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  • Smit Bhatti
    Smit Bhatti Hour ago

    So PewDiePie makes guitar tutorials now?

  • Miilu Tonny
    Miilu Tonny Hour ago

    ur confusing

  • larry thomas
    larry thomas Hour ago

    get a capo

  • Rich Hines
    Rich Hines Hour ago

    Jesus wept. I tried learning guitar YEARS ago. Got so frustrated I gave up. My Son has now passed grade 2 drums and my 6 year old Daughter wanted to learn guitar. Just found you and I'm going to learn alongside her. THANK YOU!!!!

  • sarah
    sarah 2 hours ago

    just started learning today :D will update when i get decent lol

  • Protostar Gaming
    Protostar Gaming 2 hours ago

    You look like both Pewdiepie and guitarlessons365 at the same time.

  • Johnny Rocker
    Johnny Rocker 3 hours ago

    Cranford Nix used this progression in a lot of his songs and mixed it up in different ways. Also the old G Em C/Am D. A lot of "crust punk/folk punk" artists use it too.

  • Raven's Playground
    Raven's Playground 4 hours ago

    I'm awestrucked really. I started playing E-Guitar last year December tried out some chords and what not. Since April I have guitar lessons and I have the fun of my life, although I'm already 40, but that doesn't bother me at all. Guess what song I just started to learn? Yeah Song 2 and right now Andy you come up with that great tutorial to just the song I'm learning. What a coincidence. Thank you so much for the work and sweat you put into that project. The idea playing along to a band is just great. And as a beginner I can honestly say, it is not that hard to follow your instructions. Great job Andy really. Best regards Raven

    WOOD BUTCHER 4 hours ago

    A guitar is supposed to be in the case even if left just over nite after playing it. Wipe the strings down to take oil and any dead skin off them because it will wrought the strings. Humidify the sound hole and wipe the guitar down and back in the case.

  • Yash Panchal
    Yash Panchal 7 hours ago


  • JD H
    JD H 7 hours ago

    How do I make it sound like hozier's cover

  • Ahmed Medo
    Ahmed Medo 8 hours ago

    ♥️♥️ i love you bro

  • Ali
    Ali 9 hours ago

    Man that was fun to play

  • Stafford's Music Studio

    Classic song good job!

  • LBart218
    LBart218 10 hours ago

    I'm finding this chord a real pain in the ass to play - obviously I have not had enough practice at it - while trying to learn "Blue Christmas" by Elvis Presley. I can play the B major and the F major barre chord much more easily than the B7.

  • Сергей Поляков

    Thank you very much))

  • Hoogla Boogla
    Hoogla Boogla 10 hours ago

    My band has this in our setlists and goes over very well in clubs

  • Mary Chhakchhuak
    Mary Chhakchhuak 10 hours ago

  • Wisnu Canal
    Wisnu Canal 11 hours ago

    Nice video Big like from jakarta

  • Hugolini
    Hugolini 11 hours ago

    Hey Andy! Which amp do you think is better as a budget amp, the boss katana or blackstar ht-1?

    • Andy Guitar
      Andy Guitar 7 hours ago

      Boss Katana sounds better and has way more options in my opinion. I used the recommend the Blackstar ht-1 but that was before the Katana were released

  • a_skills 04
    a_skills 04 11 hours ago

    137th view + 3rd comment + 13th like

  • Abhijeet Kumar
    Abhijeet Kumar 11 hours ago

    Big fan broo

  • NaveedNaheed Music
    NaveedNaheed Music 11 hours ago

    WOOHOO 🥳 another great tutorial 🥳 can you do 500 Miles by the Proclaimers

  • Reed Snyder
    Reed Snyder 12 hours ago

    Thanks for helping me!

  • Oscar
    Oscar 14 hours ago

    G C E A

  • Rocker #81
    Rocker #81 15 hours ago

    What’s your amp setting for this?

  • DerPipo
    DerPipo 15 hours ago

    English is not my native language, so I apologize in advance for it. Thank you so much for this starter course, Andy! This made my beginning of learning guitar so much easier. My highlight was definitly Hey Ya from Outkast. By the way: RU-clip translated your channel name to german and it says "Andy Gitarre" now, which sounds like "An die Gitarre", which means "To the guitar", which I like quite a lot. =) Greetings from Germany!

  • Music man That likes old and new music

    I can’t do this

  • Nicholas Dinh
    Nicholas Dinh 18 hours ago


  • Edwin Raj
    Edwin Raj 18 hours ago

    Wow amazing tutorial. Almost learned it. Btw Andy, please can you make a tutorial for the song orphans from Coldplay, especially the guitar solo that Chris Martin plays. Thanks

    AISHWARY YADAV 18 hours ago

    Please make any bollywood cover

  • Dr Rajesh Sinha
    Dr Rajesh Sinha 19 hours ago

    Please add the theme of Spiderman far from home

  • Lady Sif
    Lady Sif 20 hours ago

    I can't 😭 it still buzzes even if I already applied your lessons... What to do?

  • Minh Vũ
    Minh Vũ 20 hours ago

    Trong guitar andy có tiếng việt

  • J W
    J W 20 hours ago

    The best tutorial! Thank you so much!

  • Michael Hamilton

    tone set to 8

  • LiveBetter Girl

    So helpful!!! Thank you!!

  • Shane Tan
    Shane Tan Day ago

    Thank you💕

  • Laurent Lemaire

    Can’t find the link to these tabs in the description. Can you please send the link? Thx

  • Edward Gillatt

    This is Ace! Thank you so much.

  • DJ Pandver
    DJ Pandver Day ago

    hey adn Andy i need help cna i pls have your email

  • DJ Pandver
    DJ Pandver Day ago

    hey Andy i have tried to find a person that could teach me this song properly but, i have only found you i greatly admire you!

  • bousselmi oumaima

    Waw andy thanks

  • Nicholas Dinh
    Nicholas Dinh Day ago

    You did it too fast and I couldn't learn :(

  • Combed Autumn
    Combed Autumn Day ago

    I'm sorry 😅 I cant take this seriously. I'd be laughing just the same even if it was my life long best friend doing it so no hate 😇 brave lads well done

  • jesse fp
    jesse fp Day ago

    Awesome content, I needed 2 days in between 1st and this one to let my fingers "heal"

  • Marián Dill
    Marián Dill Day ago

    You're awesome dude, thanks.

  • Greg Hall
    Greg Hall Day ago

    Nice lesson bro..great riff

  • originalscottfree

    Good video, thanks for your efforts.

  • Nick Pevey
    Nick Pevey Day ago

    i just got my guitar can give more leson

  • Prabha Tyagi
    Prabha Tyagi Day ago

    It is very nice and good

  • J
    J Day ago

    If I have an electric guitar and the Amps but not the pedal can I play it properly

    • J
      J Day ago

      @Andy Guitar thanks

    • Andy Guitar
      Andy Guitar Day ago

      Yes! You dont need pedals, but pedals are relativly cheap and cool things for the future! ;)

  • Ahahah Shhsha
    Ahahah Shhsha Day ago

    I can play guitar

  • mariami
    mariami Day ago

    thank u for these videos <3 you help us

  • Sean Mcananey
    Sean Mcananey Day ago

    Great stuff Andy , I love your tutorials ,great fun playing along

    • Andy Guitar
      Andy Guitar Day ago

      Thanks Sean, glad you like the concept! All the best with the other songs 🎸

  • Yasen Khan
    Yasen Khan Day ago

    Very good dear I am pakistani love u

  • SimpleGuitarTracks

    when you played rage against the machines i subscribed! cheers i am also getting this amp!

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor Day ago

    That is beautiful Andy, my favourite Christmas song. I’m sure Greg is smiling.

  • It's Raining Cat's

    I so would love that uke! 😍😍😍

  • Adnan Hassan
    Adnan Hassan Day ago

    Where are the ten songs?

  • Jose Musiquero

    It sounds beautiful man! And I really admire people who take the time to teach music to people! I make music too, so if you have some time I'd like to invite you to hear my songs in my channel too! Cheers from Argentina!

  • Cannon Ball!
    Cannon Ball! Day ago

    could you do one with a simplier amplifier. maybe like the front man 10G by fender

  • flower flower
    flower flower 2 days ago

    can you add subtitles (turkish) it would be so cool 🐸❤️

  • Peter Duffy
    Peter Duffy 2 days ago

    Best tutorial on this song ever...... Thank you.

  • Henry Martino
    Henry Martino 2 days ago

    You look like Felix Kjellburg aka PewDiePie

  • sammeyj
    sammeyj 2 days ago

    I cant play and sing this. Every time i atart once im supposed to do the up strump I pausing and forget how to strum

  • 教授Manal
    教授Manal 2 days ago

    Wow this is so good

  • Rock Wang
    Rock Wang 2 days ago

    Hi Andy can you make another one of those videos at the speed 80% please?

  • Paper Cup
    Paper Cup 2 days ago

    Love the dr who t-shirt... and the music!!

  • Navaeh Collicutte
    Navaeh Collicutte 2 days ago

    I have one what you have

  • Relaxing Music
    Relaxing Music 2 days ago

    I notice you’ve got guitars and keyboard why have one when you can have six???

  • TheWindstorm2012
    TheWindstorm2012 2 days ago

    This is the video I've been searching for months. Thank you so much, Andy. You got a new subscriber.

  • ForbiddenPlanet
    ForbiddenPlanet 2 days ago

    Nice to see you using Faith Guitars. I bought my first Faith Venus eclipse 6 string a couple of years after the company started and have been hooked ever since. I bought the same 12 string Faith as you soon after they started making 12 strings. It’s great to see the company progress and proud to have recognised their potential from the beginning. Love your version of one of my favourite songs and big Prokofiev fan. I will definitely be using it as my party piece this Christmas. Thanks Andy.

  • Kayla Coul
    Kayla Coul 2 days ago

    I’ve been playing guitar for years and still haven’t learned my scales

  • Anthony Lyrics
    Anthony Lyrics 2 days ago

    National anthem for MCU fan Our childhood

  • Elaine Mee
    Elaine Mee 2 days ago

    Stay fresh

  • joshua mwiranga
    joshua mwiranga 2 days ago

    I had a guitar but never knew how to play it,but when I saw this video,I was encouraged. looking forward to more lessons with you

  • Pat Ambrosch
    Pat Ambrosch 2 days ago

    Do you have tabs for this

  • Stephane Roy
    Stephane Roy 2 days ago

    Again the sound of your guitar and song very sweet.

  • Justin
    Justin 2 days ago

    Andy man, I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate you and your videos. You have helped me IMMENSELY! I've never played anything and now I get to enjoy the beauty of picking a 6 string. THANK YOU! Now I'm off to you merchandise! lol.

    DAILY SIKHDA 2 days ago

    plz make a video on cw flash theme

    DAILY SIKHDA 2 days ago

    plz make a video on cw flash theme

  • Divya Naveen
    Divya Naveen 2 days ago

    I want to learn Christmas song in guitar.. I'm learning guitar through ur videos

  • don van builder ass monkey master mechanics kent

    Beautiful song well done

  • Gal Sur
    Gal Sur 2 days ago

    i played it yesterday

  • John moka
    John moka 2 days ago

    What tuning is this cause my guitar sounds off

  • Joshua Turpin
    Joshua Turpin 3 days ago

    Surprised he got away with *ahem* TEN songs.

  • Cotton Candy
    Cotton Candy 3 days ago

    Did anyone else get an ad just before it started talking about guitar lessons on RU-clip are trash 😂❤️

  • mohammad makki
    mohammad makki 3 days ago

    Can i do these lessons for a classic guitar

    MARUZ DUMADAC 3 days ago

    I cant.. help me

  • MixedMediaInk
    MixedMediaInk 3 days ago

    ha! I wanted to know & he answers

  • danny man
    danny man 3 days ago

    The video is good but when you talk about the pick it off put me as where you was talking to much made me forget I no your trying to help but I find copying along works for me if I'm honest.

  • mk00918
    mk00918 3 days ago

    One of my favourites !!! Fine playing, lovely 12 string. Thank you and merry Christmas!!

  • theonlyredspecial
    theonlyredspecial 3 days ago

    That’s a nice version. Is it the same key as the original ?

    • theonlyredspecial
      theonlyredspecial 3 days ago

      It’s really well done Andy thanks for sharing

    • Andy Guitar
      Andy Guitar 3 days ago

      Same key yes. It's almost the same, but I've changed a few bits to work on one guitar, and also I cant hybrid pick like the original!

  • Thilini SILVA
    Thilini SILVA 3 days ago

    Wow its very easy,im from sri lanka

  • Archie Jenner
    Archie Jenner 3 days ago

    Wow amazin tutorial no time wasting straight to the point that is why he’s my faiviorite youtuber

  • Alan Guscott
    Alan Guscott 3 days ago

    Nice version Andy. Especially like the 12 str sound my friend . .L102

  • Eli Wagner
    Eli Wagner 3 days ago

    Sweet Melody.

  • Frmhevn *
    Frmhevn * 3 days ago

    Love this💕🎶 Thank you Andy.

  • King vv
    King vv 3 days ago

    Hey Andy please I'm a subscriber, could you do a lesson on ed Sheeran bloodstream