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The perfect swimming race
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Backstroke workout #9
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  • Tony Van Cauwenberghe

    what do you mean wit TIP3? do you mean to do a swim session and after that a weight training session the same day? Thank you for your vidéos i like it

  • robohippy
    robohippy 5 hours ago

    Maybe do laps just doing the flutter kick, and not using your arms. I prefer using a snorkel and kick board so I can rotate my hips like I do when I swim the full stroke.

  • Viet Nguyen
    Viet Nguyen 5 hours ago

    ok, let's practice.

  • Juan Antonio
    Juan Antonio 5 hours ago

    Para que publicar algo en español si lo comentas en inglés

  • Bronson Walz
    Bronson Walz 15 hours ago

    There would be pool noodles in the pool lmao

  • Huili Gean
    Huili Gean 20 hours ago

    0:09 cool

  • Huili Gean
    Huili Gean 20 hours ago

    Ur my favorite swimming channel

  • Sam Malazarte
    Sam Malazarte 20 hours ago

    Catch up

  • N&A Films
    N&A Films 22 hours ago

    Excellent quality videos A+

  • Himanshu Bhardwaj

    I have wheezing issue how swimming will help me to reduce it or not?

  • Miguel R
    Miguel R Day ago

    Very nice

  • in the name of bts
    in the name of bts 2 days ago

    we have aquatics as our class but im still struggling with the kicking :(( like my feet sinks and easily gets tired :( i need help

  • PrincessDrawing
    PrincessDrawing 2 days ago

    I love swimming

  • darwood ji
    darwood ji 2 days ago

    Not good freestyle in this video, ugly legs like scissors.

  • 돌고래
    돌고래 2 days ago

    엉덩이가 너무 커요 물저항을 증가시키는거 같습니다.

  • I can't think of a name

    Today is the day I get back to swimming after 4 months and that's the exact reason I watch this video

  • Paul Kim
    Paul Kim 3 days ago

    Best video that since I've ever seen

  • joy knorris
    joy knorris 3 days ago

    it is a good excercise , just do it with good kicking ...the more you kick ,more you float on water and will have enough time to breathe...

  • Jeff Morse
    Jeff Morse 3 days ago

    When I first started lap swimming I worked up to a mile a day five days a week and within about five months I looked like an entirely different person. My body was fit and toned. Its all I did for exercise. I didn't pig out after swimming either. Basically, swimming is all you need to look great if you consistently do it over a period of months and eat healthy. You gain muscle because of the resistance of moving your body through the water. Its not like land based cardio.

  • Louis Murphy
    Louis Murphy 3 days ago

    Great video, thanks! Does the watch track open water swimming? Also, can you input any swimming pool length as my local pool is 18m long!

  • Ivan Vorster
    Ivan Vorster 4 days ago

    why is it that in all the swimming motivation videos nobody fucking swims?

    JENNIFFER JANE 4 days ago

    I’ve tried this several times and it worked.nice tutorial

  • jrb5094
    jrb5094 4 days ago


    ABOO SHABIN 4 days ago

    Thank you... Good idea..

  • Andrew Klem
    Andrew Klem 4 days ago

    Hell yeah

  • Olivia Chamberlain
    Olivia Chamberlain 4 days ago

    I’ve missed a month of swimming cuz we were on break. I didn’t get a chance to go to the rec pool over the break so I’m gonna need a lot of recovery. I’ll update y’all, today’s my first practice. The day after: it’s Friday and I actually don’t feel that bad. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but during some sprints I dropped like 1-2 seconds, but that was after our sets. My legs are kind of sore because I’ve always had weak legs.

  • Diego FRAILE
    Diego FRAILE 5 days ago

    In the 2012 and 2016 relay he almost swam the same time 47.15 and 47.12 and each time he was beating his oppenent at the turn

  • SlicedCube2
    SlicedCube2 5 days ago

    2:08 sounded like "seeing your dick"'

  • Mary Nussio
    Mary Nussio 5 days ago

    Thank you SO MUCH for discussing this. I have been working on the front crawl and breathing correctly for a month or so. I usually get some water in my nose and it is frustrating. I do use a nose clip when I use my snorkel, so now I will use it while I learn my breathing techniques for this too. I hadn't used it for this because I watched videos that said you should be exhaling through your nose and that's impossible with the news clip. However, after seeing the videos of professional swimmers using nose clips I don't worry about using it myself. Also, I loved that you said we may feel we look ridiculous with the goggles and the cap! I certainly felt that way when I first started trying to swim laps. LOL now I don't care I'm just hoping, eventually, to get the breathing down.

  • GPS 496
    GPS 496 5 days ago

    Good Cinematography 👏👏👏


    What underwater camera do you guys have?

  • Jenny Duncan
    Jenny Duncan 6 days ago

    I totaly agree with the video but in the end its a hobby and should be enjoyed. I have swam for 4 years now and don't see a future.I think the vodeo is great and will inspire others but in my situation i feel its best for me to stop.

  • robohippy
    robohippy 6 days ago

    I have been playing around with this a lot, and using 3 speeds, high, mid, and low octane as Gary Hall says. Very interesting. One side benefit of doing this with my side stroke is that I accidentally started using the flutter kick instead of my modified scissor kick while doing several strokes per breath in high octane mode. While the flutter kick isn't as powerful as the scissor kick, I don't slow down as much. Typically, I would do a 4 beat kick pattern, with one bigger scissor kick, then a smaller one, then 2 flutter kicks. My flutter kick is weak, in part because I don't have good ankle flexibility. Working on that. So now my side stroke is flutter kick, under arm is doing a breast stroke pull out stroke but long axis, and top arm is doing freestyle arm pull..... Getting faster. I have also noticed that doing this exercise makes it easier for me to do a few dolphin kicks coming off the wall, and not taking a breath for the first stroke or three. I have double normal lung capacity, and can hold my breath for 2 minutes, but during the mid point of work outs, getting that extra push and distance off the wall has been an effort. More practice!!!!

  • robohippy
    robohippy 6 days ago

    Can't tell if it is you or your brother at 1:35 doing the back stroke flutter kick and rotation, but that is how I swim my freestyle flutter kick, though I use a snorkel and kick board. Point is to get the shoulder and hip rotation into this drill. Practice like you swim....

  • Epic Broccoli
    Epic Broccoli 6 days ago

    Im thinking of quitting because i have just moved up to squad (a higher level) and older, faster people are there. They do 250m of freestyle and not get tired but if I do 100m freestyle I get tired. I’m scared that i’m not good enough and I cant even do backstroke tumbleturn (flipturn) correctly.

  • BTS is what keeps me alive

    I'm already out of breath after 1 lap

    Karran KINCHINGTON 6 days ago

    Thanks for these tips and skills

  • Sodaney Ky
    Sodaney Ky 6 days ago

    Mentally is where I’m struggling .

  • Huili Gean
    Huili Gean 7 days ago

    I'm gonna try the swimanom roll

  • Saurabh Jibhenkar
    Saurabh Jibhenkar 7 days ago

    TRUE! 👏👏👏

  • elelelia _s
    elelelia _s 7 days ago

    i tried to do this without letting my face out to breath and big mistake i almost drowned

  • Vincent Suhard
    Vincent Suhard 7 days ago

    very interesting. Could someone who is a native french person bring a french version of this. It woulkd be great for young french swimmer. tks a lot

  • Huili Gean
    Huili Gean 7 days ago

    0:42 so cool

  • dom bizkit
    dom bizkit 8 days ago

    Wtf are you on about ?! Weights?! ....

  • robohippy
    robohippy 8 days ago

    A really great idea for underwater filming. I agree that it needs a top mount lens for filming, and probably one that moves. I checked out the price, around $1600, and it is not out of range for the elite swimmers, and big clubs, but probably beyond what most can afford for smaller swim clubs. If they are serious about hitting the swimming market, they may be able to lower the price with a different model that can take water pressure down to 10 meters and have a lens or two, one front mount and one top mount maybe with maybe 180 degree rotation..... I would buy one for my pool. There are a number of other drones, but this one looks like the best.... No fair, you get all the cool toys sent to you......

  • robohippy
    robohippy 8 days ago

    Years ago, I was chatting with my doctor. Her husband was a marathon runner. She commented how he got so out of breath when he tried to swim. Thinking about a bit, I figured out that when running, your main source of propulsion is your legs. When you switch to swimming, your main source of propulsion is your arms. You have a whole new set of muscles that need to get aerobically conditioned, which is why runners run out of gas when they start swimming. If they are already in good aerobic condition, they won't have as much trouble converting as some one who is not in condition. Same with a swimmer who wants to run...

  • Jalayne Nelson
    Jalayne Nelson 9 days ago

    I have a problem my gotgoles don’t werk

  • arthur ferreira
    arthur ferreira 9 days ago

    You can induce muscle growth by doing explosive sets with fins and paddles. Probably not as efficient as weighlifting but it will lead to muscle growth ( and its much more fun).

  • Game Changer
    Game Changer 9 days ago

    I work a lot . I goes to gym ,for running and of course for swimming but still not improving why?

  • Qwertyvegy 5830 5830

    The results of swimming are the same in male body and female body? I pretend this year go to swim and lost body fat , but i have more body fat in legs . If i swim i would lost that body fat ? Sorry for my english, this is not my first language

  • Joaquin VM
    Joaquin VM 9 days ago

    I want it but I think that it is so expensive

  • Atexf 31
    Atexf 31 9 days ago

    I call that move Ronaldo horns

  • Aditya Prakash
    Aditya Prakash 10 days ago

    Please help me. I am scared of deep water. Whenever i go in deep water. I got nervous and started drawning undr it

  • 김동현
    김동현 10 days ago

    뭐..뭐지..?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 갑자기 한국말? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 내가 보고있는거 어떻게알고...

  • Mikołaj Jędrzejak
    Mikołaj Jędrzejak 10 days ago

    Hey. I've beed doing episodes #1 #2 and #3 for 4 weeks now. And I have to tell you IT WORKS !!! Maybe it's my own filing but it's much easier to swim now! PS First week was burning ^_^

  • Arielle A
    Arielle A 10 days ago

    I really appreciate your swimming ideas. How am I just finding this video? I thought I have seen most of your swimming uploads. Much thanks as well for the Korean subtitles! Now I can talk about swimming with my Korean friends. 고마워요~~수영박사 오빠들


    Any tricks of how not to swallow half the pool water every time I practice swimming?

  • Amine Muslim
    Amine Muslim 10 days ago

    After doing this for 5 nights in a row, putting the video on a 0.75 speed , the burn feels better .

  • Daeung Hwang
    Daeung Hwang 10 days ago

    It is very helpful because you show the neutral thought and evaluation. Do you have a plan for current Fitbit Versa on swimming?

  • SoyNutsAndKale
    SoyNutsAndKale 10 days ago

    Is it just me or does your eyebrows go up and make you looks sad after you put on your cap

    • SoyNutsAndKale
      SoyNutsAndKale 9 days ago

      Skills NT Swimming Holy Sinceimkxoa! This is the first time anRU-clipr has hearted and replied my comment! I actually wrote this comment after the Junior State Champions Sydney 2019 :).

    • Skills NT Swimming
      Skills NT Swimming 10 days ago

      It happens

  • wilson lawson
    wilson lawson 10 days ago

    I can swim like this for 25 metres. Then it all falls apart. : )

  • Eric Rosén
    Eric Rosén 10 days ago

    great video. thanks

  • Arielle A
    Arielle A 11 days ago


  • Jethro Bodine
    Jethro Bodine 11 days ago

    Sorry for retroposting. I’ve been wanting to comment but only recently have had the time. I’m an adult who’s been trying to learn to swim with little or no success for the past 7 years. I commented on your video 2 Reasons Why Learning to Swim is Hard. I know full well that just watching RU-clip videos isn’t enough to learn to swim or anything else. You have to go to a pool physically and put in the hard, tedious practice. One problem I have is something I call “pool anxiety”. I’ve heard of the problem of “gym anxiety” and I suspect it’s a lot like that. Swimming pools and their environment just aren’t inviting places for me. I feel self-conscious at them, especially when just about everyone but me, including children and old people, are jumping into and swimming in the deep end, and I’m flailing around clumsily in the shallow end with a buoyancy belt on. The young life guards have cold, worried, bored, or disgusted looks on their face when they even bother to glance at me. Unlike with my running, in which I feel a reasonable competence and solidarity with other runners, I just don’t feel part of the swimmer culture, the scene. Of course, this is my own problem. More videos won’t help. As for giving you feedback, I think your channel is aimed much more at people who already know how to swim and are aiming for excellence. I’m not in that class or even trying to be. I’m aiming for basic competence, and as I’ve just said, that requires some consistent real-life practice. I’ve tried finding swimming buddies, but nobody’s been interested. Lessons are a bit out of my price range. Professional psychology is much too expensive, and I reserve the right to doubt its theories. I’m not the only one. What some swimming teacher or teachers need to do is start some program that addresses the hardcore of hard cases like me. People who can’t seem to float, tread water, panic in the deep end, etc. Most of the videos just repeat each other and don’t really address our hard case problems. I’m not saying you should do this. It may not be your thing, and that’s okay. But it’d be great if there were some kind of support group for swimmer wannabes who’ve tried but haven’t succeeded. Just a thought.

    • Skills NT Swimming
      Skills NT Swimming 10 days ago

      Great feedback. Thank you for sharing. I’ll take it into account and if I can do something about it I will.

  • Swim Coach
    Swim Coach 11 days ago

    Thanks for the great content. I've signed up for an account on your site to download the PDF however for some reason it won't let me get past the log in stage. Any tips?? Thanks

    • Skills NT Swimming
      Skills NT Swimming 10 days ago

      That is odd. I would say try in a different browser or computer or phone. Maybe make another account? Or contact us at

  • bananarepb
    bananarepb 11 days ago

    빠른 개헤엄 치세요 Anyways, I agree. I eat too much after swimming.

  • Nico Montinola
    Nico Montinola 11 days ago

    thats illegal. you can't put your toes on top of the deck

  • 한국반려동물아카데미

    Hello! I'm always looking at the good contents. Thank you. At the end, the word 'swim fast' was really good. I think many swimmers in Korea will like it.

  • Mhmd Saleh
    Mhmd Saleh 12 days ago


  • Mahsa Shalileh
    Mahsa Shalileh 12 days ago


  • Devalino Cho Syambara

    Very cool, keep working. This channel is very fun for me. Keep spirit

  • Emma Luo
    Emma Luo 12 days ago

    Super cool!

  • LoloPlayz
    LoloPlayz 12 days ago

    I had my first cramp after years of swimming... it’ll hurted so much, but it was embrassing because people were watching me....

  • Jake Suffety
    Jake Suffety 12 days ago

    I just started swimming for the first time with my aquatics class. First time doing heavy swim. I’m a baseball player and a runner and I always get light headed and my thighs kill. I seem like the oddball since I can’t swim. I know 0 technique and idk how to not suffer in the water

  • Yazan Zaro
    Yazan Zaro 12 days ago

    Can you pls make a video about breathing patterns for freestyle and freestyle

  • Pady
    Pady 13 days ago

    Thorpe's skinsuit is big help..

    • Skills NT Swimming
      Skills NT Swimming 12 days ago

      @Pady A ton of other things account for Thorpe's success, most of them invisible to us. That's why I have been doing videos for three years and haven't even begun to teach how to become a good swimmer. I just used Thorpe as a good visual example of this small thing that will most likely improve many people's swimming. And this "small" thing is one of the most important changes to swimming that has been happening for the last 40 years.

    • Pady
      Pady 12 days ago

      So then other “improvements”? 😝 i don’t believe in miracles.. Top results are always suspicious..

    • Skills NT Swimming
      Skills NT Swimming 12 days ago

      Not really. It was textile era not the super suits, if it would’ve made a big difference everyone would’ve worn one in that hit.

  • Lost- Noob
    Lost- Noob 13 days ago

    0:21 HELP ME

  • Kwaza Zabolaza
    Kwaza Zabolaza 13 days ago

    You are my favourite RU-clipr! You’ve helped me sooo much with my technique and now I swim competitively thanks to your great videos! KEEP IT UP Also if you see this shout me out pls at DoeDeo

  • Kv Abhiram
    Kv Abhiram 13 days ago

    Bro what's your 50m time

  • the God of Tits and Wine

    Strap the GoPro onto Gladius... Thank me later 🖤

  • Chien Nghiem
    Chien Nghiem 13 days ago

    Can you check for issue with english subtitle? Thank you for nice video btw!!!

  • Man ju Manl
    Man ju Manl 13 days ago

    There are better inventions .

  • joyce seo
    joyce seo 13 days ago

    wow! the Enterprise that parades in the water👍👍👍👍

  • Anoosh Fruzi
    Anoosh Fruzi 13 days ago

    I am here

  • James Hall fishing
    James Hall fishing 13 days ago

    That's cool. Could use something like that via saltwater for sharks 🏄‍♂️

  • Mustafa Bircan
    Mustafa Bircan 13 days ago


  • MaxTryk
    MaxTryk 13 days ago

    0:47 see how you move up and down with each stroke - means you push down instead of back - that's because the arm in front is positioned almost at the surface and you apply pressure before the catch which is also hard to achieve from that starting position...

  • Wary Cee
    Wary Cee 13 days ago

    Is it the it’s Wednesday my dudes guy... it looks like him

  • Lala Zy
    Lala Zy 13 days ago

    Aaah! Pero quítenle ese tipo de traje y entonces sí le contamos las brazadas🤔 Pero igual, interesante... ¡Gracias por el video!

    • Edd Olivas
      Edd Olivas 8 days ago

      Lala Zy Checa heat 400mts sidney 2000 y verás que igual, con récord olímpico y sin tanto esfuerzo...

  • Abooody Lbaaa
    Abooody Lbaaa 14 days ago

    I hope to increase the video time Thank you 👍🏼

  • Why can't I think of an actual name

    I recently moved to another swimming club, and my times got significantly worse, I hate all the people, its so crowded. There was litterally 17 I repeat, FRICKING 17 swimmers in one lane! I was thinking of quitting for a few weeks, my toughts didnt change since then. And since my times got up like 10 seconds I really feel like there is no way back. I am in a very dark place. Should I actually quit?

  • Mahbub Hossain
    Mahbub Hossain 14 days ago


  • Man ju Manl
    Man ju Manl 14 days ago

    That made me cry while I'm actually learning eurolei . schwimmen kommt vorbei.

  • Vet da faen
    Vet da faen 14 days ago

    I’m stuck at 29

  • Daniel Thomé de Paula

    Just don't do it in open water, because, there will be too much wavelets stopping you from gliding that much

  • Euphoric Soles
    Euphoric Soles 14 days ago

    Are fingers supposed to be spread?

    • Skills NT Swimming
      Skills NT Swimming 14 days ago

      Just a little. Sometimes I spread them too much though, that’s my bad

  • Robert Shadbolt
    Robert Shadbolt 15 days ago

    Thank you for the video, my daughter has just joined a swim club, having come from swim school they didn't use blocks. She felt a bit like fish out of water on her first squad session, you videos have helped her with the fundamentals before her next session.

  • Faieez Fauzee
    Faieez Fauzee 15 days ago

    Am tired from watching this. Cannot finish till end 😅

  • stay Buff
    stay Buff 15 days ago

    This is the worst advice ever

  • Atti F
    Atti F 15 days ago

    What's "Ctach-up swim" . And how can it pass to being uploaded without anyone notice it.

    • Atti F
      Atti F 14 days ago

      @Skills NT Swimming 😁 And did you notice it earlier or it was me who brought it to your attention ?

    • Skills NT Swimming
      Skills NT Swimming 15 days ago

      Probably because the only person who watches the videos before uploading them is me 😅