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  • bladethorn
    bladethorn 26 seconds ago

    Considering switching from a phone to apple watch/iPad mini combo. This was super helpful, thank you!

  • Shamik Dandekar
    Shamik Dandekar 6 minutes ago

    says its the best upgrade shows a xbox controller projector in thumbnail, me gets all hyped, proceeds to show us an overpriced controller with literally like 1.5 upgrades and has no new tech. bruh

  • Michael Peebles
    Michael Peebles 11 minutes ago

    The channels called your average consumer yet he’s getting packages from Xbox for free

  • fel_hd_ draw
    fel_hd_ draw 17 minutes ago

    1:35 song?

  • Casey Gates
    Casey Gates 18 minutes ago

    Very unimpressed! For the price of that vehicle it should be able to follow you around like a dog. I know this is kind of comparing apples to oranges but drones don't seem to have these problems! I would not have released that feature until it was perfect. I expect more from you Elon.

  • Juan M
    Juan M 19 minutes ago

    The pixel line a joke now. Last year they had an ugly ass notch. How could the design team think of that not looking ugly. This year, we have a pixel 4 that was revolving to be a great phone around that old guy who said that the future is telephoto lens. GTFO! It's a nice feature but I would prefer the widelens over telephoto lens. They should have made the telephoto lens like that Huawei phone with that extreme zoom at least but they just went and half assed it. Removing the unlimited storage is just a slap to the pixel fanbase. With that price, they should at least throw in 100GB for a year or two. And then you don't mention the battery life since it's possibly a joke. Smh Google. They moved to being greedy and now probably worse than apple. P.s. still bought it. Can't wait for the oh so orange to get here 😂

  • Qingyuan Chen
    Qingyuan Chen 21 minute ago

    Other Gamers: Check out this God of War Console! avgconsumer : TACO BELL!!!!!!

  • Heyygabe
    Heyygabe 24 minutes ago

    Of course y’all would play apex you fortnite bots😭😭😭😭

  • Kevin A.
    Kevin A. 26 minutes ago

    $245 for a bag? I can get plane ticket for that 😂

  • Đức Anh Nguyễn
    Đức Anh Nguyễn 27 minutes ago

    I'm confusing that should i buy a wireless 3 beat headphone right now or should i wait unit black friday ? i really need a good advise

  • MrTimAntwone
    MrTimAntwone 35 minutes ago

    Hey bro I posted a message asking about your lighted pedestals at your crib on another video a while ago and nobody responded. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction so I can get one? Thanks.

  • xXLoggerXx
    xXLoggerXx 36 minutes ago

    3:08 r/madlads

  • Emrah Suna
    Emrah Suna 46 minutes ago

    Doesn't the Elite controller cost as much as the Console ?

  • SleptOn
    SleptOn 48 minutes ago

    Does fast charging reduce battery health?

  • Jump Ship?
    Jump Ship? 48 minutes ago

    Love this controller.

  • Jo A Sh
    Jo A Sh 49 minutes ago


  • Mario Medina
    Mario Medina 59 minutes ago

    Legit just the project Scorpio color

  • rotimi kayode
    rotimi kayode Hour ago

    He gave that pass away 😂😂

  • Syykes
    Syykes Hour ago

    So where’s the crazy light coming out of the Xbox logo button from the Controller HUH? Fake a**

  • Rick poplett
    Rick poplett Hour ago

    An absolute masterclass in how to ignore your customers. When my Pixel 2xl dies, I will be heading to LG.

  • Three Sixty
    Three Sixty Hour ago

    I just got the iPhone 11

  • Interstellar Dog

    Who's eating tacobell

  • Christopher Kokotajlo

    Thanks for the video. Just purchased a switch and looking for a few things. Will check out the charging thing and Bluetooth adaptors! Are your links affiliate? If so, I’ll make sure to use them! Peace ✌🏽

  • Vidz_ z
    Vidz_ z Hour ago

    Who else is watching on the iPhone 11 pro

  • Selina Jarvis
    Selina Jarvis Hour ago

    can’t wait to finally upgrade, currently using a 6s with 75% battery health

  • Chae Yi
    Chae Yi Hour ago

    damn... $180 just for a controller? I can buy a used Xbox n 2 controllers for that money though....

  • Manny Rivera
    Manny Rivera Hour ago

    The case does not have a power bank built in. You have to plug in the case to curve the controller.

  • Heide Burge
    Heide Burge Hour ago

    Thanks...I like my 10e I've always had the Notes or the S+ phones. I miss some things about the bigger screen but....I'm likening the phone fitting my hands better. I can not find how to make text bigger in the messaging app. On other phones I used volume button or settings within the messaging app. Icant find how in the manual ...it has to be there.please please help me and tell me how to do it if you know. I'll send many good wishes for you into the power of the universe. Lol but seriously.

  • EnchantedWarChief 247

    Wish it had blue 😭😫

  • Alex Tube250
    Alex Tube250 Hour ago

    So Taco Bell cant fix their slushee machines but can collaborate with Xbox?!

  • Bengsue Yang
    Bengsue Yang Hour ago

    What store is that

  • jean pierre artigas

    Completely stupid install, an room decidated for hometheater but with wall and ceiling in white colour...

  • Clarkyzie BZ
    Clarkyzie BZ 2 hours ago

    Is 3•69K good enough resolution?

  • Clarkyzie BZ
    Clarkyzie BZ 2 hours ago

    Im done why tf u need a 4k tv AND a fuckin portable screen i aint takin my xbox to Nigeria

  • Fernando Vargas
    Fernando Vargas 2 hours ago

    Awesome video, the projector is unreal. Wanted to ask you where did u get the lil feet for your center chanel speaker?

  • Clarkyzie BZ
    Clarkyzie BZ 2 hours ago

    And "yOu nEeD a eLiTe cOnTrOlLeR"

  • Russel Studios
    Russel Studios 2 hours ago

    This is a good thing. But, wait. It's Tech, and can be hacked. Imagine a hacker hacks the car, locks all doors and drives you to where he wants. This will be a good thing to the hackers too

  • Clarkyzie BZ
    Clarkyzie BZ 2 hours ago

    How is a fucking portable screen a mUsT hAvE

  • Oliver Grewin
    Oliver Grewin 2 hours ago

    6:16 actually, I think a professional would prefer having a manual camera mode, like the note 10 does

    • Craig Sheppard
      Craig Sheppard 38 minutes ago

      Yeah but you can download a professional camera app on the iphone now.

  • Jared Grant
    Jared Grant 2 hours ago

    I hate this guy it stoped ok every time yes closer than I’m comfortable with but it still stopped

  • TY TN
    TY TN 2 hours ago

    im here form xbox

  • Lava
    Lava 2 hours ago

    Could u do a video of the scuf prestige vs the Xbox elite series 2

  • Yasser Hadithi
    Yasser Hadithi 2 hours ago

    u know.. i love the trains in the background nice job picking this place i can imagine myself drinking my coffee in the morning while looking at the train and or wasting good 30 minutes in the morning staring at them :)

    TCMFGamesOFFICIAL 2 hours ago

    They really throw Gamepass into everything 😅

  • Team Pascal
    Team Pascal 2 hours ago

    You think that the iPhone 11 got huge bezels? Checkout the new pixel 4.

  • Sheener
    Sheener 2 hours ago

    Just get Powerbeats pro they’re better than both of them

  • HyperKillz
    HyperKillz 2 hours ago

    Note 10+ gang where u at😂

  • Szilveszter H.
    Szilveszter H. 2 hours ago

    it's not perfect, but it's something. it takes a lot of programming, real world testing to develop this feature.

  • Stanley Winters
    Stanley Winters 2 hours ago

    So sad they had to cut corners on a inbox controller and needed a partnership with taco bell advertising 🙄😔

  • Cunning Konrad
    Cunning Konrad 2 hours ago

    Lmao he is so ass at Apex. 5 times in a row bro.

  • polylife101
    polylife101 2 hours ago

    ❤ Great review, again

  • kgotso herry
    kgotso herry 2 hours ago

    Can i have it 🙏🙏 can't afford to buy one

  • Nathan Lillie
    Nathan Lillie 2 hours ago

    6:22 preorders start at $800, not $700.

  • Jxshua Yuzn
    Jxshua Yuzn 2 hours ago

    No one: Absolutely no one: Microsoft: Hey y'all let's collab with a fast food restaurant

  • Filipe Ribeiro
    Filipe Ribeiro 2 hours ago

    Think that squared camera design copy of Apple’s iPhone 11 got realllllly baaaaaaaad!

  • Rodrigo Osuna
    Rodrigo Osuna 2 hours ago

    Whats the cost of a new laser after the 20,000 play hours?

  • Rodrigo Osuna
    Rodrigo Osuna 2 hours ago

    Necesito todo eso yaaaa

  • Crimson Friend
    Crimson Friend 3 hours ago

    I hope you get a Strike for this video!

  • Michel michel
    Michel michel 3 hours ago

    At least he was not playing fortnite

    • Michel michel
      Michel michel 49 minutes ago

      moomoozain hey Vagina forget about it ❤️ its all love bb

    • moomoozain
      moomoozain 51 minute ago

      why do some people get so stubborn and defensive when they're clearly wrong?

    • Michel michel
      Michel michel Hour ago

      Crimson Chin some of yall really get butthurt in « 2019 » 😂💀 well you dying too bro youre like the second kid who try to save first kid but fail ! 😂💀

    • Crimson Chin
      Crimson Chin Hour ago

      @Michel michel and that dude is right first like vid is a fortnite video

    • Crimson Chin
      Crimson Chin Hour ago

      @Michel michel Yea the only way to justify somebody going through your "business" is to fucking shoot them were on youtube man private your vids if you dont want mfs to see them

  • JK squad
    JK squad 3 hours ago

    I want the controller so bad

  • S Biegs
    S Biegs 3 hours ago

    Taco Bell: Hype this shit WAY up ok!?!? Avg. Cons: Only shows 4 clips of him getting killed and mad about it. Editor: I know, I'm fired.

  • S Biegs
    S Biegs 3 hours ago

    Why did they throw an XBOX in a Taco Bell commercial?

  • bum i am
    bum i am 3 hours ago

    Its funny watching him casually rage at apex

  • j1o1h1n1f32
    j1o1h1n1f32 3 hours ago

    You legit showed the Game Pass code... That's automatic Like and Sub status.

  • Dave Holden
    Dave Holden 3 hours ago

    Im hearing that ANKI is no longer in business.....???

  • Flávio Fonseca
    Flávio Fonseca 3 hours ago

    I'm a Sony and Nintendo guy but Microsoft is getting my attention for the next generation 👀

  • Jaime King
    Jaime King 3 hours ago

    ....I got all that stuff and it still took an hour to set up despite having xbox previously. There for for the past 5 months my xbox has sat up and collected dust. All hail my mighty ps4.

  • night fury
    night fury 3 hours ago


  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson 3 hours ago

    I love physical media for movies over streaming. Sounds so much better!

  • ToxicLeo
    ToxicLeo 3 hours ago

    Cmon Carl take one for the team

  • caccioman
    caccioman 3 hours ago

    Missin’ the ugly 😢

  • Vincenzo Petrillo
    Vincenzo Petrillo 3 hours ago

    Disappointing phone

  • Alan Corona
    Alan Corona 3 hours ago

    Lol I average 4K+ damage and I play on the transparent white controller

  • SKz
    SKz 3 hours ago

    Do a house tour pleaaazzee

  • LM AO
    LM AO 3 hours ago

    I have the same spec on my redmi k20 pro and it cost me 350 pounds lol

  • Shaun Foster
    Shaun Foster 3 hours ago

    Any body else watching and thought about Flossy Carter when he said feels good in the hands?? I was waiting for him to say ladies you know the procedures LOL.

  • Jamiez C
    Jamiez C 3 hours ago


  • iNeverHad Mercy
    iNeverHad Mercy 4 hours ago

    0:55 now I KNOW those Taco Bell contests are a scam!! Testimony why I have never won after spending $100s on Chulupas 😤

  • Ricardo Cisneros
    Ricardo Cisneros 4 hours ago

    I redeemed it thank you 😆

  • Emre Aslan
    Emre Aslan 4 hours ago

    How come you receive multiples of the same products to show in your shitty videos and your viewers provide you with ad revenue while paying the full price to purchase them?

  • Deputybubs
    Deputybubs 4 hours ago

    Hey the car is coming to where your phone is thats why it was vering into the other car stand in the middle of the road next time

  • Daja Neal
    Daja Neal 4 hours ago

    I was really excited for these phones before launch, but after the keynote I just felt disappointed. I knew these features were coming and was okay with some but after the launch I realize most of the features, eh. Google take one step forward and two steps back with these phones. The cameras, software, display and Soli chip seem great. However, the battery life looks like it's going to struggle, no headphones or dongle in the box, crappy video quality, and poor storage options. They also stopped offering unlimited original photo and video quality, like wtf Google! I'm still getting the phone cause I NEED a new phone but idk this phone doesn't seem exciting anymore. They say they're listening to our wants/opinions but if they were, we would have better battery life and an ultra-wide camera instead of a stupid telephoto.

  • Joe Gunnigan
    Joe Gunnigan 4 hours ago

    does this mean if you originally pair an apple watch to an iphone you could use it with an android

  • TJs Gaming
    TJs Gaming 4 hours ago

    Of course they give it to you rather than someone who actually needs it

  • Dilliam 127
    Dilliam 127 4 hours ago

    Let's be real here No one gave a shit about the taco Bell sponsorship or the Xbox

  • Amirdex_ TDG
    Amirdex_ TDG 4 hours ago

    I really need a new monitor for gaming, the latest is beginning of 2020. The budget is 300 dollars, but lower can be nice tho. Please submit!

  • Sadd Boii
    Sadd Boii 4 hours ago

    Not gonna lie I'm a PS fanboy but that colour scheme made me wet my trousers!! Damn If it weren't for those PS exclusives I'd be on that xbox train ASAP

  • Hayden Bush
    Hayden Bush 4 hours ago

    When Microsoft sends a RU-clip Star a giveaway item that we have to work our asses for...

  • Mbongeni Thomas Lukhele

    Bro u suck at Apex😂😂

  • Sparrowbandit92
    Sparrowbandit92 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or is it getting obvious that Phone Companies are just grasping at straws to innovate anymore? Like realistically the iPhone 6s/7 were the last generation that made a difference for most people

  • Baxter
    Baxter 4 hours ago

    You can also remove the charging dock from the case and flip it around and the controller lays flat on the charging stand

  • Cedric Boateng
    Cedric Boateng 4 hours ago

    Your Welcome 4:46

  • GreyKid
    GreyKid 4 hours ago

    It looks exactly like my BFV Gold Rush edition

  • Cenpaiz
    Cenpaiz 5 hours ago

    Man your the below avg on apex

  • Exodus
    Exodus 5 hours ago

    Bro I bought the battlefield 5 xbox one x and it's literally the same color xbox

  • YourMovieFix
    YourMovieFix 5 hours ago

    You are destroying your contrast by having white walls. At least paint the wall with the screen on it. 100% not getting the most out of your screen or projector.

  • Chirag Chamariya
    Chirag Chamariya 5 hours ago


  • Armond B.
    Armond B. 5 hours ago

    Maybe Taco Bell had that seasoned beef made at Microsoft's warehouse. Might be the cause of the beef recall for the metal shavings!

  • loinmin
    loinmin 5 hours ago

    Sooo... Just like my Xbox One X. Kkk

  • Neil Jozwiak
    Neil Jozwiak 5 hours ago

    Quick comment on the radar gestures. They did say they had set it up so that it wouldn't misread certain other gestures. Watching the other guy who had issues w/ it didn't hold his hand flat in the way to swipe, he more dangled his finger tips over it and move it across while holding his camera. It probably reads that as a non-gesture.