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  • Dan Moran
    Dan Moran 15 hours ago

    I get the chills exactly where you did. I think you need to listen to their new albumn, Fear Enoculum. Absolutely amazing albumn

  • blackheavyblans
    blackheavyblans 19 hours ago

    Welcome to the fox hole 🦊🇯🇵


    Is my favorite song and you so cute ❤

  • Paul Mumberson
    Paul Mumberson 2 days ago

    OMG I just saw Floor and Henk do Phantom of the opera. W....T...F

  • Tio Nino
    Tio Nino 2 days ago

    Hey Mana please react to the Phantom of the Opera with Floor and Henk. You will love it!!!

  • Jesper Holm
    Jesper Holm 2 days ago

    Your reaction, when Dev appears first time :-)

  • Rodrigo NC
    Rodrigo NC 3 days ago

    Fucking love you maná 😬

  • Peter Martin
    Peter Martin 3 days ago

    Kobra kind of changes up her vocal style with every album. Try "Losing My Humanity" from Prevail II or "Wounds" from Evolve.

  • Roy Smothers
    Roy Smothers 4 days ago

    Simone was 3-4 months pregnant at the time.....

  • stephen allenbaugh
    stephen allenbaugh 5 days ago

    your volume is to low. I cant turn it up

  • Phoenix3573
    Phoenix3573 6 days ago

    Can someone tell the name of the song that played in the intro of this video?

  • John Mac
    John Mac 7 days ago

    Anyone please have Enraged Sephiroth's original uploaded somewhere, please post. Really need it right now.

  • Bill Reinersmann
    Bill Reinersmann 8 days ago

    The Death of Su as an idol and rebirth as a Metal Goddess

  • Kael Griffis
    Kael Griffis 8 days ago

    Damn those poly rhythms, Danny lol Def influences the vocals. You can see across Tool, APC, & pusifer. All great bands, too

  • Rick Bendel
    Rick Bendel 8 days ago

    Please acoustic treat your room and try!

  • Xanthipuss ofSparta

    I would love a live version of this album.

  • ryan dez
    ryan dez 8 days ago

    I recomend you to listen to their song PNEUMA

  • Dave Lanciani
    Dave Lanciani 8 days ago

    React to Steven Wilson's "Routine" for a completely different experience.

  • Miguel Giménez
    Miguel Giménez 8 days ago

    Laura Palmer reacts to Porcupine Tree

  • Logan Freund
    Logan Freund 9 days ago

    It's always a joy to see someone discover Gavin Harrison. Life changing drummer!

  • Sérgio Alves
    Sérgio Alves 9 days ago

    I remember when I first listened to Lateralus (the album). You get this fucking 8min+ masterpiece, and at the end of it you realize that was only the first track!

  • Sérgio Alves
    Sérgio Alves 9 days ago

    I love it that when the bass comes in with the drums it sounds so clunky you'd easily think it's being slapped. Their tone is absolutely incredible.

  • Joe K
    Joe K 10 days ago

    Keep on cursing Mana \m/ Ps a strange recommendation but a few of the original easter egg songs found on the call of duty zombie series. Composed by ksherwoodops , Beauty of anihilation, paradoilia, the one and 115 are a few favorites of mine. Cheers from NZ :)

  • gdub454
    gdub454 10 days ago

    What up girl? album has been out since August come no reactions from you?..did you quit RU-clip?..

  • Pharaoh TV
    Pharaoh TV 11 days ago

    I enjoyed your reaction!! I am new to BabyMetal and they are freaking amazing!

  • Danny B.
    Danny B. 11 days ago

    Tatiana is life! Jinjer is becoming my new favorite band. \m/ I wish I had a gal like you in my life to watch metal videos with.

  • dustin blunt
    dustin blunt 11 days ago

    You should listen to “My Arms Your Hearse”. It’s probably the greatest album Opeth has ever made.

  • ilseizi
    ilseizi 11 days ago

    Translation of "Mama". Here it is. Mama, can I talk to you for a second? Because life is not going well for me I have everything I love, but I don't feel love anymore I really need you now, It's hurting me too much Mama, tell me how I should live Please tell me how you do it I really lost it now Oooh oh mama, why am I not like you? The strongest example of a mother and a woman Mama, where did I lose myself? At this table you have taught me everything Can't eat, can't talk, can't dance, can't sleep, can't smile, can't resist to be drowning in my tears Oh ooh mama, Tell me how I should live Please tell me how you do it I really lost it now Oh ooh mama, why am I not like you? The strongest example of a mother and a woman Oh ohohoh mama, Tell me how I should live Tell me how you do it I really lost it now Oh ooh mama, Why am I not like you? The strongest example of a mother and a woman

  • Peter Ang
    Peter Ang 12 days ago

    The only band in the world that make's keyboardplayers cool again. More of Floor Jansen, "beste zangers 2019 floor jansen" , same show opera-singer Henk Poort with the Sound of Silence, , in this show Floor sings german,dutch,englishe and spanish. and if you want to see the whole serie with englishe subt go to the youtube of Denise Hofs The last note was a G#.

  • wulfive
    wulfive 12 days ago

    This is my ultimate "I wish i could listen it for the first time again" song.

  • jeff s
    jeff s 12 days ago

    These Albums are stories, like all progressive metal/rock the whole albums just are stories...

  • sixstringpsycho
    sixstringpsycho 12 days ago

    You know, they’re two VERY different bands and most fans of either would probably hate the other bands’ fans, but I notice a similar effect between listening to Ghost songs and listening to Tool songs: they take a few listens before they click, but when they click, you can’t unhear how good it is.

  • fecundus balbus
    fecundus balbus 12 days ago

    I am much older but still I love Gojira. If I may suggest, please leave your camera, phone... at home next time. Your story telling was absolutely great - and that's enough. Filming steals the moment.

  • supreme commander trump

    Honestly this song is majestic.... unfortunately once you lose your mother this song turns into something ... different not bad ... not good .... just something that emotes..... similar to heartbreak..and what "nothing compares to you" does emotionally to us RIP mums everywhere that never got the chance to be proud of their babies xxx

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson 14 days ago

    I like how someone said that once you've started listening to TOOL that you are going down the rabbit hole,lol,so true.

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson 14 days ago

    I can still feel what is was like to see them live,the sound hits you and wraps you up,geez it even moved my hair...

    MAD VIKING 14 days ago

    I'm loving the fuck outta these UTA reactions!! Their music does the same thing to me!! It makes me giddy sometimes. I LOVE IT...

  • Mirin Brah
    Mirin Brah 14 days ago

    What is the song playing in the background? I can hear is best at the end of the video, but I cannot tell who sings it. Great reaction btw!

  • PageMonster
    PageMonster 15 days ago

    Mana - thanks for the answers! I still have nightmares related to The Venga Boys. Several years ago I was in a local carnival procession, on the back of a truck, in my wheelchair, and the "music" I was forced to hear was The Venga Boys - on a loop, for FIVE HOURS! And people were throwing coins at us. 😭

  • K J
    K J 15 days ago

    You are Dutch, are you not? ;) you should send me a DM so we can share some good bands!

  • lossow1
    lossow1 16 days ago

    I love Floor's version of Mama even though I don't understand a word of it. I knd of envy you being able to understand the lyrics as well as enjoying Floor's awesome voice!

    • ilseizi
      ilseizi 11 days ago

      I posted the lyrics in the comments.

  • kimmo laulajainen
    kimmo laulajainen 16 days ago

    those eyes

  • WolfFireheart
    WolfFireheart 17 days ago

    Okey so, first let me defend myself! Slipknot: Devil in I. Love that music vid. The people dying and blowing up gave me a chuckle. Crucifying your lead singer on stage? Babemetal, you've gone to hard core. And yes, I know that makes little sense. But I still feel the crucifying is worse somehow? xD

  • Vainguy Marz
    Vainguy Marz 17 days ago

    MANA, do 7EMPEST from TOOL, even if it takes 13years to upload i'd still watch it.. any plans doing a reaction of any songs from FEAR INOCULUM?? anyways MORE POWER TO YOUR CHANNEL!!

  • ron young
    ron young 17 days ago

    This is your music. You Scandinavians. We are westerners. So, thank you for posting this video. We love the song too.

  • not done yet
    not done yet 17 days ago

    Im glad shes getting in2 it cause they fukn rock the universe

  • AM
    AM 17 days ago

    Upps! Am i late? Yes i am... Never mind... Happy Birthday! :-)

  • Marc Morton
    Marc Morton 17 days ago

    Great Reaction! Even when you're sick, your still adorable as ever!!!

  • Robert Perrotto
    Robert Perrotto 17 days ago

    you absolutely have to do "Song of Myself"

  • KronMizter K
    KronMizter K 17 days ago

    or King Diamond or Slayer

  • KronMizter K
    KronMizter K 17 days ago

    or King Diamond or Slayer

  • KronMizter K
    KronMizter K 17 days ago

    or King Diamond or Slayer

  • KronMizter K
    KronMizter K 17 days ago

    or King Diamond or Slayer

  • KronMizter K
    KronMizter K 17 days ago

    or King Diamond or Slayer

  • KronMizter K
    KronMizter K 17 days ago

    please make reaction on HELLOWEEN - Forever And One (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

  • KronMizter K
    KronMizter K 17 days ago

    please make reaction on HELLOWEEN - Forever And One (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

  • KronMizter K
    KronMizter K 17 days ago

    please make reaction on HELLOWEEN - Forever And One (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

  • KronMizter K
    KronMizter K 17 days ago

    please make reaction on HELLOWEEN - Forever And One (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

  • KronMizter K
    KronMizter K 17 days ago

    please make reaction on HELLOWEEN - Forever And One (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

  • KronMizter K
    KronMizter K 17 days ago

    please make reaction on HELLOWEEN - Forever And One (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

  • KronMizter K
    KronMizter K 17 days ago

    please make reaction on HELLOWEEN - Forever And One (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

  • T vdg
    T vdg 17 days ago

    What a shit video to acompany it

    • Invincible Warrior
      Invincible Warrior 17 days ago

      Great reaction like this on such a powerful song and that's all you have to say? Bad day?

  • Where am I? Shitsfucked

    9:05 bless you 😇

  • Mr. Effigy
    Mr. Effigy 18 days ago

    You have good taste

  • Dan Ellwein
    Dan Ellwein 18 days ago

    from this to country singer .. amazing … :)

  • molochfeeds
    molochfeeds 18 days ago


  • Edward Ballew
    Edward Ballew 19 days ago

    1. Please do a reaction to Killswitch Engage - "The Signal Fire". 2. Be yourself. Don't let others pressure you to conform to their standards. Think and speak freely. 3. 🤘😺🎵🎸

  • Åreš
    Åreš 19 days ago

    I like how you enjoyed one of my favorite songs and if liked tools singing the you might like (deliverance) by opeth. A bit harder than tool but also progressive and death metal with very good vocals. Odd time signatures with the rhythms but also long song but worth the experience much like this one. And your very pretty. Keep the reactions coming

  • Walter Ferres
    Walter Ferres 19 days ago

    I just heard of them today and this song and I had the same reaction. This is probably the fiftieth time I have listend to the song all day. Fucking awesome!!! Will be ordering the CD and a shirt. They are young like Silver Chair from Australia was back in the 90's mistaken for the bite off version of Nirvana. Frogstomp was their best CD with Pure Masecure Wait Till Tomorrow . you should check out Russian band TheSlot

  • AcexXVII
    AcexXVII 19 days ago

    That was fantastic!!

  • pajuification
    pajuification 19 days ago

    OoO! Give us some more!

  • sixstringpsycho
    sixstringpsycho 20 days ago

    I wonder why Maynard doesn’t show off vocal runs like these on more tracks? He’s got chops.

  • Danny Cohen
    Danny Cohen 20 days ago

    Denise Hofs heeft de shows ondertiteld en zijn dus beschikbaar voor iedereen!!

  • Knightsof Ra
    Knightsof Ra 20 days ago

    Your one of the ONLY reactors to catch Floor's growling. That's why I watch your vids, cheers love

  • Kroovy68
    Kroovy68 20 days ago

    I'm still in the market for a girlfriend... 📞 Me 😁

  • Michael Shepard
    Michael Shepard 20 days ago

    So why not react to the studio version?

  • Michael Shepard
    Michael Shepard 20 days ago

    Who’s playing in the background at the beginning

  • Joe Thurman
    Joe Thurman 20 days ago

    AWESOME JOB! 👍🎵🎶🎼🎸

  • Mr AMD
    Mr AMD 20 days ago

    Late i know, but i hope you had a great birthday

  • Carlos Rodrigues
    Carlos Rodrigues 20 days ago

    Greetings from Luxembourg. Heavy Metal is not dead \m/

  • Brad
    Brad 20 days ago

    Great job!! You need to keep on doing covers your amazing and I’m looking forward to your next one.👏🏼👏🏼🤟🏻

  • Jim Hitz
    Jim Hitz 20 days ago

    Thanks for the emotion.

  • Hichem Belhaj
    Hichem Belhaj 20 days ago

    [3:43 - 3:54] hahah the cutest thing i've ever seen & heard for quite some time 😂❤

  • Lucas Santos
    Lucas Santos 20 days ago

    Happy Birthday girl! You're so beautiful! I'm your big fan!

  • Kylophobe
    Kylophobe 20 days ago

    4:12 Its called Tabla. An Indian instrument and in this song played by Alok Datta , an Indian living in LA and one of Dan Carrey's deep influencer in his rhythmic drum styles driven by Indian classical beats called "Taal". He is good friend with Dan and has recently played a long tabla piece in their newly launched album "Fear Inoculum".

  • Kylophobe
    Kylophobe 20 days ago

    Has TOOL ever openned any of their concerts with Lost Keys? Its the most bone-chilling concert intro music ever.

    • Pierre LE STRAT
      Pierre LE STRAT 13 days ago

      Yes they did! at least during European Tour in 2006. Saw it then in Grenoble, in France, just after the release of "10000 Days", end of May . Fun fact, they fucked up during "Rosetta Stoned" just after (Yes even Tool can do this!). It was a nice live anyway in a smallest venue I ever saw them (3000 people)

  • Naj Renchelf
    Naj Renchelf 20 days ago

    Favourite bands: Cellar Darling, Beyond the Black, Sirenia, Stream of Passion, Delain, Indica (and bigger bands in the genre obviously - just wanted to highlight the less known) 😊 Also, react to Death by Cellar Darling!

  • Invincible Warrior
    Invincible Warrior 20 days ago

    The only thing I didn't like about this video is when you said you would try to stop cursing, lol. Don't you dare! Cursing adds just the right amount of punch and is seriously underrated, lol. Keep rocking and cursing! 🤘🤘

    • Invincible Warrior
      Invincible Warrior 20 days ago

      @Naj Renchelf Lol, well thanks! Glad it did 😃

    • Naj Renchelf
      Naj Renchelf 20 days ago

      Invincible Warrior, this comment made my day, hahaha! 😊

  • Jeff Stephens
    Jeff Stephens 20 days ago

    It sounded bad ass Mana. Great job!

  • Rick Six
    Rick Six 20 days ago

    That was Kick Ass Mana. Hope You Are Still Playing! Do Some More...YEAH!!!

  • Brendan
    Brendan 20 days ago

    Thanks for answering my questions. I don't mind the cursing. So curse more in your videos! Just don't curse around kids. Here are my top 5 favorite bands: 5. Tool 4. Starset ( I highly recommend this band...their music is too good) 3. Breaking Benjamin 2. Linkin Park (tied with Evanescence) 1. Evanescence

  • Spencer Thu
    Spencer Thu 20 days ago

    Hey Mana... I thought you sounded good it sounded nice you did better than I could do LOL that's a killer song I forgot how cool that song wasn't helped it's a really good guitar looks throughout the whole song but yeah you rocked it girl

  • DragosD
    DragosD 20 days ago

    Live and video. Niiice

  • Joe Thurman
    Joe Thurman 20 days ago

    MANA... check out The Great Discord... I think you might like it 👍😁🎵🎶🎼 Many BLESSINGS TO YOU... ROCK ON!!!

  • jotunmarty
    jotunmarty 20 days ago

    Maybe react to ihsahn - celestial violence woohoo !

  • Robert Heath
    Robert Heath 20 days ago

    I saw Alien Weaponry last weekend open for Zac Wylde. Can you react to Black Label Society- Stillborn

  • MetalMana
    MetalMana 20 days ago

    SO YES I'M NOT A PROFESSIONAL...AND THIS WAS A LOOOONG TIME AGO. i'm not kidding this was like 5 years ago, but i was SO proud of it.. and yes i made mistakes.. uploading it either way..

    • DragosD
      DragosD 20 days ago

      It was good. Try more stuff. Youre good. Nice guitar too. Why not upload on this youtube channel?

    • Jennifer White
      Jennifer White 20 days ago

      Mana I love Muse, and I thought it was great! You should keep trying different songs!

  • DragosD
    DragosD 20 days ago

    Omg rip i bet it was such a genuine reaction and bet it was so nice to watch.

  • Robert Heath
    Robert Heath 21 day ago

    I just saw them live Sat open for Black Label Society and met them. Very cool guys! New sub btw

  • Patrick Aalfs
    Patrick Aalfs 21 day ago

    OK, I know that they play American music in the Netherlands. I lived in Groningen and Ostfriesland and they played American music in both places and I'm pretty sure there's nowhere more culturally archaic in the Netherlands then the Ems Dolladt. How is it you never listened to Lateralus. (hope I didn't get the accent wrong and your actually Flemish).

    • Patrick Aalfs
      Patrick Aalfs 21 day ago

      @MetalMana Really, I lived in Appingedam and in the Krummhorn gemeinde of Ostfiesland for about seven years. They had to play some Tool on the radio. How have you never heard this stuff?

    • MetalMana
      MetalMana 21 day ago

      Groninger here! Haha i did a full stream of lateralus on my channel tho.