ago

    That is called an oscillating multitool and they are pretty sweet

  • Smyth 45
    Smyth 45 12 hours ago

    I like the Corridor Digital shirt

  • Opening Crowder
    Opening Crowder 12 hours ago

    I don't have a lot of money to start from but I love the art of building and flying, how am going to be able to pay for gas and then your fees to bring my sons down there. It just looks expensive, please correct me if I.m wrong. What do I have to do and how much money to come have fun? I Love the content and my kid are hooked into the excitement. P.S. They were both into RC and video games before this

    NHGUIDE88 12 hours ago

    SUPER glad you folks got a home and a huge flight area...but a little sad that a golf course had to go by the wayside.

  • christopher harding
    christopher harding 12 hours ago

    Subbed to see what happens next. Hope more videos come out soon.

  • reefreptiles
    reefreptiles 12 hours ago

    Unique plane

  • Matthew Morycinski
    Matthew Morycinski 13 hours ago

    CG relative to mid-span point is still at some reasonable location, like 30% down the chord.

  • Jacob S.
    Jacob S. 13 hours ago


  • John Keckley
    John Keckley 13 hours ago

    Bet someone shoots it down.

  • chordline
    chordline 14 hours ago


  • Larson Haugstad
    Larson Haugstad 14 hours ago

    Can you use any other receiver.... I can't find the AR610 6CH

  • Kittelizer Laurelott
    Kittelizer Laurelott 14 hours ago

    Nice. I wish you had used brown foam so I dont peel both sides.

  • Robert Neuzil
    Robert Neuzil 14 hours ago

    That was awesome👍

  • Kohen Drechsel
    Kohen Drechsel 14 hours ago

    You Just make the best drones

  • Ethan B.H.
    Ethan B.H. 14 hours ago

    15:42 Thank me later.

  • Bob Onit
    Bob Onit 15 hours ago

    Gaaahhh blahhhhhh grrrrtrt laaaaaahhhh yayhhh omg blurrrr shhhhh yeaaaaagalahhhh niiiiiece

  • codysett1
    codysett1 15 hours ago

    Your trying to fly and the dude in the blue goes yanking on your arm

  • Uriane Taneo
    Uriane Taneo 15 hours ago

    Maybe next is car

  • DoktorDinkel YT
    DoktorDinkel YT 15 hours ago

    19:21 What are you doing Josh?

  • Hakke Brødrene
    Hakke Brødrene 15 hours ago

    Race with more p-38

  • RC Nation
    RC Nation 16 hours ago

    Drop a turkey please

  • John Hill
    John Hill 17 hours ago

    You guys are awesome. You keep this Old Man laughing. No way you're should be having so much fun. Keep it up 👍. Been watching since almost day one. ✈️😀💝

  • Mohit Tandel
    Mohit Tandel 17 hours ago

    Hey "flite test" how to identified the size of varticle and horizontal stabilizer give me the ans plz... You can connect me though (tandelmohit283@gmail.com)

  • Alexandré Moreau
    Alexandré Moreau 17 hours ago

    The *fbi* is requesting your location

  • Alexandré Moreau
    Alexandré Moreau 17 hours ago

    Or maybe a flying hot Wheels race track

  • Alexandré Moreau
    Alexandré Moreau 17 hours ago

    Your channel is cool! 👍 Next make a flying basket

  • Jefferson Sharp
    Jefferson Sharp 17 hours ago

    Make your drill fly

  • Chengsters Highest
    Chengsters Highest 18 hours ago

    Raycon is the new dollar shave club

  • A little Looney
    A little Looney 18 hours ago

    My sister has a motor mouth,but she doesn’t know how to turn it off

  • Buffalo Man
    Buffalo Man 18 hours ago

    that rig without the wings would also be a blast as a snow buggy I love the way it cruises on those floats

  • Dustin Poissant
    Dustin Poissant 18 hours ago

    This seemed like a decent video up until the point where you promoted a ray jay product. It is nothing but cheap rebranded Chinese crap like what you would get off wish. Ray jay is a con man and with 30 seconds of research you would have found that. You are degrading your brand by promoting that garbage. You lost a sub

  • Calvin Cheney
    Calvin Cheney 18 hours ago

    Def needed a chute, golfers have a cringe factor seeing that wedge bent~ LOL

  • Colin pierce
    Colin pierce 19 hours ago

    Thanks for posting the plans!

  • md riyasat ali
    md riyasat ali 19 hours ago

    Very nice

  • md riyasat ali
    md riyasat ali 19 hours ago

    Very nice I love you josh

  • md riyasat ali
    md riyasat ali 19 hours ago

    Very nice

  • md riyasat ali
    md riyasat ali 19 hours ago

    Very nice

  • arnek 8
    arnek 8 19 hours ago

    You ned to use flextape

  • dante9192
    dante9192 19 hours ago

    Youre going too heavy on the ads. Sponsors on every video ok, you need to make money, a couple of ads, ok but it feels like its triple or more ads per video, hmm...

  • Pile of carbon
    Pile of carbon 19 hours ago

    This vid brought the biggest smile to my face. Love the weirdo builds!

  • Beefalo Bart
    Beefalo Bart 19 hours ago

    now time for a twin airsoft mount on some monster planes and dogfight.