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Fifa 20 Volta BINGO
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Fifa 20 SQUAD DUEL!!!
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  • Person Person
    Person Person 3 minutes ago

    Finally a drogba icon

  • Maxence Downs
    Maxence Downs 7 minutes ago


  • JJ
    JJ 18 minutes ago

    Can someone tell me what’s best way to win the best packs such as “rare player pack” please tell me. Like which game mode exactly

  • The British Lemon

    Teemu puki or lewandoski. Cheap easy SBSCs for some banging players

  • Stuart Cowie
    Stuart Cowie Hour ago

    Tommmmmmmmm "so you've worked out that i can move away from the premier league, so what we're gonna do, is we're gonna stick with the premier league" lmaooooo

  • Zyth Kaayz
    Zyth Kaayz 2 hours ago

    For fifa 20 do KakA

  • Will Haywood
    Will Haywood 2 hours ago

    Funny How he said superstar and he thought it was magiure he just needs to realise Man U are shit 😂😂

  • _ swifty _
    _ swifty _ 2 hours ago


  • brett kelly
    brett kelly 3 hours ago

    Do a SBSD on the inform Nani

  • William Mayall
    William Mayall 3 hours ago

    This is fifa 19

  • Chris Helayel
    Chris Helayel 3 hours ago

    Do a sbsd with aa9skillz

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia 4 hours ago


  • Fabian Garcia
    Fabian Garcia 4 hours ago

    Toms team was so boring. Why use Legend Kaka just to make a basic premier league team? Waste of a SBSD

  • Charlie
    Charlie 4 hours ago


  • Kevin Beegan
    Kevin Beegan 4 hours ago


  • Saif Pahadi
    Saif Pahadi 4 hours ago

    Wahh happened to the trump card for his keeper

  • Cxnxry
    Cxnxry 4 hours ago

    No rtg?

  • 프로의피파실력man


  • Niall Foster
    Niall Foster 5 hours ago

    Do Ronaldo vs ITANI

  • Pepe I’ll a
    Pepe I’ll a 5 hours ago


  • Dext Rekt
    Dext Rekt 5 hours ago

    marco reus

  • Stubbsy
    Stubbsy 5 hours ago

    Do the first SBSD on IF Erling Haland because why not

  • Cheeky Daminen
    Cheeky Daminen 5 hours ago

    If mane

  • Gibi _Monk3yz
    Gibi _Monk3yz 6 hours ago

    Can you get nick in plz thanks have a good day

  • Umar Ismail
    Umar Ismail 6 hours ago

    Music at 1:57?

  • Umar Ismail
    Umar Ismail 6 hours ago

    Music at 18:51 ??

  • ` xDmanboe546 `
    ` xDmanboe546 ` 7 hours ago


  • Jelth Gamer
    Jelth Gamer 7 hours ago

    Messi messi messi number 10

  • DrBellyFloppers
    DrBellyFloppers 7 hours ago

    Potm Pukki

  • Leckey HD
    Leckey HD 7 hours ago

    Do the first SBSD with reev

  • Martin Mounir
    Martin Mounir 8 hours ago

    do the first SBSD on Jordan sancho against Itani

  • nasser aldarmaki
    nasser aldarmaki 8 hours ago

    Or use mo salah or hazard

  • big lad kev
    big lad kev 8 hours ago

    How are everton still in the premier league

  • Erlend Røsten
    Erlend Røsten 8 hours ago

    Hit like if you want Pokémon-Fifa back

  • DudemanDudeman McDonald's

    If only Andy knew what FIFA price drops were like.. smh 😅

  • Benjamin Scothorne
    Benjamin Scothorne 9 hours ago

    That saxophone that comes in around 15:26 for a second it sounds like a slow song that’s quite well known anyone know it?

  • Sonbol Khalil
    Sonbol Khalil 9 hours ago

    Do it with Itani and on Hazard or Griezmann plssss itani just got married, let’s see if he’s still a cheat

  • seb tank
    seb tank 9 hours ago

    Do it on pukki

  • Liam Barker
    Liam Barker 9 hours ago

    The first sbsd should be son his card looks great

  • XxGalaxyWolf UnixX
    XxGalaxyWolf UnixX 9 hours ago

    I'm from Ghana so that midfield lol

  • Scorpia 23
    Scorpia 23 9 hours ago

    do insigne in goal vs itani

  • TrunksKenway
    TrunksKenway 9 hours ago

    Do it on Lord Bendtner

  • David N
    David N 9 hours ago

    First sbsd on IF mignolet

  • Slammer HD
    Slammer HD 10 hours ago


  • Kelvin Halluni
    Kelvin Halluni 10 hours ago

    So they give kaka , who is a ballon d'or winner a 91 prime version , but they give bergkamp a 92 prime version? I mean denis was class, pure class , but never won something as special as the champions league Denis was good for a couple of years while kaka was the best in 2-3 seasons

  • Sam D
    Sam D 10 hours ago

    Pukki POTM vs Oakly

  • mehmedcraft34
    mehmedcraft34 10 hours ago

    Do it on In-Form Mane

  • Tom Saelensminde
    Tom Saelensminde 10 hours ago

    van dijk or pukki

  • Vatsal Agarwal
    Vatsal Agarwal 10 hours ago

    Easily pukki

  • buz998
    buz998 10 hours ago

    He is been good for a little... 7 years at milan is not a little andy

  • Kai Cassidy
    Kai Cassidy 10 hours ago

    We need AA9Skillz

  • Jens Westra
    Jens Westra 10 hours ago

    Matthy Omg ik zie je achter zweback zitten

  • Marco
    Marco 10 hours ago


  • Oskar Kjellberg
    Oskar Kjellberg 10 hours ago

    Rev or Itani the cheat

  • L16tL35 L
    L16tL35 L 10 hours ago

    Tammy Abraham

    RAFIKOOOO 11 hours ago

    This fat guy is so annoying.. didnt even use his trump card ... ruining the game

    • Maarten Vangeel
      Maarten Vangeel 7 hours ago

      Wasnt mills at striker a goalie? People saying crazy shit, that is so annoying.

  • Louis Harrison
    Louis Harrison 11 hours ago

    This blokes got the most boring monotone voice ever

  • Craig Harper
    Craig Harper 11 hours ago

    do it on dan james the guy is a beast

  • Jan Djdn
    Jan Djdn 11 hours ago


  • Hayden Shearer
    Hayden Shearer 12 hours ago


  • Mr Outis
    Mr Outis 12 hours ago

    do 1 with Bateson

  • Yato Potato
    Yato Potato 12 hours ago

    Andy bags on Castero for getting richarlisons position wrong and immediately puts down neymar for LW...when you know...hes a CAM

  • The gaming Chanel
    The gaming Chanel 12 hours ago

    Kaka means poo

  • SKE
    SKE 12 hours ago

    do de ligt or de jong

  • Raffy Shamash
    Raffy Shamash 12 hours ago

    Do a sbs with Pepe from Arsenal

  • Jackanator17
    Jackanator17 12 hours ago

    Picks perin could of had szceny

  • FifaBeasters
    FifaBeasters 12 hours ago

    Pukki as 1st sbsd

  • Spencer Parry
    Spencer Parry 12 hours ago


  • Jono 1434
    Jono 1434 13 hours ago

    mane if

  • Finnén
    Finnén 13 hours ago


  • Laurenz Du
    Laurenz Du 13 hours ago

    kaka is less iconic than Gerrard looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Lewis Mahony
    Lewis Mahony 13 hours ago


  • Lucas Vanwynsberghe
    Lucas Vanwynsberghe 13 hours ago

    I love Lasty!

  • Alex 696969
    Alex 696969 13 hours ago

    5:57 is that fat pep guardiola in the backround

  • Dan Mc
    Dan Mc 13 hours ago

    Kaka hasn't been done dirty. He was good at Milan the last couple of years. For Brazil Rivaldo was better than him and nobody is complaining about his rating. I think people just wanted another insane card, some people actually said he should be 93/94 are ridiculous, thats what messi and ronaldo are rated, he was never their level. 90 would have been accurate

  • Callum McMullan
    Callum McMullan 13 hours ago

    Do potm puuki

  • Trav TDS
    Trav TDS 13 hours ago

    The amount of times Andy said “pull out”................. giggidy

  • Anthony Younes
    Anthony Younes 13 hours ago

    Allan saint Maximin sbsd

  • Patrik Mellin
    Patrik Mellin 13 hours ago

    Potm pukki!!

  • Kyle Ismail
    Kyle Ismail 13 hours ago

    Pukki or If mane

  • Gurjinder Gaurh
    Gurjinder Gaurh 14 hours ago

    Do a sbsd de Jong with reev

  • Sander Johansen
    Sander Johansen 14 hours ago

    Could you do a squad builder showdown in the new mode called “Swap”?

  • Hans
    Hans 14 hours ago

    I think he got this rating because the one who did it didn't like how kaka destroys united. Is the only thing I can think of.

  • Ben Ryan
    Ben Ryan 14 hours ago


  • BLOCKER 03
    BLOCKER 03 14 hours ago

    11/10 with Rice. Do it with Rice

  • • L3thalVen0m8998
    • L3thalVen0m8998 14 hours ago


  • Mikael Lien
    Mikael Lien 14 hours ago

    great video man! Can you try out Malen if? I love the card and i think you should try it! He has everythibg and the if boost really saved the card

  • danielDP
    danielDP 14 hours ago

    You should do SBSD with manny

  • Daniel Wishart
    Daniel Wishart 14 hours ago

    Do Sbsd with hazard against w2s

  • Aadnethepotato
    Aadnethepotato 14 hours ago

    Can't wait for the Reus SBSD vs Reev!!!

  • Pana
    Pana 14 hours ago


    DanTDM MEGA FAN 14 hours ago

    you should do dalglish

    MCGUINNIESTA FC 14 hours ago

    Can you do reev as first and do pukki

  • Oliver Williams
    Oliver Williams 14 hours ago

    Love to see Mose Kean, the BEAST

  • Ben Clark
    Ben Clark 14 hours ago

    Watching this Sunday. And Andy I have to say this UNLUCKY. Sheff United all the way ⚔️⚔️

  • ReXus 11
    ReXus 11 14 hours ago


  • Lily Higgins
    Lily Higgins 14 hours ago

    Do pukki u know everyone wants it

  • W03 Hercus
    W03 Hercus 15 hours ago

    You have to do the first squad builder showdown on the arsenal legend gabriel Martinelli.

  • TTVdomblues7
    TTVdomblues7 15 hours ago

    Do one with Castro with Gomes or someone like that I said Gomes cause he’s the sexiest man alive.

  • Aaron Whyte
    Aaron Whyte 15 hours ago