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  • brucebenioff
    brucebenioff 2 hours ago

    Who are the liars that produced this video. I've lived in Florida almost all my life. (now 62) And worked and stayed in more than half the 64 counties here. For cheap housing look inland, stay away from south areas completely. North is cheaper and still southern. The interior is agriculture based. So lots of low paying jobs and cheap rent. I live in Panama City, Now this is THE place to buy a vacant lot. 1000 buildings are condemned and will be torn down. Don't bring your kids because every school is damaged and 4 schools are closed because after hurricane Michael over half the rental property was destroyed. Yeah that's right. 8400 rental proprieties are now 3800. And thousands had to leave the area. And the rentals when available ..... I bet my town is the cheapest place to buy a home. If you want to see what living in Berlin 1945 was like Come to my town!

  • Anup Mohandas
    Anup Mohandas 4 hours ago

    German women.

  • Anup Mohandas
    Anup Mohandas 4 hours ago

    Mexican Girls.

  • eWireless Info
    eWireless Info 4 hours ago

    I know

  • cynthia jaworski
    cynthia jaworski 4 hours ago

    bad map where is Manitoba province?

  • Lois Walsh
    Lois Walsh 5 hours ago

    Did you know the royal bank builds each bank, sells them to a realtor, leases them back. Not a good investment.

  • Karan Gupta
    Karan Gupta 5 hours ago

    i really love 🇳🇵 because its my mother

  • Ng Yu Xiang
    Ng Yu Xiang 6 hours ago


  • Numajor Network
    Numajor Network 6 hours ago

    Haha. You do not want to live in Thunder Bay if you plan to raise kids. Also, Toronto and Montreal are not even close to being the same when it comes to home prices and cost of living.

  • fil a
    fil a 6 hours ago

    Ya no. You should research the blank spaces on the map outside of eastern canada.

  • ckdd13 ckdd13
    ckdd13 ckdd13 6 hours ago

    This video was only about Eastern Canada... I'm sure there are still some places in the West that could have made this list

  • Arturo Pineda
    Arturo Pineda 7 hours ago

    Blythe CA is probably the cheapest city .

  • Kevin Patrick
    Kevin Patrick 8 hours ago

    The us will be second 3 and 4 to use nuclear weapons... pushing it was needed....humans need to be ended

  • Sheila Lane
    Sheila Lane 9 hours ago

    This is NOT TRUE I LIVE IN 4 OF THESE city straight up lying

  • Nico Barron
    Nico Barron 9 hours ago

    I live in Ventura. NOT cheap. But I do love Ventura with all my heart

  • melisa _ 00
    melisa _ 00 12 hours ago

    I live there 😂 and hate it Not for it's poorness, but for it's politics and people

  • Auramae Valdez
    Auramae Valdez 12 hours ago

    I loved my country PHILIPPINES...

  • Frank S.
    Frank S. 13 hours ago

    Do you have any homes for poor people ?

  • Vykke Bradford
    Vykke Bradford 13 hours ago

    What every house here so expensive it's not the cheapest places in California is a dumb show wasting my time

  • Eyad Nour
    Eyad Nour 14 hours ago

    Lol all lies , you must dreaming or story maker

  • Pamela Thompson
    Pamela Thompson 14 hours ago

    Totally WRONG and misleading! The cheapest and best places to live in California is any place NORTH of Fresno in the central valley and EAST of the San Francisco Bay Area. If you cut out all of Los Angeles and San Francisco along the coast over to the central valley, the REST of California is affordable and lovely. There are small towns in northern, central and eastern California where you can buy a home for under 200K. This video maker suffers from thinking that California is the same as Los Angeles and San Francisco. I live in Sacramento, CA where the median home price is 330K, but you can still find older homes, condos and smaller places to buy for $175. There are many beautiful rural towns in the central valley, in the foothills, in the Sierra mountains and in the Redwoods that are very affordable. STAY AWAY from the bay area. STAY AWAY from LA. They are stink holes.

  • Ronel Edwards
    Ronel Edwards 14 hours ago

    ST VINCENT & THE GRENADINES , all of the islands mention is indeed beautiful but you can experience all most everything all the other islands have to offer in SVG.

  • haru 707
    haru 707 14 hours ago

    خير متى صارت القدس بإسرائيل 🤦🏻‍♂️؟؟!

  • Tobe Smith
    Tobe Smith 14 hours ago

    Shrines and castles are the most boring and forgettable things you will do in Japan

  • DD
    DD 14 hours ago

    The Cotswolds is in England not Canada!

  • Eleanor Anderson
    Eleanor Anderson 16 hours ago

    Why would anyone want to move to 3rd world California????

  • Keisha alvina channel
    Keisha alvina channel 17 hours ago

    Love Nepal from indonesia

  • Dreamboy 03
    Dreamboy 03 21 hour ago

    thunder bay where i live

  • V Gi
    V Gi 21 hour ago

    I'm from.indonesia

  • Onyx Children
    Onyx Children 23 hours ago

    Philipens always take the smile

  • crashk55
    crashk55 Day ago

    Missed Minto and Mcadam, NB. Slow or no economy. House prices averaging $40,000

  • Anu Chhetri
    Anu Chhetri Day ago


  • Alexunder Base

    Who made this top is poor

  • awake and ready

    Why the pic are not related with the countries. ..?

  • Mustafa Kamal Satar

    Alahmdulillah. KL tersenarai. Ibukota dan negara kita diakui indah permai menawan dan menarik. KL our capital in the list, testimony that our capital city and country are internationally recognized as beautiful and attractive.

  • Jehpu Hmar
    Jehpu Hmar Day ago

    I'm from India and it's just a dream till now to become super rich in economy, only miracles and God mercy can change India .

  • Robert Colfack

    Denver International should be listed number 1 then.......

  • Ratanak Pisey
    Ratanak Pisey Day ago


  • Mr. Orange
    Mr. Orange Day ago

    Nothing from western Canada. Average home price in Victoria right now is about $750.000.

  • America First
    America First Day ago

    These videos are produced in China and are primarily created for clickbait and fishing scams. The voice and pics are put together by algoryth and app programs.

  • David Kotoske
    David Kotoske Day ago

    All lies

  • David Kotoske
    David Kotoske Day ago


  • nick king
    nick king Day ago

    Glencoe Ontario

  • DANY V
    DANY V Day ago


  • Оля Коваленко

    I'm from Ukraine, but I live in Asia now for studying. I just want to say, that all these countries have the most sincere people in the world, despite of the poverty of their countries. I travelled a lot to Eastern Europe and I can say that this region is my favourite one, because of people, reach history, culture, very tasty food and beautiful languages

  • Ned Winkler
    Ned Winkler Day ago


  • _Krystaleyez_
    _Krystaleyez_ Day ago

    you know the video is going to be wack as soon as you hear a robot start to narrate, smh

  • Barb Mulvaney
    Barb Mulvaney Day ago

    The robot voice is awful! In any video you want the words pronounced right, but ESPECIALLY in a top 10 places video you want the NAMES OF THOSE PLACES pronounced right. Pathetic. And not 1 place west of Thunder Bay? Badly researched. 2 out of 10.

  • mrbry728
    mrbry728 Day ago


  • Ted Theobald
    Ted Theobald Day ago

    What's funny is the likely reason for these inexpensive places is it seems EVERYONE is moving to BC and forcing the costs of where I live sky-high. I've met more "blue-nosers" in BC that I can count.

  • Ken McLean
    Ken McLean Day ago

    There were at least three town names mispronounced in this video.

  • M. Happy
    M. Happy Day ago

    Is this guy serious??? These places aren't even close to being cheap. And putting Anaheim on that list was ridiculous! Disneyland owned territory and you DEFINITELY pay the price for it. This guy needs to do some more research. Smh...

  • Frank Granovski

    Fails to mention high property taxes lol.

  • Ed Rymes
    Ed Rymes Day ago

    Please proof listen to the video. This computer voice mangles the French language and even some of the English ones.

  • Arash farahvashi


  • parkerbohnn
    parkerbohnn Day ago

    This video must have been made in 2014.

  • taso denpei
    taso denpei Day ago


  • taso denpei
    taso denpei Day ago

    No such country as Macedonia!!

  • TheEhrenmannDude [Clanlos]

    They are poor asf but very nice people. Me as Austrian we are not so far away from Balkan geographically but our economy is far better.

  • The Patriots
    The Patriots Day ago

    Love for AFGHANS,NEPAL,B.D, nd combodia Frm INDIA

  • cma wpg
    cma wpg Day ago

    Apparently London Is loaded with illegal immigrants and is turning that beautiful city into a toilet

  • Sir C
    Sir C Day ago

    These are the prices from 1975. California is the most expensive place on Earth now stay away!!!!!

  • 031doolittle
    031doolittle Day ago

    at the end of it i am still waiting for a cheap place. When do you show ?

    • parkerbohnn
      parkerbohnn Day ago

      Try Edmonton, Alberta anything on mls will sell at 75 percent of the list price. You can still get a good townhouse at around the $100,000 mark.

  • Al E
    Al E Day ago

    This bot is lying

  • Khan Khan
    Khan Khan Day ago

    God bless on them.

  • Anu Thangam
    Anu Thangam Day ago

    Ilikekorea🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆👌👌👌👌😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳so much

  • Don Seitz
    Don Seitz Day ago


  • vanita Major
    vanita Major Day ago

    I live in California all my life this man is crazy the only place in California you can buy I home in California is plamdale, Lancaster and there getting expense please get this man off RU-clip

  • ruby sarma
    ruby sarma Day ago

    99 percent fake 1 percent Guss Bad video

  • Bentley, Nixon & Brooklyn

    This video is very inaccurate. So Lethbridge In Alberta is very cheap to buy. We bought a brand new house for $247 000 and in the surrounding areas you can buy much cheaper. For a brand new home that’s not expensive. Plus you get one tax.

  • Bob Collinsworth

    You forgot the L.A. city dump!

  • Robins Harris
    Robins Harris Day ago

    I dont Buy House 🏠 Never! I stay Parter... Shares Room Rent I Never!... Never... Buy House at all.. Tire of Break House And Lose House. Fire 🔥 Hate spend Money 💰 Lose House 🏠 BANK M. Loss Trouble cant afford it.. Pay Bills Just Buy R.V. Trailer Travels Trips. Where we Moved Better Live.. ? Familys & Friends Parter RENT.. Chepper Pay list $ ? Nothing ! Im not Buy House.. There No Chepper Liveing BEACH. 🌴 Cost to much $$$$.. I went Friends OMG!!! What ! No way.. Stay Living I pay Rent. Very Chep.. nothing.. $400. Very Bad ..Here..Crimer Gang..theft Steals I hate it.. Crimer GANG..

  • Aloe Vera
    Aloe Vera Day ago

    You forgot Lake L.A. and Littlerock on your list full of lies.

  • JR
    JR Day ago

    Westminster?? My parents home build in 1960 sold for 780k. Lol

  • Jack Heppell
    Jack Heppell Day ago

    You missed Cache Creek. Serviced lots less Han $20,000

  • kappa 05
    kappa 05 Day ago

    Some people think that we Italians are all like pizza pasta mandolino, but we aren t like that. Sorry i feel to say that. Ciao dall' Italia a tutti😎

  • John Ready
    John Ready Day ago

    A number of the pics of London are not in London.

  • Calvin Porter
    Calvin Porter Day ago

    They should redo this video it's wrong.....I live in a small town of 3000+ everything here that you need.We aslo have lakes everywhere. My house was back taxes an clean up about $4500 yes that dollars. The house across the street nice house went for 42 k. And behind me a 5 bedroom house 2 bath 60 k corner lot across the street a young lady bought a house for 20 k she is working on it. And the house beside me really was a deal 17 k now tell me. A nice town with everything an a city just half hour away these houses are nice not real fancy but nice homes. A place where your kids can walk to school . You don't lock your doors at night the people wave an know your kids an watch out for them. Taxes are ok about 1200 a year at the lowest the highest would be 3000. Now I get to the end of this how is these other places the cheapest. I am retired at 53 everything payed for. And can travel now see my family anytime, because I didn't have a 300- 500 k payments for 25-30 years. I know of a house north of me a guy is selling for 15 k hunters would love it. Anyone that love nature would too the freedom of that village yes village is great know problems but the won's you make yourself lol

    • Trapper 62
      Trapper 62 Day ago

      Can you tell me what province this is in. Thanks.

  • Lox Based
    Lox Based Day ago

    Yes and that's were missing people are as well

  • Carolle Regnard

    great. Thank you. :D

  • Cierra Gallant

    Charlottetown is one of the most expensive spots in PEI, just a fair warning, And yes I do know what I'm talking about(probably) I live here.

    • parkerbohnn
      parkerbohnn Day ago

      For someone moving there from Toronto or Vancouver its virtually free or just pocket money.

    • Cierra Gallant
      Cierra Gallant Day ago

      Although come to think of it, you could take the hus up to Charlottetown for work for food, therefore you wouldn't need a car Note* this is just what I get from school, I live 1-2 hours away from there

  • Tony deBruyne
    Tony deBruyne Day ago

    Prices are years out of date....

  • nabeel rashid
    nabeel rashid Day ago

    Pakistan,s Islamabad is really a natural peacefull city in whole world, Heaven.

  • Efaron Shaggyjinky
    Efaron Shaggyjinky 2 days ago

    I love you Israel. From Cebu Philippines💙

  • Gurpreet Goldy
    Gurpreet Goldy 2 days ago

    Beautiful country from India

  • Gurpreet Goldy
    Gurpreet Goldy 2 days ago

    Nature of beauty

  • vijay yadav
    vijay yadav 2 days ago

    I love I- independent N- Nation D- declared I- in A- August Who love india Please like

    • vijay yadav
      vijay yadav 2 days ago

      But I not will also say that nepal is beautiful

  • Val Willman
    Val Willman 2 days ago

    Umm,hmm, no thanks.😰

  • Jo-Lynn HODGSON
    Jo-Lynn HODGSON 2 days ago

    there a lot more Canada than you show. i will not subscribe. do your homework.

    GLAMM QXXEEN 2 days ago

    Anahiem is not cheap 😂😂😂😂😂

  • John Slocum
    John Slocum 2 days ago

    There is no cheap place in CA to buy a home

  • Matej Ivanoski
    Matej Ivanoski 2 days ago

    I don’t like robots talking about my country (macedonia). It makes it depressing

  • Turtle Morrow
    Turtle Morrow 2 days ago

    Vacaville is super hot!! Eureka is nice. But there are much cheaper places in California then where this is saying

  • first name last name

    Robot I'm out

  • Vinny Brozzza
    Vinny Brozzza 2 days ago

    Hahah photos of london england what a mort, do you research anything?

  • Ruben Vazquez T
    Ruben Vazquez T 2 days ago

    Mal mal mal y Palmdale donde quedo esta barato pero te tienes que lebantar como alas 3 am pal jale😂😂😂😂 mejor me quedo en pacas lol...

  • don't give up
    don't give up 2 days ago

    God said you are rich he said all things for me the rain the water and food and air and the animal bird wow I'm so rich I understand now

  • Odette Moronez
    Odette Moronez 2 days ago

    💰🙄🤔🤑😵 What a joke!🤥 Liar! Bor&raised California Native! Don't b deceived....expensive n long commutes so do your research ...not on this site though!🙄

  • The Black Lab
    The Black Lab 2 days ago

    yall gota renamen this ghettos of canada

  • Cory Frostad
    Cory Frostad 2 days ago

    As usual, western Canada has been completely left out!!! You can buy rural properties in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta for under $30 000 and get a job in the energy industry that pays over 100k/year.

    • ritalyn b
      ritalyn b Day ago

      I agree. We paid less than $30,000 for our home in SK.