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  • DiamondVGaming
    DiamondVGaming 10 seconds ago

    I just watched an old video if his today and then I find that lol

  • Avery Ward
    Avery Ward 25 seconds ago

    18:05 lol funny shot at lance Armstrong.... 1 ball

  • Matthew Clark
    Matthew Clark 46 seconds ago

    Anyone else notice the pikachu head in the background before the product was up

  • DiamondFlames
    DiamondFlames 52 seconds ago

    0:00 My legit halloween costume (No kidding its in my closet)

  • Whybot182
    Whybot182 Minute ago

    That Pokémon guessing game was basically Claptrap..

  • Kayla Steele
    Kayla Steele Minute ago

    It's confirmed.. Michael isn't allowed to leave Hi5 Studios/Dope or Nope EVER

  • Kimberly Quinn
    Kimberly Quinn Minute ago

    I hate it when youtubers tell us to "vote in the pole" but then there is no pole

  • Earl Greathouse
    Earl Greathouse 2 minutes ago

    Mathias and J-Fred should play

  • Mz Scout
    Mz Scout 2 minutes ago

    12:06 it sounds like Michael said sh*t

  • { Aesthetic Amely }
    { Aesthetic Amely } 2 minutes ago

    *I’ve never wanted a pikachu costume so freaking much*

  • Rebeyka C. H. K
    Rebeyka C. H. K 3 minutes ago

    I'm so attracted to Robert lol his Pokemon knowledge is so hot

  • Sketch WolfV
    Sketch WolfV 3 minutes ago

    Theres no such thing as catching them all. They make thousands of them as ash catches. It’s mission impossible. 😂😂

  • Zorrox
    Zorrox 3 minutes ago

    Did anyone notice that their latest videos are exactly 24 Minutes long?

  • Sandy Nixdorf
    Sandy Nixdorf 3 minutes ago

    Tbh, it's tanner. He can wife me anyway he wants to.

  • Christoffer De La Fuente

    Make Sam do the water balloon thingy

  • Landen Lucero
    Landen Lucero 4 minutes ago

    Clone Zeus,clone wars

  • animalman
    animalman 4 minutes ago

    celebi is a mythical Pokemon

  • Kaneki otishima
    Kaneki otishima 4 minutes ago

    The pikachue moneybox is just cute

  • Jacob Hensel
    Jacob Hensel 5 minutes ago


  • Benja Studios
    Benja Studios 6 minutes ago

    Like for LIZZ

  • The Pretzel
    The Pretzel 6 minutes ago

    12:07 listen closely Michael did a swore

  • Bug gy
    Bug gy 6 minutes ago

    He looks so cute!!!😆

  • Julie Monrad
    Julie Monrad 7 minutes ago

    I WAN'T MY POLL!! OmG sO FrUsTraTInG!!

  • isaiah regalado
    isaiah regalado 7 minutes ago

    Are wenot gonna acknowledge that Michael said a no no word at 12:07 😬😂

  • Lisa Ash
    Lisa Ash 8 minutes ago

    31m0 wi11 ki11

  • Desiree Caudill
    Desiree Caudill 8 minutes ago

    13:44 just reminds me of the vine where the guy goes “your mother buys you mega blocks instead of legos” “you take that back”

  • Sir Danzo
    Sir Danzo 8 minutes ago

    I hate rayan with my life

  • Lord Rikimaru
    Lord Rikimaru 8 minutes ago

    You guys triggered me so much with this video. Nuff said.

  • Zachary Kotulski
    Zachary Kotulski 10 minutes ago

    Mega Construx is equal to LEGO, as LEGO is the larger company, but is aimed at kids and young teens. Mega Construx is more detailed and requires a skillful hand, and is geared towards a more adult audience, though I’m not saying kids don’t have skilled hands, just using the generalization.

  • Ace Poe
    Ace Poe 10 minutes ago

    Tanner omfg that name is "KAPPNKARRATKAKE" "Cap'n Carrot Cake"

  • Amanda Moo
    Amanda Moo 10 minutes ago


  • Scott Becker
    Scott Becker 10 minutes ago

    10:12 nah that's just mega crobat

  • Katie Hill
    Katie Hill 10 minutes ago

    Yikes that Pikachu is terrible..... geez! Super Jealous of the money box though ive wanted one of those for ages but import fees are awful from Japan and that glass Pokeball its certainly a dope!

  • Candis Gonzales
    Candis Gonzales 10 minutes ago

    The baby shirt I could see my fiance getting for our future kids. He's a huge pokemon nerd and would love it

  • Falling Black Snow
    Falling Black Snow 10 minutes ago

    celebi is actually an onion

  • Giovanni Spanha
    Giovanni Spanha 11 minutes ago

    0,25x is magic

  • Tyler Hibler
    Tyler Hibler 11 minutes ago


  • Nathan .s
    Nathan .s 11 minutes ago

    That’s fake Lego real Lego is much better quality and there is NO plural for Lego that’s it it not LEGOS IT IS LEGO as Lego is danish for play well thus can have no plural I am bored of correcting dumb youtubers and I am tired but It triggers me a lot

  • Naya Sohi
    Naya Sohi 12 minutes ago

    Anyone actually watch Pokémon? Just me? Ok😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • Irina Davis
    Irina Davis 12 minutes ago

    Yeah they use a laser to etch the design into the glass (or it's some sort of crystal...). I have one my dad got from one of his multiple trips to Russia. It's really really pretty. (Can't remember what the object/scene is. I think it's Saint Basil's...)

  • Katie Fraser
    Katie Fraser 12 minutes ago

    I couldnt see the poll to choose who should have the Ryans World Splat. Love the guess who type product for which pokemon you thought of . I so laughed when Robert played the Head game!

  • Ace Poe
    Ace Poe 12 minutes ago

    Baltoad?! Lmfao

  • rupesh prajapati
    rupesh prajapati 12 minutes ago

    rob ert

  • rupesh prajapati
    rupesh prajapati 12 minutes ago

    you have not made a video in elven months

  • datcrazy dude
    datcrazy dude 13 minutes ago

    Can you please do a godzilla dope or nope

  • Amber
    Amber 13 minutes ago

    this is embarrassing

  • rupesh prajapati
    rupesh prajapati 13 minutes ago


  • da dood
    da dood 13 minutes ago

    12:06 what was that?

  • Lllama cat Studio
    Lllama cat Studio 13 minutes ago

    Yo dope or nope did you see my vid showing you a real rc car from toy story repliy if you did

  • Renee Christie
    Renee Christie 14 minutes ago

    did anyone else read the shout out name as Captain Carrot Cake?

  • Kayleigh B
    Kayleigh B 14 minutes ago

    That baby vest isn’t too bad. My son had one that said I’m cute mums hot dddys lucky 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Blaze the Cat
    Blaze the Cat 14 minutes ago

    Gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon!! Edit: Celebi is a MYTHICAL not a legendary

  • Phameful
    Phameful 14 minutes ago

    23:40 Michael made me laugh at this I'm sorry 😂

  • Yvette mcQuesten
    Yvette mcQuesten 15 minutes ago

    The mega blocks not LEGO lol Pikachu must have been built wrong because I have the same one and it’s super sturdy and very cute.

  • TestSubject6
    TestSubject6 15 minutes ago

    Wow I realize how much I know about Pokemon when I see these guys like "Oh I know everything about pokemon. Oh wait I don't know the regions names" Only Pokemon I don't know everything about are the Ultra Beasts but I'm playing through Moon still. I have one of every generation of the games. P.S Pokemon Go is NOT a core Pokemon RPG. Does not count.

  • E Nez
    E Nez 16 minutes ago

    Robert is adorable

  • Uni
    Uni 16 minutes ago

    Remember when this was the Matthias channel and bryan would smash the product on da desk

  • Jacob Hensel
    Jacob Hensel 16 minutes ago

    Love your channel!!!!!!!!!

  • Lamarr Otems
    Lamarr Otems 17 minutes ago

    I wanna lick Liz

  • Marlo Zarzaur
    Marlo Zarzaur 17 minutes ago


  • Liuxian Tsoi
    Liuxian Tsoi 17 minutes ago

    Celebi is mythical not legendary but yote

  • Mayon Kids
    Mayon Kids 18 minutes ago

    Pokémon is Horrible and confusing But as usual great vid

    • Tactix
      Tactix 7 minutes ago

      you're horrible. confirmed.

  • David Luna
    David Luna 18 minutes ago

    I came for ya boty

    LMAO TEAM 18 minutes ago

    yo dope or nope team its not a lego pikachu its a brick pikachu its not lego thats the brand name

  • arjun parashar
    arjun parashar 18 minutes ago

    At 9:16 you see Pikachu behind tan-man, At 11:45 the same Pikachu is introduced....... Could this be what I think it is....?

  • george prosser
    george prosser 19 minutes ago

    Please do a women’s/period/pregnancy products video😁

  • gohosting
    gohosting 19 minutes ago

    Why was the pikachu head in the Background at the beginning of the episode and then they review that Product in the middle I'm so confused of what kind of magic this is

  • Patrick Meehan
    Patrick Meehan 19 minutes ago

    Awesome video

  • Caged Rage
    Caged Rage 19 minutes ago

    All that Batman would say if he was a Pokémon would be IM BATMAN

  • Burn77oas7
    Burn77oas7 19 minutes ago

    I believe his name is Captain carot kake

  • Destroyer12372
    Destroyer12372 19 minutes ago

    the Pikachu bank looks like pennywise

  • Eddie Dejesus
    Eddie Dejesus 20 minutes ago

    Play with Samantha !!!

  • Miu
    Miu 20 minutes ago

    I can't believe those damn beauty standards even dictate Pikachu weight...

  • Lanna Peace
    Lanna Peace 20 minutes ago

    The "I love magic" part killed me 🤣🤣

  • M's Universe
    M's Universe 21 minute ago

    "What's a master ball? " -a ball were u master bait

  • Derick' Ackerman
    Derick' Ackerman 21 minute ago

    Is it quilava? NO!!! ALRIGHT😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 now you guys are triggering me with the polls you say to vote in the poll and there isn't one

  • Kyo Pandaz
    Kyo Pandaz 22 minutes ago

    None of this will last with my son. Something shaped like a ball? Throw it I'm building something? Knock it down. I'm wearing a costume? Let out a blood curdling scream and hit me

  • naru-naru love
    naru-naru love 22 minutes ago

    I love Harry Potter 😍😍

  • Connor Wolf
    Connor Wolf 22 minutes ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Rookwings Kirk
    Rookwings Kirk 23 minutes ago

    15:00 You can play the same game with post-it notes, which is arguably more fun

  • Falling Black Snow
    Falling Black Snow 23 minutes ago


  • Red 85437
    Red 85437 23 minutes ago

    Matt: WE NEED A MEDIC! Me: ON IT

  • Connor H
    Connor H 24 minutes ago


  • Filip Woloszyn
    Filip Woloszyn 24 minutes ago

    12:07 does he cuss or is that just my head playing tricks on the at midnight

  • Gabe Nierman
    Gabe Nierman 26 minutes ago

    Can you guys do a Stranger Things themed video please😢

  • Jocelyn Studios
    Jocelyn Studios 26 minutes ago

    Robert is so naturally funny, he should be in more videos!

  • Cranky Pigs
    Cranky Pigs 26 minutes ago

    This is one of the best videos you have done but I love. Eevee better

  • Pascal Gaudreault
    Pascal Gaudreault 26 minutes ago


  • Pascal Gaudreault
    Pascal Gaudreault 27 minutes ago

    Like this video

  • MaybeBaby 28
    MaybeBaby 28 27 minutes ago

    Did Michael just curse in this video talking about Legos saying "That's my s***"? After he hi-fived Matt?

  • Jorge
    Jorge 27 minutes ago


  • The Adventures of PugBoy
    The Adventures of PugBoy 27 minutes ago

    Congrats on 7M subs!

  • DJTJ paterson
    DJTJ paterson 28 minutes ago

    The worst part is when Robert said it that x and y is the newer generation

  • Roberto Muscianese
    Roberto Muscianese 28 minutes ago

    Hi friends, vmgrxll for up to 50% off

  • Jay Cali
    Jay Cali 29 minutes ago

    Tanner and his relentless efforts 🤦🏻‍♂️ like this of you agree he should be behind the scenes

  • Luis Duenez
    Luis Duenez 29 minutes ago

    Get Mathiasiam to sing bulbasaur song

  • Olivia Larson
    Olivia Larson 29 minutes ago

    I saw the Pikachu head and I got so confused

  • Edwardo F
    Edwardo F 29 minutes ago

    Well done Tanner "It's 12 inches tall, so that's about a foot" 👏👏👏

  • Owens Reptile Catch and release

    Love the new table

  • Glitch Gaming
    Glitch Gaming 29 minutes ago

    Thank you for making this video I have been going through a tough time today and I was excited to see this vid