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NFL Funniest Pranks
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NFL Hair Tackles
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NFL Funniest Fails || HD
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NFL 1000 IQ Plays (HD)
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NFL Laziest Moments
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NFL “Not Down” Moments
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  • Stephen epling
    Stephen epling 21 minute ago

    Burfict is a hero cause he fucked a rapist up 😱😂

  • koyoe 33
    koyoe 33 50 minutes ago

    Tom Brady goes off and he's a great competitor!!!! Anybody else and they need to control anger....don't understand that

  • Grove Street Few
    Grove Street Few 2 hours ago

    I think on that hit that’s what’s where AB start going crazy cause of that hit

  • OGB Dizygotic
    OGB Dizygotic 3 hours ago

    0:28 when people double teaming you on fortnite

  • Colin Knox
    Colin Knox 3 hours ago

    Awkward moment when Jackson plays for the Eagles again lol

  • too good bad too
    too good bad too 3 hours ago

    I feel The hit on Antonio was not for unsportsmanlike conduct. Antonio just soft.

  • joe myers
    joe myers 5 hours ago

    All time?

  • Kelly Reed
    Kelly Reed 17 hours ago

    @2:49 "my ankles still on the field I think I need an ankle replacement " 🤣

  • ShaW tV
    ShaW tV 18 hours ago

    AB sucks

  • Curtis Anderson
    Curtis Anderson 19 hours ago

    Good shit juju

  • Rotten Banana
    Rotten Banana 19 hours ago

    I hate when these white boi announcers be sayin sum dumb shit

  • jpjpjp
    jpjpjp 19 hours ago

    Buck sounded like a baby

  • Kyle Husted
    Kyle Husted 19 hours ago

    The best is 2:05 hands down

  • Transformers Stopmotions

    Not enough eagles

  • XD_Coslow7
    XD_Coslow7 20 hours ago

    the Dez Brycant call that it was no catch was horrible it never touched the floor

  • Dennis Begley
    Dennis Begley 20 hours ago

    Seeing Johnny Manziel was just sad

  • cholepuri
    cholepuri 20 hours ago

    Not sure how some clips made it to this video about karma, e.g. the djax video. Where is the karma in that?

  • Megan Walker
    Megan Walker 22 hours ago

    The ghetto! The Saints aren’t on these types of videos.

  • MrBiscuit75
    MrBiscuit75 22 hours ago

    JuJu's hit on burfict was perfect! As hits like that continue to get fined and quit being part of the game the old school true fans continue to tune out. It was a perfectly legal hit. Take the violence out of and you got powder puff.

  • Ohko Lee
    Ohko Lee 23 hours ago

    The best sometimes-terrible, sometimes-mediocre, sometimes-best, unpredictable QB in history: Ryan Fitzpatrick. He should have his own Hall of Fame.

  • jonathan booth
    jonathan booth 23 hours ago

    I always hated that hit by Smith Schuster , but now i totally get it , he had it fuckin coming 🤬

  • Brett Armfield

    Brady is such a little bitch

  • James Gish
    James Gish Day ago

    The commentators are the biggest puppets and the worst thing in sports. They try to make fans believe that you are wrong for having passion even if it is fighting just so fans think that's the right point of view. I hate where sports have gone it's a mans game period leave it like that.

  • jerrywonder89
    jerrywonder89 Day ago

    T.J whosyourmama

  • Ethan Roberts
    Ethan Roberts Day ago

    0:23 this man done come out of elementary school to play football not even going through middle school high school or college that has to be on Come on man

  • Matthew Hudak
    Matthew Hudak Day ago

    Has to be the worst feeling ever


    thwe one at 8 30 was still a td

  • Russell Johnson

    N I don’t even like no damn Steelers but sometimes bullies get bullied smh

  • Russell Johnson

    Ju ju ain’t dirty bruhh he got tired of this dude

  • The Real Biddyman

    If antonio brown died then a little less rape would have happened

  • sliehgtofhand
    sliehgtofhand Day ago

    I'll never get tired of seeing Burfict get the fuck knocked out of him.

  • DareDevilSunday


  • ilovemyskittlesbaby

    So many are crying with women interviewers lol

  • wayne mcdonald

    Its a CATasrophe. When a cat has the best moves on the field. players hurting themselves with their temper tantrums outstanding.

  • Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants

    2:42 This is exactly how the Vegas Golden Knights TV announcer sounds when the Knights score a goal. Go to 3:37 of this video as proof.

  • David Rotenberg

    Tom Brady is the only one in this video in which the announcers seem to admire his outburst lol

  • Victor Von Deathstroke

    Where's Johnson vs Fitzpatrick?

  • Wade Hamilton IV

    Even though he couldn’t have stopped, he definitely did not have to go for the head, that is targeting

  • Iamactuallyted

    That hit on Antonio brown is he reason he is the way he is now 😂

  • Thunder Wolf
    Thunder Wolf Day ago

    Lol isn’t desean Jackson on the eagles now

  • stimey Mccslimey

    I think getting tackled by the punter is the worst thing that can happen😂😂😂

  • serg77
    serg77 Day ago

    0:47 now let’s go to work!! Damn talk about motivation🔥

  • Daniel King
    Daniel King Day ago

    The panthers punter made the best tackle I’ve ever seen

  • Stikbots Video Games Etc.

    Now it's Patrick Mahomes. Except it's affecting other QBs instead of him.

  • William Benson

    Why aren’t they civilized like in hockey and let them fight

  • Tu Big
    Tu Big Day ago

    D jack old as hell I forgot he played with mcnabb

  • Jahir Fb
    Jahir Fb Day ago

    That voice crack

  • Will Korongy
    Will Korongy Day ago

    0:55 so insane, and I love he announcer’s reaction “Knocked down.... OHhhh HE CAUGHT IT!!” Other guy: OOHOOOHHH!

  • Evil Toad
    Evil Toad Day ago

    Eli's "face of defeat" gives me life

  • Brendan Mathews

    Don’t snatch someone’s chain u should get ur ass beat for that

  • Nathan Phelps
    Nathan Phelps Day ago

    Burfict is human garbage and it was funny as hell to watch him get laid out, but it's hilarious to see steeler fans shitting on someone for being a dirty player

  • Ryan Sipple
    Ryan Sipple Day ago

    “Right in the schnoz!”

  • MUSTANG 5.0
    MUSTANG 5.0 2 days ago

    Fuck Burdict and suh

  • Zoom •
    Zoom • 2 days ago

    I understand most of these but the Kelce clip was pass interference

  • VGamingSensation
    VGamingSensation 2 days ago

    my favorite play of all time is when marcus peters threw the flag into the stadium

  • Francis Forte
    Francis Forte 2 days ago

    No one has ever deserved to get lit up like Vontez did

  • Robert Martinez
    Robert Martinez 2 days ago

    Payback a bitch

  • Grant Kingston
    Grant Kingston 2 days ago

    0:46 The cheerleaders tho

  • Tyrant FrFr
    Tyrant FrFr 2 days ago

    2:05 When something funny happens but you realize what league your working for

  • Thanatos
    Thanatos 2 days ago

    0:56 I laugh every time 😂

  • Brad Carter
    Brad Carter 2 days ago

    Jon gruden. What a pussy

  • Christmas_GOAT
    Christmas_GOAT 2 days ago

    The cat was wide smh

    KILLAMINDED MUSIC 2 days ago

    Juju a mf beast

    DYLAN SIBBACH 2 days ago


  • A.C. Slater
    A.C. Slater 2 days ago

    Jalen Ramsey shut down tyreek hill that's not even a question

  • John Morris
    John Morris 2 days ago

    I love it when a showboat hits a reef and sinks.

  • Titan-Kahn
    Titan-Kahn 2 days ago

    "That's bad for the game".... literally 5 minutes earlier Burfict try's to kill Antonio

    • Kameron Hill
      Kameron Hill 8 hours ago

      Titan-Kahn it’s not the same game

  • jole' Mays
    jole' Mays 2 days ago

    Playback is a well you know

  • Andrew Seeber
    Andrew Seeber 2 days ago

    Bengals are trash

  • Salvatore Vitale
    Salvatore Vitale 2 days ago

    2:42 me talking at school

  • Kevin Serna
    Kevin Serna 2 days ago

    The hit that broke his brain

  • Bandedcookie
    Bandedcookie 2 days ago

    Half of these punks would never have played in the nfl just a handful of years ago. Now all the representatives and players organizations prevent them from being suspended or fired.

  • Igarcia 21
    Igarcia 21 2 days ago

    You should do another one but add what josh Norman had to say and show how he got dusted and taken down by dak

  • WHDN6893
    WHDN6893 2 days ago

    Lmao gruden is a fuckin idiot

  • moody edits21
    moody edits21 2 days ago

    The cat 😂

  • Robert Brustad
    Robert Brustad 2 days ago

    4:30 This didn't age well

  • Victoria Redman
    Victoria Redman 2 days ago

    AB was never the same

  • Ethan Jarom
    Ethan Jarom 2 days ago

    If you are dry eyed in during the Godwin part you have no heart

  • JoeyjojoShabadoo7
    JoeyjojoShabadoo7 2 days ago

    0:55 just damn...but I gotta say he totally deserved it...don’t know what the announcer is talking about

  • LudwigSC93
    LudwigSC93 2 days ago

    1:58 as a diehard Steeler's fan this just shows what a total douche AB is and thank God they got rid of him (and LB) for that matter. Hard pill to swallow though being that they are at the top of their respective positions.

  • mohammad5
    mohammad5 2 days ago

    Man Terrell Owens is the best lmao. I love it

  • PurebreedFLA
    PurebreedFLA 2 days ago

    Halle Berry with some depth🤣🤣✊🏾

  • Burt Sampson
    Burt Sampson 2 days ago

    Nothing is funny about what Odell did. Just a fool

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 2 days ago

    The Butt Fumble will always be the greatest play EVER

  • eT Jdubs
    eT Jdubs 3 days ago

    Fuck burfict

  • Tanner Preskey
    Tanner Preskey 3 days ago

    A literal shoe string tackle by the Panther punter

  • Milds & That Yac
    Milds & That Yac 3 days ago

    Damn it’s a shame all these record breaking stats don’t transfer on to the field

  • D Rodriguez
    D Rodriguez 3 days ago

    this nigga really said shnauze


    Jamie's Winston just made himself look so stupid 🙄

  • James Denoia
    James Denoia 3 days ago

    2:05-2:25 it's ok he's on the Patriots now

  • Braiden F. 716
    Braiden F. 716 3 days ago

    2:10 of course it was Antonio Brown

  • Adam Hasser
    Adam Hasser 3 days ago

    This video is missing the Schwartz vs Harbaugh post game shoving match. Two NFL head coaches got into it after the game and had to be pulled apart!

  • Trevone Thompson
    Trevone Thompson 3 days ago

    "Return Specialist" huh

  • plumer56
    plumer56 3 days ago

    4:51 I honestly thought that was Connor Mcgregor 😂

  • Christopher Fields
    Christopher Fields 3 days ago

    Everybody was confused when Winston started to put his fingers in his mouth lol

  • White Blogger Black Specs

    Haha instant karma for OBJ

  • Solomon Torejak
    Solomon Torejak 3 days ago

    Coleman Production, any highlight on our latest win this season. I'll definitely subscribe. Geehoo 49ER EMPIRE HERE we come.

  • Juan Ramirez Gonzalez

    More than a game , more than a memory :) homes

  • Boozy The Clown
    Boozy The Clown 3 days ago

    The most overrated person in the NFL, the puss, the commie, the white-raised, COLIN KAEPERNICK!!!! Cheeers all around! Go Broncos.

  • scott campbell
    scott campbell 3 days ago

    Everyone in the comments is some kind of douchey fitness expert