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  • Malaysian in uk foofoo

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  • Ngọc Linh - Karina Đỗ


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    Sorry but the girl who said she's 20 is so unnatural and out of place throughout the video, it's so uncomfortable to watch. Kudos to the video editing tho! (Y)

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    Don't shouted at girls or boy

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    I was late to watch this video cos i was at Nando's yesterday. But this video is great! The editing is really nice

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    Everyone's so excited this episode

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    Loving how the energy and humour from these trio never go down! Keep up the awesome content, NOC! :)

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    Although Dee seems to be the one who is more picky and less likely to give 1 full star, he seems to be more lenient if the dishes are vegan/vegetarians or by stall owners with a background/story which requires a compassionate/moral support.

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