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  • Benita Hiestermann
    Benita Hiestermann 2 months ago

    Nigel Robes this isn't Feminism

  • Benita Hiestermann
    Benita Hiestermann 2 months ago

    Big sister: Well your still... You're still a baby. Tiddler sister: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Lol! I died😂😂😂😂

  • Benita Hiestermann
    Benita Hiestermann 2 months ago

    Lol! This is so hilarious and cute!😂❤

  • 차인
    차인 3 months ago

    이거존잼 ㅠㅠ

  • Aïcha Kouyate
    Aïcha Kouyate 5 months ago

    1:06 😂😂

  • juju and and jojo music

    I think the mom is a human kid

  • Combo Cat
    Combo Cat Year ago

    0:57 the cabbage patch kid's hair that have been blown she is acting normal and stiff and not moving

  • Terrance M
    Terrance M Year ago

    That little girl having a tantrum needs a beating. Lol.

  • Zena hani bj
    Zena hani bj Year ago

    Soooooo cute

  • Lps Candy
    Lps Candy Year ago

    I have lots of theese then I only have tow now

  • Loco4Life818 2.0
    Loco4Life818 2.0 2 years ago

    1:00 How Did She Closed the Door on her way out Crying. She didn't Grab the Doorknob WTF?!.

  • Keziyah Israel LaKisha

    they are so cute

  • Travis De La Fuente
    Travis De La Fuente 2 years ago

    The funniest blowout ever...

  • MEOW duncan
    MEOW duncan 2 years ago

    0:56 The poor kid got triggered.

  • Gtrain!
    Gtrain! 2 years ago

    0:56 why is this so funny to me??

  • The Joopis
    The Joopis 3 years ago

    I loved this movie when I was a kid, but this has nothing to do with "feminism" or "ageism" seeing how Megan is like 3 years old and should probably not be building a clubhouse or be around tools. Ideally, none of these kids in the movie should because they're so young and have no background in carpentry. It IS a fictional movie though and anything is possible within their universe, but it doesn't go with or make sense with your narrative to rely on something fictional from the 90's to explain how it "really is".

    • Benita Hiestermann
      Benita Hiestermann 5 months ago

      I agree with you Meg is a baby she is too little to play with tools and it has nothing to do with feminism/ageism

    • Ara Samonte
      Ara Samonte 2 years ago

      TheJoopis I

  • Kitty swirl C
    Kitty swirl C 3 years ago

    I love Cabbage Patch dolls I have 2

    • J Lee
      J Lee 2 years ago

      Kitty swirl C I have nine.....

  • Jeong nicole
    Jeong nicole 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing!! I really love this

  • Mia Ham
    Mia Ham 3 years ago

    Que padre


    esta genial la parte donde le ganan a los chicos xD