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What I Eat in a Day in Korea
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  • Haider memon
    Haider memon 49 minutes ago

    Wow again amazing video. M. Love the marshmallow cube with ice-cream. Yummy.

  • Jasmine Warthen
    Jasmine Warthen Hour ago

    Love this video and her nails 😉

  • Nv3 Nv3
    Nv3 Nv3 2 hours ago

    Cat making the infinity symbol between you and your mom how cool is that .😍

  • Nongyao Kaosaard
    Nongyao Kaosaard 3 hours ago

    I love your show , I will trying to lean Korean with you .

  • Nv3 Nv3
    Nv3 Nv3 4 hours ago

    You + mikey chen would make epic videossssssss

    BTSARMYFOREVER 4 hours ago

    OMG BTS!!! And you sang Dope! ^^

  • Crish :D
    Crish :D 5 hours ago

    0:43 I guess North or South Korea?

  • chalsuuu
    chalsuuu 7 hours ago

    except for the foods im inlove with, im also inlove with the cattt 😻

  • Trisha Nicole Selarta

    The almond censor...by the way👍🏻...and kpop music at the background💜💜...BTS...am such a big kpop fan

  • athena gamer
    athena gamer 11 hours ago

    The background music is twice 15:26 fancy you~~

  • Panda Lover Channel
    Panda Lover Channel 11 hours ago

    Yes or yes!

  • Ryan Lumiguen
    Ryan Lumiguen 11 hours ago

    My most favorite food is FRIED NOODLES🍜

  • Tergel Odgerel
    Tergel Odgerel 15 hours ago

    Coffee table--- is shape of Mongolia

  • The world
    The world 15 hours ago

    이 시국에 ㅠㅠ

  • amanda _af
    amanda _af 15 hours ago

    Nobody: ... mommy Oh: Om Nyom nyom 😹

  • kate bates
    kate bates 16 hours ago

    Twice playing in the back ground

  • Kai Schulman
    Kai Schulman 16 hours ago

    7 elevens in asian countries are 100% better than any 7 elevens in the us. I feel like you can just live off asian 7 elevens. The one thing I'm suprised never really caught on in 7 elevens in asia is slurpees. I have yet to see any there... But if I'm wrong let me know!

  • rohit rai
    rohit rai 16 hours ago

    1:10 funny emoji. Happy eating!

  • Victoria chavarin
    Victoria chavarin 16 hours ago


  • strategy_envy 38
    strategy_envy 38 16 hours ago

    Who heard (that meat is like bouncy)

  • Allexy Flores
    Allexy Flores 17 hours ago

    It's 11 years later it doesn't look different just longer hair

  • Rayne
    Rayne 17 hours ago

    I'm vegetarian and you still seem to make me hungry! Happy Travels.

  • liliana a
    liliana a 17 hours ago

    me : singing fancy in the back round and dancing LOL

  • Ur mom
    Ur mom 18 hours ago

    you guys have the best friendship ever omg

  • Ebony Arnold
    Ebony Arnold 19 hours ago

    Will you marry me?? LOL!!

  • Co tong Tran
    Co tong Tran 19 hours ago

    im wondering why Miss Mina showed us a picture of a rotten egg.... 0:02

  • Wendy웬디
    Wendy웬디 19 hours ago

    1:59 twice's yes or yes😂😂

    BTS LOVER 19 hours ago

    This is not scary park so why scary music it's roelie pretty park it's abandoned but it's beautiful Oku what ddu du ddu du

  • Eneirah Taehyung
    Eneirah Taehyung 20 hours ago

    rewatching the series since it's over and watching videos like this makes me want to go to korea but my bank accounts on zero and my speaking skills are on 0.5

  • Mary taylor
    Mary taylor 20 hours ago

    You actually filmed this on my birthday lol. July 25 was my bday that's so cool

  • Pizza Bacon
    Pizza Bacon 20 hours ago

    My mom tell me to "dont play with my food" now I can play with my food cuz my fav girl mina is play with her food... 👍😂

  • kimberly kitty
    kimberly kitty 21 hour ago

    1:38 onces unite

  • Mr. Queso Queso Queso

    What does Anyong chingoo mean?

  • M_lor 1125
    M_lor 1125 21 hour ago

    Yes or yes???? And twice stans

  • ZachAttackYT
    ZachAttackYT 21 hour ago

    1:37 *Once has entered the chat*

  • elaine sandoval
    elaine sandoval 21 hour ago

    I enjoyed your busan series mina.. i'm just 1 hour away to busan and i haven't tried roaming there. Now i guess i should really go there and try that 호떡 (호떡 lover here lol!) I hope someday you will have an Ulsan series, so there will be a big chance that i might bump/ meet up with you around here while you're vlogging. Keep it up mina. 수고하세요~~ ♥♥

  • Candice Lewis
    Candice Lewis 21 hour ago

    i love that they have almost everything in english

  • vkook shipper
    vkook shipper 22 hours ago

    Did any one hear jungkook from bts

  • Huimangseok 218
    Huimangseok 218 22 hours ago

    6:11 mommy oh’s “Will u marry me” is makin me uwu🥺💖

  • Jackie Neilson
    Jackie Neilson 23 hours ago

    1:01 KOYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MsLazyGamer Lor
    MsLazyGamer Lor 23 hours ago

    711 where playing yes or yes twice at 1:47

  • Cutebunny 10235

    1:35 did anyone hear twice yes or yes like if you did

  • yemmy
    yemmy Day ago

    No one: Not a single soul: Comment section: *Yes or yes by Twice omg1!1!1!*

  • Mickee
    Mickee Day ago

    Excited for Jeju 😍😍😍😍

  • Rinielle 아리엘 Choi

    Comment Section is so Yes or Yes !!!!

  • Asala Othmane
    Asala Othmane Day ago

    انا مسلمة

  • Janna
    Janna Day ago


  • Chloe Maynard
    Chloe Maynard Day ago

    exactly why I wanna live in Korea. My fat ass craves noodles.

  • fabfabulous D
    fabfabulous D Day ago

    This was 11 years omo I'm screaming 2019

  • Rhazel Anadis
    Rhazel Anadis Day ago

    I love her mother she’s so adorable 😍

  • Usagi Moon.X.O

    l really love your videos! 💙

  • Adrian Mcinerney


  • Lucy Chang
    Lucy Chang Day ago

    i went to the toast place in June of this year and it was amazing! and the smoothie was soo fresh. your 11 days in Busan is totally making me relive my trip. can't wait to go back to visit Korea again soon...the food is amazing!

  • Ron B.
    Ron B. Day ago

    Way better than 7-11 in the US.

  • Secret Diary of a Foodie

    I love these glasses frames on you 😍 so flattering! I know this is an older vid, but I was wondering what happened to these frames? 🤔

  • phil phil
    phil phil Day ago

    Silly stupid Korean eat the nasty unhygenic food.of africa.

  • Bo Eriksson
    Bo Eriksson Day ago

    I just love this Busan adventure of yours. You just have the coolest mother.😊❤

  • Popcorn Butter

    Her:eating fancy food me:eating bread

  • natasha oneluv

    I'm so sad the last day I've enjoyed these episodes, 😀😄❤❤

  • Hamza 948
    Hamza 948 Day ago

    Her mother is like a cute duck 😍😍😍

  • L Cuisine
    L Cuisine Day ago

    Oh yeah I’m vegan luv u mina luv u mommy oh 😍😍

  • lala3s3
    lala3s3 Day ago

    Loved everything but those added swallowing sounds😖

  • Ana Å tefan
    Ana Å tefan Day ago

    I love how you pay attention to the smallest details (even the table legs), I do that tooo 😊

  • djeda verhoog
    djeda verhoog Day ago


  • petunia chim
    petunia chim Day ago

    Ok i saw BTS...YAY

  • Nuniek LHaryono

    Cant wait for jeju series hohoho

  • Emelia Onichi
    Emelia Onichi Day ago

    Cool vid =)

  • osakaben10
    osakaben10 Day ago

    asian convenience stores are awesome...so many cool snacks to watch movies with

  • N.Dz3
    N.Dz3 Day ago


  • Kathleen Pineda

    Yey! with Mommy Oh❤

  • Ellie Heaton
    Ellie Heaton Day ago

    pretty sure i’m attempting to watch every video

  • Closet M0oM0o
    Closet M0oM0o Day ago

    Hwasa and wheein also went to these places 😍😍😍

  • Sasha Ann
    Sasha Ann Day ago

    This was a very heartwarming video, thankyou for sharing your heart with us.

  • Vijaya Kumar A N

    Miss Mina lotus is the national flower of India u should know this without knowing don't shoot the video

  • Gi Anne
    Gi Anne Day ago

    Mommy O is for me the best travel-mom-buddy! 😍😍 Thank you Miss Mina and Mommy O for visiting our country, Philippines.

  • Sasha Ann
    Sasha Ann Day ago

    Bless your heart. My heart aches for you and your family. My grandmother was and is my most favorite human and I understand your pain. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

  • 맛있는카롱이

    loving the 11 days in busan series😭👌 thank you for your hardwork, mina and mommy oh!!

  • A.
    A. Day ago

    I love travelling from Gimhae airport. There’s also other nice and cheap places to eat there and the security and immigration process is so quick. Prefer this to Incheon airport

  • Emir Diocolano

    The backround music is YES OR YES👌 BY:TWICE

  • iGot7 iKONic.Armys

    im late, but i hope you and your family are recovering from this loss. Question tho, in korea are you most accustomed to cremation rather than to bury the body in cemetery?

  • joyce luparello

    your mom is soooooooooo cute ,,,,

  • Shahistha
    Shahistha Day ago

    Dear Mina, thank you very much for all the effort you put in your videos. I'm going through a tough time in my life, and your videos make me feel happy and calm irrespective of all the trauma. May God bless you and Mommy Oh with health, wealth, peace and happiness.

  • iSaris
    iSaris Day ago

    Lol mina want to stick her finger in everything 🤣

  • Dre Wolf
    Dre Wolf Day ago

    6:22 No subscribers were lost. 😂

  • Oshama Ushie
    Oshama Ushie Day ago

    I will love to taste those dumplings😋😋😋😋

  • Dre Wolf
    Dre Wolf Day ago

    Mommy O is so adorable!

  • Oshama Ushie
    Oshama Ushie Day ago

    That pancake is mouth watering. 😋😋😋😋

  • Loubna mh
    Loubna mh Day ago

    Mani bogoshipuuuh

  • Kpop Lover
    Kpop Lover Day ago

    YES OR YES!!!?

  • Gabriel Obas
    Gabriel Obas Day ago

    Aah the yes or yes at the background in 7/11

  • 해준_Haejun

    Oh many things are new to me too 😅

  • Daymiya Hudson

    your video was great, i love watching your videos!!!

  • Catie Louise
    Catie Louise Day ago

    I love your editing style a lot! always enjoying some outtakes at the end as well! Just one note: previous vlogs sometimes had more than 3 minutes of outtakes at the end. that was a bit too much in my opinion (it can get a bit confusing). so yes, just a suggestion to keep the outtakes short & sweet 😊anyways, I love your videos and can't wait for the jeju vlogs!

  • Trisha Nicole Selarta

    Hearing twice YES OR YES💜💜

  • Ms. Kiki_Korean tutor

    7-11 XD XD!!! My all time quick snack pal!

  • Angel Cervantes

    6:08 lol 😂

  • Thomas Cooper
    Thomas Cooper Day ago

    I’m new to your channel but the answer to your question that’s to keep score when you bet on playing pool

  • Potatos_are good Pineapple

    The song in 7-11 is yes or yes ( Twice is my favourite kpop group)

  • Evon Prasad
    Evon Prasad Day ago

    Ah Mina you made me laugh so hard with that pinky!😂😂 Dont worry im sure no one unsubbed because of it😊

  • Alyssa Christina Gardose

    Why in every 7 eleven bid she makes twice pops in ?!?!!? 💜💜 1:36