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  • Jerry Hobby
    Jerry Hobby 7 years ago

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  • Michelle Dale
    Michelle Dale 8 years ago

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  • rmarlowez
    rmarlowez 8 years ago

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  • Francisco Cervantes
    Francisco Cervantes 8 years ago

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  • Walter Thomas
    Walter Thomas 9 years ago

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  • ArtVisionary
    ArtVisionary 10 years ago

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  • G. Guy
    G. Guy 11 years ago

    Good video. I can't wait for your next one!

  • DigitalFemme
    DigitalFemme 11 years ago

    Great set of vid's Jer .. I love them!

  • RticleMan
    RticleMan 11 years ago

    Very interesting. JR

  • RticleMan
    RticleMan 11 years ago

    Very interesting. JR

  • BeechSundowner
    BeechSundowner 11 years ago

    Good video!

  • willie212
    willie212 11 years ago


  • Miguel Chávez Narváez

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  • 2otidipote2
    2otidipote2 11 years ago

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  • Marcus Rådman
    Marcus Rådman 11 years ago

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    Mark and D-rock show 11 years ago

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  • SchneiderMan
    SchneiderMan 11 years ago

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  • HottStuffJerseyCity
    HottStuffJerseyCity 11 years ago

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  • Gabe and Alisha Deschamps

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  • aimun
    aimun 11 years ago

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  • seedz11
    seedz11 11 years ago

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  • Ivan Karlev
    Ivan Karlev 11 years ago

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  • Ivan Karlev
    Ivan Karlev 11 years ago

    Great. This person would love it: watch?v=ByvZAxuOYQs

  • BeechSundowner
    BeechSundowner 11 years ago

    Good video!

  • 2otidipote2
    2otidipote2 11 years ago

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  • manchetknoop
    manchetknoop 11 years ago

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  • classified01
    classified01 11 years ago

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  • Trey Huguley
    Trey Huguley 11 years ago

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  • Trey Huguley
    Trey Huguley 11 years ago

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  • Trey Huguley
    Trey Huguley 11 years ago

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  • xennelul
    xennelul 11 years ago

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  • Ten House Productions
    Ten House Productions 11 years ago

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