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  • Gamer&hackers
    Gamer&hackers 2 hours ago

    God made Humans😀😀 Our job is Fullfill god's Way 👍👍

  • Odonnell Silvestre
    Odonnell Silvestre 3 hours ago

    Ang mag like neto ililigtas kayo ni spider man pag wala naman si spider man si papa jesus

  • Sandra Braithwaite
    Sandra Braithwaite 5 hours ago

    number 5 is microwave radiation caused by an em charge from the salt layer in the bedrock, resulting in the lights called willo the wisp, natural phenomenon not a ufo

  • Brandon Turner
    Brandon Turner 6 hours ago

    I love seeing white neantherthals getting eating by animals..

  • Manuel George
    Manuel George 9 hours ago

    Kkkkkkkkkk #3 is awesome gyz

  • Deahra Shelton
    Deahra Shelton 9 hours ago

    Entertaining for sure

  • Charles Kennedy
    Charles Kennedy 9 hours ago

    The best part of this video....besides the half naked sexy blonde at the end.....was the cool sound the numbers made as they counted down !

  • Le Consommateur
    Le Consommateur 11 hours ago

    what's the name of the song for the lonely chirping lady waiting for the subway? lol

    FAIR RIDER 11 hours ago

    DO YOU KNOW HOW TO COUNT PAST 5?????????????

  • Josef Martin
    Josef Martin 15 hours ago

    Iv just had a shit anyone in America want to buy IT LOL

  • John Doe 2
    John Doe 2 15 hours ago

    Was that the super Express car was?

  • D R
    D R 15 hours ago

    The judges should have given Ken the HO answer ☺👍🏻

  • Ellen Dyer
    Ellen Dyer 17 hours ago

    I mean four and three

  • Ellen Dyer
    Ellen Dyer 17 hours ago

    Second one is fake

  • David Ashby
    David Ashby 18 hours ago

    What's with the fake breasted bird at the end ??? 🤔🤔

  • Dani Butcher
    Dani Butcher 18 hours ago

    Cool vid

  • BeppeJB B
    BeppeJB B 19 hours ago


  • Ryder May
    Ryder May 20 hours ago

    I was at the teddy bear toss that time

  • David Ceccarelli
    David Ceccarelli 21 hour ago

    At 330 that's totally cgi but I think that city in the cloud and the ice in the water was cool

  • Leon’s Turbo Achilles

    Not really real...

  • Stewie Griffin
    Stewie Griffin 22 hours ago

    I've given that driver my address countless times and that idiot still drops those girls off at the wrong place

  • Alex Kaskie
    Alex Kaskie 22 hours ago

    The last clip is a confirmed hoax.

  • fihlk
    fihlk 22 hours ago

    Isso é montagem

  • Mala Schmidt
    Mala Schmidt 23 hours ago


  • A. A. M. V.
    A. A. M. V. Day ago

    Mother fugger

  • A. A. M. V.
    A. A. M. V. Day ago

    Fuck clickbayting

  • bruce Ivanovich

    Grandfather passed his flute down??? Anybody who knows construction equipment will see that, that piece of steel is used to hold scaffolding together!!! What a bunch of grandiose bullshit!!! Always in front of a camera, too.

  • Mindfulness Key

    5. Gust of wind 4. Global warming 3. Reflective clouds 2. Gass reaction. similar to northern lights effect 1. Its is not UFOs that create these, its scientists from NASA who run experiments

    • Flora Lutsch
      Flora Lutsch 5 hours ago

      Ag gust of wind lifting a vehicles back upwards and then making thencar go backwards? Lol... it was a freaking cable

    • C R
      C R 23 hours ago

      Wow how did you become so smart? Was it difficult? Can anyone do it if they study under your tutelage?

  • Just Shaggy
    Just Shaggy Day ago

    #1 is GTOger. He has a great channel!

  • Kekanda Han
    Kekanda Han Day ago

    I think, when goku have in the world.. Surely have a dragon ball..

  • badian ou812
    badian ou812 Day ago

    4:20 what a douche-bag.Why is he filming??

  • John Paul neanderthal

    Bunch of spazs

  • James Anderson

    1:40 😂😂😂😂😂😊🤣🤣🤣 WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT?!!

  • Nasa Astronauta

    ay caramba

  • PowerOf One
    PowerOf One Day ago

    Who paused at 1:29 lol

  • kentavius minnifield

    Big (•) (•)

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller Day ago

    What motorcycle?

  • Swinger Canadian

    The trucks and car lifting up at the start of the video were later found to have been lifted by a cable that had fallen across the road that was then pulled tight lifting the vehicles up.

  • Bacon Son
    Bacon Son Day ago

    The stupid, funniest home video sound effects killed this for me.

  • Artist rapper Dancer, wth

    Fucking CUNT!!!! I CAME HERE to see the long-armed blonde in the THUMBNAIL! WHERE THE FUCK IS SHE in this clickbait shit?!!

  • One4utwo
    One4utwo Day ago

    No shark attack on helicopter ppl just liar's

  • Thomas Mobley
    Thomas Mobley Day ago

    3:43 #drumbeats! Yay GTOger

  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave Day ago

    3:29 She's either a late night party girl or a high class hooker. Anyone recognize what city she's in?

    • Rico Suave
      Rico Suave 20 hours ago

      @Elizabeth Ong True... she's got legs for days. :) My guess its probably New York.

    • Elizabeth Ong
      Elizabeth Ong Day ago

      It doesn't matter what city she's in. To me, she's just a random stunning lady having a great time. :-P

  • Justdrivingby You


  • Padraig Lyons
    Padraig Lyons Day ago

    in #1 the grass needs to be cut, they should get the kid from #3

  • Eileen Chambers

    Looks like ET playing basketball hilarious

  • Princess Lupi
    Princess Lupi Day ago

    That dude getting scared by the rabbit. Lmao!

  • aaj kal aaj
    aaj kal aaj Day ago

    Hit like for pupy

  • Umar Raajpoot
    Umar Raajpoot Day ago

    All time Sweeeet people

  • Fred Grady
    Fred Grady Day ago

    “Malicious Fecal Distribution”??? Unreal.

  • Mandy Muruvalo
    Mandy Muruvalo 2 days ago

    Good job Mom!! You played a stupid game and your kid won a stupid prize.

  • Gibbs1966
    Gibbs1966 2 days ago

    The last one has their own channel..

  • Joseph Carr
    Joseph Carr 2 days ago

    Number 3: that's not clouds that's chinas pollution smog around the city 😆

  • Chris Needham
    Chris Needham 2 days ago

    1......... He looked pissed off

  • Chris Needham
    Chris Needham 2 days ago

    When you said run away cow ....... I was looking for my wife's car

  • Chris Needham
    Chris Needham 2 days ago

    3.......Rabbit hatch not hutch

  • Chris Needham
    Chris Needham 2 days ago

    4....... shop shutting? No way

  • Chris Needham
    Chris Needham 2 days ago

    5....... Vandalism back fired

  • Head Hunter
    Head Hunter 2 days ago

    3 one was looking totally fake

  • Francie Stokes
    Francie Stokes 2 days ago

    100%fake crap

    TECHNICAL SREE 2 days ago

    the third one was lol

  • Carlo
    Carlo 2 days ago

    1:08 what kind of evil is that shit

  • Liger Angry
    Liger Angry 2 days ago

    He got speech difficulties....easy meal for sharks

  • byker4lyfe1
    byker4lyfe1 2 days ago

    That band sounds pretty good

    • byker4lyfe1
      byker4lyfe1 2 days ago

      @Finding Keno no jack wagon the one at the end of the video 😆😆😆

    • Ravi Kumar
      Ravi Kumar 2 days ago

      @Finding Keno Thanks for the info, I too wanted to know the song on the scooter video.

    • TruthRevolutionNet
      TruthRevolutionNet 2 days ago

      Yes they do! Make to check their youtube channel "Empty Trail" !

    • Finding Keno
      Finding Keno 2 days ago

      You talking about the song on the scooter video? That song is called Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crüe

  • Ev,s 808 LIFE
    Ev,s 808 LIFE 2 days ago

    That nuts

  • Wookiee Lives Matter

    Scooter people are a menace to society.

  • TruthRevolutionNet
    TruthRevolutionNet 2 days ago

    5 Weird Things Caught on Security Cameras & CCTV #20

  • mary jugado
    mary jugado 2 days ago


  • Czarina Love
    Czarina Love 2 days ago

    I want this ghost he's kind and Funny

  • Jana Greenwood
    Jana Greenwood 2 days ago

    Here is the lady from number 8 telling that it's a fake herself

  • Atomgitim Kagebusin


  • VeryStableGenius
    VeryStableGenius 2 days ago

    fuck you asshole your clip is shit and your intro music is garbage

  • Jover Gutierrez
    Jover Gutierrez 2 days ago

    Salute🙏For this kind of people

  • Lisabeth Chiu
    Lisabeth Chiu 2 days ago

    Clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait clickbait They were not nhl

  • Ziah S
    Ziah S 2 days ago

    The first one why was she laughing he could of died

  • Retard Magician
    Retard Magician 2 days ago


  • Be shiny!
    Be shiny! 2 days ago

    This is fake

  • Richard Anthony
    Richard Anthony 2 days ago

    Imma ruin everyone's day... #1 eye candy, Faith Anne Schroder... is 16yo XD have a great night!

    • Dan Dan
      Dan Dan 16 hours ago

      16 is good too lol

    • Sam
      Sam Day ago

      Dude she's 18 y.o

  • M Martinez
    M Martinez 2 days ago


  • Jason Kennedy
    Jason Kennedy 2 days ago

    The 3rd scene is textbook fear mongering by media. She got what she deserved. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Steve Braswell
    Steve Braswell 2 days ago

    shove that book up your ass. passively i mean

  • alhaquin
    alhaquin 2 days ago

    It was lovely to see mankind at work at its best.

  • powerful bonniegamer

    The second one act like he never seen Spider-Man

  • powerful bonniegamer

    First one third one in fourth one was fake:-)

  • nikon12x42
    nikon12x42 2 days ago

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  • 2ez 4wtf
    2ez 4wtf 2 days ago

    lul fake always

  • Yusli Adnan
    Yusli Adnan 2 days ago

    The weirdest thing here is the video title it self

  • Josué Zepeda
    Josué Zepeda 2 days ago

    El chofer del bus en serio que disfruto verle las caderas a cada chica que bajaba del bus 🙈😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • faramarz tanha
    faramarz tanha 2 days ago


  • Adilene Velela
    Adilene Velela 2 days ago

    They are all fake the third one had blue silky string

  • Tom Quimby
    Tom Quimby 3 days ago

    Mugged by monkeys, they should send their animal control people in there and clean that place out. That armed robber video I saw on the news. The idiot couldn`t hold onto his gun or keep his pants on, I wonder if they ever caught him.

  • Marivic Deocariza
    Marivic Deocariza 3 days ago

    Don’t disturb them no shark attack

  • dark woo madness
    dark woo madness 3 days ago

    its fake its plane crash idiot

  • Nufosmatic
    Nufosmatic 3 days ago

    4:00 - do you suppose she stole the $900 cellphone as well?

  • Nufosmatic
    Nufosmatic 3 days ago

    2:51 - those are the industrial X-ray machines used to scan luggage for bad stuff (1) they are not safe for use with living beings (2) apparently there is nobody looking at security cameras that has an OFF switch handy (3) nobody or nothin' is looking at what they are scanning or they would have noticed the little boy (but I actually knew THAT already)...

  • Pjohn Ceria
    Pjohn Ceria 3 days ago


  • Hailey Cacy
    Hailey Cacy 3 days ago

    Loved the videos on camera

  • Honey badger Dont care

    The number 5 run way video has got to be the best thing for horny guys

  • Daniel Gawrys
    Daniel Gawrys 3 days ago

    People of the news ! Most not all are tools! Lol

  • noob king gaming
    noob king gaming 3 days ago

    So fake