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Miss A - Hush (Mirror)
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Sistar - So Cool (Mirror)
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      Oiee army kkk visita meu canal se poder

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    MiU, Ari :3

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    足元見てみ ヒールやで笑笑

  • Carlos Humberto Martins

    KYW Dance is cooooooooooooool.

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    踊る勇気があるなぁ~ だけどとてもカッコいい❗️

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  • O T
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    That's Girls Day??? Look very different!

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    真愛旅舍 聊天室 真愛旅舍聊天室破解 美女裸聊視頻直播間

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    Baby Tae Year ago

    Anyone else see that guy staring at them on the left side of the screen?😂😂

  • Константин Куцевалов

    Hey Bro, this is not your video, right? Do you know what is copyright? Original there

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      ひさこポッキー 今じゃもうさらけ出してるよ笑笑

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      慧 さとる ですね( *´艸`)小四でこれ踊るってちょっと黒歴史…( ˙-˙ )

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      ひさこポッキー オオォォォ(゚ロ゚*)(゚ロ゚*)まさかの!!?奇跡ですね笑笑

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      慧 さとる 私も小四とか小五で踊ってたわ(^^)しかも同い年w

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    Gabung bro

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    I like short hair. She is very pro.

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    Loonatic 2 years ago

    Algo bonito.

  • Elyo Chouette
    Elyo Chouette 2 years ago

    woah this is amazing ! It is sad that they don't mention that as a cover they are very talented !!! synchronisation is the best i have ever seen for expectation !!!!

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      伊藤誠のせいで誰も「乗騎位」に気づかない 誠死ね()

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      伊藤誠 死ね

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      伊藤誠 誠死ね

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    動きめっちゃ柔軟やんwwI’m a mother father gentlemanの腰横に振るときめっちゃなめらか(特に茶髪の子がェグい)

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    Alia Russo 2 years ago

    Omg I noticed that guy in the background and It creeped me out

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    Bella Donna 2 years ago

    Somehow Klance brought me here?

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  • sherrai linnenbank
    sherrai linnenbank 3 years ago

    i shared it maybe more people will see your talent from all

  • sherrai linnenbank
    sherrai linnenbank 3 years ago

    omg this is so fucking goood

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    SweetYandere xoExo 3 years ago

    ponganle onda ._.

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    ameiii 😍😍💋💜💜

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    geniaasssssss !!! hyeriiiiiii

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    Camila González 3 years ago

    Les salió muy lindo👌😊

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    michiandrockets 3 years ago

    Primer lugar super merecido!

  • Romina Iriarte Delzo

    Felicidades por el primer lugar *-*

  • 사랑스러운 테디ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Sus zapatos tienen la medida de plataforma exacta para que todas esten a la misma altura. x'D

  • 阮阿姨
    阮阿姨 3 years ago

    no ok

  • ARNO Assassin's Ezio's Ari Waveya MIU Roche

    english pone alguien construir se llaman venta lo mejor en porque no tuvo más video porque es que no te entiendo todos los vídeos que usted estuvo Por cierto subir un video de Grand Theft Auto GTA5 usted no habla español porque vi un video que tú hablas chino Donde consigo los vídeos tú y yo tú y yo estemos me gusta la música de los que no es bueno mami está bien buena mami

    • Abril vadasz
      Abril vadasz 3 years ago

      se re copiaron de girls day no me gusta :, v

    • ARNO Assassin's Ezio's Ari Waveya MIU Roche
      ARNO Assassin's Ezio's Ari Waveya MIU Roche 3 years ago

      la que siempre sigas bien ya me gusta cómo te irá La rubia y la que tiene pelo negro de semana me gusta bailar Ari Miu última hora eso que yo creía y me gusta

  • Cristina Monteral
    Cristina Monteral 3 years ago

    bailan muy bien chicas ¡ ¡¡ ;)

  • hannahsgeneration
    hannahsgeneration 3 years ago

    Where did the original video go? This is a mirrored. There used to be a unmirrored version on RU-clip and now it's gone. It was posted years ago...

    • Chanistha J.
      Chanistha J. 7 months ago

      hannahsgeneration in my channel lol. Actually, I’m the owner and the girl in yellow shirt :)

  • Aicel Martires
    Aicel Martires 3 years ago

    Nice one!!! (y)

  • Hometown Anomaly
    Hometown Anomaly 3 years ago

    You have got it! this was very unique compared to what I’m used to watching. . Great job!

  • migi prawjeed
    migi prawjeed 3 years ago

    1. คนไทย..ช่ะ? 2.คนที่ใส่เสื้อสีน้ำเงินอ่า..ดูเต้นไม่เป็นธรรมชาติ..ดูเยอะไปอ่าค่ะ//คห.สต

  • Lemonn 811
    Lemonn 811 3 years ago

    Girl's Day X DONNA's ❤

  • Jailuvs
    Jailuvs 3 years ago

    They are so clean 👌👍

  • Mercy Alcocer
    Mercy Alcocer 3 years ago

    me encanto ewe

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    Exo K Exo M 3 years ago

    waw 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍❤💙💙❤💙❤💙❤💙

  • 呂忻玥
    呂忻玥 3 years ago

    T-shirt Color Gray. Dancing is good

  • Yan - Yan
    Yan - Yan 3 years ago

    They are very talented and dance very well . Good job, hopefully rise more videos :D

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  • 쟨빛youtube
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  • Baodinh NGUYEN
    Baodinh NGUYEN 3 years ago

    You should mention that this is a COVER.

    • Iza Namii
      Iza Namii Year ago

      Baodinh NGUYEN tiene razon

    • Baodinh NGUYEN
      Baodinh NGUYEN 2 years ago

      of course people notice once they load the video, but thats called a click-bait

    • Darth Panda
      Darth Panda 2 years ago

      WOAH! Are you being racist. Saying that all Asian look alike? Do I go and say that all black and white pandas look the same? Even if they do that's not even the point. Even bringing up pandas is semi racist!

  • Salza shabrina
    Salza shabrina 4 years ago

    where r u from?

  • Amanda
    Amanda 4 years ago

    wow this is great! :) i can finally learn this dance

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    magu da net v 4 years ago


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  • Taehuggie
    Taehuggie 4 years ago

    Anyone else see that kid by the door xD

  • Crystal Bochenek
    Crystal Bochenek 4 years ago

    You boys I'm a girl! OK!

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  • San Dou
    San Dou 4 years ago

    So sexy

  • lps tori
    lps tori 4 years ago

    Love love love Ari and Miu you guys are so fun and amazing your dance moves are fantastic. Love you guys

  • 문자스민
    문자스민 4 years ago

    I like the girl in the yellow shirt. But i think the all blue girl dance over energetic. Just sayin.

  • Michaela Nesbitt
    Michaela Nesbitt 4 years ago

    I love you ari and min are you sisters

  • ImperfectBitch 013
    ImperfectBitch 013 4 years ago

    A whole lot better than Waveya. No offense.

  • PrisonEarth
    PrisonEarth 4 years ago

    USA loves you

  • Starlight@Heart
    Starlight@Heart 5 years ago

    Seriously impressed by this!! =)

  • Fan101
    Fan101 5 years ago

    Out Of All The Videos I've Seen This One Sinked In Really Good Like I Can Feel The Connection And The Girl With The Yellow Shirt Was The Best, Perfected It Including All. Best Cover

  • Maark Johan
    Maark Johan 5 years ago

    Wtf!! But they sure got the moves like girls day!!!

  • Shafiqa Husian
    Shafiqa Husian 5 years ago

    This is girls day??

    • Tiffany Chiao
      Tiffany Chiao 5 years ago

      np, just a cover dance but its pretty good

  • Natalia Molina
    Natalia Molina 5 years ago

    Putas <3

  • scottgixxer67
    scottgixxer67 5 years ago

    SWEET ;-)

  • Bunny zelobaby
    Bunny zelobaby 5 years ago

    Like this ♥

  • manfar boontem
    manfar boontem 5 years ago

    Wow -0-

  • Karen See
    Karen See 5 years ago

    cant they do full song?

  • Ava L
    Ava L 5 years ago

    where's your suspenders?

  • Vanessa Cuni
    Vanessa Cuni 5 years ago

    im youre biggest fan omg! i love you haha :) youre awesome and Miu you look so beautiful! i wish i could see you but i live in Sweden so that will never happend! xC i love you so much girls <3

  • Dane Calderon
    Dane Calderon 5 years ago

    At first, I was like Doori!!! Then I defaulted back to MiU by the end. Goodness gracious.

  • Phương Suki
    Phương Suki 5 years ago


  • Maegan Cendana
    Maegan Cendana 5 years ago


  • ปิยะ อนันท์ธนศาล

    1:06 กุอึ่งเลยยยย

  • Louise Wong
    Louise Wong 6 years ago

    Miu is is so awsome

  • Asia Jordyn
    Asia Jordyn 6 years ago

    Ari's cute face during the "ooh ooh ooh ooh~" Aigoo! >.< <3

  • Kayla Yang
    Kayla Yang 6 years ago

    WOW ! u guys are really good !

  • madoka609
    madoka609 6 years ago

    You need the suspenders though.

  • taha karem
    taha karem 6 years ago

    محلوووووو زباله