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  • Devil's Food
    Devil's Food 5 seconds ago

    People like Bee need to Start Carrying Pepperspray/Peppergel And Lasers To Blind least. 😑 #SelfDefense. #PassItOn.....

  • LAX Traction
    LAX Traction 27 seconds ago

    Stealth drone subs loaded with hypersonic cruise missiles off our coasts

  • Jesse Castro
    Jesse Castro 2 minutes ago

    Another step towards our countrys security. The leaders breaking the law should be fired

  • Elijah X
    Elijah X 4 minutes ago

    Me: Good morning Me: Why are you Ghei.? Them: who says I’m Ghei.! Me: You are Ghei!!!!!👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 Them:😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 Dead💀💀💀💀🤣🤣💀🤣🤣💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂

  • Million vids still 0 subs

    I wear the same clothes to school every single day. Nobody seems to care ☺

  • Michael Esparza
    Michael Esparza 5 minutes ago

    I wonder what would happen if they started saying, "All those pilgrims at the southern border or the settlers we have already here"

  • Astro Birb
    Astro Birb 6 minutes ago

    If jobs was still here I wonder what smartphones would look like o.o

  • ved prakash
    ved prakash 11 minutes ago

    Taliban has no respect for woman and girls and no Faith in democracy, they just want to ruled in Afghanistan under Thier profit,

  • Don N
    Don N 12 minutes ago

    So now peasant rebel have drone technology!?!? Fake News, it was al intentional to start a war with Iran!

  • Crafting Cooking & Sazon
    Crafting Cooking & Sazon 13 minutes ago

    I love this story when I seen it on the news 🙏❤️❤️

  • Ayesha Islam
    Ayesha Islam 13 minutes ago

    Damn not only a higher learning blk woman having the police called on her but to be called a man atop of it🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Hamid Wahid
    Hamid Wahid 14 minutes ago

    Right even our friends taking down buildings

  • Grace Kirk
    Grace Kirk 15 minutes ago

    yeah my school was closed because of this.

  • Eric Keegan
    Eric Keegan 15 minutes ago

    I’m taking a page out of trumps book. If my girlfriend doesn’t want to be with me she can leave

  • Maryslamb1519 Maryslamb1519

    Old News... We didn't need a crystal ball to know the Pedro was going to get whacked by the SUICIDE ARKANCIDE MILITIA BRANCH OF THE US GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED BY THE DEEP STATE!!! Everyone with a brain cell predicted it..

  • malik Unknown
    malik Unknown 19 minutes ago

    2nd amendment baby!

  • Isiah Mitchell
    Isiah Mitchell 19 minutes ago

    It honestly would look bad on him because if wrestled her with all of the moves they do on the Mat then they would’ve said something look “Oh look how the way he grabbed her and pinned her to the mat he shouldn’t have done that or just go light on her and then you’ll here all of this sexual harassment going on but I think he did a great job to not wrestle her👍

  • Unknown94
    Unknown94 20 minutes ago

    Transgenders aren't saved and if you follow Satan's route, you not gone make it.

  • Mordecai 38
    Mordecai 38 21 minute ago

    No offense but every time the lady talked i wanted to punch her in the face

  • Anthony Granger
    Anthony Granger 21 minute ago

    It's time to stop being a nice guy and be let's start defending our children from these predators, we cannot let that slide, they took the face and put him on an island with all the little children he could ever have.... These people are demonic. There should be No grey area when asked the question if we're a Republic country. If you can look the the word Republic up, and not say a straight out YES, there's your problem.... thought Trump was our guy, he still kinda is, problem is, there's farmers and a bunch of small towns in middle america getting and being extremely frustrated with not getting the help he promised... I'm saying, that Paul Revere already rode by 3 times and we are still letting them do. Well prob more than 3 times, he's actually probably ran saying not "The British Are Coming", but "The Satanists Are Coming" ever since the first Bush. WHAT ARE WE DOING? GLYPHOSATE?!?! FREAKING JOHNSON AND JOHNSON?!?! NOW WE HAVE TO HAVE A FEDERAL ID BY 2020?!?! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

    • Anthony Granger
      Anthony Granger 14 minutes ago

      I LOVE my country, but we need a COMPLETE redo on the government.

  • Alex Ford
    Alex Ford 22 minutes ago

    Let’s all just take a 💩 in the comments. Joe Biden doesn’t care at all about any of ya. He only cares about kids.⚠️SPOILER🖕ALERT⚠️

  • Rockinghorse Winner
    Rockinghorse Winner 23 minutes ago

    rich elitist lib gets off....

  • Rockinghorse Winner
    Rockinghorse Winner 24 minutes ago

    I don't think just because she was sick and troubled, she should not be pitied and mourned. RIP, you are loved.

  • No Body Cares
    No Body Cares 25 minutes ago

    I used to have to wear the same jacket and pants everyday and it sucks when that’s the only thing people notice about you. Like I’m sorry my parents aren’t rich like yours.

  • J. Clark
    J. Clark 28 minutes ago

    He reads off his cards like a 5th grader at the school play.

  • Jacob Schiller
    Jacob Schiller 28 minutes ago

    To the "point" at 0:36, just know that women in fact work about 0.7 hours for every hour a man does.

  • Al Lex
    Al Lex 28 minutes ago

    This is the problem with you Dems. You have only socialism and Donald Trump ousting to offer. No substance except totalitarian regime, that flop debate was awkward!!!

  • Atlantis Caesar
    Atlantis Caesar 30 minutes ago

    As Prophet Mohammed I say this is the true denomination of Islam, Isis, and only they have the true quran.

  • Adrian Ford
    Adrian Ford 32 minutes ago

    The Queen approved the suspension of parliament. Doesn’t matter what the Scottish court says.

  • jamal robinson
    jamal robinson 33 minutes ago

    Michael Jackson called the moonwalk operation moving forward

  • Marty Wheeler
    Marty Wheeler 33 minutes ago

    Israel knows who sent the email...called drone's into Saudi Arabia oil! Israel intelligence agency knows the world's every move! Gods choosen land! Shàlom🇮🇱✡️🕎🇺🇸....💥 To it enemies!

  • Alex Ford
    Alex Ford 33 minutes ago


  • Sir_Doza
    Sir_Doza 34 minutes ago

    I would’ve done the same

  • Hicham Filahi
    Hicham Filahi 34 minutes ago

    What’s worse, is that CBS and other Zionist controlled media are down playing these spying acts like if they were no big deal..

  • Francisco Castro
    Francisco Castro 35 minutes ago

    urban leaf son drogas del territorio norte , baja california

  • Xeusa
    Xeusa 35 minutes ago

    "Why do you say that was on purpose?" Me: Seems self explanatory to me?

  • Tiger Young
    Tiger Young 35 minutes ago

    Harris and warren are cheaters and liars 🤮🤮🤡🤡

  • Francisco Castro
    Francisco Castro 35 minutes ago

    Las gligless Carvajal Logan es un problema

  • Al Lex
    Al Lex 35 minutes ago

    Bye bye Tulsi, don’t be stupid. You were the only brain on that stage. But you keep acting lbtard. Well your friends throw you out!!!

  • Francisco Castro
    Francisco Castro 36 minutes ago


  • Francisco Castro
    Francisco Castro 36 minutes ago


  • BigWasabi
    BigWasabi 38 minutes ago

    It would have been appropriate if Pelosi had explained that Schiff is a RT paid contributor She deliberately did not do that Schiff conducted numerous RT interviews at Congress and he was paid for all interviews A 2013 interview stands out because It details Schiff’s views on FISA warrants and possible abuse All are available by Goggling RT Adam Schiff

  • anas hassaan
    anas hassaan 38 minutes ago

    Houthi, Alquaida, ISIS, Daesh = israhelll

  • Robert Muller
    Robert Muller 38 minutes ago

    Still haven't heard what happens to the creeps who accepted, and acted on, the bribes.

  • Wenceslao Futanaki
    Wenceslao Futanaki 40 minutes ago

    He is good, no question about it, let´see what happens when the age novelty wears off, if he can pull decent adult art. But makes me happy to see this cause just watched a little girl who paints like most little kids do, but she happens to sell her stuff in thousands thanks to merchandising.

  • guysmalley
    guysmalley 40 minutes ago

    What a cold hearted person

  • Spartan Kong Country
    Spartan Kong Country 41 minute ago

    What good guys

  • Lorna Legaspi
    Lorna Legaspi 42 minutes ago

    Omg what a monster

  • Imtheteal tessa
    Imtheteal tessa 42 minutes ago

    It’s crazy to think of all the the people who died and that maybe six people made it happen, fly high to all that were lost and all the family members❤️

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf 45 minutes ago

    So he became his character from jingle all the way in real life. I wonder if he got each of his kids a turbo man doll to make up for missing their events!

  • Lorna Legaspi
    Lorna Legaspi 47 minutes ago

    He will rot in jail he deserves it

  • Right Way
    Right Way 49 minutes ago

    hey huti, good job. LOL

  • Rebelde sin causa
    Rebelde sin causa 50 minutes ago

    Dios mio wowww, corren mas q yo

  • xiaaq
    xiaaq 50 minutes ago

    come here if you want to cry

  • Logan Colarik
    Logan Colarik 51 minute ago

    Mah Boi (anyone underatand the reference)

  • Joey Tapia
    Joey Tapia 52 minutes ago

    look at this hero doing gods work

  • Little Bit
    Little Bit 52 minutes ago

    Luv me sum' impeachment

  • Phuk Yu
    Phuk Yu 52 minutes ago

    Winner of the night: Trump...again

  • Rotten In Denmark
    Rotten In Denmark 55 minutes ago

    Why does Hong Kong look to the US and Trump for help? Why do they want to hold onto their freedom? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE ALTERNATIVE IS SLAVERY!! SMDH!! And for all you small minded USA haters, HONG KONG is US!

  • Alex 1102
    Alex 1102 55 minutes ago

    Lmao half of you motherfuckers probably didn't know what "Uh Lepo" was either. This still makes me laugh though.

  • christopher wilson
    christopher wilson 56 minutes ago

    This is why schools should have uniforms.

  • Art Disappointment
    Art Disappointment 57 minutes ago

    This literally treason from trumps part

  • StayWokeTv
    StayWokeTv 58 minutes ago

    He was reaching for a weapon clearly his life was endangered

  • Konstantiniyye 1453
    Konstantiniyye 1453 59 minutes ago

    The US government silences(denies) every little noise about this movement, even the leader is protected by the intelligence agency!! Just think, since when has the US have ever been so nice,so tolerant to a muslim bigshot that they even support them with tax dollars?!!! , just think!!!! Wake up!

  • gp g
    gp g 59 minutes ago


  • Jejs Ndjs
    Jejs Ndjs Hour ago


  • wade hefner
    wade hefner Hour ago


  • J.Michael Jefferson

    The announcer had to be named Bo. This is Texas you know ?

  • S S
    S S Hour ago

    Spy devices? The Politicians THEMSELVES are Zionist Agents. This form of deception doesn’t work anymore. It’s over Zios; the American people have woke up. They’re putting out the feeling of if America discovers some kind of spying or coup that America will address it. Even though America has been caving into the Zionist’s for centuries and 9/11 being the day of the “Political Smash” aka Coup.

  • John Wick
    John Wick Hour ago

    We're inside a simulation... Inside of another simulation 🙃

  • Gil Flores
    Gil Flores Hour ago

    I'm gonna vote either it cost me 1 vote but when a white racist person votes it cost 2 vote for whites and why

  • Konstantiniyye 1453

    Cia invented cults: scientology(USA) gülen movement (North Africa,Turkey,Central Asia and now Europe with Germany as their new Home Base), many different cults(India) Falun Gong(China) they are all the same with the same goal: take control of economies(countries)!!! They are like a virus within the system!!!!! Even in Russia but putin threw them all out!

  • ed harison
    ed harison Hour ago

    Explain how giving people free money would make more jobs.

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith Hour ago

    Michael if your reading this buddy message me back! I want to buy you a whole new wardrobe! You will be the best dressed kid in that school! And to the 2 great kids who helped this kid I want to buy you both a pair of new Jordan’s!

  • Hashem Khadra
    Hashem Khadra Hour ago

    They are making sure the supply chain from aipac mouth peaces to anti semitic cry babies to lobbyist to senators to the president are running like fine-tuned zionist machine thats all regular maintenance .keep calling them allies not one base in israel, never helped in a rescue mission, they are Apartheid state not democracy, they attacked american ship so america get involved in a war ....but allies liability but allies

  • David Tubb
    David Tubb Hour ago

    "May" pursue charges!? Is this how we punish a death penalty offense now? Sick and tired of scumbag Dems walking between the justice raindrops from Hillary on down. Time for citizens to take real action if they can't.

  • dan lam
    dan lam Hour ago

    look like this video made by the computer , not real.

  • Adrienne Reed
    Adrienne Reed Hour ago

    Calm down CBSN man 😂😂😂

  • Darrius Washington


  • rickster348
    rickster348 Hour ago

    - who benefits?

  • taco_de_muerte
    taco_de_muerte Hour ago

    Yeah cause thats gonna help

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith Hour ago

    CBS is so progressive hiring a transgender woman to report the news.

  • Courtney Momof2
    Courtney Momof2 Hour ago

    The collar on her shirt is freaking huge

  • Clean Shaven Doom

    Imagine if palestinians had the resources the houthis have. Maybe Israel would stop building illegal settlements in the west bank...

  • Hawk eye
    Hawk eye Hour ago

    Good Lord

  • ~Vashti7~
    ~Vashti7~ Hour ago


  • Clean Shaven Doom

    I literally just watched a video where CBS claimed Iran did it. huh

  • Diane Matlock
    Diane Matlock Hour ago

    You should have tissues...for this .. I'm mean, how can I NOT cry whe he says" you guys are the only ones to ever give me a gift"... Gave me the UGLY CRY...Now I gotta do laundry... Used my sleeve..

  • Eduardo Villicana

    There's ur aliens idiot's

  • Kelvin Lacewell
    Kelvin Lacewell Hour ago

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! Your own ZIONIST ROMAN GOVERNMENT is killing it's own citizens in the name of G-O-D(GOLD-OIL-DRUGS) WAKE UP!!!!

  • Khrysalis
    Khrysalis Hour ago

    Stop pushing Biden, he’s a sick man and needs to get out of race. Mainstream news you keep pushing a man who is obviously in cognitive decline. These are not gaffes, these are signs of senility. We already have a senile President, do we need another one? This is embarrassing. CBS and the rest of mainstream media, you are making the USA a laughingstock with all your BS polls and other gimmicks to get Biden elected. Why don’t you focus more on his obvious Pedophillia? There are 40+ years of this behavior all over the Internet.

  • Spot Turtle
    Spot Turtle Hour ago

    True love has found well buddy

  • Wacky One1
    Wacky One1 Hour ago

    She is beautiful

  • salve !
    salve ! Hour ago

    same problem in india...assam(indian state) bangaldesh border...more then 100k suspects

  • Rebecca Conn
    Rebecca Conn Hour ago

    How on Earth did anyone know she was transgender?

  • S Li
    S Li Hour ago

    Must have been posing as a female and didnt tell the guy he was a transgender. The guy found out and took revenge. Life is NOT a game, Dont try to fool guys if you know you are a transgender.😮

  • Py DevEagle
    Py DevEagle Hour ago

    I told everyone, you should have voted Ted Cruz. He is STILL fighting for our freedoms.

  • Hi it's Paeonia and I'm Everything!

    I'm so glad the two classmates did right by their peer and helped him. Hopefully, local retailers can agree to give their classmate free clothes throughout the years.

  • BancroftOutdoors

    Tulsi Gabbard where you at!

  • Py DevEagle
    Py DevEagle Hour ago

    Good luck taking the guns of Americans. Won't happen.