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張繼聰 烏蠅鏡MV
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  • Mermaid
    Mermaid Month ago

    His confused face is so cute 😄 This is legendary 😍

  • mast0r0
    mast0r0 Month ago

    0:31 Turto ????

  • por 5353
    por 5353 Month ago

    I like Haha who always support his bros :) Actually i love all RM members

  • ahmad azid02
    ahmad azid02 Month ago

    Arhh ..i love it😂👍

  • dude some
    dude some Month ago

    Ouh my God😍 wow..daebak

  • Suteki Jiru
    Suteki Jiru Month ago


  • khánh Trần
    khánh Trần Month ago


  • Merle Ricks
    Merle Ricks 2 months ago

    2019 hahahha

  • Crow Zero
    Crow Zero 2 months ago

    We all know Jihyo is a big Turbo fan

  • Kim Soo Jung
    Kim Soo Jung 2 months ago

    i love how Haha oppa always dances with him everytime this song is being played :)

  • Syarifah Nabilah
    Syarifah Nabilah 2 months ago

    iconic moment ever ... LOL

  • Victor Ranu Welum
    Victor Ranu Welum 2 months ago

    Episode please?

  • Mas M
    Mas M 3 months ago

    Kim jong kook dance good

  • J Dean
    J Dean 3 months ago

    Damn Jaesuk's legs are better than mine😂

  • Florena Kautah
    Florena Kautah 3 months ago

    love kim jong kok...tq haha for being such ar good frnd of kjk

  • Werewolf Vincent
    Werewolf Vincent 3 months ago

    Dat ass

  • exon excel
    exon excel 4 months ago

    What is that song when they stepped out of the car

  • truc Phuong
    truc Phuong 4 months ago

    Haha so cute

  • KAHICE #R-Dragon #RDICE #RD

    #TURBO #RUNNINGMAN Kpop history lost legend

  • girish shinde
    girish shinde 4 months ago

    One of the best opening segments...watched yesterday 😂again

  • Zara khan
    Zara khan 4 months ago

    Indeed old is gold ♥️

      DONABEL NARRA 3 months ago

      True👍Missing the old eps of running man

      DONABEL NARRA 3 months ago

      True👍 Miss the old eps of running man

  • Shaiming Daimonia
    Shaiming Daimonia 4 months ago

    0:03 Those face are priceless 😂😂😂

  • NuaHs
    NuaHs 4 months ago

    Even though he don't have many kpop idol as superclose friends , kpop idols from 2000s. till to this day adore him, respect him.

  • Hanhanhann
    Hanhanhann 4 months ago

    wht the fk i just see. but it's successfully ruin my stress with an loud laughters hahaha but the original Sistar "Alone" song makes me calm. but i never recommend the video clip for under 17yo boys. the MV was nice. where elegance, tranquility and sexiness are mixed well. what an wonderful one. I also hearing this song if i overdose with an rock songs like a7x, local surf rock bands, greenday, etc. or "dose reducer" for song that i have heard after an indie song.

  • Öznur Yıldız
    Öznur Yıldız 5 months ago


  • Syahidir Hassan
    Syahidir Hassan 5 months ago

    lol minah went crazy seeing jk dance like that lol.... and did i hear someone scream "OPPA!"? xD

  • Weii Weiik
    Weii Weiik 5 months ago

    0:22 epic moment, also haha's dance is really the same like kookie hahahah

  • Heaven_will_ Wait
    Heaven_will_ Wait 5 months ago

    running man PD now day never make such a entertain episode anymore...SAD but still glad Running Man still active until today Ep:449 April 2019

      DONABEL NARRA 3 months ago

      I haven't watch any recent episodes😂

  • Mayumi Matsuoka
    Mayumi Matsuoka 5 months ago

    Love them

  • 奕翔
    奕翔 5 months ago

    曾於2005年橫掃三大地面電視台的音樂大獎 成為韓國樂壇近二十年來唯一一位三冠個人得主 是在害羞什麼啦XD

  • Thanh Toàn Ngô
    Thanh Toàn Ngô 6 months ago

    Shit Somin was detroy this show. Pls end it before everything become terrible.

  • ᅢᅳ
    ᅢᅳ 6 months ago

    one of the most iconic scenes in rm history

  • cubic dust
    cubic dust 6 months ago

    0:54 is my favourite bit

  • Daniel Wangko
    Daniel Wangko 6 months ago


  • rockerchu
    rockerchu 6 months ago

    The fact that Jaeseok actually tries the choreo is amazing I love that man

  • danny
    danny 6 months ago




  • Thierry Ko
    Thierry Ko 7 months ago

    "Shouldn't I be notified in advance?" like he doesn't know how RM staff work by this point.

  • Tio Gabriella
    Tio Gabriella 7 months ago

    loving haha so much here! such a hardcore fanboy

  • V 019
    V 019 8 months ago

    2019 Guys?

  • Ly Be
    Ly Be 10 months ago

    Cho mk hỏi đây là tập bn vậy

  • Gamemaster17 A.K.A Maskman

    What is the song when gary going out of the van

  • Bngtn Army
    Bngtn Army 10 months ago

    jong kok oppa😘

  • neutraL
    neutraL 10 months ago

    Lets all thank jong kook sunbaenim for opening the path to kpop Press F to pay respect to Turbo

    • SVG SMK BBST 2019
      SVG SMK BBST 2019 10 months ago

      F Also yea cause Turbo is one of the first gen kpop. also don't forgot the other two.

  • TheWooN1nja
    TheWooN1nja 11 months ago

    I remember back in the X man days, Haha was a HUGE fan for Turbo and always danced with Kim Jong Kook

  • PrettyPrettyPumpkin
    PrettyPrettyPumpkin 11 months ago

    Best part is when Kookie first explodes with his cuteness and LKS looses his sh** !!

  • 1年A組音海奏声


  • 1年A組音海奏声

    トウカいじり概がありそう( ^ω^) あとかわいい( ^ω^)💕💕💕

  • Sanchez
    Sanchez Year ago

    Just Haha

  • Mouse two
    Mouse two Year ago

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  • Fakhri Suyarto
    Fakhri Suyarto Year ago

    0.31 1995 turto haha

  • Syahmi Ghafar
    Syahmi Ghafar Year ago

    i miss this kind of RunningMan where most of the best moments are spontaneous and not scripted :c wishing we could just go back in time

  • Maj Dee
    Maj Dee Year ago

    never underestimate the power of old kpop idol..😂😂

  • Muhammad Syahid Abu Bakar

    Haha is true best friend. He always dance to Jong Kook songs everytime they played it

  • Ali M
    Ali M Year ago


  • Tutik Silvia
    Tutik Silvia Year ago

    Haha 😂😂😂 fan of turbo forever😂😂

  • jeslouis .7838
    jeslouis .7838 Year ago

    Hmm why threre is not subbtitle

  • acmsong
    acmsong Year ago

    sweety muscle man

  • trixia.
    trixia. Year ago


  • Tri Juli Nabilla

    Jihyo so cute 😂

  • Alona Hicana
    Alona Hicana Year ago

    😍😍😍 Kkuk oppa!

  • 林燕茹
    林燕茹 Year ago


  • MsElvistar
    MsElvistar Year ago

    His ass is gorgeous.

  • some rare kpop/kdrama/kvariety show fanboy

    One of RM's legendary moments :D

  • ·Yultuz· ·Rozieva·

    KooKie so cute❤

  • Na Bui
    Na Bui Year ago

    What's the number of ep ?

  • I am Fab
    I am Fab Year ago

    This episode is my fave

  • soshiangel90
    soshiangel90 Year ago

    i can watch this 500 times and still loose it at how perfect he hits that leg dance

  • Anis Khoirunnisa

    when he was still a teenager

  • 李哲瑋
    李哲瑋 Year ago

    I miss sistar

  • Lemeow
    Lemeow Year ago

    They did the beat.😂

  • Tee Vee aseek
    Tee Vee aseek Year ago

    Running man episode brapa yaaa

  • Meiling Guo
    Meiling Guo Year ago

    running man这期的展示真的厉害的 看到现在都不会腻 金钟国好好笑

  • Jessica Salvador

    I can't stop laughing XD

  • Paul castillo
    Paul castillo Year ago

    Hahaahaahahahhq SUPER SEXY MAN ~~

  • Natasya _96_
    Natasya _96_ Year ago

    The best part ever😍😂😂😂❤

  • Lioness Mel
    Lioness Mel Year ago

    So ruined

  • shirota jumpei Yuu

    Oh my god

  • 郭俞君
    郭俞君 Year ago

    This is from bts or not

  • MeloVlogs
    MeloVlogs Year ago

    He did great 😂

  • Yeonghon-ui Hansum

    how is that song called? 1995 ?

    • Zaki Ar
      Zaki Ar Year ago

      Anthony H.E. black cat nero

  • Thuong Pham
    Thuong Pham Year ago

    Oppa gary

  • Aishwarya Sivakumar

    When u just realized jungkook has better butt than most girls!!!!😨😨😨😨

    • Cuncun 92
      Cuncun 92 Month ago

      He work out so he got booty

  • Liya Jany
    Liya Jany Year ago

    Miss you Gary

  • Asna Iylia
    Asna Iylia Year ago

    jong kook ver handsome

  • Nur Abby
    Nur Abby Year ago

    Hello there from 2018

  • Nate Daniels
    Nate Daniels Year ago

    He's like the Channing Tatum of Korea..

  • niksalida maizah

    Is that the bracelet taemin gave to na eun on her wrist?

  • Ya Na
    Ya Na Year ago


  • Ya Na
    Ya Na Year ago


  • yaalah teruk sekali aku mahu saja tumbuk mukanta

    Episode bape?

    • mic
      mic 3 months ago

      yaalah teruk sekali aku mahu saja tumbuk mukanta 162 i believe

  • Vybl08
    Vybl08 Year ago

    btw its TURBO and NERO not turto and neno

  • Gromvolt
    Gromvolt Year ago

    Best one!:D

  • Benny毅
    Benny毅 Year ago No wonder Haha know the dance move😂

  • Ten Xenophen
    Ten Xenophen Year ago


  • Red Velvet
    Red Velvet Year ago

    This is still so legendary

  • Nur Hamizah
    Nur Hamizah 2 years ago

    I just amaze .. How kookie oppa maintaining his youth while his others old singer generation already look much older than him .. Even those he same age with them ..

    • VondeReich
      VondeReich 2 months ago

      Simple. Dont get married yet.. Forever youth..

    • Jun Hao
      Jun Hao 6 months ago

      Ken D Santos I’m sorry for the mean comment too

    • 死神Siph
      死神Siph 6 months ago

      @Jun Hao it does but i still understand what he really meant so not really a big deal but then again nothing wrong with correcting people ... Well sorry about the earlier comment that was meant to the guy who didnt get it ..

    • Jun Hao
      Jun Hao 6 months ago

      Ken D Santos You re correct about that but the point is that the ambigous meaning that the sentence have tho

    • 死神Siph
      死神Siph 6 months ago

      @Jun Hao well im not that good in english so correct me if im wrong.. There are 2 meanings in that word that i know of One is the bad thing .. He s showing off like hes boasting (which the guy didnt meant) The other is like a "result" Jongkook is been eating healthy and exercising and now the result is "showing off"

  • hidayah ibrahim
    hidayah ibrahim 2 years ago

    miss gary

  • uncchristine99
    uncchristine99 2 years ago

    This was sooo funny... I miss Gary's big hearty laughter!