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  • Leanne Birchenough

    6:40 Your dog marble is already dead....sorry to say...

  • JamarJin Smith
    JamarJin Smith Hour ago


  • Abigayle Hamblin

    She should do a full Virgo transformation video where she matches outfits and things to what the internet thinks a Virgo is😂🤣

  • Jackr Mcmannerson

    0:14 3 year old nibbas

  • Astra Follett
    Astra Follett Hour ago

    i’m watching in 3467

  • Spicy.cheetoz
    Spicy.cheetoz Hour ago

    I want an update on marble sitting on hard surfaces! Has he learned?!

  • Rino Raaa
    Rino Raaa Hour ago


  • Ashley loves Autumn

    If you use a thing called modge podge it wont chip

  • Meghan Orelli
    Meghan Orelli Hour ago

    Um Jenna u are dressed causal u are supposed to have only have 3 looks 3 looks 3 looks

  • GO Getter
    GO Getter Hour ago

    Doing clown make up sounds funny

  • Meghan Orelli
    Meghan Orelli Hour ago

    Anyone else rewatching this from TikTok

  • Taylor L
    Taylor L Hour ago

    I need “I turned myself into a human glow worm” where Jenna just paints her whole body, clothes, and hair in glow in the dark paint.

  • I Moved On
    I Moved On Hour ago

    Hand out toothpaste!

  • Alyssa Drawker
    Alyssa Drawker Hour ago

    “Peach looks like a barrel” why did I die XD

  • Cierra Enke
    Cierra Enke Hour ago


  • Bianca H
    Bianca H Hour ago

    Hoping there is an aries kitchen thanksgiving episode this year.

  • gay crayons
    gay crayons Hour ago

    Last time you did this you threw shade at tie dye Crocs and know you can see them in your videos all of the time

  • Rino Raaa
    Rino Raaa Hour ago

    So fucking funny In 2019

  • lauria hersey
    lauria hersey Hour ago

    peach reminds me of a antilope

  • nichole catambay

    Better luck with markers.

  • Piro Nesia
    Piro Nesia Hour ago

    Me and jenna cutting slices into our right eyebrows at the same time. We be vibing

  • the distinguished boi

    Jenna if u send me the ones you don't like ill pay for shipping DM me

  • Rino Raaa
    Rino Raaa Hour ago

    2019 biiiitch EDIT: Almost 2020

  • I love possums
    I love possums Hour ago

    The way he said Celtic. Lol should of been Aberdeen we are way better

  • the distinguished boi

    FOR THE PAST 4 DAYS I WAS LIKE """WHY DOES THIS YEAR OLD VIDEO POP UP IN MY RECOMMENDED"""" jenna im so sorry here's the view you've been missing

  • Tsuki No ie
    Tsuki No ie Hour ago

    She should spray paint her tye dye crocs she purchased glow in the dark.

  • Samantha K
    Samantha K Hour ago

    This is the content I come to RU-clip for.

  • ElleyCat
    ElleyCat Hour ago

    you need to scuff the crocs with light sandpaper... then dip them.

  • rheanna frühling

    i love sitting exactly like that this is so weird lmao

  • Samantha Ruffolo

    can you do glow in the dark everything, hair, shirt, pants, crocs, then it'll look like an invisible person

  • ChanTheMan360
    ChanTheMan360 Hour ago

    Can you shred the soap with a cheese grater and then mix it with stuffing and all you need is a cover to sew it up in

  • ChanTheMan360
    ChanTheMan360 Hour ago

    shredded like with a cheese grater

  • shedoes concerts
    shedoes concerts 2 hours ago

    Jenna do a 33 year old lady plant update!

  • rheanna frühling
    rheanna frühling 2 hours ago

    that flash of kermit was so weirdly chaotic

  • Ashlyn Whitehead
    Ashlyn Whitehead 2 hours ago

    You look like Chris Stapleton lol

  • Anime wolf girl
    Anime wolf girl 2 hours ago

    3:54 look at kermit

  • Maddie Eiland
    Maddie Eiland 2 hours ago

    Anybody else watching this from 2019

  • Parinoor Kaur
    Parinoor Kaur 2 hours ago

    Jenna marbles watches Joana Ceddia... my liiifeeee isss coooommmmplleeettte. I caaaan diiiieee nowwww. ohhh myy godddd. iiii looove thiiis

  • Finie Tuna
    Finie Tuna 2 hours ago


  • Brianna Stutler
    Brianna Stutler 2 hours ago

    This is so adorable and so weird!

    BIRGAMER TV 2 hours ago

    I got crazy when you said norway im from norway

  • Cris Retana
    Cris Retana 2 hours ago

    Would anyone else like another making thanksgiving food this year? Like comment if you do ❤️

  • Nora Eftode
    Nora Eftode 2 hours ago

    Jenna being like passive aggressive the entire time 😂😂

  • Francis Inman
    Francis Inman 2 hours ago

    Spray eachother naked bodys glow in the dark!!! Lmao. But seriously they make glow in the dark thats washable you you can spray your favorite clothes and then wash off the glow in the dark

  • DownTheAliway
    DownTheAliway 2 hours ago

    julian: "KERMY, YEE HAW" me: "Ah yes. the quality content i subscribed for"

  • Francis Inman
    Francis Inman 2 hours ago

    Paint thats made for plastic can flex and stretch so it wont chip

  • Emma Lawrence
    Emma Lawrence 2 hours ago

    I like how Julien went from 'can you spray paint ME glow in the dark?!' To 'no dont touch my glasses!' These videos really bring out the Jenna in him 😂

  • Lucina Mendez
    Lucina Mendez 2 hours ago

    Your better looking, more talented and have more education than 100 percent of the people commenting. Just sad how mean people are. You're great

  • Francis Inman
    Francis Inman 2 hours ago

    I sit on my feet like the last one you did and im now 30 realizinc that the dark spot on each of my feet are from sitting on them(making callus's)

  • Bread Senpai
    Bread Senpai 2 hours ago

    This was the first video I’ve seen from you and I subbed right away

  • Boston3233 #JMosh420

    I love how she acts like a mother towards Julian 😂🤣😂

  • Alix Carranza
    Alix Carranza 2 hours ago

    Paint yourself glow in the dark

  • Mo Evangelista
    Mo Evangelista 2 hours ago

    Jenna reminds me of coach Steve from big mouth

  • mīńtÿ
    mīńtÿ 2 hours ago

    I swear Kermit is the cutest lil thing!!! 🥺💞

  • Lily Jo
    Lily Jo 2 hours ago

    Maybe before you did it you should’ve used paint primer, and then after you’ve painted them you can use like a sealant or mod podge to seal it off.

  • princess ful
    princess ful 2 hours ago

    jenna get a Spray seal

  • Ivvie
    Ivvie 2 hours ago

    I rewinded a few times and every time I hear Jenna say "I hydrodipped a pair of cocks" and I can't help it

  • Isabel Luna
    Isabel Luna 2 hours ago

    1:08 marbles hi. 1:09 marbles bye

  • Emma Durbin
    Emma Durbin 2 hours ago

    Marbles: 👁👅👁 Cat: no

  • Nora Eftode
    Nora Eftode 2 hours ago

    ohhhhh Jenna oohhhh nooo you guys I’m so sorry that looks bad 😢😢😢

  • Jared Church
    Jared Church 2 hours ago

    You need to use fabric paint

  • steamed milkk
    steamed milkk 2 hours ago

    This is a weirdo porno still made me nut doe😳😳😳😳

  • Lily Buschette
    Lily Buschette 2 hours ago

    Y'all should do this again but with the "track my ride" app that bikers and runners use to see the pattern they take

  • Bang Big
    Bang Big 2 hours ago

    Dude 24 HOURS lol

  • Snorri Ö.K.
    Snorri Ö.K. 2 hours ago

    Use egg whites instead.

  • Des Jade
    Des Jade 3 hours ago

    I’m a Virgo and my boyfriend is an Aries and I’ve never seen something so accurate.

  • dailey nicholas
    dailey nicholas 3 hours ago

    Julien- “stop before the gorilla man comes back” Jenna- “can he see us?”

  • roxy the worker lab
    roxy the worker lab 3 hours ago

    Jenna please do how to care for your large cermet please

  • dailey nicholas
    dailey nicholas 3 hours ago

    “hey babe... NiCe EaR”

  • Bang Big
    Bang Big 3 hours ago

    100 layers

  • Alexandra Conner
    Alexandra Conner 3 hours ago

    You should dress up entirely in glow in the dark

  • chris mclean
    chris mclean 3 hours ago

    Your sewing is shit

  • TherapyCat
    TherapyCat 3 hours ago

    I love it when cosplayers use this sound on tiktok

  • Bailey Neal
    Bailey Neal 3 hours ago

    My fiance is a lot like julien especially with cooking and it's just something.

    • Bailey Neal
      Bailey Neal Hour ago

      @Natasha Shukla Taurus but he got that chaotic energy for food lol

    • Natasha Shukla
      Natasha Shukla 2 hours ago

      Is he *a r i e s* ?

  • munro shh
    munro shh 3 hours ago

    wow jenna asian squat

  • The Galaxy Phoenix
    The Galaxy Phoenix 3 hours ago

    I feel like Marbles could ride Bunny if he wanted to

  • Jessie Jameson
    Jessie Jameson 3 hours ago

    Why does Julien with no eyebrows look like my dad...

  • Lauren Villarreal
    Lauren Villarreal 3 hours ago

    Is there something you could use to seal the paint on the crocs? That way, they wont flake.

  • lisette hermans
    lisette hermans 3 hours ago

    The trick is to use rust oleum brand spray paint, dip the croc SLOWLY, and while the croc is being held under the water wipe away all the excess paint at the top of the water so that it doesn't go on the croc when you pull it out

  • Joseph Moor
    Joseph Moor 3 hours ago

    Women are fucking idiots 💯 I’ve been lonely and frustrated my entire life, and for what, women should be throwing themselves at me tbh and yea, I am a nice guy and I said that shit! I’m way too amazing of a person to not get any girl I want 🤷🏾‍♂️ but I don’t expect to get any girl I want! Expecting that will automatically set me up for disappointment. But to not get any girls at all... bruh. Are you women stupid? I’m really asking cause I swear a few months ago I respected women a lot, but after thinking about how women have passed me up and rejected me all my life has now lost damn near all respect for women 💯 women are wishy washy, stupid, hypocrites! Women love to claim how smart they are but when it comes to choosing somebody they wanna fw, it’s retard central! Why is it that just because I respect your opinions, respect you, and know when to pick and choose a battle means that I’m weak and not alpha? Im a god amongst men, so being alpha is like the equivalent of having lose change, but what do women define an alpha? Cause clearly an alpha to women are insecure, controlling and quick to negative and usually violent tendencies. What do women consider a real man? What do women consider weak! Cause you can ask a women and either she’ll say the shit that sounds good on paper but never goes for that kinda guy, or she’ll tell you some bullshit that doesn’t really have to do with being a real man and more to do with societal structures that have been put into place that ONLY convince women! After these few months of depression, I’ve figured that I’m not the problem at all! It’s women... women are and have always been the makers of their own problems, and that’s why I’ve lost not just some, but almost all respect for women! And that’s a fact 💯 I’m too amazing to have to skip out on sex life til I’m fucking 30 🤦🏾‍♂️ for a group of people who love to claim how smart they are, it sure is taking you hoes decades to finally make some smart relationship decisions 🙄 and you privileged hoes just expect the guys not getting any to just wait and be silent and be Okay with this bullshit, but little do you women realize is that you’re all fucking it up for yourselves down the line!!! Literally by waiting to fuck the guys you should be fucking with now Instead of waiting till you want to settle down and have kid will literally turn Half of the nice guys in this nation into bad guys because a mf ain’t gon wait till 30 to fuck! So buy the time you bitches turn 30 and you decide you want a guy with a good head between his shoulders, you’ve already lost half of your options to choose from! Which is why it seems like a lot of guys are jerks! Now after collectively destroying half of your options and not taking responsibility for it, now you have the other half of nice guys left, but there’s the problem with that. Half of that already half have now already settled down for a girl who isn’t really that attractive but has a great personality. So now that leaves you women EVEN LESS OPTION OF GOOD MEN TO CHOOSE FROM!!! Again being women’s fault... so now you’re left with such little option by the time you find a guy who is actually a genuine person and is still single, he not fucking you like you wanna be fucked because he spent his time of constantly being friend zoned and passed up. And now he’s inexperienced asf fuck and women will be too old to want to have to deal with a guy who not fucking her right. Which will just make her want to go back to the fuck boy dick heads and women will not only claim all guys are shit, but they won’t take responsibility for why so many guys are shitty!!! It’s called supply and demand bitch! You demand shitty, controlling guys, and eventually you’ll find yourself with mass production of shitty guys!!! Simple!!! But since women are stupid, wishy washy hypocrites, the same problem will occur generation after generation and it will grow until guys really are all shitty!!! But women think that me being pissed off about about this is not okay!!! Bitch please 🙄 I don’t even respect y’all no more so 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • dailey nicholas
    dailey nicholas 3 hours ago

    * Photoshops braces on lips* “babe, brace yourself”- julien

  • Maham Ahmed
    Maham Ahmed 3 hours ago

    This was so uncomfortable to watch but it’s for Jenna beech

  • Ally Bsb
    Ally Bsb 3 hours ago

    Can u sell these

  • Abbey Taylor
    Abbey Taylor 3 hours ago

    as a foster dog mama, i'm breaking down in tears watching this. this is exactly the kind of home you want every single dog to have. thank you for being so wonderful, jenna and julian :)

  • The Galaxy Phoenix
    The Galaxy Phoenix 3 hours ago


  • dailey nicholas
    dailey nicholas 3 hours ago

    do people really “dive into the filth” to “take out the trash”?

  • Ashurah Abrahams
    Ashurah Abrahams 3 hours ago

    Wait till the dog starts chewing it

  • Ashley Machado
    Ashley Machado 3 hours ago

    “I thought I could cover up my mistake with another mistake” - My mom having more kids to redeem herself from me.

  • Marisa Germis
    Marisa Germis 3 hours ago

    I need a hair tutorial from you soo bad 😫

  • Just Jules
    Just Jules 3 hours ago

    they be out here calling her viewers dumb and i be like “speak to my honors classes teachers”

  • Rebecca Hunt
    Rebecca Hunt 3 hours ago

    1:27 "when she gets out of her phase where she's just biting everything" Peach the most food driven dog ever: never gets out of her phase where she's biting everything

  • **_CRIED_IF_YOU_WERE_BILLIE_EILISH_** billieeilish

    My hamsters ungrateful sometimes her name Is honey she is named after the food honey and she doesn't eat cucumber, carrot etc. Seriously like I spend so much time treating her and she doesn't eat it.

  • Charla Miller
    Charla Miller 3 hours ago

    Oooohhhhh shiiiiiiiiittt!!!!! "Oh it's Soo Good!!!! YUUM!!!!!" I'll admit it, I peed a little!!! Aaaaaah!!! LMAO!! I'm Easily Amused! "Oh Hell Yaaaah!!!" Finding the straw! OMG! And The raisins! Whew! That was quite enjoyable! Thank you for that!!

  • Evergreen Floss
    Evergreen Floss 3 hours ago

    This is the last video with her Sexual Wednesday intro

  • Marivi Berico
    Marivi Berico 3 hours ago

    My sims when I let it run by itself:

  • viktorya psychedelic.souljam

    8:38 Jenna is a reptilian

  • Catherine Shinn
    Catherine Shinn 3 hours ago

    Aww, look how lil *CERMET*(🤣) IS IN THIS VID

  • Aoichu *
    Aoichu * 3 hours ago

    I used this for my cosplay

  • Donovan Gowen
    Donovan Gowen 3 hours ago

    she looks like Rihanna during the Loud era

  • FredsTheFaz BazClaz
    FredsTheFaz BazClaz 4 hours ago

    Kermit In the thumbnail though.