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  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 3 minutes ago

    AmaLee? Can you do a song English full cover of LAGRIMA? soundcloud.com/poetraa/onepixcel-lagrima-instrumental

  • •Inver TV Anime•
    •Inver TV Anime• 16 minutes ago


  • Jordan Hand
    Jordan Hand 17 minutes ago

    Ate the end of the anime it almost made me cry and I’m a guy

  • Logan Kelling
    Logan Kelling 20 minutes ago

    so beautiful honstly cant get anybetter than this

  • JakePlayz
    JakePlayz Hour ago

    That German part was “You are the prey and we are the hunters” And then those short German words were we are the hunters

  • zach bailey
    zach bailey Hour ago

    So after hearing this i realized no one else has done gintama call up studio yukio we.b and Jonathan young Thankyou lee and lee

  • Jason Jason
    Jason Jason Hour ago

    THIS SONG IS IS THE BEST LYRICS: you said if you could fly you would fly far-far into the sky

  • Lucaix 0
    Lucaix 0 Hour ago

    Yet another anime I started watching because of your covers

  • MG 2001
    MG 2001 2 hours ago


  • Siraphon
    Siraphon 2 hours ago

    I keep I keep I keep~ Keep dreamin~

  • 中华斩倭刀斩倭刀


  • h3lix86
    h3lix86 2 hours ago

    he protecc she attacc but most important they ride on filos bacc

  • KiritoAnd Me
    KiritoAnd Me 2 hours ago


  • Reyna Johnson
    Reyna Johnson 3 hours ago

    Can you do rhapsody the blue sky for miss kayboishi dragon maid please?

  • Kitty Love
    Kitty Love 3 hours ago

    Could u maybe do a English op for date a live?

  • AOT AFJ lover Mohsan Basra

    Like whoever miss Assassination classroom if you do so just make this blue 👇

  • Spectre
    Spectre 3 hours ago

    This is much better. Should've used this for the game.

  • мιѕтy ѕιмpѕon

    I love Tokyo ghoul love this song 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • M k
    M k 3 hours ago

    oh shit how time flies it was uploaded a year ago

  • Soo Ly
    Soo Ly 3 hours ago

    Habituellement j'aime tes covers ❤ Mais pas celui-là 😥 Fire emblem est mon jeu préféré, dur de me satisfaire surtout au niveau des OST

  • Toa Gatanuva
    Toa Gatanuva 4 hours ago

    wolfenstein time

  • Huy Trần
    Huy Trần 4 hours ago

    Your covers always impress me very much <3

  • Backstromer
    Backstromer 5 hours ago

    do Ideal White please

  • Vellysha Tyvanov
    Vellysha Tyvanov 5 hours ago

    Waow cool song i like it 😎 Tate no yuusha 😎

  • Joshua
    Joshua 5 hours ago

    This comment probably won’t reach you but I would love it if you tried singing the song a Character in Given sang

  • Christin Eleven
    Christin Eleven 5 hours ago

    Please! Try creating an English Dub for the K on opening 1! >.<

  • Guy. Fox.
    Guy. Fox. 5 hours ago

    I'll buy this album when it comes out in Google Play immediately ;)

  • Aaaboy ASS
    Aaaboy ASS 6 hours ago

    Ufotable and Kajiura Yuki really good at Made emotional Song -> KNK , KNY , Fate UBW , Fate Heaven'sFeel , Fate Zero Ahhh... Kajiura is Genius

  • everydayfun
    everydayfun 6 hours ago

    Urokadaki is like:👺👺👺👺👺👺👺.

  • AndyOriginally
    AndyOriginally 6 hours ago

    457 dislikes? baka

  • あかばね
    あかばね 6 hours ago

    Wonderful! I like your voice! From Japan

  • Bitch lasagna
    Bitch lasagna 6 hours ago

    I wanted Another Code Geass Op or end.

  • Wolfy The Wolf
    Wolfy The Wolf 6 hours ago

    i know this is weird but do you think darling in the fran xx season 2 will come out??

  • RubyMizuki
    RubyMizuki 6 hours ago

    This song = my mood as a player, as I'll know right at the beginning of my next run that I'll probably have to kill the students I've learned to love in my first game (BE). "I wish to stay in these cherished halls cause I know time betrays" T_T Oh, and obviously, your cover is amazing :)

  • No u
    No u 6 hours ago

    this should be named "the autotune"

  • Alvin Angeles
    Alvin Angeles 7 hours ago

    Requesting for full version of Fukai mori.. as English? Where i can get it? I'm willing to pay.

  • itencho
    itencho 7 hours ago


  • Anime Area
    Anime Area 7 hours ago

    i love this 💔

  • Garrett Tuggle
    Garrett Tuggle 7 hours ago

    You can bet on your life I am buying this the moment it releases on Itunes

  • Statice Lee
    Statice Lee 8 hours ago

    Is it just me or did leeandlie had another rwby cover thingy?If so can someone tell me what song she covered and the link of her cover to it

  • Fe eVina
    Fe eVina 8 hours ago

    "So hold me tight one more time but don't kiss me goodbye, cause I know that I'll see you on the other side" :')

  • Aeroon
    Aeroon 8 hours ago

    The amount of shouting it took makes it even more powerful than the original! I hope Ama didn't hurt herself making this...

  • TabsZy Gaming
    TabsZy Gaming 8 hours ago

    You could make a religion out of this

  • Silver Bear
    Silver Bear 9 hours ago

    It gets better and better every album. The hype is real!

  • Christian Sam Bolo
    Christian Sam Bolo 9 hours ago

    new artist in naruto

  • Jack Slader
    Jack Slader 9 hours ago

    Yo, I just paid real close attention to the music video for the first time, did the OC just get shot?!

  • สุพิชชา ฉอสวัสดิ์

    คนไทยอยู่ไหนนิจะบอกว่าเกลียดวิดิโอนี้มากเพราะเอาเสียงมาเปลี่ยน เปลี่ยนรูปตัวละคร เปลี่ยนซาวเสียง เป็นสิ่งที่แย่มาก

  • el prota chambi
    el prota chambi 10 hours ago

    Jooo mi infancia recordé los sábados por la tarde de samurai x

  • Thanakorn Channel TV1135


  • Cherry Goyal
    Cherry Goyal 10 hours ago

    Please cover SAO Alicization op 2, ed 2, op 3 and ed 3! Btw can't wait for the album!!

  • Mr. AniMeSHniK
    Mr. AniMeSHniK 10 hours ago

    Why can i put only one like?

  • Alana Weinmann
    Alana Weinmann 11 hours ago

    Me, looking into the comments: *hey, that's hell you're walking into* me: the fuck does that mean-

  • אור טנדובסקי

    I don't like the song in english I like the song in japn

  • Royal Payn
    Royal Payn 12 hours ago

    Shes right tho. Most of what we call "autotune" is just vocal processing and/or layering. You use effects like delay, compression, reverb, ect. and then stack vocals. If its good autotune, you won't know its been autotuned. Taylor Swift uses good autotune. Ke$ha uses a lot of vocal effects. AmaLee for the most part compresses the shit out of her vocals.

  • Rivin Raix
    Rivin Raix 13 hours ago

    Within a perfect dream, I felt the rain Suddenly as it started pouring Soaked on through, but I kept on walking My soul shaking from the cold And with these hands I gathered the memories Though they're losing color and fading I held to the hope they could maybe Patch the hollow of my heart This thing called love Know I would've Thrown it all away Wouldn't hesitate If I could find what I have lost along The way~ If to feel Pain is my fate Then I have just one thing to say Here in my scar-covered heart Color will always exist~ I watch the last Stardust Rise up and fly Dust to dust- Ash to ash- Into the sky These fragments of my hopes and dreams Never die~ Quietly, with the receding rainfall The night wind, it suddenly withdraws With my broken heart, I stand alone Only silence at my side I wouldn't mind If it's a lie If all of my rights They turned into wrongs As long as I protect the things that I believe~ Another scar, one more scratch To my heart that's made out of glass It lights a spark, burning hot One I had nearly forgot I watch the last Stardust Rise up and fly Dust to dust- Earth to Earth- I say goodbye These fragments of my hopes and dreams Give me life~ Brave shine~ Stay the night~ Save my life~ Brave shine~ Brave Shine~ If to feel pain is my fate Then I have just one thing to say Here in my scar-covered heart Color will always exist~ Kiss me farewell, Judas Turning to ash- Dust to dust- This weakness of My distant past Another scar, one more scratch To my heart that's made out of glass It lights a spark, burning hot One I had nearly forgot~ I watch the last Stardust Rise up and fly Dust to dust~ Ash to ash~ Into the sky These fragments of my hopes and dreams Never die~

  • M k
    M k 13 hours ago

    please consider covering "unlasting" by LiSA its the new SAO Alicization ED. your cover would be a blessing to our ears❤💫

  • rumar nabong
    rumar nabong 13 hours ago

    This Is The Filipino Naruto fans ru-clip.com/video/3AT5SnKVD3M/video.html

  • TAKAHIRO Vlog 【Motovlog】

    Great Japanese anime song! I am Japanese. My favorite song.

  • DildongDantes
    DildongDantes 14 hours ago

    Woah tha english version sounds weird tbh

  • abdul alim khan
    abdul alim khan 14 hours ago

    Why u cover songs that are already english?do divine gate op.or bleach orange op.anything cool

  • Louis Louis
    Louis Louis 15 hours ago


  • Cliff Weatherbee
    Cliff Weatherbee 16 hours ago

    I just just played this simultaneously with Jonathan Young's version of this song. Its almost a perfect duet!

  • Chicken Scratch
    Chicken Scratch 16 hours ago

    Mustang looks hot.

  • Battle Ninja34558
    Battle Ninja34558 16 hours ago

    Diavolo: “I’ve finally won!” Gold Experience Requiem: “let’s bring it all back to Zero, shall we?”

  • super steve Gold
    super steve Gold 16 hours ago

    Best singer

  • CRASHjester
    CRASHjester 16 hours ago

    nothing against the people who made this but this was way off key

  • E.Medina 4814
    E.Medina 4814 16 hours ago

    Oml how did I barely find this ... This is amazing in so many unexplainable ways

  • Cheezy Nachoz
    Cheezy Nachoz 17 hours ago

    Anyone here after the Unlimited Shirou Works on Twitter of October, 20th 2019?

  • Bryan_Is_here
    Bryan_Is_here 17 hours ago

    Ok this shit was funny

  • malingsial
    malingsial 17 hours ago

    Cover polaris bnha please

  • DJwasHere66
    DJwasHere66 18 hours ago

    Damn. This is flames. 👍

  • Bean Bowl
    Bean Bowl 18 hours ago

    This is a great anime. YUNO what I mean.

    DeX ZAX HAI 18 hours ago

    doki doki teki

  • Linneys Altess schloss

    Beautifull voice amazing !

  • Kate Tung
    Kate Tung 18 hours ago

    two scrolls down and still have not seen anyone comment on the gorgeous edits done with silhouettes from the original anime! The stunning work syncs with lyrics perfectly to maximize the effect of the song. Mad props to the editors!!

  • RamenSamurai 05
    RamenSamurai 05 18 hours ago

    Kirito says: It had to end? Now?

  • RamenSamurai 05
    RamenSamurai 05 18 hours ago

    Kirito says: Nice.

  • RamenSamurai 05
    RamenSamurai 05 18 hours ago

    Kirito says: Ok. I still miss that sandwich.

  • RamenSamurai 05
    RamenSamurai 05 18 hours ago

    Kirito says: I'm just going to do this for all the Amalee videos I watch.

  • JaJa09 87
    JaJa09 87 19 hours ago

    I annoy my fends by saying I get eh find out who killed my daad

  • Owen Argoe
    Owen Argoe 19 hours ago

    You have an overeating problem.. I have a number to a great therapist.

  • Admin Prone
    Admin Prone 19 hours ago

    We will not live to see the day when they choose to make Smash Bros. into a 2 hour long movie or even an anime.

  • Travis McCray
    Travis McCray 19 hours ago

    Sub sounds better

  • Soul Knight
    Soul Knight 19 hours ago

    Can you do an English cover of Game Over? Game over is the ending theme for the anime No Gun Life

  • ArashiTsurugi
    ArashiTsurugi 19 hours ago

    Will this be available on Google Play?

    • ArashiTsurugi
      ArashiTsurugi 18 hours ago

      @LeeandLie Sweet I can buy more of your songs for my road trip back home! Your songs make driving through the desert so much better.

    • LeeandLie
      LeeandLie 19 hours ago

      Yep! Says so in the 3rd line of the description!

  • some girl that ships everyone

    It kinda looks like Joker and her OC are holding hands-

  • XXVinnieCXX
    XXVinnieCXX 20 hours ago

    Awesome job on this one! Would love to hear an English version of Faith as well!

  • Mrcapo100
    Mrcapo100 20 hours ago

    0:38 Puerto Rican women laughing.

  • SandSHero
    SandSHero 20 hours ago

    they all great but 1000 words and Oath Sign!? Yeah I'll take it.

  • narutoandkurama person

    Can NOT wait!

  • Twirly Redhead
    Twirly Redhead 21 hour ago

    I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this but Tokyo Mew Mew was sooo much better than Sailor moon

    AXIMILI 21 hour ago

    FMA POWERRRR !!!!!!

  • Get_NoScoped935
    Get_NoScoped935 21 hour ago

    I really want u to do op 14 of fairy tail 😭

  • sergel02
    sergel02 21 hour ago

    Ooh a cover of Rei Yasuda’s “Mirror” AND “1000 Words” cover? Count me as excited!

  • Sally Be
    Sally Be 21 hour ago

    Can you please do a English cover on blue giraffe from macross delta?!!!! Please!!!!!

  • Tyrone Kelly
    Tyrone Kelly 22 hours ago

    I was not expecting an FFX track... 1000 Words is amazing and I love that you covered this! The quality of your covers and albums is amazing and hearing those FFX lyrics is amazing! Did you know you're amazing? I'll say it again; you're amazing!

  • Ebial.
    Ebial. 22 hours ago

    If only, it really was that easy-sy-sy-blegh-sy --LMFAO

  • Ebial.
    Ebial. 22 hours ago

    Please consider covering Lisa's Unlasting. Your lyrics always give me goosebumps

  • Liam Coull
    Liam Coull 22 hours ago


  • Animo Dragon
    Animo Dragon 22 hours ago

    This is my favorite one