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AXA Research Files TRAILER
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  • Eris
    Eris Day ago

    Imagine a shark attacked them then the glass broke oof

  • Be Good
    Be Good Day ago

    You discovery it just now. Darkness in deep ocean. But in QURAN 1400 years ago it is mentioned by ALLAH.

  • Aqua
    Aqua Day ago

    someone has dived without any machine to 1000 feet and survived

  • DeceivedMoon332

    That the seamoth from subnatica

  • Jack Snow
    Jack Snow Day ago

    what is the bullshit with needing "permission" to drive a sub.

  • Criticitizen nope
    Criticitizen nope 2 days ago

    I would have 0 fear doing this, never been afraid of anything adventurous I could go to space happy as a clam.

  • Angle Mota
    Angle Mota 3 days ago

    I fuckin love RU-clip

    COVER UFO MAGAZINE 3 days ago


  • Michael Renne
    Michael Renne 3 days ago

    832 ft. is probably not a.good time to tell your co-pilot.that your gay!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bryan Jensen
    Bryan Jensen 4 days ago

    8:00 bloody lionfish!!!

  • ge0ff0007
    ge0ff0007 5 days ago

    is that ipx 7?..

  • Ayang Doley
    Ayang Doley 5 days ago

    Can we buy this?

  • Vishnu Nair
    Vishnu Nair 6 days ago

    Positively buoyant ?!! 🤨🤨 British English is indeed as annoying as British people ! 🤟🏼 dislikes bring it on 🤘🏼

  • dark gamer
    dark gamer 7 days ago

    Its fake because i dont see spongebob

  • Bing Defeo
    Bing Defeo 7 days ago

    Uhhh subnautica seamoth in real life?

  • Bing Defeo
    Bing Defeo 7 days ago

    Lights can attract sharks...

  • Michael Piccirillo
    Michael Piccirillo 8 days ago

    agree- it’s the hostile environment to humans. That amount of pressure down there, if anything happens while down there you’re basically screwed. Not like you can even open hatch & swim back to surface, ain’t happening. My fear is when something malfunctions. Your down 255’ and a switch that releases gasses to make the sub float back up isn’t functioning, a hose is jammed or electronics malfunction or imagine the subs power goes completely out. You’re now in pitch darkness down 255’ can’t see shit, you only have a certain amount of air left. If the device that lifts the sub up malfunctions & you end up falling down to depths that this tiny sub was never meant to handle your screwed. It’s though’s types of fears. I’m sure they’re double or triple backup systems hopefully if one fails.

  • B-T-W 8
    B-T-W 8 8 days ago

    We have to build cyclops to explore the ocean

  • megu meguuu shhhiii

    I'm jealous

  • Ramesh M
    Ramesh M 9 days ago

    You have not shown anything under the water only you are barking 😂😠😠

  • Linda Reynolds
    Linda Reynolds 9 days ago

    would be nice to see some deep ocean life shots instead of this idiot talking

  • B W
    B W 10 days ago

    Next time dont talk so much so we can see shit

    HAMEK BIAK SARAWAK 10 days ago


  • Reinford TV
    Reinford TV 10 days ago

    Just wow. Amazing Experience 🖒❤ I came from Philippines 🇵🇭

  • lynnie helmsh
    lynnie helmsh 11 days ago

    Did you meet aquaman somewhere there

  • King Pin
    King Pin 11 days ago

    That did not go deep at all 😂 Infact, you can see a scuba diver near the submarine 😂

    • inc66
      inc66 9 days ago

      no you can't

  • Shivraj Patil
    Shivraj Patil 12 days ago

    Try this in bermuda respect for science ..n scientist's..

  • James Whittemire
    James Whittemire 12 days ago

    It reminds of the sub type of the thing in the the MEG so maybe thing could withstand the pressure of the Trench

  • Superman
    Superman 13 days ago

    I think is all about how well the diving machine is designed to safe humans getting into there

  • Superman
    Superman 13 days ago

    If there is toooooo much pressure there so how come the fish survive?????

  • Hayley Loren
    Hayley Loren 14 days ago

    Great video thanks! A video about the tech involved would be useful, I may need to have a camera for a talk next month

    STUDIO LIVE 14 days ago

    “Or (the unbelievers’ state) is like the darkness in a deep sea. It is covered by waves, above which are waves, above which are clouds. Darknesses, one above another. If a man stretches out his hand, he cannot see it....” (Quran 24:40)

  • Asim liaquat
    Asim liaquat 14 days ago

    I m very excited to see the science communication

    RATHNAMALA M 14 days ago

    How are you safe near BERMUDA?

  • ray Broadhead
    ray Broadhead 15 days ago

    What is the max depth for that sub

  • Inderpal Singh
    Inderpal Singh 15 days ago

    1:32 Told you the earths not flat 😂

  • BEAR37
    BEAR37 15 days ago


  • Pauline Herrera
    Pauline Herrera 16 days ago

    I have a thallasophobia but i don't know why i enjoy watching this one ❤️

  • April Rain
    April Rain 16 days ago

    6 min in and he is still talking,,, no marine life yet....

  • Janna Ahmed
    Janna Ahmed 16 days ago

    100000 likes for ur confident level.omg I uld died

  • Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro

    Tanta tecnologia de punta y aun asi no pueden remplazar un simple trapo para limpiar el vidrio xD

  • Sebas C
    Sebas C 17 days ago

    My respects for the ocean.. too many unknown creatures

  • Nins Rosalada
    Nins Rosalada 17 days ago

    Wow its so very nice

  • Savita Sharma
    Savita Sharma 17 days ago


  • Juarez M.
    Juarez M. 17 days ago

    terrible video... 90% face vs 10% ocean floor.... the world is flooded with narcissistic people, disgusting...

  • Kang Adit
    Kang Adit 18 days ago

    with me now its 20.000 likes,,,

  • Roque Alejo
    Roque Alejo 18 days ago

    whats that at 10:35? is that glitch or something?

  • Q Tech HD
    Q Tech HD 18 days ago

    dark blue sea

  • Redman Soloman
    Redman Soloman 19 days ago

    That is so crazy

    EDDY THABEAR 19 days ago

    Like they say. Spending the most remarkable moments in life, it’s great!.😎👍🏽

  • Rainbow SlimyYT
    Rainbow SlimyYT 20 days ago

    Greg foot: We Dive Into the deepest sea Me: we digging the deepest ground on Mars...

  • Kurt Love
    Kurt Love 21 day ago

    Who else was hoping this was a VR video ☹️


    The Submarine looks a Seamoth...

  • FlyBait
    FlyBait 22 days ago

    I think the shark is megalodon

    • FlyBait
      FlyBait 22 days ago

      It's creep me out😨😨😨😑😁😉🤣

  • bear grylls bear grylls


  • Jamontas Siallagan
    Jamontas Siallagan 23 days ago

    Wow..i feel nerveous

  • Rhand Richard Cayabyab

    10:35? What was that?

  • Richard Soos
    Richard Soos 23 days ago

    250 m has pressure of 25 + 1 = 26 atm.

  • Rais Almuhari
    Rais Almuhari 24 days ago

    Bikini bottom

  • J North
    J North 24 days ago

    We no more about the moon than sea bed i was told

  • IPS chandani Bhatnagar

    This remembering of me The Meg movie 😐😐

  • Twisted Wayne
    Twisted Wayne 24 days ago

    Excellent documentation you did thank you for take me along with your adventure what an exciting trip you were on

  • Nayan Dhor
    Nayan Dhor 25 days ago


  • Tania Yonkova
    Tania Yonkova 25 days ago

    250m is actually not much for ocean floor. Mariana trench is almost 11000m.

  • Mistercharmz
    Mistercharmz 25 days ago

    That Manchild tho

  • Soph_23
    Soph_23 25 days ago

    Why does this remind me of the sea-moth from subnautica XD

  • Dibrata 95
    Dibrata 95 27 days ago

    I was learning english by your videos since 1 year ago. Thank you, mate.

  • Cat
    Cat 28 days ago

    I wanna hear your "guide" or whatever, the bald guy, talk more. I bet he has so many stories and cool information. When you were talking about the atmosphere pressures, he just looked like he wanted to say something. Poor guy.

  • creator Space
    creator Space 29 days ago

    We made it well.

  • Alowerri 360TV
    Alowerri 360TV 29 days ago

    When it got to 200 ft below I was waiting to see a real mermaid down there

  • Camouflage 1
    Camouflage 1 29 days ago

    Stop showing yourself, voice is enough. Show underwater view more.

  • Charlie Bucket
    Charlie Bucket 29 days ago

    It shows these guys faces the whole time knowing that we want to look at the ocean

  • TheFreeRunPorject

    I would like to hear more about the process of creating scripts and demos.

  • BlueBell
    BlueBell Month ago

    I can't breath

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat Month ago

    What will happen if the sharks attack? The glass could break!

  • shoshariii
    shoshariii Month ago

    I’d love to be able to breathe under water, withstand the pressure and temperatures. Just imagine what you could discover 🤯

  • Merv
    Merv Month ago

    So basically just Greg underwater, talking more and repeatedly invading some polite man's personal space lol. Oh and an eel. What a great vid.

  • Whiterun City Guard

    ive never had so much anxiety because of a video before

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    The amount of anxiety i would have is insane

  • JustAnAverageJoe
    JustAnAverageJoe Month ago

    I hope in my lifetime that these vessels become affordable enough so I could enjoy the lakes near my house

  • Patric J
    Patric J Month ago

    Awesome! I find this even more fascinating than going up to the space! But they didn't go very deep, I guess that submarine is able to go down much deeper. I would take every chance to do such a travel. But I realise that IF the Megalodon still exists and was there it could be the last trip...

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia Month ago

    What crap satellite. If there were satellites... There would be no place a Earth that can't get a single... Even G5 there showing you there on antenna... On building on poles...all close by

    SALTY_ EYEZ Month ago

    Much more than usual

  • Danielle Strijdhaftig

    What does a dive with the high-tech submersible cost?

  • MessyFlowerBomb
    MessyFlowerBomb Month ago

    I would be so claustrophobic in that little thing 😭

  • TerriB Marry Me on a Monday

    This was a 14min video of 1 guy talking, seeing a bit of the ocean floor, and 1 long yellow fish. I am very disappointed ☹️

  • Guilherme Tonon
    Guilherme Tonon Month ago

    Acrilic Sphere ? are you crazy ?

  • Maxwell Howig
    Maxwell Howig Month ago

    Well that British guy sure got giddy and excited.

  • Ki Me
    Ki Me Month ago

    Amazing!😱 But I'm scared 😑

  • Kelvin Daniels
    Kelvin Daniels Month ago

    It gets more blue... Or more bluwer? 😂😂


    "its been 84 years . . ."

  • Art Zin
    Art Zin Month ago

    If you gave birth at the bottom of the ocean, what would it look like

  • Art Zin
    Art Zin Month ago

    *This man is gay*

  • Venture Capitalist Venusaur

    Take Beano before, and there'll be no gas!

  • Wilmar Maglasang
    Wilmar Maglasang Month ago

    7:40 Spirit bomb/Genkidama from dragonball 😂😂

  • Warriors🎗Mom
    Warriors🎗Mom Month ago

    I would have a complete and full on panic attack! No doubt.

  • Luna Volva Forest Witch

    Wow❤❤💖💖☺☺magical love this.

  • Angel Angela
    Angel Angela Month ago

    Dude on the left looks scared af 😩😩😩😂😂💕💕 loved this video

  • Jnmr Sljn
    Jnmr Sljn Month ago

    Try to fart inside 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Hector Keezy
    Hector Keezy Month ago

    “Down here it’s really Dark.” No shit Sherlock. I wish he would stop talking.