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Amazing Yamaha Vmax Custom
Views 34K2 months ago
Amazing Suzuki M109R Custom
Views 231K3 months ago
Extreme Suzuki Bikes Custom
Views 30K3 months ago
Crazy V8 Motorbike Engine
Views 733K4 months ago


  • Tân Anh
    Tân Anh Hour ago

    Việt cộng không cho chạy xe như vậy

  • dave hampton
    dave hampton 2 hours ago

    Some of these are just plain stupid guess some people had no toys growing up

  • Thomas Noonan
    Thomas Noonan 3 hours ago

    All the bikes were ugly i wouldn't give $1000 for any of them, and what's up with the big tire in front

  • joe momma
    joe momma 6 hours ago

    no shortage of stupid people

  • Aces & Eights
    Aces & Eights 9 hours ago

    Seriously, WTF was that dude thinking at 3:58??

  • 07-เทวา เที่ยงตรง


  • Mulga Man
    Mulga Man 12 hours ago

    they all look like dinosaur bones out of a museum.

    T3SKATLIPOC4 14 hours ago

    ...the American spirit some times is ridiculous 😩

  • Richard Binder
    Richard Binder 16 hours ago

    Let's take a motorcycle ( ?) that can't handle in the first place and make it handle worse. Looks about as comfortable as a root canal. Posers

  • R
    R 18 hours ago

    Really cool bikes

    T3SKATLIPOC4 20 hours ago

    ...6:50 it's cool to have money for a bike like this, i should also have a matching out fit rather shorts or jeans, tennis shoes and a t-shirt? please, y'all get a nice haircut too

  • Drum Slayer
    Drum Slayer Day ago

    Yeah these bikes are hideous. The paint jobs are sick. But the 30” front wheel is just retarded and seriously a soar eye to look at on a practical level. Only cool for show purposes only. I rode one not to long ago. And was very uncomfortable and after a few miles my body hated life. I ride a 2015 super glide with drag bars and a custom open exhaust. Suits me perfect and I can ride long distances comfortably.

  • 大型欲しい


  • Randy Twomoons

    2:15 .. Bad Ass !

  • Kiran Raj
    Kiran Raj Day ago


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Day ago

    That's real nice looking bikes thank you for sharing

  • Franklin Amanda

    Had to fast forward was stupid

  • Tony  Santana
    Tony Santana Day ago

    Omg big wheels on a harley are fucking stupid.

  • Michael Williams

    These bikes are beautiful, but does anyone know where to get good engine and transmission work in the state of GA?

  • Atan Gangsta
    Atan Gangsta Day ago

    10:35 small engine

  • fpineros22
    fpineros22 Day ago

    I'll keep my bobber... 🤣👎

  • fpineros22
    fpineros22 Day ago

    Circus clown bikes..🤮

  • Samyasa Anjo
    Samyasa Anjo Day ago

    Porra só no brazizisafadu que não poder custamizar motos o leis de bostas é no brazizisafadu, AGORA POLITICO NOMEA FILHO E ENRIQUECER, LASCAR OS APOSENTADOS E TRABALHADOR PODE.

  • Terry Stratford

    The minimoto version! Lol!

  • norma norma
    norma norma 2 days ago

    This video makes me puke

  • zooallow 1025
    zooallow 1025 2 days ago

    I wouldn't pay 5 thousand dollors for any one of them bikes

    T3SKATLIPOC4 2 days ago

    ...this are not chopped, choppers

  • sam phi
    sam phi 2 days ago

    Some people just love being pulled over by the police I guess. I hope they love being tasered just as much.

    MARVEL ICON 2 days ago

    I wanna vomit now.

  • yamiah03
    yamiah03 2 days ago

    3:15 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • singularity cosmology

    09:38 that bike is sick!

  • Joseph Winkler
    Joseph Winkler 2 days ago

    There’s a fine line somewhere between artist and motorcyclist

  • David Hereaux
    David Hereaux 2 days ago

    The one that made the bubble noises should have one of them wind up monkeys on it.

  • Nino Nice
    Nino Nice 3 days ago

    That yellow hubbless bike is gay as fuck. Blue one is cool.

  • dutto78
    dutto78 3 days ago

    More crazy bikes go2 channel: dutto78 👍

  • dutto78
    dutto78 3 days ago

    Bike Restoration channel: dutto78 👍

  • dutto78
    dutto78 3 days ago

    More bike restorations channel: dutto78

  • dutto78
    dutto78 3 days ago

    More bikes . Channel: dutto78

  • cg 247
    cg 247 3 days ago

    Only thing dummer than these bikes is the dipshits on em

    IVAN GARCIA 3 days ago

    Menudas chatarras😆

  • Robert Tanga
    Robert Tanga 4 days ago

    What a bunch of douches with humongous exhausts worse than rubbing your face on concrete annoying

  • Robert Tanga
    Robert Tanga 4 days ago

    A motorcycle with a hit and miss engine with a big flywheel flying around oh that looks really safe

  • Robert Tanga
    Robert Tanga 4 days ago

    What's up with the one with the crank it looks like Fred Flintstone

  • Robert Tanga
    Robert Tanga 4 days ago

    Bad enough Boss Hoss look like oversized fat ass ugly women then you have this idiot doing one better with the huge tires what a piece of s***

  • Robert Tanga
    Robert Tanga 4 days ago

    I've driven these ridiculous things before they're not steady the hard to maneuver around corners and honestly look silly especially with extended forks like this

  • Robert Tanga
    Robert Tanga 4 days ago

    The first one sounds like it's going to fall apart looks dangerous

  • Joshua J
    Joshua J 4 days ago

    Ill keep my bobber

  • chris patterson
    chris patterson 4 days ago

    Bright lights and bright paint looks like damn Christmas trees rolling down the street lol ,gives the m109 a bad rap

  • Nino Nice
    Nino Nice 4 days ago

    What a compilation of Butt Ass ugly fucking bikes. Some look like a space alien had sex with a transfucktard. Some are very cool. What is it with fat fucks and flip flops?

  • 田代まさし
    田代まさし 4 days ago

    fuck you !

  • Richard Binder
    Richard Binder 4 days ago

    To each is own, but so is wearing a Speedo to the beach. Might think of you look cool, but many are laughing.

  • Richard Binder
    Richard Binder 4 days ago

    Look at me, look at me, look at me, ride an overpriced, overweight, non- handling, non- braking, Sturgis, Daytona poser. Yes , I have ridden one. No thanks.

  • Сергей Спирин

    Многие модели- кин дза дза😁😁😁👍👍

  • Sanjeev Kumar
    Sanjeev Kumar 5 days ago

    6:13 RIP ZX6R

  • Sexual Chocolate Robbie

    Gayest shit ever

  • David MacLane
    David MacLane 5 days ago

    Some Harleys have a pleasing idle sound....but some sound like an irrigation pump motor, or a water buffalo farting while it's ass is under water.....and serious riders don't wear tennis shoes, shower shoes or shorts while riding.

  • TheChitownpete
    TheChitownpete 5 days ago

    The best thing about extended swingarms is how much they upset uptight snobby Sportbike riders.

  • Knoogoodz kngd
    Knoogoodz kngd 5 days ago

    When your grandad is in the garage too long comp

  • Swampbutt Stinson
    Swampbutt Stinson 5 days ago

    1:50- got Damn! That booty!!

  • trashiest potato
    trashiest potato 5 days ago

    Ape bars best lookin

  • jose gonzalez
    jose gonzalez 5 days ago

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!

  • trashiest potato
    trashiest potato 5 days ago

    Holly shit Tron... I'm doing this two my fuckin bike

  • sakuya izayoi
    sakuya izayoi 5 days ago

    0:41 Ship engine with wheels

  • T Iversen
    T Iversen 5 days ago

    3:00 That Polar pulse watch... Wonderful style violation.

  • Hyper Hektor
    Hyper Hektor 5 days ago

    2:30 lol wtf

  • BlingMaster. Inc.
    BlingMaster. Inc. 6 days ago

    Nice thumbnail photo of a BlingMaster Inc. Channel video. That is my grandson with the red shirt on taking videos.

  • 정초롱,우람
    정초롱,우람 6 days ago

    코너탈때 우짜노

  • うめた
    うめた 6 days ago


  • pappu!! !
    pappu!! ! 6 days ago

    @2:15 awesome😎😎

  • rayfl502
    rayfl502 6 days ago

    I'm amazed that people think extended swing arms are cool.

  • Ticky Tocky
    Ticky Tocky 6 days ago

    Should be named "How bad can we fuck up a bike". Seriously could not finish watching this, buncha fuckin retards.

  • A willoughby
    A willoughby 6 days ago

    They all look pretty much the same. Big front wheel big goofy bags and air ride with a very costly paint job

    • n2dabloo
      n2dabloo 4 days ago

      Yep. Touring bikes turned into impractical absurdities.

  • R M
    R M 6 days ago

    Really cool bikes

  • hurueli
    hurueli 7 days ago

    I don't understand the aurora V8 1:08 ...does the exhaust blow on your foot when you are at the traffic light?!

  • AceMatrix
    AceMatrix 7 days ago

    A bunch of posers riding around in shorts and tennis shoes. A true biker knows better because he's had a few dumps and therefore suits up for battle.

    • Benjamin Franklyn
      Benjamin Franklyn 5 days ago

      Wow, so having less proctetion make you a poser?lul Like I get why car racer would call someone a ricer for tasteless mod that won't help win a race but guys like you took it to a whole new level. Like is their bike and taste,as long they get the reaction they want from someone they won't care what you think. Yet I ride a purple 50cc scooter that you might call it gay but girls love the color and love it more when they ride it, yet I don't give a flying f ,what you think cause I did it for pussy and not for a dick.

  • Myk V
    Myk V 7 days ago

    2:17 that’s dope haha never seen that before

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed 7 days ago

    Those bikes look stupid and impractical. It's foolish to put a lot of money into customizing a motorcycle, they can be destroyed or stolen in an instant and They will be a bitch to sell.

  • Patrick Buzzo
    Patrick Buzzo 7 days ago

    Why do we have in Italy mandatory helmet law? It sucks! 👎

  • Patrick Buzzo
    Patrick Buzzo 7 days ago

    Modern choppers are okay,but Peter Fonda's one remains the best !

  • Sat Seetal
    Sat Seetal 7 days ago


  • Blim Ster
    Blim Ster 7 days ago

    Omg eat some salad

  • Blim Ster
    Blim Ster 7 days ago

    No belly room fat boy lol

  • simple jack
    simple jack 7 days ago

    The whole OCC style and copycat thing never really appealed to me. Bunch of fair weather poser trailer queen bikes

    ULTRA MTZ 7 days ago

    Hot Wheels bykes... Only bikes for kids.

  • Herry Hegarts
    Herry Hegarts 8 days ago

    Ghost rider😍😍

  • Rakesh kr. Yadav
    Rakesh kr. Yadav 8 days ago

    what a lovely bike's

  • Ренат Хамадияров

    4:13 с баркаса Верещагина мотгчег спыжден.

  • Richard Balls
    Richard Balls 8 days ago

    Where are the cool ones?

  • william lewis
    william lewis 8 days ago


  • zooallow 1025
    zooallow 1025 8 days ago

    All theses guys are just walking there bike 2 Mike's a hour. I like to get up in some hills and do some real riding. Not baby a bike

  • zooallow 1025
    zooallow 1025 8 days ago

    Cant believe how much money the spend to make there bike look so stupid. I cant tell which one was worse

    • db d
      db d 6 days ago


  • Man Man
    Man Man 8 days ago


  • GrantTheGamer -Roblox

    I think the word you guys were looking for was “Unique motorcycles “

  • Brian Vieyra
    Brian Vieyra 8 days ago

    Bunch of ugly ass bikes waste of moeny!!!! Blowing fire helps u how???????

  • Party Myrtle
    Party Myrtle 8 days ago

    Yo David PDR Performance thats a bad ass Bike - Team Money Cycles always Money - and Camtech Shane 👁 seen a few sweet rides on this vid. THIS IS ART and it’s all in the 👁. Great vid 👍

  • peterdevreter
    peterdevreter 9 days ago

    poor busa's:(

  • BananaKings
    BananaKings 9 days ago

    2:20 witch bike is that?

  • BananaKings
    BananaKings 9 days ago

    the T-51 helmet tho

  • Tumshie Whacker
    Tumshie Whacker 9 days ago

    What the fuck !!! they all look like floats in a gay pride event !!!!! what are you doing America

  • Lew Rodd
    Lew Rodd 9 days ago

    Death traps.