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  • LjXiine hw-r
    LjXiine hw-r 9 days ago

    Cute face❤

  • riceymochi kpop
    riceymochi kpop 19 days ago

    I love this video! Please do an updated one!!💜❤️

  • Rami Abu Hamdan
    Rami Abu Hamdan 5 months ago

    The problem in long distance relationships that both parties didn't have a clear a clear goal for the relationships .It is like the normal but none of you have the chance to read your body language. Before establishment for long term relationships try to meet face to face ,not on Skype. For avoiding freaking out and avoid misunderstanding . It have to be clear. Else it look very weird and odd to both parties .I never believe with the online relationships. I like face to face .Using a social media means that both wants to lie each other and never got caught.

  • exo kai
    exo kai 6 months ago

    It's a tribute to michael jackson, that's why the hair, the clothing style and music choices r like that. 💎

  • Diana-Alexandra I.
    Diana-Alexandra I. 7 months ago


  • Hillary & Steph
    Hillary & Steph 7 months ago

    omg kweent

  • 낫든할배
    낫든할배 7 months ago

    방탄과 언제나 행복하세요

  • Cherish Garcia
    Cherish Garcia 8 months ago

    BTS reaction videos always make me happy. Thank you. I love ARMY all over the world. May we all be happy ARMY.😊

  • Tinny Tatter
    Tinny Tatter 8 months ago

    "I'm an eighteen year old, working in a cupcake shop!!" *Big mood*

  • Jays subbed to Hezo
    Jays subbed to Hezo 9 months ago

    On HT someone told me I was selfish but godamn I hate children 😭 (Btw HT ain't shit 😭😭)

  • Love for bts
    Love for bts 9 months ago

    You are an Army ?

  • 023Metal
    023Metal 10 months ago

    Yeah people use hellotalk to meet people.

  • choi9254
    choi9254 11 months ago

    You are BTS superfan

  • Shanice Ndure
    Shanice Ndure 11 months ago

    U pretty❤😍

  • Joe Mckenna
    Joe Mckenna 11 months ago

    I hate BTS 👍👍

  • n city
    n city 11 months ago


  • n city
    n city 11 months ago

    i'm gay

  • Kookie Ian
    Kookie Ian 11 months ago

    Damn u cute and ur voice is cute tho hahaha So marry me

  • Natalie T.
    Natalie T. Year ago

    I guess he was not cute at all

  • hh li
    hh li Year ago

    react baekhyun tempo live😘😘😘

  • Shigaraki’s Lips

    KD Jenny or Kennie JD 😂? Lol but creepy!!

  • Vee Vallejo
    Vee Vallejo Year ago

    “I’ve always wanted a Hispanic wife” I was honestly waiting for you to say that. I have no idea why, maybe it’s because of the warning videos from Kennie that you were talking about, but I light weight knew something like that was up. Btw, I loved this video.

  • 김coys
    김coys Year ago

    Best reaction love you~

  • thisisroo
    thisisroo Year ago

    Oh wow. My advice will be to learn from ttmik, they have podcasts to listen to, free pdfs online or more visual workbooks that can be bought. Then after completing i recommend using hellotalk and messaging girls only or simply look for people online to practice with!!

  • shanelleee
    shanelleee Year ago


  • Sunhee On a rainy day


  • hwa verse
    hwa verse Year ago

    Love your channel. BTS is amazing!! Have you listened to their new song Idol???? You r really pretty

  • Alyssa Hernandez

    i might just actually hate you LMAO

    • Hillary Murphy
      Hillary Murphy Year ago

      Alyssa Hernandez LMFAOOOO I dead forgot you’re subscribed to me

  • Roberto Martinez

    i’ve never been more uncomfortable in my life

    • Hillary Murphy
      Hillary Murphy Year ago

      Reburto José but you still loved it and you love me uwu <333

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    I change my profile to Jennie 😂 I’ve been listening to a lot of kpop. Btw love the video😩 I’m jay if you don’t remember

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    I just started watching your vids and feel in love instantly

    • Hillary Murphy
      Hillary Murphy Year ago

      The Yøung Wølf thank you! I really appreciate it 💛

  • Angel
    Angel Year ago

    omg i love BTS😍 and i totally agree with people whitewashing their pics!!

    • Angel
      Angel Year ago

      honestly!!! their skin is perfect, stop editing their pics so much

    • Hillary Murphy
      Hillary Murphy Year ago

      Angel Rogers it’s truly a crime 🙄

  • Monsta Reaction
    Monsta Reaction Year ago

    The whole video was shot so beautiful I love it

  • deja amel
    deja amel Year ago

    Your so pretty😍!!

  • Peter Park
    Peter Park Year ago

    thumbs up

  • Olivia Marchand
    Olivia Marchand Year ago

    What's your race?

  • Shivana Codling
    Shivana Codling Year ago

    Great video! Keep up the good work! Hope we can be friends!

  • Eberete G
    Eberete G Year ago

    동영상 초반 고함 소리 때문에 고막 찢어지는 줄 알았네...ㅜ

  • glamorou13
    glamorou13 Year ago

    Girl! I feel you! They always put me in the greeter like the Danm time! Like teach me how to use the cashier but they never did! I rather be in the fitting room because it’s more relax to me and more organized. But no, they always put me in the greeter and I always get attack by the customers like ask someone else! I’m just a greeter! This woman called me “dummy” and I got triggered because I have a learning disability. The closing sucks because I stay there like at 10:30 and I have to wake up at 6 am to caught my 2 bus to college. They told me that school was important but no, they just cared about you work there. Also I don’t even know their merchandise because I don’t wear those kind of clothes because I wear black all the time. Just T-shirt and leggings. Also my store manager is too nice and when I mean too nice, she just being fake. Also her fake voice just annoyed and make me feel uncomfortable. She’ll be like “girl, you have go backs.” Im like “talk normal...” anyways last It there for like 4 months. The only pros I have is making friends and I love them! Sorry for a long vent and story. Again, I feel you. Also I tell everyone to like not to work there at all! I warm and I warm them! Never again at forever 21! 🖕🏻👎🏻

    • Hillary Murphy
      Hillary Murphy Year ago

      Duuuuude that sounds exactly like my forever 21!!! im glad you left and i hope youre happier wherever you are now <3

  • likexchloe
    likexchloe Year ago

    lol girl i had the same experience XD!!!!

  • tsukidayo _
    tsukidayo _ Year ago

    Oh my lanta.... 240p lmao

  • 유정운
    유정운 Year ago

    전50대남 입니다. 숨소리가 여기까지들려서 지금까지 처음 아미팬에게 댓글 남기내요. 뭐라 말해야할지 아무튼 잘봐습니다 기분좋게~^^

  • bplove k
    bplove k Year ago


  • Mandy H
    Mandy H Year ago

    *grabs J-Hopes holy water*

  • 권총찬
    권총찬 Year ago


  • Jacqueline Music

    Oh my god you used best of me as your intro song LOVE BTS!!!!!

  • Mickey Jean
    Mickey Jean Year ago

    omg you should see them all in their natural jet black hair...makes some of them look much younger & dangerous & you can't really tell who's who

  • chanyeol's squishy cheeks

    where did you get your lockscreen from?

  • IAmPotato
    IAmPotato Year ago

    You should react to an unhelpful guide to BTS

  • Joon Yi
    Joon Yi Year ago

    you guys are so cute! thanks for watching kpop! also there's a bts chant you guys might love to learn!

  • lim stk
    lim stk Year ago


  • Roberto Martinez

    pero que chuleria Dios mío

  • Alissa Santiago
    Alissa Santiago Year ago

    i totally didn’t cry watching this. that would make me ugly. i love you.

  • HS ahn
    HS ahn Year ago


  • youchi mochi
    youchi mochi Year ago

    Subscribe to my channel I will subscribe back tqq and yeah mind to check video thanks 🌼

  • 리옹
    리옹 Year ago

    목이 많이 아플테니 꿀차 드시오~

  • js Kim
    js Kim Year ago

    Girls' reaction is so fun and very interesting~!

  • 우주비행
    우주비행 Year ago

    bts사랑해 ~♡♡♡

  • Ruth Ann Castaneda
    Ruth Ann Castaneda 2 years ago

    Yesss.. you guys are so cute

  • Truth Untold
    Truth Untold 2 years ago

    That lil twerking lmaoo 😂😂

  • Luda Luda
    Luda Luda 2 years ago

    둠칫 둠칫 nice reaction. Thanks.

  • Amanti아만티
    Amanti아만티 2 years ago

    오래 오래 사랑하세요. Good Army^^

  • whojang2000
    whojang2000 2 years ago

    BTS seems to be hazardous to your health lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • Zhanna MK
    Zhanna MK 2 years ago


  • Karen 06
    Karen 06 2 years ago

    4:38 twerking HAHAHAHA😂😂👏👏❤

  • michael lee
    michael lee 2 years ago

    방탄소년단 파이팅 ! ! !

  • 스피드곰방
    스피드곰방 2 years ago

    Very cute

  • Leche y Galletitas; Para Yoongi

    that was my reaction lol but i was crying :') im so proud of them!!

  • ganna jong
    ganna jong 2 years ago

    너무 잘 봤습니다

  • sᴜᴊᴜɴɢ
    sᴜᴊᴜɴɢ 2 years ago

    cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 3rd Orca
    3rd Orca 2 years ago

    둘다 귀여워요 ^^

  • 우주원
    우주원 2 years ago

    sooop funnyyy rxn !!lol lovely

  • 데이지
    데이지 2 years ago

    today is fuckin proud day!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suchal Gondal
    Suchal Gondal 2 years ago

    TBH she danced better than any 5H dance

  • Jab Rac
    Jab Rac 2 years ago

    Excuse me shes a graceful dancer better than ur trash fav ur reaction is trash too

  • Roberto Martinez
    Roberto Martinez 2 years ago

    are you ready for her fans to come for your wig?!

    • Hillary Murphy
      Hillary Murphy 2 years ago

      Roberto Jose Martinez Espinosa I’m not relevant enough for that yet

  • kookie king
    kookie king 2 years ago


    A.R.M.Y BLINK 2 years ago

    Son latinos?

    • Luzifer
      Luzifer Year ago

      Rin Akāo x2 :v

    • Rin Akāo
      Rin Akāo 2 years ago

      A.R.M.Y BLINK WANNABLE eso parece jsjssj yo vine siendo hablahispana y no esperaba el español :v

  • Multifandom
    Multifandom 2 years ago

    You stan both Jimin and Hoseok! Like Hoseok my ult bias but Jimin my BTS bias wrecker so girl YES!!!

    • Hillary Murphy
      Hillary Murphy 2 years ago

      LMAOOO I double ult hoseok and Jimin they both wreck me

  • heyitsignacio
    heyitsignacio 2 years ago

    The Naruto run omg I'm dead.

  • ihatecanola 1
    ihatecanola 1 2 years ago

    i can't believe we invented high notes

  • Sabrina Brown
    Sabrina Brown 2 years ago

    So blurry cant even see anything

    • Hillary Murphy
      Hillary Murphy 2 years ago

      +Sabrina Brown there were problems uploading the video..the quality will get better!

  • Izonemybabies,TaeyeonMyBoo plus BLΛƆKPIИKTwice

    hello 240p.. lol.. but keep it up guys 👍👍👍👍

  • Pasukan Merah Maron
    Pasukan Merah Maron 2 years ago

    what a great reaction. react to EXO - Power please.

    • Hillary Murphy
      Hillary Murphy 2 years ago

      Hendra Hendra thank you!! My exo reaction is up!

  • nora2 J
    nora2 J 2 years ago

    Thanks for reacting unforgettable great performance~~~that is🤗

  • Dawn Silverstone
    Dawn Silverstone 2 years ago

    Jimin's stage name is Jimin he didn't want a stage name so he used his real name same with Jungkook

    • Tadgh
      Tadgh 2 years ago

      its more like Jungkook is just the english version where as jeonguk is how you would directly translate the characters

    • 슈아Syua
      슈아Syua 2 years ago

      신 허 어 didn't Jungkook change his name a little tho, like the closest romanisation to his name is Jeongguk but he just decide to use Jungkook instead? :)

  • Dawn Silverstone
    Dawn Silverstone 2 years ago

    And BTS goes to different places all over the world like in this live performance video they were in Hong Kong so you would have a chance to see them live

  • Dawn Silverstone
    Dawn Silverstone 2 years ago

    Watching people grow into A.R.M.Ys and you're a long time A.R.M.Y yourself is the most beautiful thing

  • Ciel Oz
    Ciel Oz 2 years ago

    Please react to BTS - Cypher Pt 4 - BTS The Wings Tour in Saitama Link: ru-clip.com/video/BsGMMDLHdng/video.html

  • nightthinker Aeneid
    nightthinker Aeneid 2 years ago

    your room matches the aesthetic color of the mv trailer,love your reaction btw

  • Andrea May
    Andrea May 2 years ago

    What screen recorder do u use??🤔

    • earth2nonii
      earth2nonii 2 years ago

      Andrea May ios11

    • Hillary Murphy
      Hillary Murphy 2 years ago

      +Savage Andrea I downloaded Reflector it works for both windows and max!!!

  • Fei Liu
    Fei Liu 2 years ago

    It's hard to choose one bias, I totally understand you:)

  • Steve Calleros Jr.
    Steve Calleros Jr. 2 years ago

    Your pretty cute

  • Aye Its Maia
    Aye Its Maia 2 years ago

    Hi! Thanks for sharing what is on your iphone! Thanks for letting me know about Sleep Cycle - I must try it. I have a singing channel and would love your feedback. Of course I subbed to you. Keep up the good work. <3

  • Rebecca W
    Rebecca W 2 years ago

    The music is from the wii

  • Yani NP
    Yani NP 2 years ago

    Favoritism is pretty much the main reason why I turned in my 2 weeks today. Your voice reminds me of one of my co workers btw lol.

  • Andrea Michelle
    Andrea Michelle 2 years ago

    LMAO this vid is giving me life I was actually planning on doing a vid like this about my experience because WOW what an adventure

  • XoxoKittySolano
    XoxoKittySolano 2 years ago

    I've been wanting to work at f21 since I was 16 (I'm 19 now) but there's so much bad rep. I'm so tied up! Also how much did you get paid an hour? I heard you don't even get paid minimum wage

    • QueenMusic4Ever
      QueenMusic4Ever Month ago

      I got $10 an hour

    • Khaliyah Amatulip
      Khaliyah Amatulip 2 years ago

      If you don't mind me asking which store did you work at? I'm leaving the one in the outlets but we started at 9.75

    • Hillary Murphy
      Hillary Murphy 2 years ago

      ChampagneKitty I got paid $8.95 hourly!