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Vaping Hazard
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Dollar Tree Follow Up
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Highway 84 traffic
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Sibling stabbing
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Kinsey Garbage Debate
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SEACT performance
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Woman found dead
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Nafessa Thomas
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Power in Purple
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Civitan 101
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USDA announces aid
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suicide prevention
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Robert Dean
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News 18 at 10:00 p.m.
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Bob Dean resigns
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Wreck on 52
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HA vs Pike County
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Hobo Pantry Crash
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State park closes
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Friday morning crashes
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  • mike ashford
    mike ashford Day ago

    Oh like things are not bad enough ...

  • Clybourn Street
    Clybourn Street 2 days ago

    US postal service?

  • Daija griffin
    Daija griffin 3 days ago


  • Rick Blain
    Rick Blain 4 days ago

    How interesting that so many crimes take place, in so many different cities, in the area of MLK Drive, MLK Blvd, MLK Avenue, etc. What a unique "coincidence"!

  • Cory
    Cory 5 days ago

    Sarah drake is amazing at her job she’s a good news reporter 🔥🤟🏽

  • Bonbon C
    Bonbon C 5 days ago

    One of my fave Top Chef Winners

  • Nicholas Woodburn
    Nicholas Woodburn 6 days ago

    I got charged double for tires at a rnr in Brandon Florida and they can’t even rotate tires correctly

  • Brad Boisvert
    Brad Boisvert 7 days ago

    Jesus 100 stops that's nothinggggggg I literally just punched out tonight at 8 with 202 stops no lunch

  • Tina Jones
    Tina Jones 11 days ago

    The Best Place in the World my Family is from here and we eats here all the time Blackmons on deck!!!

    • Lea Lea
      Lea Lea 11 days ago

      Represent for us cuz😂😂

  • Rick Blain
    Rick Blain 11 days ago

    WHOA!!!! Wait a minute!! Did this guy actually SAY that the thieves were BLACK??? I thought that the NAACP had given strict orders that NO ONE was to identify criminals as "black"!!! This guy is going to be in serious trouble!!!

    SPIRIT DOT 11 days ago

    He's sketchy as mutha eff. He probably murdered her.

  • Jon Peacock
    Jon Peacock 11 days ago


  • Amy Mayville
    Amy Mayville 12 days ago

    Absolutely love him soooo much!!!! Keep em coming!!!!

  • BUTU LaGanga
    BUTU LaGanga 12 days ago

    Something fishy here.

  • Ross Headley
    Ross Headley 13 days ago

    How much did they slow you down that day?

  • Rolex Kingg
    Rolex Kingg 17 days ago

    Please be careful in Florida Dorian is bigger than the other one 😔🥺😢☹️

  • Stephan Doiron
    Stephan Doiron 17 days ago

    Background music is really distracting and the mix is too loud and you stole content from other creators which is really sad...

  • Cescobaby
    Cescobaby 18 days ago

    Miami here and ready

  • H. S.
    H. S. 20 days ago

    Get vaccinated

  • johnny rambo
    johnny rambo 22 days ago

    Dam shame absolutely and dam shame to get to this place and see no comment s this is my hometown my roots. And I want the family to know I'm concerned because this could have been me. A dam shame BOY RAMBO

  • GereDJ2
    GereDJ2 23 days ago

    Dothent? Docent? What?

  • Denise Abrams
    Denise Abrams 23 days ago

    Too funny

  • Nathan Sampson
    Nathan Sampson 23 days ago

    Look up CenturyLink stock market it's failing CenturyLink is a dying company it needs to die out

  • Jamal Maloney
    Jamal Maloney 23 days ago

    Marcus got the cooch tonight😂

  • Kym  Kochavi
    Kym Kochavi 24 days ago

    I believe a SUBSTANTIAL raise is in order.

  • Experimental54321
    Experimental54321 25 days ago

    But the planetarium is probably the funnest attraction they need an old wooden ride. To make Alabama great again. Please build a buzzsaw falls Thas my all time favorite ride.

  • Experimental54321
    Experimental54321 25 days ago

    They need more attractions at landmark like rides of sort its extremely boring and there isnt much but a few old houses. They need a 60 million dollar grant. I promise folks will go. It's soo boring. But I went in 6th grade. I thought they had at least 1 ride

  • Sara Carmack
    Sara Carmack 26 days ago

    Why is it just the drivers who get the attention. My husband works in the second largest UPS air hub in the US as a package handler,them and the rest of the hub workers are the backbone of the company.....do a day in the life of those workers for once

    • Kxssam
      Kxssam 9 days ago

      Sara Carmack so know you want them to do this series for every job in the world... smhhh

  • Stevie Dee
    Stevie Dee 27 days ago

    I love to see a brother have 20 years on the job

  • Fortnite boy
    Fortnite boy 27 days ago

    That's coach tisdale

  • The Talking Nerdz
    The Talking Nerdz 29 days ago

    Thank you for the whitest fried chicken review that I’ve ever witnessed.

  • Matt ghfgjgh
    Matt ghfgjgh 29 days ago

    8 hrs? haha

  • theoneandonlyEli
    theoneandonlyEli Month ago

    playing race into everything omg. he had sex with JB right before she died, if that doesn't make you want to look into the case then you're just dumb

  • gingataisen
    gingataisen Month ago

    This gentleman just won the internet.

  • Humble Believer
    Humble Believer Month ago


  • Keni Mitchell
    Keni Mitchell Month ago

    Sounds like kids are doing some c02. No teacher got sick.🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Joi Simmons
    Joi Simmons Month ago

    I really wished You would ship to Kansas. Love your chicken. # Home grown

  • Adam Askew
    Adam Askew Month ago

    It's good but not as tasty as back a few years ago when Ms Evelyn was running it. Different spices now.

  • David Elizondo
    David Elizondo Month ago

    it's real Good, as good as Ol country store in Lorman, MS

  • Living Life And Loving It

    Ate there today

  • Kain Beck
    Kain Beck Month ago

    I go there

  • Christina Edward
    Christina Edward Month ago

    KKK in uniform.

  • Peter Amarillas
    Peter Amarillas Month ago

    I’m a UPS driver & I wish I had 100 stops a day. I get about 120-130 stops in Lake Arrow Head which is a mountain rte.

    • Ross Headley
      Ross Headley 13 days ago

      Slow down and your stops will go down

    • diablas100
      diablas100 14 days ago

      @Lino Zovich I don't think drivers that have been driving since 1986 are rookies And they don't do 1 truck but 2 trucks plus they all do 60 hours weekly and then that's where cover drivers come in We have around 12 cover drivers at our hub and they all do their hours

    • Lino Zovich
      Lino Zovich 18 days ago

      diablas100 those would be rookie drivers who haven’t figured out how to use the methods and slow down and work safe and enjoy that overtime pay.

    • krizpal1083
      krizpal1083 19 days ago

      @diablas100 my pre loader wishes he load only 3 trucks... He does 5 trucks everyday over a 1000 packages...

    • diablas100
      diablas100 21 day ago

      The drivers at the hub I work I they wish they had 120 stops. I load 3 trucks every day each over 350 packages over 240 stops

  • Cortney Arnold
    Cortney Arnold Month ago

    USPS isn’t the postal service and ups driver don’t load there own trucks 😂

    • John Ocampo
      John Ocampo 2 days ago

      Before you become a full time ups a driver, you need to load 3 trucks a day for almost 2 years. Then they'll send you to driving school to become a cover driver. You have to become a cover driver for 2 years in order to get promoted as a full time driver. Your job as a cover driver is to load trucks from 5-9am and drive from 9-7pm. Yes driver do loads their trucks sometimes :)

  • SuperSkyGuy
    SuperSkyGuy Month ago

    Hey I’m in the background. So cool. Here’s my video... Auburn Fan Day 2019 ru-clip.com/video/Cdy2ausWK0A/video.html

  • Imagine Noah
    Imagine Noah Month ago

    It’s so funny how few people have seen this

  • Dale Simon
    Dale Simon Month ago

    UPS is not United States Postal Service lol

  • Ty Reynolds
    Ty Reynolds Month ago

    Congrats and job well done!!! Thank you for your contributions and your time with the students of Alabama State ! You are phenomenal

  • Doin Fed TIme
    Doin Fed TIme Month ago

    Shut up

  • Sri Yantra
    Sri Yantra Month ago

    So very sad for your loss. This is a tragic story that definitely changed you all from that day forward. I am so glad that they caught this villain and hopefully gave you all a little piece and closure.

  • erniemajor
    erniemajor Month ago

    Stupid pit bulls, stupid employees.

  • singleman805
    singleman805 Month ago

    In other words: 29 cats had to pay with their lives and only after a tragedy the city will build/upgrade the animal shelter.

  • The Darkman
    The Darkman Month ago

    Good dogs!!

    • The Darkman
      The Darkman Month ago

      @Texas Red German Shepherds are the best.

    • Texas Red
      Texas Red Month ago

      Exactly--everything is prey to these vicious, unpredictable dogs. They can't be controlled, which is why shelters are full of them. They only appeal to insecure trash with a hard need to intimidate everyone else. Anyone who's honestly interested in a loyal guard dog can just get a German Shepherd.

    • The Darkman
      The Darkman Month ago

      Texas Red well it’s not like you use any hamsters 🐈. They are all pit bull chow.

    • Texas Red
      Texas Red Month ago

      ...good for target practice anyway.

  • Lonesome Lenny
    Lonesome Lenny Month ago

    What total Bullshit! You think the answer to everything is ramming Christianity down your throat. Maybe that holy roller tact can get you elected in Alabama but hopefully reasonable people will see through this crap.

  • Iplaygoofy
    Iplaygoofy Month ago

    It weirds me out that people like this are making important decisions.

    • Jason Marler
      Jason Marler 25 days ago

      He won't be any worse than the crooked politicians in this country.

  • dsimpki
    dsimpki Month ago

    Alabama doesn’t need a theocrat who pretends to be a public servant. It needs a public servant who knows religion won’t solve anything by itself. In other words, voters would be wise to keep Sen. Doug Jones in power. These other guys have no clue what they’re doing. It should be a dire warning to voters that the alleged child molester and the football coach and the guy who’s offended by TV all have the same answers when it comes to public policy - and they’re all wrong. friendlyatheist.patheos.com/2019/07/24/al-gop-senate-candidate-we-must-put-jesus-and-god-before-everything-else/

    • Native American
      Native American 28 days ago

      Doug Jones is a Racist Bigot who supports the murdering of innocent babies of color.

    • Native American
      Native American 28 days ago

      @Ghost Christianphobe

    • Ghost
      Ghost Month ago

      Religion is a fucking problem.

    • A Ghost Without a Past
      A Ghost Without a Past Month ago

      Seriously, what the hell is wrong with that damn state, and why is it so full of theocrats?

  • Favourlynn Olando

    NIGGA HAW??!!

  • Sam Damnit
    Sam Damnit 2 months ago

    I was there at the Jail. The Jail staff just ignored him and then They all Lied through their Coward teeth.

  • Rick Blain
    Rick Blain 2 months ago

    There are no walls around 'black neighborhoods! The people who CHOOSE to stay there, do so at considerable but not unexpected risk. They 'suffer losses' but they stay. They're 'shocked' at murders and other crimes, but they stay. They want to be safe, but they stay in their dangerous neighborhoods, made so by their DANGEROUS NEIGHBORS!!! Yo point your accusing fingers, blame the rest of the world for not taking better care of you, shout your 'demands", but still you STAY!!!

  • D90Girl
    D90Girl 2 months ago

    Boxer lab mixes ...MY ASS . THATS THE NEW TERM FOR SHITBULL IF YOU GO TO ANY SHELTER......( Boxer -Lab mix ) lol

    • Big Chungus
      Big Chungus 2 months ago

      D90Girl they use to say pit mix. But that brought up questions of “mixed with what”. Seem like some places are catching on to that and remove the word pitbull from it now.

  • Kendrick J Glover
    Kendrick J Glover 2 months ago

    My big Bro

  • EMM OK
    EMM OK 2 months ago


  • Bobatron245457
    Bobatron245457 2 months ago


  • NegroJonesStrikesAgn
    NegroJonesStrikesAgn 2 months ago

    I love the fact that he had the knife on him. We're family.

  • NegroJonesStrikesAgn
    NegroJonesStrikesAgn 2 months ago

    Damn. I really wish I could go check this out.

  • harold mccoy
    harold mccoy 2 months ago

    They need to die or spend the rest of their rotten lives locked up !

  • The jupiter
    The jupiter 2 months ago

    Violation of his “rights”? His DNA found linked to a rape kit of one of the murdered girls and a DNA direct link to the murder scene? His only “right” should be to be hung at the nearest tree.

  • The jupiter
    The jupiter 2 months ago

    DNA don’t lie. Taken from a rape kit AND the direct crime scene. A “good family man”????????

  • Ben Gallaty
    Ben Gallaty 2 months ago

    Interesting that the song "Corona" by the Minutemen is your intro.

    • Ben Gallaty
      Ben Gallaty 2 months ago

      @MemeticMutant given that it primarily rose to fame for being the jackass theme, I didn't know if there were implications as to the risk of hilarious self harm when eating there.

    • MemeticMutant
      MemeticMutant 2 months ago

      Normally it's Open Those Bright Eyes, a public domain song by Kevin MacLeod. But this restaurant was too 'MURICAN for that.

  • s l
    s l 3 months ago


  • Dave Woods
    Dave Woods 3 months ago

    She should be convicted, and promptly executed.

  • Ely Powell
    Ely Powell 3 months ago

    There have been thousands of black on white rape/ murders since the 60s. Since obama, these people have stepped it up a notch because they feel raping and killing our children makes up for alleged 300 years of slavery. This is a hate crime but nobody is saying it. Here is a link to another horrifying case that happened recently. The democrat part is responsible for giving these demons the idea they should do this to us. Its only going to get worse if the leftists get control. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murders_of_Channon_Christian_and_Christopher_Newsom

  • Ely Powell
    Ely Powell 3 months ago

    There are litteraly thousands of black on White rape/ murders that have occured since the 60s. I'd say 90% of black men would committ this crime if the opportunity shows it's self. Here is a link to a black on white rape torture killing that happened about 6 years ago. I litteraly had to drink myself to sleep for several months after hearing the details. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murders_of_Channon_Christian_and_Christopher_Newsom

  • ingrid lemonte
    ingrid lemonte 3 months ago

    They/she are horrible. She’s so high strung and if she doesn’t “know you”, then you are nothing.

  • ReaganVFilms
    ReaganVFilms 3 months ago

    Can the drumming forecast come back at least??

  • ReaganVFilms
    ReaganVFilms 3 months ago

    I would like this to be apart of the news cast every summer for the weather forecast soe thing fun and something musical.

  • Raymond Royale
    Raymond Royale 3 months ago

    Yeah looks like a real problem, almost as bad as LA.... /s

  • Chris Courson
    Chris Courson 3 months ago

    one died down here at Tallahassee last week . he died of a heart attack, and they took hours to get him help!!!

  • Zoë Brannon
    Zoë Brannon 3 months ago

    my mom groow up with booger

  • matthew unger
    matthew unger 3 months ago

    Praise God

  • matthew unger
    matthew unger 3 months ago

    The KJV should be in every school in America hope the bill passes.

  • sheltomlee
    sheltomlee 3 months ago

    This is why government regulations are super important.

  • teedlebomb1
    teedlebomb1 3 months ago

    Doesn't get any better than this. Tnx bro!

  • Chris Courson
    Chris Courson 3 months ago

    Alabama has a law that says you must notify employees at least 30 days before you shut down. it was passed in the 90s when all the textile mills started closing!!!!

  • Rob Donaldson
    Rob Donaldson 3 months ago

    Alabama Congressman Bradley #Byrne2020 (AL-01) introduced the No Leniency for Terrorists Act that would prevent convicted terrorists from being released from federal prison early for good behavior. VOTE FOR HIM #2020 ALABAMA NEEDS A REAL LEADER BACK IN WASHINGTON.

  • Chris Courson
    Chris Courson 3 months ago

    you never try to stop a suspect!!! dumbass Dothan pd!!!

  • mike bellamy
    mike bellamy 3 months ago

    If there's a health risk to vaping then it's a good thing all these teenagers are getting addicted. They'll die younger and have less of a drain on society as they get old. Don't see what the problem is. Maybe I missed the point of this stupid fucking interview. My bad.

  • Jaime Resendiz
    Jaime Resendiz 3 months ago

    Great Video. 😀 Looking Forward To More Content. Video Liked!

  • Veronica Adams
    Veronica Adams 3 months ago

    Y'all need the real story. And her last name isn't Adams

  • Gina Marie
    Gina Marie 3 months ago

    Thank goodness this monster was brought to justice!!

  • drplanet59
    drplanet59 3 months ago


  • Sabrina Brascomb
    Sabrina Brascomb 3 months ago

    Congratulations to all graduates and my cuzins 🙏😍🥰

  • hexepatty
    hexepatty 3 months ago

    Smh.... Y-p-po

  • NPC J
    NPC J 3 months ago

    National outrage? Smell like news creation.

  • Colt Reese
    Colt Reese 4 months ago


  • Walt Wynn - San Diego North County

    They Falconed the drivers...

  • Lolo Moss
    Lolo Moss 4 months ago

    wow! this lady is supermom! 9 mins! congrats and hope all of u are doing well. as well as can be expected with all them babies all at once! God bless!

  • Kerri W
    Kerri W 4 months ago

    First Falcon and now these guys and gals. At least not as bad as Falcon. Best of luck to all driver's and family effected by the close down, hopefully you all get better jobs. Safe travels home to you all.

  • Dennis Bridgewater
    Dennis Bridgewater 4 months ago

    Why She Didn't Have A Wooden Key Lock Box For the Gun OmG Kids With Askess To Guns Why Why Why

  • taylor franklin
    taylor franklin 4 months ago

    That was my teacher in 8th grade