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  • Jeff Morse
    Jeff Morse 23 minutes ago

    I was born in 1960. Its surprising how... old fashioned Britain was about then. The US was far ahead of Europe at the time as far as modern conveniences go. Our laundromats were pretty much the same as they are now and by 1959 many already had at least a washing machine in the home (still dried on a clothes line though).

  • Emmy Pacer
    Emmy Pacer 23 minutes ago

    ugh rian johnson...

    • Daniel Switzer
      Daniel Switzer 21 minute ago

      Damn shame someone forced you at gunpoint to watch this video.

  • fifty years
    fifty years 29 minutes ago

    This was good for the neighborhood

  • pauld9
    pauld9 35 minutes ago

    Don't want to be late for dinner with the last lady. Tough,tough women.

  • MsSpeakmymind
    MsSpeakmymind 41 minute ago

    She will always be Wendy to me ❤

  • brad wallinger
    brad wallinger 54 minutes ago

    Women of today have got it so easy now. They should be grateful to those men who invented the home washing machine.

  • Rand McNally
    Rand McNally 58 minutes ago

    now days bitches demand more rights and cant even take care of their families. how many single mothers out there?

  • mark caine
    mark caine Hour ago

    I Find these short documentaries fascinating, today most people have their own washing machines at home a far cry from back in those days. Things we take for granted today was real hard work and time consuming chores

  • Naa RKY
    Naa RKY Hour ago

    well thank fuck someone interesting was interviewed as the interviewer is typical of this eras refusal to even confront harsh themes -- in film! its a fucking film. and the guy cant 'go there'.. how utterly wimpy and pathetic people have become.

  • David Allen
    David Allen Hour ago

    Most dirt bags dont even wash today. PURE SCUM.

  • Amparo Howell
    Amparo Howell Hour ago


  • steve gale
    steve gale Hour ago

    Did not know that. Interesting.

  • Kuchi Kopi
    Kuchi Kopi 2 hours ago

    People can't even be bothered to do their washing nowadays, imagine if people today had to do this 😱

  • Andre T
    Andre T 2 hours ago

    Queen is so hot, if I sit on her face, will she do lickie-lickie?

  • kurikokaleidoscope
    kurikokaleidoscope 2 hours ago

    Three years before Please Please Me.

  • Gaibu Panavale
    Gaibu Panavale 2 hours ago


  • L A
    L A 2 hours ago

    That's when women were women.😤

  • Saswati Sarangi
    Saswati Sarangi 2 hours ago

    Looking at the comments section..i feel 90%of indian youth are idiots!

  • Luiza Luly
    Luiza Luly 3 hours ago

    Assisti aqui em São Bernardo do Campo, tinha 15 anos

  • HRH Bucket
    HRH Bucket 3 hours ago

    They should make that lady at the end an honorary member of Extinction Rebellion.

  • Yan
    Yan 3 hours ago

    Every frame in this movie is a painting… And the movie, a masterpiece.

  • ishe nicole
    ishe nicole 3 hours ago

    Interesting video thank you for sharing

  • The Smart Youtuber
    The Smart Youtuber 3 hours ago

    A very warm welcome to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Pakistan!

  • Mike Walton
    Mike Walton 4 hours ago

    What a wonderful, romanticised view of English life in 1946, when beer was tuppence a pint....who would have guessed then how far our moral decline would be....

  • Magic Mike
    Magic Mike 5 hours ago

    The days when young women was women and was proud to be wearing their seamed silk stockings with suspenders and high heels and was happy to cook for her man and do the housework that's the days when women were proud to be known as beautifull women

  • kiliipower
    kiliipower 5 hours ago

    Hello from Germany. My mother had received a washing machine for her wedding (1964) as a gift. She said later: "With two small children, two old people and a man who brings dirty work clothes home, a blessing. I think many people today forget what it was like without a machine.

  • Kathleen Nesbitt
    Kathleen Nesbitt 5 hours ago

    The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie - Holy holy f@*k!

  • Baddie Qnn
    Baddie Qnn 5 hours ago

    Her hair is so gorgeous 😍spot on!

  • dave jones
    dave jones 5 hours ago

    I wish they recorded them talking

  • joseph costello
    joseph costello 5 hours ago

    Liverpool home of the Greatest Rock n Roll Band Ever. The Beatles

  • John Trayner
    John Trayner 5 hours ago

    Interesting to see that only“attendants”, all of whom were men, were allowed to switch the machines on and off!

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes 6 hours ago

    they use to clean their doorsteps with the same rigour

  • TheUchiha
    TheUchiha 6 hours ago

    Wtf is zac effron doing in the late 60s???

  • MayDay GoingDown!!
    MayDay GoingDown!! 6 hours ago

    Jeez ...kinda makes you wonder how we had another generation after these. Wouldn't Shag any of these even with yours lol.

  • Skye Brackpool
    Skye Brackpool 6 hours ago

    My mum was born in the North Laines in 1955. So lovely to be able to see what Brighton was like in the 50’s . Thanks for posting.

  • Bishka100
    Bishka100 7 hours ago

    I like the way a man has to open and shut the doors and put the soap in the machines.... All the technical stuff :-)

  • Sudarshan Borpatragohain

    A man who symbolised the best that India has to offer- Dr Radhakrishnan.

    JOKER MARINO 7 hours ago

    absolute masterpiece!

  • Chip Ganger
    Chip Ganger 7 hours ago

    This reminds me of growing up in Liverpool in the 1950’s. we lived in Park Rd, before I started at St. Silas Primary, my mother would take me with her to the wash house. The kids playing on the rec looks like the Tiber st area.

  • Mister Mk4
    Mister Mk4 7 hours ago

    Keep on driving. Till the end of everything.

  • TeEra Richards
    TeEra Richards 7 hours ago

    Me: I ship it Video: but I’m several decades old Me: I ship it

  • Prince Arcane
    Prince Arcane 7 hours ago

    What is Up with that primitive construction building@ 3:17 59% of the way through the 20th Century? Of course, No construction worker would dress like that 🙄

  • Rena L
    Rena L 8 hours ago

    When the hell does she actually smoke? I can't see her smoking but just holding the cigarette

  • artycharred
    artycharred 8 hours ago

    Looks like Steve o

  • tristenMLG
    tristenMLG 9 hours ago

    That’s what happens when you don’t secure your future in A vault-Tec vault!

  • fessells ahmed
    fessells ahmed 9 hours ago

    I love how they carried in their heads. Look head scarves. This is amazing

  • Enrico Lienig
    Enrico Lienig 9 hours ago

    Living in Thailand, I've been cheering for these boys every single day, following the news hourly. Please Hollywood, don't mess this up...

  • Bullet-Catcher
    Bullet-Catcher 10 hours ago

    My wife doesn't know how lucky she is. Last Christmas i got her a washing machine, a big one.

  • Rick Knight
    Rick Knight 10 hours ago

    amazed seeing the older women carrying the loads on their heads.. Reminds me of places in India and Africa where everything is carried on the heads by women. Makes you think how much our culture has changed.. what we have lost in the fast pace for modernity.

  • Cc
    Cc 10 hours ago

    Women didn't have time to go out and get a career for their housewife career was too time consuming. And now, women who stay home are considered lazy and men will never have the homelife their grandfathers had. I'd choose laundry the hard way than be pressured to sit at a desk under florescent lights.

  • howard fourninenine
    howard fourninenine 11 hours ago

    A fine movie! Recommended.

  • sathya skywalker
    sathya skywalker 11 hours ago

    good boy rian johnson

  • victor ytpro
    victor ytpro 12 hours ago

    Esta serie es ta bien pero hay muchos fallos Dedbi si es la gionista me parece k se a dormido en los laureles a Demelsa la hace tonta y por no escribir mas dire k la ultima temporada no la entiende ni Dios por k en el ultimo capitulo la trama k el monta dice k es para protejer a Demelsa¿ de k? Y luego varias escenas se repiten Dedbi k desastre de temporada

  • Muso Snob
    Muso Snob 12 hours ago

    Fair play to them all. X

  • Si vis amari, ama.
    Si vis amari, ama. 12 hours ago

    Thank goodness there was a male attendant there to load the soap and switch it on. Never mind that many of these women would have been skilled factory workers during the War.

    • sah bear
      sah bear Hour ago

      Si vis amari, ama. Hahah yes i know right. And that guy seemed super creepy

  • RIGSBY11111
    RIGSBY11111 12 hours ago

    Stop! Have you robbed anything?

  • ornella aribam
    ornella aribam 12 hours ago

    He is already attractive and now he starts to speak in British accent. Please stop showing off!😂

  • fatyowls
    fatyowls 12 hours ago

    Tough times, tough people!

  • Stifled Voice
    Stifled Voice 12 hours ago

    I keep thinking of a Monty Python sketch.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 12 hours ago

    Sit in an uncomfortable theatre for three and a half hours with people stuffing their faces or snoring? No thanks! I'll wait a few weeks to see it online when I can pause it when I like,

    • John Doe
      John Doe Hour ago

      @Usha Katiyar Yes it gets complicated! Plus films are only eligible for Oscars if they have been released in Theatres, but the large theatre/distributor chains insist on a period of exclusively showing the film, not available on streaming. So even a Netflix produced film isn't always available on Netflix straight away! Otherwise, the big 'opening weekend' numbers and annual totals would be significantly reduced, I think. But the drama of a Red Carpet event, interviews, photos is a huge advertising opportunity and great even when you don't actually go to a theatre to watch the film... would be a shame to see it disappear! 😩

    • Usha Katiyar
      Usha Katiyar Hour ago

      @John Doe thanks for the link. Very useful for me. Though I feel the rise and low in the theatre going audience would be more evident if UK had a strong and consistent film industry of its own. The numbers can be judged better when the not so good films also get a release there. Not every film these days find its audience in theatres even if it has one, not only because the distribution is less but also because you can find them on an OTT service shortly after its released. Read about what 'Jio fiber' is planning to do in India.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 hours ago

      @GiantSandles that's not what I said, you total moron.

    • GiantSandles
      GiantSandles 8 hours ago

      John Doe Dunno why someone quietly leaving to go to the toilet would be a huge distraction but okay

  • crispychip70
    crispychip70 13 hours ago

    Ahhh.... the good old days! When men were men and women were kind of like men are today 😆

  • Jellybean
    Jellybean 13 hours ago

    Even up until a few years ago I was still washing by hand and I am in my 40s. It damages the hands no end. You lose feeling in them.

  • Arya Sandesh
    Arya Sandesh 13 hours ago

    I hate papaptma gendi. 😂

  • Jenny R
    Jenny R 13 hours ago

    My first machine was a twin tub... I loved that thing !

  • steve tobin
    steve tobin 14 hours ago

    They switched ships

  • dumbo7429
    dumbo7429 14 hours ago

    Now clothes are cheap and quick dry..most people have automatic washing machines and dryers now.

  • ಜೈ ಭಾರತ ಮಾತೆ

    ಇವರೇ ನೋಡಿ ನಮ್ಮ ಭಾರತ ಲೂಟಿ ಮಾಡ್ದೋರು

  • Colin Hazell
    Colin Hazell 14 hours ago

    Most interesting!

  • S A
    S A 15 hours ago

    South India, probably Tamil Naidu

  • nonno trova lavoro
    nonno trova lavoro 15 hours ago

    salve ,vorrei vedere il derby epsom 1908 dove vinse signorinella cavalla del senatore GINISTRELLI EDOARDO ,grazie 1000.

  • Kevin Byrne
    Kevin Byrne 15 hours ago

    My father told me about how his mother used to wash clothes: big tubs of boiling water, harsh soaps and alkalies, beating the clothes with a paddle, rinsing them, squeezing them dry, hanging them up to finish drying, then ironing them the next day. A huge effort that lasted 2 days every week.

  • John von Horn
    John von Horn 16 hours ago

    My Indesit spins at 1600. Deal with it you antiquated mofos.

    • sky scratch
      sky scratch 9 hours ago

      We require hi def slow motion video of calibration . Otherwise it's just Indesit 'spin'. You've one week.

  • im Savage
    im Savage 16 hours ago

    and then soviets invaded afghanistan and american democracy came to asia and middle east

  • Kee McGee
    Kee McGee 16 hours ago

    He's an assassin of entertainment

  • jiffcat
    jiffcat 16 hours ago

    The world extinction rebellion would like us to return to!

  • ZKP
    ZKP 17 hours ago

    Wow this interesting to learn about the decade I was born in but never got to experience.

  • Tosyno Rolexman
    Tosyno Rolexman 19 hours ago

    Yusuf Park

  • Tosyno Rolexman
    Tosyno Rolexman 19 hours ago

    Yusuf Park

  • vee eks
    vee eks 20 hours ago

    Tories and that brexit party run by that frog looking nutjob will return us to this. They all want to be the lord of the manor, with the 'plebs' knowing their place.

  • Stevie Johnson
    Stevie Johnson 21 hour ago

    In my book he was a prophet

  • Daniel Farrell
    Daniel Farrell 22 hours ago

    "There are still people who don't believe that any change is a change for the better. This lady, for example, still thinks the old ways are the best" or perhaps she was just used to washing her clothes that way?

    • Gary Dodgson
      Gary Dodgson 12 hours ago

      Daniel Farrell Not all change is for the better ,there is usually a price to be paid. We may all now be able to have auto wash machines & dryers in our over insulated homes ,but we also pay the price in lost community that these old wash house places brought .Now people don’t even know their neighbours or even talk to them .So with the gains there is losses , life was tougher in the old days even those that were classed as being middle class back then would be classed as poor now judging by material goods owned .This generation now have more luxury’s even with all the so called austerity than we ever had .They are that spoilt they have grown up believing they are self entitled & the world owes them a living..& the price of everything & the value of nothing .How can that be good for progress or coping when the shit hits the fan ?

    • Colin D
      Colin D 16 hours ago

      Daniel Farrell Watch any old videos on here and you’ll hear and see the same old comments spouted by the folks being interviewed and in the comments saying how things were much better in the past. Nostalgia conveniently forgets how tough life was in the past and only seems to remember the good parts

  • Brian Sherman
    Brian Sherman 22 hours ago

    He should really stick with directing radio commercials. He might do that well.

  • doczg88
    doczg88 22 hours ago

    Looks civilized. Better than the London in 2019...

  • paul riggall
    paul riggall 22 hours ago

    Take me back to dear old blighty....

    • John Lennon
      John Lennon Hour ago

      paul riggall is that a smiths reference

  • Nick Devlin
    Nick Devlin 22 hours ago

    You can’t do that that’s abuse of woman’s rights.

  • SassyBratt1
    SassyBratt1 22 hours ago

    It would be funnier if they had of all worn blackface. :-)

  • Dan Vaisi
    Dan Vaisi 23 hours ago

    This is not ruins, but temples destroyed by Muslim invaders.

  • Maximus Evans
    Maximus Evans 23 hours ago

    This film is honestly so brilliant. Drivers performance is amazing

  • William Fitch
    William Fitch 23 hours ago

    10 O'Clock Monday morning. Me gran would push the pram, loaded with washing bundled in bedsheets, to join 'the girls' on their way to the wash house. I was pre-school, so used to go down there with her. I remember every detail in this newsreel. There were public bathtubs too. Monday afternoon she did the baking.

  • Mary Hettrick
    Mary Hettrick 23 hours ago

    I know some women who spend just as long doing laundry today. I think it's mostly because people now often over wash their clothes though. So Instead of one wash that takes two hours they'll do multiple washes a day. I find it's easier for me (as a single woman) to just wand wash nearly everything as it gets dirty.

  • باشا مصر
    باشا مصر 23 hours ago

    لو انتى بنت او مدام وبتحبى الجنس والرومانسيه كلمينى انام معاكى ع ال فون 01119415742

  • Nolanlvr
    Nolanlvr Day ago

    Rian is the man

  • ThreadTheLightUK

    Saw this last night; a magnificent film.

  • Sherry lee Raven

    Wow. All women seem to do now is pout, and worry about the best angles for a selfie.

  • Melinda Turco
    Melinda Turco Day ago


  • Ying Fu
    Ying Fu Day ago

    A man watch the earth in the universe...This is the new hight of human civilization,one of most important event in the space craft carved the name "CCCP",despite what ever happened,despite how much time have passed,this event will be remember forever...I hope China can land in Mars in the future.

  • Kamal Kumar
    Kamal Kumar Day ago

    look these children, they look like liberals and progressive and tradition of Indian history can be seen. now they all cover the face on the name of Islam, may Pakistan return on the path of progress again and live with dignity, but it's looking quite impossible now but we Indian are quite hopefull Pakistan will more liberal and progressive

  • V D
    V D Day ago

    Now your poor if you can’t have sky tv and get fags or buy food for the dog

  • 786philb
    786philb Day ago

    Imagine todays woman having to do this after climbing out of there audi,s. Haaa

  • Ronald Quinn
    Ronald Quinn Day ago

    Jane Fonda on 8/8/2019 crashes a private dinner at EL Coyote Cafe on the night of Sharon Tate's last supper a very grim anniversary. I'm shocked that Jane Fonda still for many years zeroed in and made her unwanted presence the focus instead of the Anniversary of Sharon Tate last meal and her murder to follow. Check out Jane Fonda's past history with Vietnam.