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  • Carol Houle
    Carol Houle 4 hours ago

    Very cool. I love it, guys. I'm 62, kinda know what I'm talking about.

    • Carol Houle
      Carol Houle 4 hours ago

      I saw it. It's deplorable, all of it. You put it all together nicely. Thanks, and the music fits it grief perfectly.

  • david Huuki
    david Huuki 6 hours ago

    Hackie is the original rude boi 😎

  • satan 382
    satan 382 6 hours ago

    ãaaaaaaaa süper

  • Daniel Kisinger
    Daniel Kisinger 7 hours ago


  • ariel wibisana
    ariel wibisana 7 hours ago

    ya i am metalhead

  • Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown

    Tosin: Check it out guys. I figured out how to make drum sounds on my sweet guitar now. Drummer: Aight. I'ma head out

  • WolvoExPunk1
    WolvoExPunk1 8 hours ago

    Saw these at Dudley JBs in the late 90s. Great band. They need to reform and play Rebellion Punk fest in Blackpool. And to tour with L7.

  • WolvoExPunk1
    WolvoExPunk1 8 hours ago

    Both the Lunachicks and 7 Year Bitch need to reform, and tour with L7. That would be an awesome package.

  • Carolin B
    Carolin B 8 hours ago

    One of my favorites!!❤ Keep rockin it guys!

  • LG Refacciones
    LG Refacciones 9 hours ago

    I cant stop to hear and see this great song and video... To much Heavy M history on the stage...

  • snowblindburd
    snowblindburd 9 hours ago

    Woah, vocals give me Dave Williams vibes.

  • Harold
    Harold 11 hours ago

    This aged like a fine wine.

  • Vibelifefilms
    Vibelifefilms 15 hours ago

    I used to skate this damn song till like 11 at night man this was A1 back then

  • Justin McCool
    Justin McCool 16 hours ago

    Djenty. I like it!!

  • asking Wai
    asking Wai 20 hours ago

    I was born in the wrong era

  • Levent Yıldırım
    Levent Yıldırım 23 hours ago

    laughed hard at the zoom-in and zoom-outs it's like a toddler playing with a camera.

  • Sydaball
    Sydaball Day ago

    God if your're listening please bring back the 90's

  • FindingMy WAY
    FindingMy WAY Day ago

    Thank you for sharing your gift with the world

  • RuneTube
    RuneTube Day ago

    Still a bop

  • The Moon
    The Moon Day ago

    God that intro!😱🤟❤

  • Omertahun
    Omertahun Day ago

    well its nearing to its anniversary and it achieved to become in the top 5 most influential prog/djent songs of all times. Even Dream Theater gave it a hommage in "At Wit's End"

  • Uncle Ruckus66

    I get such a Ramones vibe from this song...

  • Lowly Game Channel

    Фу как это дерьмо развидеть

  • Dustin French
    Dustin French Day ago

    i like the accent in the gang vocals.

  • Collin Ingram
    Collin Ingram Day ago

    I like how their bassist is Metallica's '03

  • Collin Ingram
    Collin Ingram Day ago

    who remembers this song off of Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 on PS2

  • D20 Bassriffs
    D20 Bassriffs Day ago

    Wth happened to the quality????

  • Gabriele Piarulli

    The nostalgia omfg

  • Trey Williams
    Trey Williams Day ago

    This is fucking fantastic. I love this.

  • Trey Williams
    Trey Williams Day ago

    "cyberpunk girl" you can say scene, we all love it

  • TobeTekkers Gaming

    Someone get this man some Pepsi

  • cinnamon bun
    cinnamon bun Day ago

    2019 October 😉

  • Adam s
    Adam s Day ago

    i love this

  • Luke Reid
    Luke Reid Day ago

    Love this lads!

  • Tia Killfreak
    Tia Killfreak Day ago

    More energy in this music video. Keep up the good work. Don't worry, for the music... No comments. It's already perfect. 👍

  • LindaPV
    LindaPV Day ago

    Love and tears. RIP Dave. Long may your songs play!!!

  • RedPilled Libertarian

    I miss 90's pop punk before it got ruined by MTV.

  • Shunsey Domínguez

    De principio a fin excelente estructura!! tech brutal

  • Insert channel name I

    It’s really late and I’ve never really liked ska before, but somehow I’m here and my last few brain cells like this now.

  • insane professional

    I like this song.

  • Skytip Media
    Skytip Media 2 days ago


  • Connor Krix
    Connor Krix 2 days ago

    Does Gene Simmons have dementia

  • Daniel Gibeault
    Daniel Gibeault 2 days ago

    So Harley Quinn broke up with the joker and started a band Sweet

  • Pabo
    Pabo 2 days ago

    I thought i was over my emo phase...i guess not :/

  • mova kalin
    mova kalin 2 days ago

    It‘s fast and to a degree must be hard to play. But I am not that impressed. A song should sound in a way you always should be able to identity the song after hearing three five seconds of it.

  • jesust760
    jesust760 2 days ago

    This shit is for loser burnouts that can’t let go of the 90s.

  • Yunus Ubic
    Yunus Ubic 2 days ago


  • Lizard King
    Lizard King 2 days ago


    • BlankTV
      BlankTV Day ago

      Do better than 'derivative'. BlankTV

    • Lizard King
      Lizard King 2 days ago

      @Unfortunate Sons nothing wrong with grunge. For nonderivative, but still struggling, check out the band "Greysmyth" on RU-clip or Reverbnation.

    • Unfortunate Sons
      Unfortunate Sons 2 days ago

      Lizard King Hey man, we’re actually on the same page with you. Once we’ve started writing the first songs we had a strong urge to dig up our grunge influences and we were definitely okay with that. We’re still in the learning curve and also hoping to refine our sound. All in all, thanks for sharing your feedback👋🏻

  • Mark Pemble
    Mark Pemble 2 days ago

    This video is for anthropologists in the future who want to know how people living in 2010 dressed.

  • UnleashedTraining101

    I like this. Do they do any songs in Japanese?

  • Fandom Sale
    Fandom Sale 2 days ago

    Хорошая группа!

  • Christine Thompson
    Christine Thompson 2 days ago

    Good sound guys :-))

    • Unfortunate Sons
      Unfortunate Sons 2 days ago

      Christine Thompson Thanks a ton, really appreciate that!🙏🙂🤘🏻

  • proud man
    proud man 2 days ago

    I'm not sure why this came up first in a search of "Death Metal with black lead singers" but I'm glad it did because this is sick!

  • Anthony geary
    Anthony geary 2 days ago

    If you can’t find it on the internet, you’re not looking hard enough! I like it, pretty catchy. 👍

  • Adwaita Chakma
    Adwaita Chakma 2 days ago

    2019! And so much fun to see the band grow !

  • Eddieisherenow
    Eddieisherenow 2 days ago


  • Unfortunate Sons
    Unfortunate Sons 2 days ago

    Thanks a million guys! Really appreciate sharing our vid🔥 BlankTV is the shiznit🤜🏻🤛🏻👏🏻🍻

  • Vic Stevensøn
    Vic Stevensøn 2 days ago


  • Can Keskin
    Can Keskin 2 days ago

    it's fantastic greetings from Turkey

    • Unfortunate Sons
      Unfortunate Sons 2 days ago

      Can Keskin Dude, now we have to come to Turkey! 🙌🏻🤘🏻 That would be fuckin awesome! Feel free to join in on our socials,🤜🏻🤛🏻

    • Can Keskin
      Can Keskin 2 days ago

      @Unfortunate Sons If you come to turkey, I will headbanging in front of stage 🤘🤘🤘 🤜🏻🤛🏻🍻

    • Unfortunate Sons
      Unfortunate Sons 2 days ago

      Can Keskin congrats, you were the first to comment💪🏻🔥 Thanks a lot for your support dude, really appreciate that!🤜🏻🤛🏻🍻

  • Mauro
    Mauro 3 days ago

    Mal esteem wannabe goes growl lol

  • jshrubz
    jshrubz 3 days ago

    Ahh, the good ole days. Back when Davey Havok was still a man and AFI had some fucking BALLS!

  • britt any
    britt any 3 days ago

    sums up my highschool years

  • FABI P
    FABI P 3 days ago


  • Michael Langer
    Michael Langer 3 days ago

    Just saw them down at my local rock bar with adelitas ways...let me tell ya what...i was not at all disappointed with there performance

  • Juan David Colorado


  • DaJon Ellis
    DaJon Ellis 3 days ago

    It still better than Taylor Swift cover of September

  • Perfect Cell
    Perfect Cell 3 days ago

    listening to this is like playing super competitive smash bros melee fox v fox

  • CHORDE72
    CHORDE72 3 days ago

    Saludos a Metalfier A GREAT BAND

  • Climbing Up The Sounds

    I look at the fretboard and I see it needs sweeping... While my guitar djently weeps... 🎸🎵🎶

  • Dendé Hehr
    Dendé Hehr 3 days ago

    I’d call. **falls in wheelchair** I have crippling depression

  • Kutta
    Kutta 3 days ago


  • Krystal Degalan
    Krystal Degalan 3 days ago

    This song kills me everytime 🖤

  • RobGBarker182
    RobGBarker182 3 days ago

    So when's the come back on ? I've played crossroads so many times the disk is starting to get thin lol.

  • Cole Vick
    Cole Vick 3 days ago

    Wsou always finds gold on their plaulists. Great find

  • Baze Abbas
    Baze Abbas 3 days ago

    SOOOO goooood!!!!

  • Walrus the chihuahua


  • chisel chin
    chisel chin 3 days ago

    this is the song you play when everyone tells you to turn the music down

  • Matthew Casteel
    Matthew Casteel 4 days ago

    Adair was one of the best to come out of STL...I wish they'd come back

  • no stop for the love of god stop it

    walking dead is trash. Don’t at me i’ll beat your fuckin ass

  • Liz Tan
    Liz Tan 4 days ago

    Prototype one?

  • Jacob Conrad
    Jacob Conrad 4 days ago

    My sister showed this to me and I love it

  • cody felmey
    cody felmey 4 days ago

    When i went to yourr walmart. And bought yourr bandana! And wore ot in a very strange fashion much like a homie covering most of my forehead. And i bought yourrrr button up work shirts.

  • cockbroker
    cockbroker 4 days ago

    im going to rehab 2mrw. i love frenzal rhomb!!

  • Vimal Vijayan
    Vimal Vijayan 4 days ago

    Great song paul! You are a living legend.. That's what you are.

  • BarkFrags44
    BarkFrags44 4 days ago

    Lchc baby

  • A Flick
    A Flick 4 days ago

    I had the pleasure of attending a Rose by any other name/Listener show in a tiny apartment and Josh and Dan were honestly 2 of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my whole life. They played full sets to a crowd of about 30 people and sat around after words for like an open mic/ question and answer session. It was absolutely fucking amazing.

  • angie perez
    angie perez 4 days ago

    Like 👆🏽

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 4 days ago

    Any remember two girl group during same time as lumidee? Think they were twins. Cant think of there name.

  • Dat Guy
    Dat Guy 4 days ago

    I could just listen to SlipKnot but that’s just me. Then again I could just stab my ears, makes no difference.

  • Rodan2001
    Rodan2001 4 days ago


  • Pedro Costa
    Pedro Costa 4 days ago

    Saudações brasileiras 🇧🇷🤘

  • Jamal Sampson
    Jamal Sampson 5 days ago

    Sirius XM OCTANE was my first taste of this song. Somehow, never saw the music video; not until just now October 14, 2019. I'm so late!!! Boss song though!!!

    TRAP ROCKSTAR 5 days ago

    👽👻🛸 Hi Dad! 💙💚

  • Douglas Childers
    Douglas Childers 5 days ago

    This shitty band's biggest song is a cover lol

  • TamaraAndTheDemon
    TamaraAndTheDemon 5 days ago

    Does not seem the same without his make up

  • oscar rubio
    oscar rubio 5 days ago

    Cuando esto empezo creiamos en algo que permanece intacto sabiendo que las cosas cambiarian y que algun dia dejarian esto y pasan las horas, pasan los dias, pasan los años aun seguimos cosechando lo que empezamos no ha sido facil el sacrificio se ha logradosiiiiiivamos recogiendo lo que sembramos la cosecha esta a punto de florecer apunto de dar su fruto nuestras canciones se van quedando aqui en la mente aqui en tu mente y en mucha gente mas estamos orgullosos de lo alcanzado lo que logramos reflexionar lo que realmente importa esta presenteque esta confundida que no valora su vida que nunca sueñan y que no tienen metasvamos recogiendo lo que sembramos la cosecha esta a punto de florecer apunto de dar su fruto nuestras canciones se van quedando aqui en la mente aqui en tu mente y en mucha gente masnuestras canciones son para ustedes conservando la escencia de lo que nunca se perdio (bis)siembra para recoger x3 pero siembra ya!

  • Spike Rodriguez
    Spike Rodriguez 5 days ago

    2019 suck my dickkkkk

  • FrozenBreaks
    FrozenBreaks 5 days ago

    Final Boss music

  • Lucas Freire
    Lucas Freire 5 days ago

    please COME TO BRAZIL !!