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  • BruhSZN
    BruhSZN 3 minutes ago

    I'm 69

  • Devin Foley
    Devin Foley 5 minutes ago

    Most people need to worry more about not being obese rather than their bicep peak.

  • TheDailyGamer12345
    TheDailyGamer12345 17 minutes ago

    it's a school wdym

  • Nomadunlimited
    Nomadunlimited 30 minutes ago

    So this is where Maximus Decimus Meridius is spending most of his time lately

  • ancientsculpture
    ancientsculpture 36 minutes ago

    Bs crap

  • Jerry Thomas
    Jerry Thomas 52 minutes ago

    I would definitely sniff her muffler!

  • Skiddadle Skidoodle Your Skinny as a Noodle


  • Carlos
    Carlos Hour ago

    strong and gorgeous

  • Tappy
    Tappy 2 hours ago

    Wish I was tall :(

  • letljag
    letljag 2 hours ago

    I am doing full body 1 exercice per body part 6 times a week and honestly best result ever, better than split, push pull, or upper lower, specially for nattys

  • Rose Houseman
    Rose Houseman 2 hours ago

    Who curses while teaching? So unprofessional!

  • Kasim Sim
    Kasim Sim 2 hours ago

    Wow...very very big ..

  • Vivek R
    Vivek R 3 hours ago

    reference: visit the supplements section in bodybuilding dot com next video by this guy: why meth is good for weight loss

  • Jeremy Campbell
    Jeremy Campbell 3 hours ago

    Mac absolutely cultivated that mass

  • Jaxon Shanahan
    Jaxon Shanahan 3 hours ago

    U brought tears to my eyes ur a huge inspiration I’m working on getting strong myself but u are inspiring me a lot

  • andrian paul manansala

    Better do 20 reps if your a beginner...

  • Savannah Leigh
    Savannah Leigh 4 hours ago

    How did you get rid of the loose skin

  • Smalltownbrewer1
    Smalltownbrewer1 4 hours ago

    Yes! 2 finger space right here!

  • patrick Clark
    patrick Clark 4 hours ago

    Do a video on how I can make my forearms that big and ThankE

  • Tantiwa Hopak
    Tantiwa Hopak 5 hours ago

    I have a friend who has a lean muscular body but has pretty fucking big calves. I guess genetics play some part in it

  • Kathy Rollings
    Kathy Rollings 5 hours ago

    I'm totally amazed at how you look. I keep coming back.

  • Mohammed Al-Mahfoudh

    How come I never heard of Regan before, this is an amazing biceps videos and I am glad he does have longer biceps insertions like myself. It makes his tips more relevant to my case.

  • Republican Party
    Republican Party 5 hours ago

    Hey Branch why train like an Olympian at this point of your life. Your placing years are behind you, why not train more healthy as in let up on the gear!!!

  • Kathy Rollings
    Kathy Rollings 5 hours ago

    Damn you are sexy❣ Oops I'm sorry I couldn't help myself...You look Soooooo good❣

  • Muhammad Usman Ghani

    Can you tell me please which one food supplement is good for weight increase and better for health. Thanks Waiting for your kind response.

  • LoveandAbandon
    LoveandAbandon 6 hours ago

    I can already hear screeching from Dom Mazzeti for those kettle balls

  • daddy daddy
    daddy daddy 6 hours ago

    He's got good gains

  • Mc Lovin
    Mc Lovin 6 hours ago

    Regan really wasn't feeling like doing this video lol. I get it.

  • B8 8B
    B8 8B 6 hours ago

    Fucking all bodybuilders are sad doughnuts....that is no sport is just fucking eating like pigs....ill knock you out in 10sec in a box match...

  • Maria azeni da s s
    Maria azeni da s s 6 hours ago

    Kkkkk que linda.

  • chui 1
    chui 1 6 hours ago

    Its zack baghans in 15 years :)

  • Praveen Rajendran
    Praveen Rajendran 7 hours ago

    Will Ferrell got jacked.

  • Abdo Alshami
    Abdo Alshami 7 hours ago


  • Em Ayy
    Em Ayy 7 hours ago


  • ملكه نفاس
    ملكه نفاس 8 hours ago


  • TheNeighborNicky
    TheNeighborNicky 8 hours ago

    That was great!

  • Angan Chatterjee
    Angan Chatterjee 8 hours ago

    I was in good shape if not great, I had prominent abs,but I had to leave body building due to stress fracture, it's been 3months I have left and now I have lost my lower abs and part of the upper abs as well Mike was my inspiration and after watching this at midnight I wish to go back to the gym

  • Zipper Dingo
    Zipper Dingo 8 hours ago

    Big like for this Guy

  • Khurston Sanders
    Khurston Sanders 8 hours ago

    New Bicep Exercise Unlocked: Grimey Curls! 😉👍‹--- Thanks, Regan!

  • Iron & Fitness
    Iron & Fitness 8 hours ago

    Man I'd love to workout with you one day 🤷 crazier shits happened before

  • dhiraj kore
    dhiraj kore 8 hours ago

    How smart he was?! That's why he is legent

  • Aavatar12Fight troolll

    I knew that u will make it man :)

  • Aavatar12Fight troolll

    I knew that u will make it man :)

  • 8 hours ago

    Where are his muscles?

  • Michael Marcano
    Michael Marcano 8 hours ago

    Dude filming needs to turn off his iPhone.

  • Carter Kass
    Carter Kass 8 hours ago

    12:19 she wildin

  • JEB Stuart
    JEB Stuart 8 hours ago

    OUT-friggin'-STANDING!! This is exactly what I'm gonna do on my next arm workout!! TWO THUMBS UP!!

  • yawar azeem
    yawar azeem 9 hours ago

    Very nice workout but beginner's should not do this. They may choose only one or two exercise's for glutes when performing leg workout. Lot of love and respect from Pakistan.

  • Asim Taqi
    Asim Taqi 9 hours ago

    Plz any one tel me i m doing workout last 2 year but no musel build and i don't wanna use supliment i wanna use natural food plan to build a musel plz help me and give any tip to build musel

    • Rini
      Rini 4 hours ago

      Try lifting heavier, do more reps.. concentrate on strength workout more than cardio... And most important don't stick with same exercises everytime

    • WatermelonHead
      WatermelonHead 7 hours ago


  • Fist Fury
    Fist Fury 9 hours ago

    The forehead, chin, no breasts. and you call yourself a woman...get real

  • Ali Kechoo
    Ali Kechoo 9 hours ago

    what is super set mean?

  • danharry278
    danharry278 9 hours ago

    Not gonna lie when I saw his thumbnail I thought it was Dominic Purcell from prison break

  • renisonfire TM
    renisonfire TM 9 hours ago

    I always follow ur workout routine abel albonetti..! 💯 🔥 🔥 Its work! 💯

  • Boo3rb
    Boo3rb 9 hours ago

    Abel knows what he’s doing , just take what you know you would do fine , and just leave what you think is controversial, For me behind neck presses and those pinkies at side raises ain’t my favo but I’m gonna tell that this beast is wrong ? Hell no .. look at him for f sake

  • fitness 4 muscle
    fitness 4 muscle 9 hours ago

    Wow its so good information

  • Randy Le
    Randy Le 9 hours ago

    Beast bro . The bar has been set so high

  • Alex 67
    Alex 67 9 hours ago

    6:48 cmon man look at his arm, if suppliments doesn't exist tell me what happen

    • Zipper Dingo
      Zipper Dingo 8 hours ago

      True but still the man is obviously a hard worker and deserves the credits

  • Sha H
    Sha H 10 hours ago

    Hi Jose Antonio, can you provide the link to those research papers which confirms the 11 myths ?? Thanks in advance

    KCRUS4D3RS 10 hours ago

    Kennedy high school? John f Kennedy?

  • Anonymous Filth
    Anonymous Filth 10 hours ago

    Thank you .

  • gaurav rana
    gaurav rana 10 hours ago

    4:45 i can see her butt's peak

  • Kubush
    Kubush 10 hours ago

    Anyone know the song at the beginning?

  • Mythili M.u
    Mythili M.u 10 hours ago

    Dang!! His biceps are as big as my thighs 😱😱😱.. . Gr8 workout though! !

  • gustavokrempser
    gustavokrempser 10 hours ago

    Russel Crowe´s son?

  • Gose
    Gose 10 hours ago

    All these exercises target the short head of the biceps. A peak occurs when the long head is taller. Pure bullshit.

  • Fist Fury
    Fist Fury 10 hours ago

    Pls hire females that people wouldn't talk bad about

  • L F
    L F 11 hours ago

    *she’s a he right?*

  • SoProBro's Corner
    SoProBro's Corner 11 hours ago

    All i saw was the girl behind tryna flirt with those two guys 😂

  • stanly stud
    stanly stud 11 hours ago

    Bicep peaks what a load of shite...

  • Ne Zery
    Ne Zery 11 hours ago

    How many times a week did he train?

  • فضيل العنزي
    فضيل العنزي 11 hours ago




  • arun acharya
    arun acharya 11 hours ago

    His forearms is so massive

  • Rob King
    Rob King 11 hours ago

    Great tips... And that chick in the background is 🔥

  • Tenzin Gobom
    Tenzin Gobom 11 hours ago

    Tuff kid i have to say .

  • 11 hours ago

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  • MrNME1er
    MrNME1er 11 hours ago

    Great post brother - love the tutorial format !! Thank you 💯

  • XP Gamer
    XP Gamer 11 hours ago

    There's no such thing as building Bicep Peak. It's all Genetics but u can Improve.

    • 8 hours ago

      @Louis Mcc or gear

    • Michael thapa
      Michael thapa 10 hours ago

      @Louis Mcc show me then urs

    • Louis Mcc
      Louis Mcc 11 hours ago

      Michael thapa it takes years not months mate

    • Michael thapa
      Michael thapa 11 hours ago

      @Louis Mcc well I gave enough time I mean some months too In a proper workout and clean nutrition It doesn't work at all

    WTI FITNESS 11 hours ago

    I’m going to try this workout plan today in the gym I’m so motivated by this workout

  • Parker Miller
    Parker Miller 11 hours ago

    As a CPT, CES, PES and soon to be CSCS , it always rubs me the wrong way when a workout says "fat burning" or emphasizes it heavily. Basically every workout you ever do is gonna burn fat just through the bodies natural physiological and bioenergetic needs through lipolysis. Of course carbs and glycogen will be the main source of fuel for the first portion of a workout due to it's quicker assimilation into ATP and location being within the muscles themselves, but fats and triglycerides will be used after a certain point when glycogen stores within the muscles run out or if the workout is training the aerobic energy system like steady state cradio for example. Just stay active, go to the gym and have a plan when you workout with a goal, ask for help from a pro if you have questions or want guidance and of course eat a healthy diet and you'll be fine.

  • Gundam 00
    Gundam 00 11 hours ago

    I wanna be her friend ;)

  • BOOM
    BOOM 12 hours ago

    This video is all you need to get a great body! THANKS DORIAN

  • Faiq Ahmad
    Faiq Ahmad 12 hours ago

    No Sweats...?

  • Smoke The Joke
    Smoke The Joke 12 hours ago

    I won't complaint about the food if he cooks it tbh.

  • olbas2
    olbas2 12 hours ago

    "every cup of mustard is 11 grams of protein, lmao who would consume a cup of mustard

  • Amanda M
    Amanda M 12 hours ago

    Amazing inspiring story. I can't believe he lost over 600 lbs in weight. Wow!

  • Driftwood george
    Driftwood george 12 hours ago

    and she's jewish

  • inmer photo
    inmer photo 12 hours ago

    Just finished this workout it’s extremely hard

  • D Sacrod
    D Sacrod 13 hours ago

    Smile, dude.

  • maissa taloub
    maissa taloub 15 hours ago

    I love this sport

  • otavio carlos
    otavio carlos 16 hours ago

    Eu só seu fã número 1. Parabéns sucesso sucesso sucesso sucesso

  • Banti Deb
    Banti Deb 17 hours ago

    What a hard work.

  • Thomas Fitnees
    Thomas Fitnees 17 hours ago

    you have a big muscle 👑❤ .. something wonderful

  • redmule02
    redmule02 17 hours ago

    wow straight beast....

  • Aaron Anderson
    Aaron Anderson 18 hours ago

    “People sometimes get a little too hung up on what they’re eating” *dude placing a plate in a microwave silently* I don’t know why I laughed - but it’s relatable.

  • aaron king
    aaron king 18 hours ago

    make your own dam meals

  • Dan Stafford
    Dan Stafford 19 hours ago

    Wannabe weightlifting is a waste of time... because when you are 70 years old you won't be doing that!

  • jaghad
    jaghad 19 hours ago

    Pathetic exercises. Kids stuff. Lol. They'll work for a 2 week period up to a month, if you are a novice, after that your body will need much more resistance to build any muscles. Kids you won't become muscular just because you get a burn. It doesn't work that way. You need progressive overload. All else is BS.

  • Harshad Achrekar
    Harshad Achrekar 19 hours ago

    I like video

  • supershow21
    supershow21 20 hours ago

    She is so pretty and inspirational to me