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Megan & Ethan's Wedding Recap
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Epic Drone Fail 2018
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  • Coochicoo
    Coochicoo 7 hours ago


  • ih8anime ◾️
    ih8anime ◾️ 9 hours ago

    Me: can i go to the bathroom? Teacher: why didn’t you go during lunch? The bathroom during lunch:

  • AJ Lynch
    AJ Lynch 10 hours ago

    Plan: If you find out your girl is cheating or doesn’t want to commit. Before she breaks up with you propose to her in public to embarrass the fuck out of her.

  • Od1n Allfather
    Od1n Allfather 12 hours ago

    Canada don't got this shit XD

  • Kanden Patterson
    Kanden Patterson 14 hours ago


  • Evangelisa Jackson
    Evangelisa Jackson 15 hours ago

    what I don't get is if you know you're going to say know why I even let your partner get down on their knee as soon as I would have saw him or her getting down on his knee I would have stopped them instead of them making that whole speech just for you to run away like an ass

    WAR CULTURE 22 hours ago

    Moral of the story: just because she’s your girlfriend, doesn’t mean she’s with you.

  • Kahlila Gadiaga

    Yo propose in front of family and friends not hundreds of people. The girl may love you but if she is shy doing it in public just isn't a good idea she'll feel overwhelmed and probably reject but a lot of cases they'll say yes.

  • TexasRepresent

    The last guy questioning first had me rolling. Save the best for last

  • Mcwaff
    Mcwaff Day ago

    Imagine if they were bikers?

  • ساجد الغنامي

    عجائب الدنيه

  • Teodoro Valeriano

    He said unmolested lol

  • Fortune Boy
    Fortune Boy Day ago

    a woman propose to a men. few in a million people..

  • Jon Polley
    Jon Polley 2 days ago

    Why so people even do riots there probably get arrested

  • pagal chokaro
    pagal chokaro 2 days ago

    ❤️ 💔

  • UnSubRocky
    UnSubRocky 2 days ago

    I would have to show my passport and/or perhaps some identification to be allowed back in my home country. If an American citizen only has to answer a "yes" or "no" answer question, you might as well spend that 1 second to answer it.

  • JazzAnimate
    JazzAnimate 3 days ago

    Who else is watching this because you have no girlfriend

  • Maxii Malcolm
    Maxii Malcolm 3 days ago

    I dunno why it's struck my mind to search this I'm not a good person

  • Gtx 1080 Ti
    Gtx 1080 Ti 3 days ago

    [RARE] Emergency Flare DMG: 20 (Bareskin) MOB: 80 (unlit) 50 (lit)

  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus 3 days ago

    The 99% will always out number the 1%

  • R.D. Pawar
    R.D. Pawar 3 days ago

    Wedding wuoted

  • Jose Dominguez
    Jose Dominguez 5 days ago

    Eagles are the best Team

  • Manuj Madan
    Manuj Madan 5 days ago

    Wait if you're his gf why wouldn't you marry them??

  • Manuj Madan
    Manuj Madan 5 days ago

    Why purpose in public? That's not good.

  • Roxann Stevenson
    Roxann Stevenson 5 days ago

    Wow! Someone shared this with me because I follow Les Twins. Beautiful! A-frigging-mazing 👍🏾

  • Versatile IOS
    Versatile IOS 5 days ago

    8:30 give me some context pls

  • A. Nilla-or
    A. Nilla-or 6 days ago

    a man saying no to a proposal by a woman in public? we're gonna need a new word. apparently, embarassing is way understatement.

  • Alma Chroma
    Alma Chroma 6 days ago

    8:13 girl has problems

  • Lexi Johnston
    Lexi Johnston 6 days ago

    Never propose in public incase she would say no and you would get laughed at

  • Moony Doe
    Moony Doe 7 days ago

    “She looks excited!” *girl looks like she’s just been told her grandma died*

    • Insert Unfunny Meme
      Insert Unfunny Meme 4 days ago

      *Looks down in disappointment, putting her hands on her hips and sighing* "sHe lOoKs eXcItEd!!!"

  • P J
    P J 7 days ago

    hahaha - I usually rip into cops/agents in these videos'...but that one dumb agent...oh God I feel for his poor stupid little brain....when the guy asks why he's being asked if the agent can look in his trunk and the agent states "your car is dirty..." I haven't laughed like that all week.

  • Most disliked video ever Dislike plz


  • derSchweiz
    derSchweiz 7 days ago

    Thats what I call human shield! They should at least have tear gas, and bean bag rounds. Water cannons and active denial unit would be nice, which is a system that functions like a giant microwave and make them feel like they are set on fire

  • Jesus Alvarez
    Jesus Alvarez 8 days ago

    Booker T

  • Yax
    Yax 8 days ago

    A proposal in private, one on one, in a pretty candlelit restaurant, with a hot guy like hugh jackman or something, is an immediate "Sure thing, homeslice"

  • OliveGuacamole
    OliveGuacamole 8 days ago

    it’s just funny cause some of these patrol officers have accents. yet they’re jumping down an american citizens throat about being an american citizen.

  • OsakaRM
    OsakaRM 9 days ago hard to watch omg

  • Erick Pekeno
    Erick Pekeno 9 days ago

    Music name?

  • Itz Jaydn
    Itz Jaydn 9 days ago

    That first one hit hard 👊😢

  • Brandon22
    Brandon22 10 days ago

    I only watched this because I got rejected about a hour ago. Doesn't make me feel and better. F

    • OsakaRM
      OsakaRM 9 days ago

      Brandon22 damn bro,,,, F

  • Jonathan Pamatz
    Jonathan Pamatz 10 days ago

    Went from Marriage Proposal to Instant Rejection that hurts a lot for him😂👏

  • XxxSavagedude ima legend boi

    eagles lets go super bowl champs wooooooo

  • hihi haha
    hihi haha 10 days ago

    i watched so many proposals where they say yes.. cry.. and be happy... now i need to watch this to balance my happiness again

  • Skull Monster
    Skull Monster 10 days ago

    Guys are made a joke of!!

  • Alana Neely
    Alana Neely 10 days ago

    I’m going to hell for laughing 😂

  • Br1aNn88 YT
    Br1aNn88 YT 11 days ago

    Bro Europe is one crazy continent

    • ih8anime ◾️
      ih8anime ◾️ 9 hours ago

      Ты прав! Україна - це Європа!

  • Br1aNn88 YT
    Br1aNn88 YT 11 days ago

    They do realize that nothing is working against their armor...

  • Br1aNn88 YT
    Br1aNn88 YT 11 days ago

    Why is that dude in the yellow up in the front though

  • Greatwhite Studios Hollywood

    She did my boii wrong in the first video

  • lili ks
    lili ks 11 days ago

    that first guy was a showman lol , he wanted to make a spectacle out of that engagement lol

  • The Purple Turnip
    The Purple Turnip 11 days ago

    Dude the idea of marriage shouldn’t be a surprise, it should be the when/where and how that is 😞

  • Marenna Boutilier
    Marenna Boutilier 12 days ago


  • Caroline UWU!
    Caroline UWU! 12 days ago

    Least i feel good about being single lol

  • On Vacation
    On Vacation 12 days ago

    Shit Women... Shit women are the reason behind every marriage failure, behind every man turning gay, behind every man commuting suicide, behind every bad kids, behind every pointless uprising... don’t blame men, instead take a good look in the mirror before pointing fingers.

  • Dana Berry
    Dana Berry 12 days ago

    Lau!!! Bravo!! His poor knees 😩

  • Kung fu Panda
    Kung fu Panda 12 days ago

    That second video where people laugh. That was actually scripted. The boy propose to see if someone will help him if he gets rejected on public but, as you can see.. they just laugh and only 1 guy helped him. Thats society. They think its funny if someone is hurt. But when it happens to them, welp.

  • dr cody
    dr cody 12 days ago

    If you close your eyes, it sounds exactly like a gymnasium full of people putting away thousands of folding metal chairs, very aggressively, while shouting hateful remarks about the government.

  • Edwin Hebuzz
    Edwin Hebuzz 13 days ago

    What's the title of the music?

  • Snoop
    Snoop 14 days ago


  • DramaticYT
    DramaticYT 14 days ago

    *the only 1 riot dude having a gun be like* z o m b i e s

  • Lil' Fizz
    Lil' Fizz 14 days ago

    I came here to laugh but honestly now I just feel bad for everyone

  • Cedrick White
    Cedrick White 14 days ago

    1:12 that look in the mirror when your outfit is on point

  • Mr.Coffee
    Mr.Coffee 14 days ago

    Damn. I would off my self.

  • Gmork 0
    Gmork 0 14 days ago

    Last one!!!😂😂😂

  • Gmork 0
    Gmork 0 14 days ago

    Teacher: what is 2+2? Some Americans: am i being detained??

  • circuS .Allstar
    circuS .Allstar 14 days ago

    And of course an ad about a guy proposing to his girlfriend plays before the video starts

  • C Lowery
    C Lowery 14 days ago

    I lost my virginity and he lost his in the new car I bought and we always end up in the same parking lot. It's where we had our first date and I think I wanna propose to him in my car. We're both trans and I think I wanna get us matching rings with the flag on it. Which I can get for less than $100. I wanna have money to travel somewhere nice. Not spend thousands on a ring.

  • ScottOSaurus
    ScottOSaurus 14 days ago

    First dude seems like a royal self centered tool bag. Girl dodged a bullet.

  • EOS1
    EOS1 15 days ago

    Every single one of these narcissistic idiots deserves the outcome of the situation he put himself and his "future wife" in. Unbearable to watch. Oh, and the dude at the 7:00 mark? WISEST decision he made in his whole life. Guaranteed!!

  • San Fierro
    San Fierro 15 days ago

    most of them are fake and gay

  • pizza
    pizza 15 days ago

    Police forces don't deserve this kind of treatment

  • Oleg Mamedov
    Oleg Mamedov 15 days ago


  • Vanesiia Nugget
    Vanesiia Nugget 15 days ago

    why did everyone laugh like.. i-

  • Ryan O'Reilly
    Ryan O'Reilly 15 days ago

    I got a superjeweler engagement ring commercial where the girl says no

  • Alto Burrito
    Alto Burrito 16 days ago

    Guys plead the 4th amendment which protects you from unreasonable search and seizures

  • Cazimi MGTOW
    Cazimi MGTOW 16 days ago

    Haha good on them! Smart men don't get married

  • Wreck Wrack
    Wreck Wrack 17 days ago


  • Delaine Embree
    Delaine Embree 17 days ago

    These girls are ass holes I would give anything if a guy asked me to marry him like that I would say (oh hell yes)

  • Leonardo Bazail
    Leonardo Bazail 17 days ago

    The woman in the green dress reacted the worst out of her rejection. The rest just cried.

  • Christopher Lucas
    Christopher Lucas 17 days ago

    Sometimes, when you love want the whole world to know. I’m not against public proposals, but whether in private or in public, good communication could possibly remedy this.

  • Leonardo Bazail
    Leonardo Bazail 17 days ago

    I would honestly freeze up out of anxitey.

  • Anne Bonsol
    Anne Bonsol 17 days ago

    Just propose privately

  • Caitlin Justus
    Caitlin Justus 18 days ago

    But who is it more embarrassing for. The person proposing or the person rejecting the proposal?

  • Caitlin Justus
    Caitlin Justus 18 days ago

    I would never want to be asked in public. And if it is, as long as nobody's paying attention is fine. Ask me at home in front of family guy lol

  • Areeb Ahmed
    Areeb Ahmed 19 days ago

    1:50 people actually laughed at the guy...

  • sNOW Man
    sNOW Man 19 days ago

    I can’t get over how many people think all these are real, this is so staged a 1 legged, no arm, cross eyed deaf mute winning a gold medal in Just Dance is more believable. The Sheople have spoken!!

  • Milo Evans
    Milo Evans 19 days ago

    RIP in the chat

  • Sean Dufresne
    Sean Dufresne 19 days ago

    The pats were fucked when Donny bag of bones Jones established his presence

  • lilbitchanair parow
    lilbitchanair parow 19 days ago

    Some guy just don't get it if she says no your not her boyfriend your just dick she was using

  • Victory Morningstar
    Victory Morningstar 19 days ago

    I was a waiter once and got proposed to while on the job. I told her.. Here's your Cobb Salad, enjoy.

  • Steven Kunzer
    Steven Kunzer 20 days ago

    If you want the moment to be like a pregame speech from Ray Lewis on Sunday, I can’t say I feel bad for you when they say no.

  • someone o.O
    someone o.O 20 days ago

    The first one is fake

  • Nitty Gritty
    Nitty Gritty 20 days ago

    Drake wanna be second guy oh man what a idiot

  • шiиs шalкeг
    шiиs шalкeг 21 day ago

    I hate rejection

  • SXY Clan
    SXY Clan 21 day ago

    I’m here because of Liquid

  • Damian Oh
    Damian Oh 21 day ago

    Why is mainstream society against getting stoned? What's so bad about getting high?

  • Quan Phil
    Quan Phil 21 day ago

    4:39 the mascot😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kekqz
    Kekqz 21 day ago

    8:00 wtf?

  • milanpalermo02
    milanpalermo02 21 day ago

    Why do I enjoy this video so much ?? 🤔

  • HellFighterz
    HellFighterz 21 day ago

    That girl went psycho because a guy shes been seeing for 2 whole weeks wouldnt marry her 😂, my man dodged a bullet on that one for sure

    • kikyo hinamora
      kikyo hinamora 20 days ago

      Yea seriously what is wrong with her ,at least date for 3 years before getting married