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  • Christopher Veal
    Christopher Veal 4 hours ago


  • bxnnfn
    bxnnfn 5 hours ago

    My first game of that I got 22 kills and won I swear

  • Aayan B
    Aayan B 5 hours ago

    Team diamond

  • Cracked game play
    Cracked game play 6 hours ago


  • Frank Piper
    Frank Piper 7 hours ago

    hahaha nice account switch

  • Sebastian Espina
    Sebastian Espina 8 hours ago

    Pls sub to make my day

  • Nintendo mau
    Nintendo mau 9 hours ago

    It just me because I in the old map this is a glitch for me

  • Ember Flow
    Ember Flow 9 hours ago

    Makes SKY’s a FORNITE account

  • zexqw
    zexqw 10 hours ago

    Love your vid

  • Jose Delossantos
    Jose Delossantos 10 hours ago

    47k likes sell reactions account

  • Mirnam Magallaes
    Mirnam Magallaes 10 hours ago


  • daniel Solis
    daniel Solis 10 hours ago

    Mini mamba is talking trash

  • AAron leong
    AAron leong 11 hours ago

    mini u do look like d jello thing

  • DuSk FLOW
    DuSk FLOW 11 hours ago

    I wish I could be a better youtuber and I'm lowkey grinding ,one day

  • Mintyz Mintyz
    Mintyz Mintyz 11 hours ago

    The jelly thing looks like mini mamba 😂

  • Amer Tarrab
    Amer Tarrab 11 hours ago


  • fortnite god
    fortnite god 11 hours ago

    This kid is annoying

  • RandomMonkey
    RandomMonkey 11 hours ago

    im gonna subscribe on my second account also since i luv the vids

  • RandomMonkey
    RandomMonkey 11 hours ago

    probably my favorite videeo

  • Mr Black
    Mr Black 12 hours ago

    2:07 I like his naruto pops

  • Itz Craftyy
    Itz Craftyy 12 hours ago

    Diamond has the best videos to get struggle off me when i am depressed or sad about something. (WARNING: VIDEOS ARE NOT FOR HATERS)

  • Mr Black
    Mr Black 12 hours ago

    7:21 that’s your homie

  • Cr YouTube
    Cr YouTube 12 hours ago

    Has mini not realized that Diamond suprises him very season but still Y’all the best

  • iTz_ Ashton
    iTz_ Ashton 12 hours ago

    You should surprise mini with another ducky because his is broken with the same key caps he has

  • Nathan Van Veen
    Nathan Van Veen 12 hours ago


  • Nathan Van Veen
    Nathan Van Veen 12 hours ago


  • Iptisam Mohamed
    Iptisam Mohamed 13 hours ago

    “i was born before u”😂

  • Norman Gignac
    Norman Gignac 13 hours ago

    Lol he said "no I'm white ur black" hahahahaha

  • Logan Bell
    Logan Bell 13 hours ago

    Of corse I liked the video because of the puppy’s but I also liked because this is a good video

  • saveg key
    saveg key 13 hours ago

    Minimamba doesn't look like the skin

  • saveg key
    saveg key 13 hours ago

    Minimamba doesn't look like the ein

  • Ujal BiswaTV
    Ujal BiswaTV 13 hours ago

    Mini mama I’m a big fan of you who is this is it your brother

  • Fortnite Andrew
    Fortnite Andrew 13 hours ago


  • Bobby Johnson
    Bobby Johnson 13 hours ago

    Stop trying to act toxic

  • James Hallett
    James Hallett 13 hours ago

    Lol who's this bot talking about kakashi

  • Bobby Johnson
    Bobby Johnson 13 hours ago

    Solar power

  • Quintin Cipriano
    Quintin Cipriano 14 hours ago

    The gold fusion looks like something from mortal kombat

  • Niurks De La Cruz
    Niurks De La Cruz 14 hours ago

    Wet yummy ok 👍 📺 joan ipuok

  • I eat Chicken ez
    I eat Chicken ez 14 hours ago

    Reason is streaming !!!

  • KraZy
    KraZy 14 hours ago

    Can you get me the battle pass diamond? Like so he can see

  • David Cota
    David Cota 14 hours ago

    Hey diamond it’s been a while since I’ve been able to play Fortnite since my acc was hacked I’m glad to see your content to know what’s happening in Fortnite

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 14 hours ago

    Who else noticed they forgot about the wallet with the money

  • Innfinit3 YT
    Innfinit3 YT 14 hours ago

    Mini mamba is the type of person to say that the noob skin is cool

  • Mr. ice
    Mr. ice 14 hours ago

    5:37 Mini mamba straight up boogang it😂😂

  • Phase_Flash
    Phase_Flash 14 hours ago

    Diamond an overbuilder

  • Axel Arias
    Axel Arias 14 hours ago

    That actually looks like minimamba the jello

  • Zkx Rq
    Zkx Rq 15 hours ago

    Best yt out here

  • Jesse Meek
    Jesse Meek 15 hours ago

    He does look like Kim

  • Nabeel Imran
    Nabeel Imran 15 hours ago

    Sub to gamerboysk plz and thank u

  • Ordinary Shinobi
    Ordinary Shinobi 15 hours ago

    Who sold their PC/consoles and regret it

  • C_splyite
    C_splyite 15 hours ago

    Bruh the famas came out and new default let’s goo but it kinda looks like creative destruction

  • Alpine Varri
    Alpine Varri 15 hours ago


  • Shooterzz
    Shooterzz 16 hours ago

    Love u to deathhhh

  • Ryan
    Ryan 16 hours ago

    Banger and you should suprise me with the whole battle pass to😣

  • MK40
    MK40 16 hours ago

    5:11 Your black you rage

  • Nigist Tadesse
    Nigist Tadesse 16 hours ago


    TS CRIPTIC 17 hours ago


  • Joshua Saravia
    Joshua Saravia 17 hours ago


  • Joshua Saravia
    Joshua Saravia 17 hours ago

    You do

  • Z41D
    Z41D 17 hours ago

    old man who ages guy looks like deathstroke from that tv show

  • JJ23jumpmanjr
    JJ23jumpmanjr 17 hours ago

    Mini mamba: NOOO now everyone's gonna span I look like this jello thingy..... I CAN EAT IT

  • Aasa Singh
    Aasa Singh 17 hours ago

    You aren't surprising him, you get Battle pass every season

  • Andres Romero
    Andres Romero 17 hours ago

    When was diamond growing a beard

  • Gerard Mullen
    Gerard Mullen 17 hours ago

    Fortnite season 11 fuck the brits up the sticks

  • Gaming Subzero
    Gaming Subzero 17 hours ago

    Your on level hundred

  • domerush
    domerush 18 hours ago


  • Thegamingjye TGJ
    Thegamingjye TGJ 18 hours ago

    The first games are aui bots in the game so you can win easy all my friends got it but he died on the first game 😂🤣

  • ttvhano btw
    ttvhano btw 18 hours ago

    That is Not even your Gameplay

  • Giraffe
    Giraffe 18 hours ago


  • 25,000 subscribers with no video Challenge

    Your thumbnail is so gay

  • Om Chauhan
    Om Chauhan 18 hours ago

    This is ho many times you watched the black hole 👇

  • Sponge Bob Plays
    Sponge Bob Plays 18 hours ago

    i actually feel bad for those that gotta go to school im just lucky that im on vk love you diamond i hope you reach 1 mill

  • vl-NotSo Good-lv
    vl-NotSo Good-lv 19 hours ago

    Mini mamba roasting the battle pass and at the end he says he tve bes5 battle pass im not a hatter

  • xcxwz
    xcxwz 19 hours ago

    does he not have school?

  • Drakko
    Drakko 19 hours ago

    Dooood!!! That’s mini mamba

  • The chilling Clips
    The chilling Clips 19 hours ago

    Fortnite copies everyone

  • Loyalbakester
    Loyalbakester 19 hours ago

    Fortnite chapter two It chapter two Definitely a calab

  • Wavy Theoo
    Wavy Theoo 19 hours ago


  • Gabriel Aparicio
    Gabriel Aparicio 19 hours ago

    I got a win

  • laura maldonado
    laura maldonado 19 hours ago

    I got the full battle pass

  • skullcollector29
    skullcollector29 19 hours ago

    Can you get me the battle pass please bro I want so bad I cant even get it my name is Tgs_Ivan_The_OG

  • Otrex
    Otrex 19 hours ago

    can someone gift me the battle pass i have hardly any skins and this season is lit

    • Otrex
      Otrex 15 hours ago

      liam I'm suubed to him

    • Stealthy
      Stealthy 15 hours ago

      E a r n i t

  • Ayshea Hill
    Ayshea Hill 19 hours ago

    Cheater cheater loser loser

  • vj Romo
    vj Romo 20 hours ago

    I aready got a win in this seoson 1 chapter2 at 10am

  • Jordan 086272
    Jordan 086272 20 hours ago

    That jelly guy is mini mamba

  • Reaper Builds
    Reaper Builds 20 hours ago

    This poor kids hands are too small for these mice.

  • IrishDrillMadness: IDM

    "Giveaway very soon" all you have to do is subscribe and turn on notis🔔!

  • GXT_Gaming
    GXT_Gaming 20 hours ago

    Hes edition faster Thane me with date mouse

  • Slix Mob
    Slix Mob 20 hours ago

    Minimamba is a hater

  • Illuminate
    Illuminate 20 hours ago

    Watching this at school Hope I don’t get caught 😅 Don’t worry I got good grades

  • Grapple Gaming
    Grapple Gaming 20 hours ago

    Can diamond mamba get 1 mil subs

  • Anna Gordon
    Anna Gordon 20 hours ago

    Ha ha

  • Javi Moran
    Javi Moran 20 hours ago

    Do team mini Using all black 8 ball skins And team Diamind using all white

  • MeXb
    MeXb 21 hour ago

    I feel like they added the blue slime thing for a Bugha skin

  • William Wellwood
    William Wellwood 21 hour ago


  • William Wellwood
    William Wellwood 21 hour ago


  • xxXSAVAGEXxx
    xxXSAVAGEXxx 21 hour ago

    Mini mamba looks like the booger guy... LOL

  • Ljuba Laharnar
    Ljuba Laharnar 21 hour ago

    Stop roasting mini noob

  • Luqky
    Luqky 21 hour ago

    This innocent conversation sounded so wrong lmao 5:08

    • Luqky
      Luqky 15 hours ago

      @Diamond Mamba Nah I knew what you meant. It was funny because it sounded wrong.

    • Diamond Mamba
      Diamond Mamba 15 hours ago

      Luqky I know my bad I worded that wrong, I wanted to say like the skin is like darkness which is usually mean In cartoons

  • Classic gaming
    Classic gaming 21 hour ago

    Just subscribe oct 15 a2019