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  • JRW3
    JRW3 8 minutes ago

    The expert neglected to say that Stonewall was shot by friendly fire at the Battle of Chancellorsville, had to have his left arm amputated and got pneumonia from those wounds

  • Hotwheels Andmylegosss
    Hotwheels Andmylegosss 11 minutes ago

    I like this whole thing!!! U guys are great!!! I have to visit this place when I go to Milwaukee!!!!

  • Kool Kid
    Kool Kid 11 minutes ago


  • Magda Alan
    Magda Alan 17 minutes ago

    Somariny. Arminius bol Herman - ten, čo uznáva boha Hermesa. Bol to Slovan. Ale vy západniari to nikdy nepochopíte, lebo neuvažujete.

  • Strange Things
    Strange Things 26 minutes ago

    this happened in 2004 and its now 2019 going on 2020 an still wicky cover ups till this day will the people every change in this world before humanity get wiped out on this planet and will we discover anything els before our time

  • Rob Harris
    Rob Harris 27 minutes ago

    I hope there paying him well!!!! crazy mad....

  • ディズニー好き
    ディズニー好き 28 minutes ago


  • Ahmad Faris
    Ahmad Faris 29 minutes ago

    Almost claim everything

  • pOpXavi
    pOpXavi 31 minute ago

    Fake accent 😂

    ANAK JAMAN NOW TV * 34 minutes ago


  • Strange Things
    Strange Things 35 minutes ago

    i think it is funny how they always say these UFOs are aye threat the only threat is the military them selfs by intervening on them UFOs would be funny if these UFOs used the military equipment against the military them selfs if by any means if these UFOs were a big threat the military would have been taken out years ago before anyone mentioned them UFOs dont you think

  • miss Piggy
    miss Piggy 38 minutes ago

    Lets boldly go where no man has gone before.....a haunted house👻👻👻👻👻

  • jonas nunez
    jonas nunez 41 minute ago

    My favorite show on History. Keep it coming.

  • Cris 06
    Cris 06 55 minutes ago

    Where the heck is Hvitserk?

  • Mark M
    Mark M 57 minutes ago

    This guy apparently told Johnny Knoxville to hold his beer.

  • yafet tuwanakotta

    Gnang pedang????...gunung = mountain...🤣🤣 So its padang mountain

  • yafet tuwanakotta

    Yes i am an allien..thanks..

  • Jacobus Van Zyl
    Jacobus Van Zyl Hour ago

    What a waste of good fish.

  • Wieszak
    Wieszak Hour ago

    In Poland (11.09.1939) there was a unit (kosynierzy gdyńscy) of soldiers armed in scythes. That day they had a battle against german elite unit called ss-germania. Polish soldiers attacked them with scythes and cutted off almost whole unit. Thank's to this thay got a lot of guns and also a few trucks and motorbikes. Adolph Hitler had been furious and he didn't allowed to reconstruct ss-germania unit. But the scythes where a little different. Thoes used in combat had blade attached like a spearhead. In polish history the scythes where used many times.

  • Alpha Little
    Alpha Little Hour ago

    You guys should go and check out firewalkers in Fiji🇫🇯🇫🇯

  • Reaper of Hope
    Reaper of Hope Hour ago

    Never thought you could have a historically inaccurate witch.

  • Shane Mahpar
    Shane Mahpar Hour ago

    Where’s the proof that there was a Library in Alexandria that conveniently had answers to all of our historical questions of science? That’s a load of fiction! Stupid

  • Michael Mc
    Michael Mc Hour ago

    These vanilla faces got more dollars than sense.

  • Ruzman Roes
    Ruzman Roes Hour ago

    Leumbur uing eta mah ,wara'as euy

  • Cha Kra
    Cha Kra Hour ago

    This show is missing one last step, I dunno, theories or some possible answers or rigorous debunking or something

  • Malang Tourist Guide

    Wow!! Good to know tho.. 🤔

  • Cha Kra
    Cha Kra Hour ago

    What would the guy with the funny hair on Ancient Aliens say caused the weird rock formation? Hmmmm 🤔

  • ZezBez
    ZezBez Hour ago

    that scream 0:25 😂😂

  • Cha Kra
    Cha Kra Hour ago

    Whoa the real shock was when you hear Captain Kirk’s voice narrating and see him! I love William Shatner, but dang can’t he find better work?

  • Keith Means
    Keith Means Hour ago

    I'm a Alien I will soon post videos of my craft and myself for the world to see.

  • Alex Janoher
    Alex Janoher Hour ago

    expert guy: lemme look at it and see if its real. *looks for less than 1 sec* YeAh ItS rEaL

  • Don't You Get Caught Somedays

    Hi guys, which platform will it be on ? Netflix ? Amazon prime ? OCS ?..

  • Erica Choirunisa

    Inter people : It must caused by Aliens Meanwhile Indo people : Dedemit ini mah

  • Subscribe to me Dont ask why

    Imagine your job is to destroy test dummies

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman 2 hours ago

    No one thought these outfits were historically accurate. It’s not like people chose to wear them for that reason..

  • bl ue
    bl ue 2 hours ago

    急におすすめに出てきたんだが 同士おる?w

  • valar
    valar 2 hours ago

    That dude playing the Russian prince is one handsome fella.

  • Pertamax7
    Pertamax7 2 hours ago

    Indonesia 🤔

  • Lalisa Blackpink Tea

    Why do u say aliens technology build it?? 😂 Just acknowledge that before the Noah’s Great Flood , human civilizations were already able to have these good architecture technologies and even have aircraft to fly with.

  • Duane Yazie
    Duane Yazie 2 hours ago


  • Zach Brokmeier
    Zach Brokmeier 2 hours ago

    Everyone saying it's fake! You can see his hand is broken right after he sits down and looks at it in the unfinished cabin. The nuckle is down and you can even see an edge under the skin in the same place the X-ray shows.

  • Osuman AAA
    Osuman AAA 2 hours ago

    The judges are really brave to ask someone they just disqualified from winning 10,000 dollars to come closer to them holding a weapon ..

  • Stringed Services
    Stringed Services 2 hours ago

    This clip reminded me of why I quit watching the show.

  • Shen Gaoren
    Shen Gaoren 2 hours ago

    “forging is dangerous, do not try this at home” every other blacksmith: *laugh menacingly*

  • Володя Богоданов

    RIP Brooklyn Bridge 1920-2000 1:03

  • AllThings Spiritual
    AllThings Spiritual 2 hours ago

    When you have a spiritual awakening you will soon realise that these “experts” have no clue with what they are talking about 🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Robin Friberg
    Robin Friberg 2 hours ago

    Vikings is one of the few series that just get better and better

  • Iceman
    Iceman 2 hours ago

    So many people credited with being involved in this production,

  • Arif Nugraha
    Arif Nugraha 2 hours ago

    Mountain of Enlightment ndasmu...yg bener Mountain Padang...padang tu nama benda bkn kata sifat

  • Eric Verlaet
    Eric Verlaet 2 hours ago

    99% de conneries sur la toile. Une de plus...

  • Parrot Bill
    Parrot Bill 3 hours ago

    Ain't that funny? The poachers have some poaching their area. What goes around, comes around! Couldn't happen to a better couple of jerks! Seem like the bad guys always wear black. 😁

  • Eric Fouch
    Eric Fouch 3 hours ago

    I'm sure that bend had nothing to do with Doug's edge alignment.

  • Panzerwulf18
    Panzerwulf18 3 hours ago

    I would've smoked the fish afterwards

  • Cody Legare
    Cody Legare 3 hours ago

    Eddie halls my fav strongman guy is someone u would love to party with guys hilarious

  • Cody Legare
    Cody Legare 3 hours ago

    Brian Shaw is a freak athlete very few of them in the world.

  • manew newman
    manew newman 3 hours ago

    it is a tree wiseup people history channel fakers

  • Arjun K Biju
    Arjun K Biju 3 hours ago

    Do these microorganisms are resistive to UV rays..? do these microorganisms have any kind of relations between the microorganisms which was discovered in the stratosphere by ISRO?

  • GaRdZ
    GaRdZ 3 hours ago

    Disclaimer: SJW have been butthurt with the making of this video.

  • احمد عواد الغزي

    شوكت تنزل حلقاته مو شكيتونه شك

  • danu prasetya
    danu prasetya 3 hours ago


  • Cesar Carbajal
    Cesar Carbajal 3 hours ago

    Those blonde hair ones are the Pleiadians

  • Edward Harold Butler

    They are here to make sure we do not distroy the planet or ourselves. Man oh man, they ain't doing a very good job at all. Are they?

    CAMERON BRAVO 3 hours ago

    I would not want to be the son of the judge known as J and get in trouble with him.

  • Htoo Htoo
    Htoo Htoo 3 hours ago

    What about India?

  • Gary val Rodaje
    Gary val Rodaje 3 hours ago


  • Oddball TV
    Oddball TV 3 hours ago

    Bian did a better job with his puns than he did his sword.

    DIABOLIC 4 hours ago

    Starting to turn blue and swell

  • Bannock Outdoors
    Bannock Outdoors 4 hours ago

    Awesome Job Bud Congratulations On Killing A Moose With A Bow And Winning The Show 😁

  • Brian Clark
    Brian Clark 4 hours ago

    Treasure Hunters, not Treasure Finders.... They would do better mining for gold.

  • realism51
    realism51 4 hours ago

    Also sadly only once did I see this weapon used correctly (8:24) these are intended to be used mid blade, not at the end,, the weight increased the damage and velocity of the center of the mass of the blade, this is why the material cuts so easily at this time stamp

  • Ford Fiction
    Ford Fiction 4 hours ago

    Oberst shut up. Its always been about shaw and hall

  • realism51
    realism51 4 hours ago

    The kopis was just a crappy weapon. It fails and failed on so many levels (not tlaking about the show but in practical and historical ) The specs given are not true Kopis specs, the Kopis was actually more akin to teh Kopri, the kopris handle does a lot of detriment to the weapon

  • PSRAJPUT music
    PSRAJPUT music 4 hours ago

    Hi Vancouver side people please tell them to come north side of the India

  • Gotta Long
    Gotta Long 4 hours ago


  • Daro Darius
    Daro Darius 4 hours ago

    Imagine you are a hunter gatherer primitive being in a time with absolutely no technological advancements. A hunter will worry about how to store energy for survival, not waste it on i dont know how carving 20 ton blocks.

  • Citizen Kane
    Citizen Kane 4 hours ago

    Ufo only in usa hahahaha

  • mohammed tarek
    mohammed tarek 4 hours ago

    Who is here for ......it will kiiill

  • Mi Ba
    Mi Ba 4 hours ago

    Tot respectul pentru stiinta, cercetatori dar nu sunt de acord cu manipularea acestui artefact cu mainile goale. Niste manusi se pot gasi. Pana la gasirea unor mijloace de investigare mai perfectionate ar fi bine de pastrat intr-o atmosfera controlata sau chiar in vid, o mostra din el fiind necesara pentru a fi analizat in continuare.

  •  4 hours ago

    love it

  • Teresa Johnson
    Teresa Johnson 4 hours ago

    Liked liked liked videos awesome.

  • Ricardo Solis
    Ricardo Solis 4 hours ago

    Am the father.

  • mech5 fab
    mech5 fab 4 hours ago

    This "Reality Show" needs a new writer.

  • Charles Graves
    Charles Graves 4 hours ago

    Just be honest, you guys at this liberal history channel made this propaganda video to try to correlate Trump with Russia. Be honest

  • Jericho Roa
    Jericho Roa 4 hours ago

    Best judge



  • notchism
    notchism 5 hours ago


  • E. Solo.
    E. Solo. 5 hours ago

    "Secrets of The Roswell Rock", hmm. Should be "Secrets Of Bullcrap Crock". I mean, real talk, these cats have been screaming this ancient alien stuff for almost 15 years now (so much they're rehashing older episodes and calling them 'new') and what have they proved, huh? Nothing. Zero. "Oh, the aliens built the pyramids," says the wild-haired man, but I bet y'all that if he could go back in time to see HOW they really built them, he'd be like, "What? Really??? We got that stuff in the tool shed!", and if he asked the ancient Egyptians if they ever saw aliens flying around, they'd be like, "Aliens? Flying discs? Oh, yeah, we see them all of the time. Hey, you're from the future...do YOU know what the heck they are???" I just watch this show for the pretty pictures and the temple shots now. The rest of it, I just laugh. Sorry, y'all.

  • Hendrix Tarantado
    Hendrix Tarantado 5 hours ago

    How come most of these structures around the world either look like its unfinished, destroyed, or abandoned and people just left like " aight.. im bored. Im not feeling it here anymore..time for a change of scenery" and just bounced.

  • それは草w
    それは草w 5 hours ago


  • Wadjet
    Wadjet 5 hours ago


  • Pikacang
    Pikacang 5 hours ago

    Genang Pedang🤣🤣🤣

  • Craig Kaschan
    Craig Kaschan 5 hours ago

    Wow you love killing. I don’t see any police up there

  • Mia Johnson
    Mia Johnson 5 hours ago


  • Guap Jacc
    Guap Jacc 5 hours ago

    OG's always do it better 😤💪🏽

  • The clan 3,000
    The clan 3,000 5 hours ago

    Lets all have a huge imagination :) i love it !!

  • Inesh Khanal
    Inesh Khanal 5 hours ago

    Yo sup? Blyat

  • Theresa Guerena
    Theresa Guerena 5 hours ago

    They went to inner earth

  • Theresa Guerena
    Theresa Guerena 5 hours ago

    I think they went to inner earth

  • TheWestFire
    TheWestFire 5 hours ago

    Would’ve loved it if he said “It will Reep”

  • Chrissy Perivancich
    Chrissy Perivancich 5 hours ago

    I'm so excited I love this Series !!! 😋🌼