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  • Lady fem
    Lady fem Month ago

    U really chose it well.

  • amigo electrico
    amigo electrico Month ago

    blosoom haciendo tik tok....

  • jennifersman
    jennifersman 2 months ago

    I never knew Pauley Perrette was in this

  • Bryan Navarro
    Bryan Navarro 2 months ago

    The fact that she's a Zakk fan is awesome.

  • Kristina Hebdon
    Kristina Hebdon 5 months ago

    Audrey’s best moment

  • Brian Henson
    Brian Henson 7 months ago

    Have you seen SNL'S spoof of this? Mike Myers as J let us hysterical. Knock knock knock Any !

  • Guy Ko
    Guy Ko 7 months ago


  • Wolfgang Snyder
    Wolfgang Snyder 7 months ago

    Mayim Bialik got more attractive with age.

  • Cookies :3
    Cookies :3 7 months ago

    Só ouvi verdades

  • Justin Stojanoski-pearson

    god damn it! what the hell just happened!?!?!?

  • Angelica Hamillton
    Angelica Hamillton 8 months ago

    The Green Day song should have been the theme song of this show

  • Thiago Mesquita
    Thiago Mesquita 10 months ago

    Cool music... Cool dance... lol

  • Zilzaoliveira Zilzinha
    Zilzaoliveira Zilzinha 10 months ago

    oie alguém brasileiro ai amoo essa série

  • Wagon Queen Family Truckster

    I liked Party of Five and started watching this show when it premiered. It just didn't have the same magic to it. I eventually gave up on it. It was cancelled shortly afterwards anyway.

  • Rip P.
    Rip P. 11 months ago

    O problema é que Heloísa não reconhecia que o acontecia com ela era a extensão das loucuras que ela cometia.

  • Jean Morton
    Jean Morton 11 months ago

    This is a show that I love you so much and that I haven't gotten tired of

  • sharksandsheep
    sharksandsheep Year ago

    I wish they'd have some of these actors guest star on TBBT.

  • Haley Hites
    Haley Hites Year ago

    💔💔💔💔my marriage is OVER

  • Adrian Soto G
    Adrian Soto G Year ago

    I have to admit that this TV Show I really loved since the begining, It was very adecuate for the 90´s, It got teenagers and grown up stories and situations making our lives with so much reality, learning and moving on with it!!! Greetings from Costa Rica!!!!

  • Regina Gonzales
    Regina Gonzales Year ago

    This song is awesome I really love this song thank you for your awesome music Ryan keep bringing us this awesome music.

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez Year ago

    2018 anyone?

  • nii_amart
    nii_amart Year ago


  • Jean-jacques Batifol

    LONE JUSTICE and MARIA MAC LES. what great performer. Alls songs are good and amazing.

  • David Manns
    David Manns Year ago

    We still love you.

  • Justin Stojanoski-pearson

    Why would this be rare? No one even wants it

  • Ky’Tiana Camp
    Ky’Tiana Camp Year ago

    I love Mayim Bialik ♥️♥️

  • Jason Delarosa
    Jason Delarosa Year ago

    Now THIS opening says Blossom! (to most people)

  • Helaine Souza
    Helaine Souza Year ago

    Eu torci tanto ao alemão

  • tristar sayumwe
    tristar sayumwe Year ago

    what about the longest day how did that not make the list

  • Alan Cruz Dominguez

    In this opening Mayim looks more cute than the other two openings

  • sean paul
    sean paul 2 years ago

    This show tried way too hard to be Felicity. But JLH is no Keri Russell.

  • 611522877689 Katie's


  • 611522877689 Katie's


  • skeightemerica
    skeightemerica 2 years ago

    what is the song at 1:00 ?

  • LivanaFaolan
    LivanaFaolan 2 years ago

    That moment between Joey and her father (when she says, "I love you, Dad.") just made me tear up. I'm practically bawling like a baby! I would have added, "Promicide," and, "True Love," to my list.

  • Marizelia Cantalice
    Marizelia Cantalice 2 years ago

    This song was created by Jan arden for this serie, the sond dosent exist, the name is RUN LIKE A MAD, after Paula Cole introduce his song in season 3 I thing.

  • Vito Ingargiola
    Vito Ingargiola 2 years ago


  • Milo
    Milo 2 years ago


  • Xavier Austin
    Xavier Austin 2 years ago

    my child hood memories are awesome that part particularly dancing on the pioneer priceless and classic

  • Kristi Marie
    Kristi Marie 3 years ago

    I think season 1 was the best. It was before everything got so complicated and dramatic.

  • Ana Johnson
    Ana Johnson 3 years ago

    I remember a couple years back I had purchased several of the Dawson's Creek episodes on DVD and I was disappointed to find out that all the original music that was on all the original episodes when they first aired was taken out even the theme song(I don't want to wait by Paula Cole). All the original songs I had heard was replaced by less popular and unknown music. Man damn copy right infringement.

  • susanfit47
    susanfit47 3 years ago

    Does anybody have the original theme music in the pilot episode was Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative"?

    • Adam Khid
      Adam Khid Year ago

      type blossom my prerogative

    • Adam Khid
      Adam Khid Year ago

      susanfit47 yes u can see her mouthing the words.

  • M
    M 3 years ago

    Very good list : ). I love those episodes too. But season 1 will always be the best for me. Best writing et best acting. Season 2 had the best music, but this one featured some of my all time favorites like Sarah MCLachlan, The Pretenders, Toad the Wet Sproket and REM.

  • ConstanceMarkiewicz
    ConstanceMarkiewicz 3 years ago

    Bob's burgers! Tammy's Batmitzvah...

  • Ariel fangirl Mendez

    When I watch that episode the loger it kinda looks like that sitcom

  • Lauren Bianca
    Lauren Bianca 3 years ago


  • Randy sierra
    Randy sierra 3 years ago

    Is the police officer Michael Strayhan?

  • moonhawk x
    moonhawk x 3 years ago

    Such an awesome show

    • Jon Arnall
      Jon Arnall 3 years ago

      Pretty good show better than stuff today.

  • Jolienrose Catano
    Jolienrose Catano 3 years ago


  • Guilherme Zirbel
    Guilherme Zirbel 3 years ago

    me bja

  • Anderson Pereira
    Anderson Pereira 3 years ago

    quando vejo rafinha e max ter ganho me da uma raiva

  • Anderson Pereira
    Anderson Pereira 3 years ago

    rafinha roubado e max roubado e wanessa roubado

  • Leandro ribeiro2015
    Leandro ribeiro2015 4 years ago

    kkkkkkkkk programinha de merda esse e os trouchas ak discutindo ou dizendo quem mereceu aff

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 4 years ago

    See, Amy Farah Fowler's childhood isn't as sad and tragic as she'd have you believe.

  • Trustin Christ
    Trustin Christ 4 years ago

    Hub network was playing this show for awhile. Then Hub disappeared! I was truly enjoying this show.....

  • Musicrelic
    Musicrelic 4 years ago

    Does anyone else feel the power of a Dixie Storm in this quiet song singers voice? How does she do it? There are far too many storms that do lots of damage. One song, sung this way, the way Maria does it, could heal most of the damage. Thanks for preserving it here.

  • Ayeye Brazor
    Ayeye Brazor 4 years ago

    the litte amy farrah fowler

  • Nino Falletta
    Nino Falletta 4 years ago

    Miss this show. God did I have a crush on her.

  • Alittlebitnuts2day
    Alittlebitnuts2day 4 years ago

    Those Dixie storms are really nice when they blow up a twister and it takes your double wide trailer and throws it like a matchstick

    • Tank MacNamara
      Tank MacNamara 4 years ago

      @Alittlebitnuts2day Not really...I don't live in a mobile home...I just know the ramblings of a fool when I see it...

    • Alittlebitnuts2day
      Alittlebitnuts2day 4 years ago

      @Tank MacNamara I must've hit close to home with my comment, kind of like the twister that probably hit close your home and blew your narrow wide mobile home straight out of the trailer park you lived in!

    • Tank MacNamara
      Tank MacNamara 4 years ago

      +Alittlebitnuts2day <----blithering idiot

  • jerimiah johnston
    jerimiah johnston 4 years ago

    great episode

  • Noella Sinclair
    Noella Sinclair 4 years ago

    luv how she sings this song Luv DC

  • jody domingre gang
    jody domingre gang 4 years ago

    Snl before that were stars brought me here.

  • Caryl Metner
    Caryl Metner 4 years ago

    Thank You Greg it was driving me crazy because I could not remember for the life of me.

  • yowzephyr
    yowzephyr 5 years ago

    I find her extremely attractive. Is it wrong to say that? I mean she's extremely attractive now too. It's not an age thing. It's a personality thing.

    • Sylvia C
      Sylvia C 7 months ago

      Dude, she was 14-15 years old back then. Yeah, wrong to say and kinda creepy...

  • OneDayAfterAnother
    OneDayAfterAnother 5 years ago

    The background looks a lot like the background in the music video from the GoGo's "head over heels"

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 5 years ago

    This scene alone slays every Pacey and Joey scene

  • CB
    CB 5 years ago

    Somehow when I was like, 10, Blossom in that tuxedo with the leotard on really turned on my pre-pubescent kid brain

  • CupcakeBeautiana
    CupcakeBeautiana 5 years ago

    I wanna see her do some dancing on The Big Bang Theory. One of the only white girls who can dance. Totally impressed.

  • CupcakeBeautiana
    CupcakeBeautiana 5 years ago

    My mom was just watching her on The Big Bang Theory. She doesn't age.

  • Caryl Metner
    Caryl Metner 5 years ago

    Who played Blossoms TV Mom on Blossom Melissa ?

  • JayRay00
    JayRay00 5 years ago

    So impressed by the dancing in all of the season openers. Season 1 probably my favourite. Only just discovered that the BBT chick was Blossom!

  • R0773N
    R0773N 5 years ago

    Every time I worry that I'm loving life too much, I just watch the blossom opening. It makes me hate life instantly.

  • heavenlygal101
    heavenlygal101 5 years ago

    What? This scene wasn't deleted? ....At least not most of it. Maybe this is an 'extended scene', but Pacey and Andie had this conversation in the series finale, as it aired. Thanks for the upload, though. I like this scene, nonetheless.

  • rose garcia
    rose garcia 5 years ago

    Joey Lawrence looks on blossom

  • Shane
    Shane 5 years ago

    Best TV opening ever!

  • Edsel Hegmon
    Edsel Hegmon 5 years ago

    She's the only white girl I've seen that can dance.

    • Sorcha Black
      Sorcha Black Year ago

      Seriously? I hope that you're joking cause otherwise you must be living in a cave with only Blossom to watch

    • DiscoMatty McNiceness
      DiscoMatty McNiceness 4 years ago

      Really? The only white girl?

  • jerimiah johnston
    jerimiah johnston 5 years ago

    coda sucked pacey leaves town because he has insecurities that his girl friend joey potter is still in love with her ex boyfriend.. and she sluts it up and proves it .. when pacey found out that she was pinning for dawson again in season 5 and screwed him in season 6.. he should have called her a whore.. i am team pacey and joey but only so dawson did not win.. he was a shitty friend to pacey always thinking he was better than him.. and he felt joey was his by calling her his soulmate... so stick your dick in joey.. pacey j witter .. film it 4 dawson to whack off and cry too

    • LivanaFaolan
      LivanaFaolan 2 years ago

      What a disgusting, degrading thing to say. Pacey broke up with Joey (and humiliated her in the process!) because of his stupid insecurities. And the reason he left Capeside is because he had a job. And Joey is hardly a whore or a slut. Don't use words when you don't even know what they mean!

  • UnwantedStudios3
    UnwantedStudios3 5 years ago

    all this needs to be epic beyond words is Sheldon knocking

  • kefkaroth
    kefkaroth 5 years ago

    yeah mayim as blossom was cute her only flaw is her nose was a bit too big. i do think she is still cute even as amy fowler

  • kefkaroth
    kefkaroth 5 years ago

    someone should upload the other version of the 2nd season intro. its mostly the same as this except when mayim does her front flip she has the outfit u see her at :25

  • Zakiyyah Shaw
    Zakiyyah Shaw 5 years ago

    The reruns are coming on The Hub. I am about to have flashbacks back to Monday nights on NBC.

  • The Soul is Dark
    The Soul is Dark 5 years ago

    i adore this intro

  • 17Sandisc
    17Sandisc 5 years ago

    Y después de 10 años, me entero que Andie sí estuvo en el final. Damn!!! It was a shame it was deleted. Andie and Pacey should be together... ;)

  • a Zeppelin fan
    a Zeppelin fan 5 years ago

    she needs to bust these moves out at least once on tbbt :)

    • tdlivengood
      tdlivengood 5 years ago

      She has. Look up Big Bang Theory flash mob. ;) Not these moves exactly, but she can dance.

  • MysticMavi
    MysticMavi 5 years ago

    Recorded with toast machine..

    • SuperScrot
      SuperScrot 2 years ago

      Dont tell me that's what you call toasters in australia.

  • legalboxers
    legalboxers 5 years ago

    jenna von oy = YUM. these 2 were also in Malloy (if anyone remembers that show)

  • Jason Nadle
    Jason Nadle 5 years ago

    I hate to say this, but this blatantly ripped off the intros of "The Cosby Show," except Blossom is the Cosby, just dressed in different clothing for each actor.

  • Ken M
    Ken M 5 years ago

    Her dance moves are almost cool for a jewish female.

  • darockk
    darockk 5 years ago


  • Andres Sini
    Andres Sini 5 years ago

    I think these two last episodes are good but the rest of last season, the sixt one it seems not as great as the other five ones, pretty boring actually, isn't it?

  • Hannah Chase
    Hannah Chase 6 years ago

    I don't understand why this scene was cut? They should have shown it, it would have been nice for Audrey to come back to say goodbye to Jen as well.

  • Eli Lopez
    Eli Lopez 6 years ago

    Aunque sea medio!

  • Eli Lopez
    Eli Lopez 6 years ago

    2:20 Mojo!! <3

  • Kamstar Keane
    Kamstar Keane 6 years ago


  • tetrahedron
    tetrahedron 6 years ago

    Orthodox Jews aren't allowed to dance. :/

    • Junior17
      Junior17 Month ago

      That's OK, she's a hypocrite

  • kittycatangel99
    kittycatangel99 6 years ago

    I also forgot to add "True Love"

  • kittycatangel99
    kittycatangel99 6 years ago

    Yea I have to say all Pacey and Joey were my favorite and the one I loved the most was when Pacey kissed Joey in "Cinderella Story" I just loved that episode that I can sit and watch it more then once. Also another favorite was "Stolen Kisses" I loved it between Joey and Pacey.

  • TheVeganHere
    TheVeganHere 6 years ago

    Well then you need to watch The Wire. Honestly it is one of the best shows ever. Just google it and see reviews. I guarantee you will not find find even one bad one.

  • Carlos Atwell
    Carlos Atwell 6 years ago

    lol sucks to be me then.

  • TheVeganHere
    TheVeganHere 6 years ago

    I think 'sucks to be me' is a bit of an over statement. I never saw Party of Five. Maybe I missed out on something good but it's not like I never saw the show, The Wire. Now that would be something to pity someone over.