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  • MiniCurryDaMVP
    MiniCurryDaMVP 54 minutes ago

    I think steph curry is better at 3”s compared to joe Harris joe is only good wide open steph can shoot from anywhere joe can”t get a shot under pressure he”s like a Ben Simmons at shooting threes”under pressure steph hits full half court shots does Harris nope

  • Colt Mostar
    Colt Mostar Hour ago

    32 Blake Griffin or Karl Anthony Towns 33 Marc Gasol 34 Paul Pierce or Giannis Antetokounmpo 35 Snake 41 Dirk Nowitzi 42 Al Horford

  • Neitana TATANA
    Neitana TATANA Hour ago

    hes just russel westbrook is the because thats his favourite player

  • TheTnTKnightPL
    TheTnTKnightPL Hour ago

    How can you decide who is worse and who is better? It's just disrespectful for those people who tried their best to become the nr 1.

  • Janluis Milanco
    Janluis Milanco Hour ago


  • Janluis Milanco
    Janluis Milanco Hour ago

    How about Luka doncic

  • Bunch of urine 911
    Bunch of urine 911 2 hours ago

    When did he acualy react to it

  • James Gabrielle
    James Gabrielle 3 hours ago

    Kevin durant was drafted by the seattle super sonics

  • Kaleb Joe
    Kaleb Joe 3 hours ago

    That was not a fade away he stopped and shot it

  • Extreme USK
    Extreme USK 4 hours ago

    Mistake: “I’ve had enough of these point guards!” *shows devin booker*

  • Dos Bros Gaming
    Dos Bros Gaming 4 hours ago

    lonzo is one of the best defenders in the nba no cap

  • Tara & Gary MacDonald

    Russell Westbrook steals rebounds

  • Jacob Young
    Jacob Young 5 hours ago

    LAU: giannis will probably win a mvp in the coming years 2019: am I a joke to you

  • Zachary Martinez
    Zachary Martinez 5 hours ago


  • Traycer Brisky
    Traycer Brisky 5 hours ago

    Steph curry

  • Youtube Fierce
    Youtube Fierce 5 hours ago

    Im pretty sure hell clap you sooooo

  • Rudransh Singh
    Rudransh Singh 5 hours ago

    Nets have KD and Kyrie fool, and they made the playoffs last year

  • ACE NoobSkin
    ACE NoobSkin 5 hours ago

    You put demar derozen in 7th and 1st

  • Joey7294 YT
    Joey7294 YT 5 hours ago

    Brandon knight is in the cavs lmaoo

  • Christian Blandon
    Christian Blandon 5 hours ago

    The western

  • Jenna Repetto
    Jenna Repetto 6 hours ago

    Can you plz subscribe to awesomesaucecubing cuz he subscribed to you

  • Flying panther200
    Flying panther200 6 hours ago

    From Chicago

  • Ronin Da goat
    Ronin Da goat 7 hours ago

    Al horford

  • Mixed Kid04
    Mixed Kid04 7 hours ago

    6:37 LNU says mark Gasol and puts a picture of pau gasol

  • home boi124
    home boi124 7 hours ago

    nigga said vucevic was a top 3 center hes barely a top 10 center lmao

  • Samaah Hachem
    Samaah Hachem 7 hours ago

    Play 2k20 please

  • Jairus Gaming
    Jairus Gaming 7 hours ago

    Why igoudala is not in 9 jersey

  • R & R
    R & R 7 hours ago


  • R & R
    R & R 7 hours ago


  • The OG Trollz
    The OG Trollz 7 hours ago

    I literally clicked for the diss track and it made me subscribe...

  • Andrew Matchett
    Andrew Matchett 7 hours ago

    I wonder if Ben Simmons will win another ROTY

  • Sascha Obarianyk
    Sascha Obarianyk 7 hours ago

    I think LNU is the worst Player ever like to agree

  • TheGreatLegend
    TheGreatLegend 7 hours ago

    You forgot Shaq in the lakers

  • Brodie Silvo40
    Brodie Silvo40 7 hours ago

    Kyrie was raised in Australia

  • C-4 Malachi
    C-4 Malachi 7 hours ago

    So Since Russell Westbrook left now your favorite team is The Rockets

  • Ben 4Q
    Ben 4Q 7 hours ago

    Timberwolves are better than 76ers in this vid 4-0 SWEEP!!

  • Instinxtz
    Instinxtz 7 hours ago

    I lost brain cells watching this crap video

  • tristann
    tristann 8 hours ago

    5:47 why not put sg as prime isiah thomas didn't he averaged 27.4 or something?

  • tony bai
    tony bai 8 hours ago

    You are crazy

  • Dylan the boi
    Dylan the boi 8 hours ago

    You know the drill 1.steph curry 2.Hakeem and idk how to spell his last name 3.D Angelo russel 4. Dwayne wade 5. Russel Westbrook 6..Lebrun James 7.michael Jordan 8.joel embiid 9.James Harden 0.KD aka 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 snake boi

  • Dylan the boi
    Dylan the boi 8 hours ago

    Upload 2k dude

  • Dylan Reed
    Dylan Reed 8 hours ago

    Really Drummond and Embiied on the same team😑🤣

  • Matthew Garten
    Matthew Garten 8 hours ago

    He did not take out tatum zion hasnt played in one game tatum was in the confrnce finals

  • Matthew Garten
    Matthew Garten 8 hours ago

    For Oklahoma he didnt even mention buddy hield

  • ZackIsTryhard
    ZackIsTryhard 8 hours ago

    Please stop being a KD and warriors hater and a Westbrook fan boy

  • Dp Kids cool
    Dp Kids cool 8 hours ago

    Walker lamb and Drummond went to UConn don’t disrespect my state

  • Angel Vargas
    Angel Vargas 8 hours ago

    Kat has more athletesism than Jokic

  • Lucas zepeda
    Lucas zepeda 8 hours ago

    I also like Electro Shuffle

  • DomF 315
    DomF 315 8 hours ago

    Who else relised that he put the Mavericks for the Magic

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Dame - 2 points a game and Lnu chose him over Kyrie lol

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo


  • Groot Jones
    Groot Jones 9 hours ago

    LNU, who cares about stats. Curry is the better shooter. He is known for 3pt scoring

  • starcage
    starcage 9 hours ago

    Was it glitched that Barkley got injured 7 times

  • carlos gaston rojas
    carlos gaston rojas 9 hours ago

    wheres jhon collons

  • Awesome Savage boy
    Awesome Savage boy 9 hours ago

    Bruh the west is always crazy

  • wyclefwoman
    wyclefwoman 9 hours ago

    you forgot centierel amireca

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan 9 hours ago

    Lol, he put joe Harris over steph lolol 😂😅🤣lmao how dumb can you be.

  • TBTGoodwin
    TBTGoodwin 9 hours ago

    9:18-9:47 LOL You’re right

  • Wendy Wilkins
    Wendy Wilkins 9 hours ago

    yes do more fortnite

  • GD Alexxiz34
    GD Alexxiz34 10 hours ago

    reminds me when cody zeller rejected me a high-five . I didnt care thou. Went to my friend and told him what happened. he was like cody who?

  • Bryce Dangcil
    Bryce Dangcil 10 hours ago

    4:39 LNU what does that say?!? 1 point but u said he avg 19 ppg

  • mueed sajjad
    mueed sajjad 10 hours ago

    Lebron was drafted first overall,so did he go to the last pick for 2002?

  • DJ Deathgrip
    DJ Deathgrip 10 hours ago

    This is funny

  • DJ Deathgrip
    DJ Deathgrip 10 hours ago

    1.trail blazers Damian better then steph

  • Oscar pino
    Oscar pino 10 hours ago

    Ima wolves supporter, so it finally feels good to have a good team

  • TT Barbecue OP
    TT Barbecue OP 10 hours ago

    Still think the east would win

  • SingersOf2K
    SingersOf2K 10 hours ago


  • Santino Salisi
    Santino Salisi 10 hours ago

    Why don’t you make 2k videos wth

  • Crystal Gonzales
    Crystal Gonzales 11 hours ago

    kobe best jordan bad

  • Mirna Mensour
    Mirna Mensour 11 hours ago


  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 11 hours ago

    Kris Middleton at 22

  • C0brazz SZN
    C0brazz SZN 11 hours ago

    That trae stuff aged poorly

  • FritzGamingYT 123
    FritzGamingYT 123 11 hours ago

    Well Dirk nowitski is a legend and well he made the fadeaway move

  • NEiTHAN14
    NEiTHAN14 11 hours ago

    In the lakers Squad the center is Pau Gasol, noy Marc...

  • Caleb Piacentini
    Caleb Piacentini 11 hours ago

    bulls would win

  • krypt golden
    krypt golden 11 hours ago

    Your garbo

  • Blake Hagen
    Blake Hagen 12 hours ago

    Joel okafor is not that bad it's just that he always gets hurt

  • Dario Huter
    Dario Huter 12 hours ago

    John wall is fastest nba player i nba

  • Pierre Chedid
    Pierre Chedid 12 hours ago

    I think booker is gonna win

  • Zexotic Player
    Zexotic Player 13 hours ago

    The raptors should be Fred vanfleet

  • Huy Hoang
    Huy Hoang 13 hours ago

    did this man say Joe Harris better than Steph? But didn’t Steph shoot more three’s than Joe Harris?

  • Rocket lilrocketbabii
    Rocket lilrocketbabii 13 hours ago

    oladipo on cavs

  • Yo Boi
    Yo Boi 13 hours ago

    You should do best player by there last name a-z

  • Mr.Diesel
    Mr.Diesel 13 hours ago


  • Domagoj Vlahek
    Domagoj Vlahek 13 hours ago


  • TryToFlame
    TryToFlame 14 hours ago

    Actually george muresan its the tallest but okay

  • Buzzer _
    Buzzer _ 14 hours ago

    Why is KD looks like he is in a game lol explain me

  • Manos Kallimanis
    Manos Kallimanis 14 hours ago

    When you will post the diss track

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon 15 hours ago

    Ricky Rubio is the World MVP.

  • Javani Jones
    Javani Jones 15 hours ago

    You could of put Isaiah Thomas at 1st pick and now how is gonna be the 1st

  • time traveller
    time traveller 15 hours ago

    i think your a solid fan of steph curry bruh 😪😪😪 lebron james is one of the greatest player who ever played so i think he's on the top spot !! his size ability strength power i think he is the best point guard ..

  • Mojo Mystique
    Mojo Mystique 17 hours ago

    AD didnt get rookie of the year tho lmao

  • MaZe Malcom
    MaZe Malcom 17 hours ago

    Its Luka Dončić not Luka Donchic

  • lucaplayz123
    lucaplayz123 17 hours ago

    Where Italy and portugal?

  • Just Jovis
    Just Jovis 17 hours ago

    You shoot like shit you can't even do it from the back

  • Jeter Canda
    Jeter Canda 19 hours ago

    Your very annoying.hey nigga you should practice a voice lessons.your sounds it's like a kid

  • Cayden Burns._
    Cayden Burns._ 19 hours ago

    Post more maddennnnnn

  • ling de en
    ling de en 19 hours ago

    LNU, 1V1 ME IN BASKETBALL TO 21 POINTS, I'm a 9th grader I bet you won't respond to this

  • GiftCZ
    GiftCZ 19 hours ago


  • FxDe Creamツ
    FxDe Creamツ 19 hours ago

    still waiting on the diss track