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  • Nana H
    Nana H 9 minutes ago

    Mole hehe

  • Nana H
    Nana H 11 minutes ago

    Hi - hola u.u UuU

  • Natalie abdulahad
    Natalie abdulahad 16 minutes ago


  • Winter Wolf 10
    Winter Wolf 10 17 minutes ago


  • miceymolander
    miceymolander 32 minutes ago

    luv chicken feet 💕

  • miceymolander
    miceymolander 49 minutes ago

    more black rocks.. and rocks... 😂😂😂 really enjoying your vlogs. much thanksss 🎵💕🌸

  • lynxExp37
    lynxExp37 Hour ago


  • DJ Mello
    DJ Mello Hour ago

    You look sexy no matter what you do. DJ

  • Muhammad AbdulWahidKarim Musafir

    Miss Mina, if you are a Muslim, you should become religious. It is not easy to become pious or piety quickly but you should try. You eat Halal food but with left hand. It is contradicted with Islamic manner. You should wear Hijab. I am a well wisher of you as a Muslim brother. I was a free minded like you, didn't pray a single day nor fast. Later I understood that I am a Muslim, I have to stand before ALLAH PAK. Now I try to pray five times a day, fast for whole month of Ramadan. Please try my Muslim sister.

  • Nathaly Ponce duron

    I love you i also love when stay in cool places or travel hope you like this comment

  • Amber Eunice Cayabyab

    Maybe I would

  • Amber Eunice Cayabyab

    Would somebody go to this haunted thing I mean yeah

  • Wooper with a Quagsire spirit

    That dot on your chin is giving me anxiety

  • Sophia is super awsomeyt !

    Miss Mina Miss Mina Miss Mina

  • Hey Bois
    Hey Bois 2 hours ago

    that looks so good 🤤

  • quynh doan
    quynh doan 2 hours ago

    What a cute video with real situations any traveler would encounter while traveling ! Your positive attitude literally the best thing of the entire video 👍👍👍❤️

  • Marikó Valdimars
    Marikó Valdimars 2 hours ago

    I'm from Selfoss, Iceland❤🇮🇸

  • stacy cha
    stacy cha 2 hours ago

    It’s fei!! I love her 😭🙌🏼

  • Philippines with John Doe

    the Halo_halo needed to be thoroughly mixed before eating.

  • marge revese
    marge revese 2 hours ago

    OMG you were here in San Jose..Did you try Din Tai Fung at Valley Fair? ..btw We also went to Japan twice..

  • Nana H
    Nana H 2 hours ago


  • Roland Tuason
    Roland Tuason 2 hours ago

    @Miss Mina -- That's only a 5 star hotel. You want to see some serious above 5 star hotels? Try the *REAL* 5 star plus hotels in Pasay-Parañaque Area near the Mall of Asia if you want to see real extravagant luxury and opulence better than that. Like the ---->>> Solaire Resort and Casino: www.solaireresort.com/ Okada Resorts and Casino: www.okadamanila.com/ City of Dreams: www.cityofdreamsmanila.com/

  • Safa Khalid
    Safa Khalid 3 hours ago

    lurved it! great editing always a pleasure watching your smooth af videos love!

  • فاطمة صعبdftyryc

    we don't eat chicken feet that's really weird I would never want to eat them

  • Bong Yunah
    Bong Yunah 4 hours ago


  • Napoleon Torres
    Napoleon Torres 5 hours ago

    you made your viewers craving for halo halo :)

  • Napoleon Torres
    Napoleon Torres 5 hours ago

    you must try the buffet at spiral in Sofitel Manila

  • aznfangrl612
    aznfangrl612 5 hours ago

    Lol hilot massage is kind of redundant to say Hilot literally means massage

  • Ahtide alaGDe
    Ahtide alaGDe 6 hours ago

    The green one in halo halo its called kaong,

  • Artemis 932567
    Artemis 932567 6 hours ago

    You have 13 coconuts in this video🤣❤️

  • Chayce Giddens
    Chayce Giddens 6 hours ago


  • SuperLimerick
    SuperLimerick 6 hours ago

    haven't been to that hotel, wish I can afford.

  • Lazar Milicevic
    Lazar Milicevic 6 hours ago


  • veronique pittikwi
    veronique pittikwi 6 hours ago

    Duo le watching this in 2019

  • Rose Turner
    Rose Turner 6 hours ago


  • veronique pittikwi
    veronique pittikwi 6 hours ago


  • veronique pittikwi
    veronique pittikwi 7 hours ago


  • Bella Mitchell
    Bella Mitchell 7 hours ago


  • Rosalyn Salanguit
    Rosalyn Salanguit 8 hours ago

    ur pronounciation is actually pretty good ... LFAO @ "i don't know what you are, but imgonnagetchu!" LOL

  • Allison Romero
    Allison Romero 9 hours ago

    Tulog kulang 😂😑✌🏽

  • Donah L Tan
    Donah L Tan 9 hours ago

    Hi Miss Mina and Mommy O. Mabuhay😁😁😁 Mix the halo- halo and then you can eat it.I hope you had a great time in the Philippines.

  • Catharie_Cookie 56892

    I am a Vietnam person and I’m in Vietnam right now in Hai phong

  • terence w
    terence w 9 hours ago

    the singapore zoo is worth checking out...

  • _blue Seaz_
    _blue Seaz_ 10 hours ago

    im someone who cant be in full darkness: i always think of omega creepy misformed monsters and the will kind of appear in my vision. even dough i think of a happy thing i will get the image again and be hella scared

  • Charley Jackson
    Charley Jackson 10 hours ago

    You Drink 15 coconuts

  • Grunchy
    Grunchy 10 hours ago

    Watching your videos makes me hungry 🤤🤤.

  • Angela Jomier David
    Angela Jomier David 10 hours ago

    Hi! I'm from the Philippines

  • Djhan T
    Djhan T 10 hours ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed your 5 star hotel playlist in one sitting. Love your videos 💗

  • augustus merc
    augustus merc 11 hours ago

    have you been to Baguio City? its what we call the Summer Capital of the PH. its like a local Seoul City... a must see and visit city in the Philippines, temperature everyday in Baguio is not going up to 20degrees, please please go and visit Baguio

  • HRHzenP
    HRHzenP 11 hours ago

    I love your mom! She’s so classy.

  • onceee and twicee together

    that green gelo is a kaong or maybe is a nata :)))

  • Rosalba Chico
    Rosalba Chico 11 hours ago

    👩🏻 👗 👢one like makes her look more like Mina

  • Vsco Gang
    Vsco Gang 11 hours ago


  • Lym Mai
    Lym Mai 11 hours ago


  • Sirma XD
    Sirma XD 11 hours ago

    The yogurt is *Thicc*

  • Jeanilyn Murcia
    Jeanilyn Murcia 11 hours ago

    How Ninja is the Philippines? ASIAN Filipino style

  • Ollie k
    Ollie k 11 hours ago

    I lost count, how many doors were there in the room?

  • Francis Banares
    Francis Banares 11 hours ago

    The old guy in yellow shirt is funny. Its very typical of old retired men who hangs out in binondo and randomly talks to anyone. 😅😅😅

  • evelyn navarro
    evelyn navarro 11 hours ago

    You need to mix the halo halo to enjoy it better. BTW halo-halo means mixed-mixed

  • MashemowCookie
    MashemowCookie 12 hours ago


  • Chad Varquez
    Chad Varquez 12 hours ago


  • mystifiedone1
    mystifiedone1 12 hours ago

    Chicken feet has a lot of collagen which thefilipinos love in streetfoods in Manila we call it Adidas.

  • mystifiedone1
    mystifiedone1 12 hours ago

    You have to mix the halohalo that’s how we eat and its the name itself means mix mix in translation.

  • XxxCookiesforlifexxX 148

    Not gonna lie I'm new but at some point, I thought you were doing ASMR of how calm your voice is.

  • AlexeysHyper
    AlexeysHyper 13 hours ago

    I love japan

  • Anthony Renes
    Anthony Renes 13 hours ago


  • ahmet games
    ahmet games 13 hours ago

    Are you just realy small or is the capsule huge?

  • Weng Stone
    Weng Stone 14 hours ago

    Owww my Godd.... im addicted 😂

  • Marwa Abdullah
    Marwa Abdullah 14 hours ago


  • Raising Davids
    Raising Davids 14 hours ago

    You got a “massage massage” lol. Hilot already means massage hehe. Anyway, loved this vid 🤗

    • Miss Mina
      Miss Mina 4 hours ago

      It's such a massage that you gotta say it twice! Actually some spa menus write it as Hilot Massage. I was not aware "hilot" means "massage." Thanks to you and fellow viewers, I'm learning Filipino words a little by little 😄

  • Melkorka Iversen
    Melkorka Iversen 15 hours ago

    I live in Reykjavík 😍😍 love it in Iceland

  • SimplyMe
    SimplyMe 15 hours ago

    Its cassava cake = the one you said rice cake

  • jadagayle 825
    jadagayle 825 15 hours ago

    Your mom reminds me of Jae Seok from Running Man ❤️

  • Elizabeth Javier
    Elizabeth Javier 15 hours ago

    Im starting to watching you im juast a home body now i see many place becouse of you.now im one of your subscriber 😍😍😍..god bless and more blog 😊😊😊 From philippines 😁

  • Sey Travs
    Sey Travs 15 hours ago

    i wish i met you when you went to cebu 😔

  • wolfie night
    wolfie night 15 hours ago


  • Resmi Roshni
    Resmi Roshni 15 hours ago

    You are very charming person☺☺☺Thats why its more enjoyable to see your Vlog.A great warm welcome to Bangladesh.Come here and see this small country how beautiful is this.Take love Mina❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Angel Grace
    Angel Grace 16 hours ago

    The noodle is called Aldente, typical Italian noodle serve best for spagetti.

  • maharluko maharluka
    maharluko maharluka 16 hours ago


  • Irene Javines
    Irene Javines 16 hours ago

    Finlay you went yo manila where i leave!!!!!!

  • Precious Vallesteros
    Precious Vallesteros 16 hours ago

    0:16 *snatches bts hoodie and runs away* HAHA BITCHES ITS MINE AND ONLY MINE

  • Jaden Yuki
    Jaden Yuki 17 hours ago

    welcome to philippines.... now try balut 😂😂😂

  • Jham's_ YT
    Jham's_ YT 17 hours ago

    What makes the Philippines more good? *we all can understand and speak English but some of us can't explain it but they do understand it in there mind*

  • xXlaUgHingCooKieXx
    xXlaUgHingCooKieXx 17 hours ago

    5:20 that guys at the back love's dancin

  • anak a onni amang apang

    I love your voice ma'am. It's so relaxing.. It's like your sleepy hihi

  • Ella Paimin
    Ella Paimin 18 hours ago

    I would love this but guess who's claustrophobic

  • OCEANA Pelecio
    OCEANA Pelecio 18 hours ago

    I suggest you to go to "I'm Hotel" located at Makati if you go here in the Philippines...its pretty relaxing there...it has an infinite pool next to a spa and at the very top of the building has a bar with jellyfishes design and has a delicious food at the bouffe

  • Djhan T
    Djhan T 18 hours ago

    Thank you, i needed this video today. New fan here 💗

  • Dorothy Urcales
    Dorothy Urcales 18 hours ago

    I've been in Japan in April 2019 after that were home in Philippines

  • oh hello
    oh hello 19 hours ago

    Senior citizens, take caution😂😂

  • Tomas Galoukas
    Tomas Galoukas 19 hours ago

    Im of Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tomas Galoukas
    Tomas Galoukas 19 hours ago

    The giniling

  • neeraj peswani
    neeraj peswani 19 hours ago

    Can you go to India

  • Hazina Ramos
    Hazina Ramos 19 hours ago

    I live in the philipines

  • Hazina Ramos
    Hazina Ramos 19 hours ago

    I went there its so nice

  • Montecarlo Canamaque
    Montecarlo Canamaque 20 hours ago

    I think it's "karyoka" the one that your mother said - sticky rice. Welcome to the Philippines! Godspeed!

  • Livia Lee
    Livia Lee 20 hours ago

    Sometimes in bibles at hotels you and find money inside.

  • Exun Estopin
    Exun Estopin 20 hours ago

    i love u mina

  • xhianne vlogger
    xhianne vlogger 20 hours ago

    Yess my country

  • Claire Rufo
    Claire Rufo 20 hours ago

    I can’t help but notice in this episode early on about how your narration is so ASMR matched with the tasty treats in your video.