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Libertango Mayo 2015
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Bulerías Mayo 2015
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Antonia - Paco de Lucía
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Como un espejismo
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  • Marcio Alves Matos
    Marcio Alves Matos 9 hours ago

    sensacional parabéns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick Sharp
    Patrick Sharp 7 days ago

    When you hear those horns in the steel mill showdown and Kurtwood/Clarence is yelling "Go on! Cut him off! Go on! GO! GO!" you KNOW it's about to go down!

  • Patrick Sharp
    Patrick Sharp 7 days ago

    "Drop it!...Dead or alive, you are coming with me!..." chills every fucking time. This movie is SO brilliant on EVERY level!

  • Patrick Sharp
    Patrick Sharp 7 days ago

    You can take his body but you can never have Murphy's SOUL!!!

  • Patrick Sharp
    Patrick Sharp 7 days ago

    5:35 to 5:58 is one of the greatest sounds in the universe! RIP Basil/Genius! <3

  • Elmo Dias
    Elmo Dias 8 days ago


  • 1000buffalos
    1000buffalos 11 days ago

    This score was genius. It evoked the modal and ancient, but cleverly slipped in the cinematic wonders of the chromatic mediants, Wagnarian power scoring, and sublime melodic invention. Basil Poledouris won an Emmy for Lonesome Dove, and 4 BMI Achievement awards. He always served the film with dedication. He totally awakened my love of film music. The waltz in the opening of Free Willy is so sublime, it brings me to tears every time I hear it. If I had known he spent his last years on Vashon Island, I would have swam the Puget sound to shake his hand.

  • Dreyvan Karameikos
    Dreyvan Karameikos 11 days ago

    Enhorabuena a la Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León por su interpretación, y gracias a quien haya subido este vídeo. Una de las más hermosas bandas sonoras jamás compuestas.

  • Tweekend27
    Tweekend27 13 days ago

    Next up, the synth orchestra recreate the Leon Nash nightclub-arrest score.

  • Tweekend27
    Tweekend27 13 days ago

    00:40 I got fucking CHILLS when those violins kicked in. Such an epic score.

  • Victoria Montano
    Victoria Montano 13 days ago

    The part everyone came for 1:31

  • Don’t You Dare Subscribe Me

    If you dislike this YOU ARE UNDER ARREST🚨

  • vilmar silva
    vilmar silva 16 days ago

    belo, belo, belo., bravo, bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fodor Norbert
    Fodor Norbert 16 days ago

    Real music is much better than todays crap isnt it

  • SmartassX1
    SmartassX1 18 days ago

    29 people don't know what's best in life.

  • Dewayne W
    Dewayne W 18 days ago

    When they played this music you know he's about to whoop up on some bad guy's

  • Sigifredo Cruz Rojas

    hombre muchas gracias... sabes si el himno al octubre rojo fue interpretado ahi tambien???

  • maniacc44
    maniacc44 28 days ago

    DROP IT!!!!!!

  • Sal S
    Sal S Month ago

    :41 = 👍😎👍

  • ARH AR
    ARH AR Month ago


  • Mega Man
    Mega Man Month ago

    "I'm not arresting you anymore". "Whoa...Wait a minute you're taking this kind of personal huh"? Clarence was the ultimate villain ha ha even mocking him then.

  • Tavares liman
    Tavares liman Month ago

    Best part for me at 3:00 ápice glory

  • Enrique Antonio Hernandez Jimenez

    En mi opinión, uno de los mejores soundtrack de todos los tiempos, gran tema.

  • Alex Rain
    Alex Rain Month ago

    Wonderful, actually a difficult piece to play because the organic string have to sound mechanical.

  • Flint Hardesty
    Flint Hardesty Month ago

    This was why 80s movies are classic.... awesome original music for good movies....!

  • tinchotenge
    tinchotenge Month ago

    You better like this vid or there will be.... TROUBLE

  • osiris constantinos

    "dead or alive you come with me!"

  • uba chuks
    uba chuks Month ago

    That's beautiful😭😭 It brings back a lot of memories.

  • Nikos Modjo
    Nikos Modjo Month ago

    Merveilleux orchestre et grandiose musique composée par un génial compositeur merci basil !!!

  • Flint Hardesty
    Flint Hardesty 2 months ago

    Thumbs up .... or there will be.............. Trouble!

  • Valentin Martinez
    Valentin Martinez 2 months ago

    Realmente amo esta musica

  • rachid bellak
    rachid bellak 2 months ago


  • Newnycsystem
    Newnycsystem 2 months ago

    These aren’t robots, I’m annoy

  • Duy Trinh
    Duy Trinh 2 months ago

    Ed-209, Jones, Emmil, Cain, Robber store guy, Claren… have seen this Concert and pressed dislike button ^^

  • Erick Pacas
    Erick Pacas 2 months ago

    my little pony orchestral theme

  • 738alejo
    738alejo 2 months ago

    *murphy it's you*

  • AlDaja ...
    AlDaja ... 2 months ago

    One of the best movies on a dime that came out of the 80’s in my opinion. Still holds up today...they could film it in Old Detroit now and save on props. 😎

    MAX SHNIDER 2 months ago


  • Ricky AL
    Ricky AL 2 months ago

    When you hear a tune and instantly remember the movie...

  • Edwin olaya alzate
    Edwin olaya alzate 2 months ago

    Que grande fue mi infancia , que recuerdos

  • Flávio Soares
    Flávio Soares 2 months ago

    The director of the film walked around the room making robot movements pretending to be Robocop. As Basil watched him, he was composing in his mind this great masterpiece!

  • Tanay Bhaduri
    Tanay Bhaduri 3 months ago

    Dead or alive you are coming with me

  • Dmitriy Melnikov
    Dmitriy Melnikov 3 months ago

    Потрясающе - wonderfull, it music beutiful

  • Dmitriy Melnikov
    Dmitriy Melnikov 3 months ago

    Кто из 2019, лайк

  • rotesil
    rotesil 3 months ago

    Your move, creep!

  • Barbatos Lupus
    Barbatos Lupus 3 months ago

    Thank you for you cooperation

  • HellBrYnger
    HellBrYnger 3 months ago

    holy shit :O

    DEENZ MOHIUDEEN 3 months ago

    Amazing. Can't see this while watching the movie. Incredible back stage work.. 👍

  • Edwin olaya alzate
    Edwin olaya alzate 3 months ago

    A cuantos se les puso la piel de gallina cuando escucharon esta joya¡¡¡¡

  • Гарвель Локен

    Мой любимый фильм))

    DRAKKENFIRE22 3 months ago

    OMG!!! This is awesome! To hear an actual orchestra play the theme song is overwhelming!

  • Aku603
    Aku603 3 months ago

    Hit like or there will be....trouble.

  • Hamid Abasifar
    Hamid Abasifar 3 months ago

    it is awesome i really enjoyed and cried for the good old days

  • stephanieore
    stephanieore 4 months ago

    I can’t express how I’m feeling right now.. Free Willy was my absolute favorite movie growing up and still is one of my favorites to this day. The score that Basil developed was absolute genius!! All the credit goes to this man for making amazing music for a beautiful movie.

  • William MacLellan
    William MacLellan 4 months ago

    Simply beautiful.

  • Dim7 K
    Dim7 K 4 months ago


  • Emrah
    Emrah 4 months ago

    "He is a cyborg you idiot!"

  • Club Jerseys - Canal de Fútbol

    Aplausos !!

  • Piraliev Denis
    Piraliev Denis 4 months ago

    Oh, great!!!! We are Russians, love American robocop for respecting the law!!!!😁

  • XHALE303
    XHALE303 4 months ago

    The dislikes couldn't even afford a [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅1̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

  • Pat .K
    Pat .K 4 months ago


  • Zangief Romanov
    Zangief Romanov 4 months ago

    Does anyone else suddenly feel the need to buy tangy tangerine or some male vitality?

  • qwerty qwerty
    qwerty qwerty 4 months ago

    Perfect Song !!!!!

  • 건영김
    건영김 4 months ago

    he is best hero in my childhood

  • Erik Omar Lara Lloja
    Erik Omar Lara Lloja 4 months ago


  • Anderson Ninho
    Anderson Ninho 4 months ago

    Parabéns simplesmente perfeito, Robocop

  • Christian Perezlindo
    Christian Perezlindo 4 months ago

    Es perfecto. Impresionante

  • AF Skulll
    AF Skulll 4 months ago

    Y luego dicen que el Black metal es música xD

  • Noob Noob
    Noob Noob 4 months ago

    "Mind if up?" You knew she was gonna look too!!!

  • Davi Ferreira
    Davi Ferreira 5 months ago

    Very Nice.

  • Jaber Moha
    Jaber Moha 5 months ago


  • Obed Morales
    Obed Morales 5 months ago

    At the beggining of the song I had to say "Youuu". Just damn awsome.

  • Groove Mistress
    Groove Mistress 5 months ago

    I'll buy this for a Dollar. Fantastic orchestra.

  • Lenovo Lenovo
    Lenovo Lenovo 5 months ago

    - Good shot son! What your name? - Murphy !!!!

  • MrPatrul
    MrPatrul 5 months ago

    Прям мурашки по телу, моё детство, которое никогда не вернётся...

  • Sergio Chinaski
    Sergio Chinaski 5 months ago

    Dios santo!!! Acabo de orinar el jardín de mi vecina por la emoción!.... Son maravillosos!!!

  • Neizan Algren
    Neizan Algren 5 months ago

    sounds a bit like conan soundtrack hahahaha

  • Science First
    Science First 5 months ago

    This will play forevermore...I'll see to that.

  • Vanilla Salt
    Vanilla Salt 5 months ago

    Wow.. amazing..this sounds like justice

  • nike roy
    nike roy 5 months ago

    i was expecting that piece of music from car chase where Robocop shouted 'Clarence, i am not arresting you anymore'.... but themusic here suddenly changed

  • damian chamberlin
    damian chamberlin 5 months ago

    Bitches leave ....

  • Gustavo Mompala
    Gustavo Mompala 5 months ago

    ¡Buen tiro hijo! ¿Como te llamas?

  • Chasalate Viana
    Chasalate Viana 5 months ago


    AALIYAH-03 RAYLEONARD 5 months ago


  • 738alejo
    738alejo 5 months ago

    Clarence Boddicker the best villian ever!.

  • David Proud
    David Proud 5 months ago

    Dick, YOU'RE FIRED!!!

  • David Proud
    David Proud 5 months ago


  • Julian Hernandez
    Julian Hernandez 5 months ago

    so epic....

  • Retro clan
    Retro clan 5 months ago

    epic bruh moment

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 5 months ago

    Robocop made in USA !!!

  • Portal Arlequin: cine fantastico y de culto

    Great perfomance!

  • Will Rios
    Will Rios 5 months ago

    Wonderful, congrats!

  • David Ziola
    David Ziola 5 months ago

    This is bloody amazing.

  • demon els
    demon els 5 months ago

    magistral conan no confiaras en hombre, mujer o bestia pero puedes confiar en esto

  • Dean Walker
    Dean Walker 5 months ago

    Probably the most satisying end to a movie I've ever seen

  • Carlos Espinosa
    Carlos Espinosa 5 months ago

    Dead or alive you're coming with me

  • Hot Racing Club
    Hot Racing Club 5 months ago

    Muito bom. Parabéns. Sucesso.

  • влад сергеев

    Это заслуживает того чтобы слушать на полную громкость!

  • Phantanos
    Phantanos 5 months ago

    Listen closely and you'll swear the musical instruments are calling out ROBOCOP!! ROBOCOP!! ROBOCOP!!

  • PizzaWads
    PizzaWads 6 months ago

    If I use this in a video essay about the music from the film will it be copyrighted or taken down? I see that it's not claimed here.