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  • piousaugustus84
    piousaugustus84 Year ago

    Hey Hannah. I like turtles. 不不不不不不不不不不不

  • that Italian guy


    • Gail Fiddler
      Gail Fiddler 10 months ago

      yea 2018!!! then really sooooon 2019!!

  • Siti Nadhirah
    Siti Nadhirah Year ago

    Just a horror film ..its not funny

  • Hyper lol
    Hyper lol Year ago

    Oh she's sick....sorry guys I thought she wasn't :(

  • Tracy Mixon
    Tracy Mixon Year ago

    Dem sounds are to inhuman even for a baby. *K I L L I T W I T H F I R E*

  • Alpha-sama
    Alpha-sama 2 years ago


  • Halima Ahmed
    Halima Ahmed 2 years ago

    the song "friday" was preformed on Septemper 11 and this video was published on March 2011 O-O

  • DamnSkillz
    DamnSkillz 3 years ago

    it's really distracting when you speak german

    • Hater 98
      Hater 98 2 years ago

      DamnSkillz Das stimmt <3/Thats right

  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim 3 years ago

    merah indonesia tak kan luntur ? gak kemana mana tapi ada dimana mana

  • 18 08
    18 08 3 years ago

    wenn man den deutschen Text kennt ist es kein bisschen lustig...

    • drunken_sailor
      drunken_sailor 2 years ago

      Apple_ pie ich find's eigentlich schon ziemlich lustig

  • J. Url.
    J. Url. 3 years ago

    German: eine Frage mal, ist das ein originales Video oder ist das von irgendwo her geklaut? English: could i pls know if this is the real clip or is that taken from anywhere?

    • J. Url.
      J. Url. 2 years ago

      Bruno Fernando Hoffmann de Castro Neves ok thx :D

    • J. Url.
      J. Url. 2 years ago

      Bruno Fernando Hoffmann de Castro Neves ok thx :D

    • Bruno
      Bruno 2 years ago

      Jan Urlaub ist vom film Der Untergang

  • Leonard Maus
    Leonard Maus 3 years ago

    Es macht keinen Sinn wenb man Deutsch kann...

  • Matias Frederick
    Matias Frederick 3 years ago

    die sagen nicht mal das was im Text vorkommt

  • Matias Frederick
    Matias Frederick 3 years ago

    Ja ist es

  • Verena
    Verena 3 years ago

    Mir ist aufgefallen dass das englische voll falsch aufgeschrieben wurde. Zum Beispiel stand im Text Justin Bieber und der hat garniert Justin Bieber gesagt voll die faker

    • squatting slav
      squatting slav 3 years ago

      Dir ist schon klar, dass es so sein soll? Das ist eine Parodie.

    • Verena
      Verena 3 years ago

      +Steffen Schneider dass du auch noch schreibst: "geh dich umbringen" ist schon 瓣uerst dreist

    • Verena
      Verena 3 years ago

      +Steffen Schneider muss ich nicht merken weil es meine eigene Antwort ist. das muss dich nicht interessieren weil du nicht mein Vater bist oder so ;)

    • Verena
      Verena 3 years ago

      +Steffen Schneider okay? wenn du dann meinst dass es dir besser geht?

  • Clara Erasmus
    Clara Erasmus 3 years ago

    Es ist schwierig Deutsch zu h繹ren und Englisch zu lesen!

  • Said Khan
    Said Khan 3 years ago

    Germany army fucking all Europe I love Germany

  • Said Khan
    Said Khan 3 years ago

    this is jok live in Germany wonderful country in the world.

  • Sam Scamander
    Sam Scamander 3 years ago

    It's so weird to hear them speaking german about anything & the text down there says anything else .....dafuq

  • Lucky Llama
    Lucky Llama 3 years ago

    It's a joke. Y'all need to stop taking it so seriously. This video is funny as Hell.

  • TheX137
    TheX137 4 years ago


  • dad cannabis
    dad cannabis 4 years ago

    this video is dad cannabis approved!

  • sant000ful
    sant000ful 5 years ago

    I like turtles too...

  • Richard, a Watterson

    Nyann nyan cats body looks like a pop tart.

  • Man of The West
    Man of The West 6 years ago

    She sucks

  • TheRealFaridKhaleed
    TheRealFaridKhaleed 6 years ago

    I dont think she is sucks. Just little Annoying

  • Albert Abreu
    Albert Abreu 6 years ago

    I hate the Friday song

  • xamenoskli
    xamenoskli 6 years ago

    My dear friend when you convert this "sadness" into joy you will find happyness. Sadness is beautyfull as joy.. Be healthy and happy brother :D

  • Sam Barrett
    Sam Barrett 6 years ago

    But I like Rebecca Black.

  • Derp
    Derp 6 years ago

    and off i go - to listen to rick astley!

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera 6 years ago

    Don't question it man, just laugh

  • MatthewGames1
    MatthewGames1 6 years ago

    i no liek fake boobies :( nk better) CHINA FTW

  • Optima1Ki11er RBLX
    Optima1Ki11er RBLX 6 years ago

    I am dead.

  • TheStapleGunKid
    TheStapleGunKid 6 years ago

    "The song ponders an important philosphical question" Brilliant!

  • keithwellerlounge74
    keithwellerlounge74 6 years ago

    Absolute class! Rick Astley haha

  • doghoot
    doghoot 6 years ago

    I'm younger and i agree with that

  • Mickey Moore
    Mickey Moore 6 years ago

    Im 15 and I think today's generation is shit. How sad is that?

  • Kaytay Fluffybutt, Laughing Jack & Friends

    Hey Hannah, I like Turtles

  • Daren Jimenez
    Daren Jimenez 6 years ago

    Oh Woww XD

  • Pelez
    Pelez 6 years ago

    3:14 cow fucked ?!

  • Sensei Boosmeister
    Sensei Boosmeister 6 years ago

    i understand every single word he says, not half as funny as only subtitles :-/

  • WakenPayne
    WakenPayne 6 years ago

    You should have included the "We so excited" part, it really shows off how pathetic the song really is.

  • Daren Jimenez
    Daren Jimenez 6 years ago


  • FromBottomToTop
    FromBottomToTop 6 years ago

    Isnt really funny when you speak German..

  • Robert Morin
    Robert Morin 7 years ago

    Yeah, I wonder what Stalin would have thought about Rebecca Black's "Friday" song. We haven't heard much about that.

  • P矇ligros
    P矇ligros 7 years ago

    is that le original subtitles

  • findmestudios
    findmestudios 7 years ago

    A German film called: "the Downfall"

  • afxinfinitee
    afxinfinitee 7 years ago

    What is this originally from. It's everywhere!

  • Taylor Stern
    Taylor Stern 7 years ago

    EXACTLY! People need to stop trying to take the humor out of this by coming to her rescue. This sh*t is freakin' hysterical. Period! I Love your honesty. People say they want the truth, but then they can't handle it, which is why Elistism runs the entire GLOBE, ECONOMY & how much you pay in taxes b/c we are all slaves for the 1% Elite Families that are running the show. If people say otherwise they are uneducated idiots who don't read certain books.

  • Taylor Stern
    Taylor Stern 7 years ago

    This comment was hysterical. Hey at least you didn't create that thing sliding on tiles.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 7 years ago

    xd haha

  • rihards boriss
    rihards boriss 7 years ago

    12 people will play this song at their funeral

  • stephen taylor
    stephen taylor 7 years ago

    this video is really funny! my fave part wen everyone leaves cos there gonna play that song at their funeral, ROTFL! :D

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man 7 years ago

    That song gave me cancer.

  • Omziii 91
    Omziii 91 7 years ago


  • Vishva Laksshapathiarachchi

    this must be irritating for English speaking Germans!

  • brian432152
    brian432152 7 years ago

    what movie is this from

  • LilPrince Killa
    LilPrince Killa 7 years ago

    :22 - :48 mute sound to avoid hazardous audio sound

  • Reckless Tortoise
    Reckless Tortoise 7 years ago

    So that's how the war started.

  • Caesarisback101
    Caesarisback101 7 years ago

    I know a shorter yet better version of Friday 7:AM and I go back to sleep.

  • Soliel Gutierrez
    Soliel Gutierrez 7 years ago

    Wait till he hears Ashley Tisdale!

  • FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT)

    Yeah, that's how sad that song is.

  • MrJason005
    MrJason005 7 years ago

    1:26 wtf? They want that song at their funeral.

  • josephfrost66
    josephfrost66 7 years ago

    today since obama is here welcome to communist union united states.Hows your day been comrade?

  • Candylushusify
    Candylushusify 7 years ago

    those who are planning to play this song on their funeral, leave.

  • swempireatwar1
    swempireatwar1 7 years ago

    Guys, i have heard that Hiroshima was destroyed when the U.S. Air Force dropped a jukebox containing only CDs with JB and RB songs over it.

  • Thomas Potenciano
    Thomas Potenciano 7 years ago

    he looks like my grandpa ( the stalker)

  • alcatraz109
    alcatraz109 7 years ago


  • Jacqueline Ibarra
    Jacqueline Ibarra 7 years ago

    That's what I'm talking about.

  • bluetubeloop
    bluetubeloop 7 years ago

    u better hide ur kids hide ur wifes cause he is R***ing every one out

  • Forde3654Eire
    Forde3654Eire 7 years ago

    I never heard Rebecca Black's songs... now that I have, her voice is absolutely horrendous and revolting.

  • DarthZox
    DarthZox 7 years ago

    So if the first time he heard the song was when they played it for him and it was only the main part, then how come he knew the lyrics of the whole first part of the song at 3:21?

  • Emma Brown
    Emma Brown 7 years ago

    "he was shot in the head" ~points to Berlin"

  • Emma Brown
    Emma Brown 7 years ago

    "my ear hurts"

  • robulrich
    robulrich 7 years ago

    i want to learn german so i can rant like that

  • Julie Parkin
    Julie Parkin 7 years ago

    Actually, please don't look it up-- I would be happy to say it to your face

  • Julie Parkin
    Julie Parkin 7 years ago

    Look up Eddieyou1018 for what I think of "people" like you!!!

  • mdekq007
    mdekq007 7 years ago

    its an amazing movie. I saw it for the first time last week. Its got over 8 on imdb

  • ProLifeAtheist
    ProLifeAtheist 7 years ago

    It is from German movie DER UNTERGANG (Downfall).

  • Shou Li'eyard
    Shou Li'eyard 7 years ago

    damn.. rickrolled

  • BucknutDolfan
    BucknutDolfan 7 years ago

    did I jst get rickrolled at the end?

  • 邽azaxprime
    邽azaxprime 7 years ago

    You know the rules... and, so do I!

  • chubbylilloser
    chubbylilloser 7 years ago

    @lemonishbanana i just thank god the nazi didn't have the wud have ended very different..very different

  • Lara Koch
    Lara Koch 7 years ago


  • bagluva
    bagluva 7 years ago

    That was really funny!

  • reason and evidence
    reason and evidence 7 years ago

    this song kills your brain

  • Nivea
    Nivea 7 years ago

    ''Hey Hannah.I like turtles'' o_o

  • skyelar99
    skyelar99 7 years ago

    I'M IN THAT PART ON RU-clip AGAIN... '.'

  • eiskatze
    eiskatze 7 years ago

    LOL. Shet. "I love him...long time." XDD

  • Devin Fleenor
    Devin Fleenor 7 years ago

    whats good in your universe? have u seen our tour promo video yet? (warning: don't watch if you have epilepsy or are prone to seizures)

  • FangnclawXD
    FangnclawXD 8 years ago

    Holy shit is that REALLY the song?!! I heard ppl bash it and was sure it was something that would make my ears bleed, but I never actually heard it...shit that...THAT WAS HORRIBLE!! Seriously?! I'd rather listen to Justin Beiber, I may hate his music but at least he can sing decently.

  • MrSparky222
    MrSparky222 8 years ago

    ROFL made me laugh so hard

  • Akash Sirdar
    Akash Sirdar 8 years ago

    Vladimir Lenin's godless commie sprite must be living inside the stalker. Anyone see, he's wearing a red t-shirt which says 'L'?

  • Claus Stauffenberg
    Claus Stauffenberg 8 years ago

    Nyan Cat Killed Hitler. God Bless you Nyan Cat!

  • Xiao Hei. we are all equal

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I can't stop laughing!

  • Kyle Kelley
    Kyle Kelley 8 years ago

    why does this not have more views?

  • Cliff MacFarlane
    Cliff MacFarlane 8 years ago

    I totally pissed in my G-string to that one!, whoever made it thankyou so much, funny as fuck!!!!

  • kellz13luvsyuh
    kellz13luvsyuh 8 years ago

    @1423078943120789 lol wow

  • MaroonBugUK
    MaroonBugUK 8 years ago

    I like how when the subs says fucked, he says fucked!