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  • David Malone
    David Malone 2 minutes ago

    this project was abandoned awhile back

  • titanium expose
    titanium expose 6 minutes ago


  • cool south
    cool south 25 minutes ago

    How does CNN erase black transgender women,? Lol. Don Lemons embarrassing as well.

  • EaST CoAsT MaCHete
    EaST CoAsT MaCHete 34 minutes ago

    Freedom of expression my butt NBA keeps a tight lid on back talk.

  • abcbatman1966
    abcbatman1966 40 minutes ago

    Shameful cowardice

  • Joshua Guillory
    Joshua Guillory 48 minutes ago

    Just love! It's the easiest thing! 🌞😀🥐❤🤗😃👍👼🍼

  • WeThePeople
    WeThePeople 49 minutes ago

    God she is nasty. Fake Indian.

  • Gi Lede
    Gi Lede 53 minutes ago

    I'm boycotting the NBA. Free Hongkong!

  • Michael Wright
    Michael Wright 58 minutes ago

    In true Trumpian logic America F1rst means that the American people are going to be absolutely last to catch any bread crumbs that fall from any table of DJT his family members or his cronies.

  • semperfi 1918
    semperfi 1918 Hour ago

    Ok I get it, the one they refer to didnt want to wear the dress code... man or woman trans or not yeah i agree to fire.

  • buddy camp
    buddy camp Hour ago

    Trump 2020

  • Bunnss Galore
    Bunnss Galore Hour ago

    Kinda odd how the typhoon goes up directly instead of the usual left

  • Sir Loxley Mendoza

    They pander to the fanatic fringe... LGs are 1% of the population.. POC's are less than 25% Yet looking at TV or the DNC you'd never know whites are the majority

  • official CR
    official CR Hour ago

    Im stright and im proud 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Caboco Carlos
    Caboco Carlos Hour ago

    He doesn't deserve it I am an atheist I'm watching from Alaska

  • Tommie Williams
    Tommie Williams Hour ago

    Police ain't shit writing tickets and killing people that's it tell me if I'm wrong not all but tooo many

  • Betsy Ross 2a
    Betsy Ross 2a Hour ago

    She also lied when asked if she always believed in gay marriage when she was a Christian and a Republican. She couldn't even answer straight. Republicans aren't much better but the Democrats are just circus freaks. People, these politicians are only telling you what you want to hear to get them elected. Like Castro's "abortion rights for trans women" lmao I also found it hilarious how Warren waited until election time to apologize over her lies about her Gender. She listed that she was a Native American all through College and after just to get ahead. Anyone who will lie to your face about gender is a living scam. Anyone can see that she is Whiter than the lies that she loves to tell.

  • Joshua Guillory
    Joshua Guillory Hour ago

    Loving is easy! The easiest thing in the world 🌞😀😍🤗😃👍😊

  • Jaquin Hamdan
    Jaquin Hamdan Hour ago

    This guy saw how ridiculous was Trump.

  • Shelley Fitch
    Shelley Fitch Hour ago

    So Time can't afford a real person to read the audio? If this isn't a robotic voice, he needs to be replaced.

  • J C
    J C Hour ago

    Every time I cook beef or chicken, fish or any meat, I do think of the animal. Not in some ritualistic, fetishized way, but it does flash through my mind. I do imagine the animal and, in a way, give thanks to it. I would love to help Nigella cook a meal - or even just to watch and drink a wine on the side - and then share a dinner evening with her. Wonderful woman.

  • Melissa Slaughter

    Pure bullshit.

  • Mikeyas Coelho
    Mikeyas Coelho Hour ago

    Jesus morreu na cruz, e NN foi para que esse tipo de coisa fosse promovida, mas morreu para pagar os pecados de todos nós, e NN podemos permitir que seu sacrifício seja banalizado de tal forma, pois ele disse que aquele que escandalizar um desses pequeninos melhor lhe fosse que NN tivesse nascido. Então vamos nos levantar força total contra esse tipo de promoção que escandalizar os pequeninos

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday Hour ago

    The fake Indian, dumpster mouth lier

  • G Sterling
    G Sterling 2 hours ago

    Watching Democrat debates has become pure comical entertainment listening to those clowns trying to outdo each other in how much of America's wealth they give away, and I say America's because everything they give away is at the expense of capital that would otherwise be spent building more manufacturing capacity to make us more wealthy where it counts: In the goods and services we produce, including that by getting better at it we can earn higher wages for higher productivity and thus become wealthier in what we actually own or can consume.

  • The Beating Heart
    The Beating Heart 2 hours ago

    LGBTQ rights matter!! Follow our vlog to hear stories

  • fusionaut23
    fusionaut23 2 hours ago


  • Doctorshockstudios
    Doctorshockstudios 2 hours ago


  • Doctorshockstudios
    Doctorshockstudios 2 hours ago


    THICC JIHYO 2 hours ago

    0:16 I'm straight I think

  • Toothless Bull Dog 2.0

    She needs to be held accountable for slander, mis information and flat out lying. She really is a low life when it comes to her job and as a person.

  • Michael Boehnke
    Michael Boehnke 2 hours ago

    These clowns are sinking the dems shot at the Whitehouse next year.

  • u235u235u235
    u235u235u235 2 hours ago

    after age 35 the factories send the men back to the farms. they're discarded.

  • Michael Edelman
    Michael Edelman 3 hours ago


  • u235u235u235
    u235u235u235 3 hours ago

    chinese people = cheap AI computers.

  • Diana Wellington 2.0

    Good, hopefully in the next 20 years or so, their won't be key board warriors blaming single mothers and women with multiple children for the downfall of society. Who will they blame then when there's no children no fill in the buildings that they build?

  • Nigel Smith
    Nigel Smith 3 hours ago

    if she has diplomatic immunity then unfortunatley it aint going nowhere..if it found subsequently she has no diplomatic immunity...very little will happen!!..!you are dealing with the big boys of the Trump administration now..keep pushing it... but it wont make any difference

  • Emilia Grace
    Emilia Grace 3 hours ago

    Last time I checked, a doll doesn't have genitals...😬

  • Sara Khan
    Sara Khan 3 hours ago

    Nope. You are a guy and look like a guy.

  • Catherine3385
    Catherine3385 3 hours ago

    Why did she assume it was a guy?

  • rahkin rah
    rahkin rah 3 hours ago


  • Joey Morrison
    Joey Morrison 3 hours ago

    Time is now banned from china.

  • JayoJay
    JayoJay 3 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta until a lion turns up

  • Crappie Fisher
    Crappie Fisher 4 hours ago


  • Taz Beet
    Taz Beet 4 hours ago

    This is hit and run case. She should have stopped and helped the victim, take him to hospital, cover costs, and attend a police report, and alcohol/drugs test, etc. Running away is another crime to escape the actual crime. The question remains, will there be justice??

  • rhetorical80
    rhetorical80 4 hours ago

    You alight on this answer (which is the right answer) so that we forget her comments when she was running for the Senate (not so long ago) about transgender people. Also, she did not answer the question about what she believed when she was a Republican -she says she does not remember what she said when she was a kid, but she was a Republican well into her forties. Hardly a kid.

  • jill bluerei
    jill bluerei 4 hours ago

    How would they have reacted if this happened: "Senator, I'm new-aged and my belief is that my church should embrace gays/lesbians but it doesn't" and her reply was, "Find another church." (personal commentary about this: an obviously staged question & answer, which begs the question - was the entire 30 minutes choreographed?)

  • Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang

    6:06 Sheldon hates interviewer lol you can see a little sass there making it look like Good grief it's over. 😂

  • R. Salinas
    R. Salinas 4 hours ago

    Are you trying to get Trump reelected?

  • Roblox317 Gomez
    Roblox317 Gomez 4 hours ago

    😞☹️😭😥 I miss twin towers

  • Heroic Testicles
    Heroic Testicles 4 hours ago

    I'm surprised TIME covered this as it's a 100% white man event.

  • Number One
    Number One 4 hours ago

    Mum, the US killer of your child has lost all respect and shows no responsibility for her crime. You deserve great sympathy and justice. I hope she is brought before the courts for manslaughter . British laws are kinder than ours, but with the US courts she may be found innocent unfairly.

  • Caren Opina
    Caren Opina 4 hours ago

    2:49-2:50 Jimin's cute laugh that goes up an octave into a weeze 😂♥️

  • Weak Freak
    Weak Freak 5 hours ago

    as well-meant their message intended, won't all these transgender and gender-fluid itself be labels? and werent the male dolls already transgender? I can´t remember seeing a dick on the male doll my older sister had when I was a kid. did they put on a penis on them for the past 2 decades?

  • Patrick Queen
    Patrick Queen 5 hours ago

    Almost 1 mil views jennie’s impact!

  • Comic Crusader
    Comic Crusader 5 hours ago

    They forgot to put in the hyperscan for 7th generation if you seen that AVGN video

  • george powley
    george powley 5 hours ago

    I identify as a straight heterosexual Male who uses he/she related pronouns that are based on your gender at birth. Do not force violence upon me by expecting me to use pronouns that do not conform to your biological birth gender

    • Blue
      Blue Hour ago

      He she related pronouns LOL

  • The You Tuba
    The You Tuba 5 hours ago

    twitter.com/queeninyeiiow/status/1183034680855203841?s=21 So this guy who pitched this question is big buddies with Nancy Pelosi. Once again CNN is providing their darling candidate with questions before hand so they can prepare the perfect sound bite. Corrupt pigs. 🐖 🐷 🐽

  • John Quest
    John Quest 5 hours ago

    Madcow has always been lamb.

  • Blud Clot
    Blud Clot 5 hours ago

    Sure sure sure

  • JNF
    JNF 6 hours ago

    The "security zone" the Turks are making just so happens to be the entirety of Rojava, an independent society as of 2012, unrecognized by international organizations but functionally autonomous, secular and democratic. We are letting the Turks destroy what might be the best thing to happen in the middle east in decades. Not to mention that it is motivated by tensions between the Kurds and Turks, and is tantamount to genocide.

  • Mohammad Zeya Ahmad
    Mohammad Zeya Ahmad 6 hours ago

    wow beautiful news

  • fruit20111
    fruit20111 6 hours ago

    This is just more corporate BRAINWASHING!

  • Tommy Sullivan
    Tommy Sullivan 6 hours ago

    Whats worse is a traitor inside the WH, lets hear from the FBI and the CIA and the DNI to hear what they say. Not high level persons either but lower level people and allow them to speak freely.

  • Cody Allen
    Cody Allen 6 hours ago

    Dear Evan Hansen helped my friend stop attempting suicide for a while... He commited suicide about 4 days ago. Dear Evan Hansen stopped him from commiting suicide for about 3 years. now he is dead, at the age of 13. Dear Evan Hansen ppostponed his death. I am so sad that he couldnt have been completly stopped, but i want to thank the DEH cast and anybody involved for making this musical.

  • Barry Kelly
    Barry Kelly 6 hours ago

    What a bunch of ignorant clueless hypocrites. They should take out the scumbag traitor of the Kurds Trump.

  • Dirty brd
    Dirty brd 6 hours ago

    Freedom of speech lawsuit

  • Christian DAuria
    Christian DAuria 6 hours ago

    Why did people put a thumps yp

  • Bee Bee
    Bee Bee 6 hours ago

    Bernie 2020🔥💕

    AYESHA NOOR 6 hours ago

    leader after long prayer thanks Allah

  • Nick Peters
    Nick Peters 6 hours ago

    Time the windsors did the right thing ... go ..

  • Michelle St John
    Michelle St John 6 hours ago

    YEAH!! Somebody is FINALLY doing something about that looneyyoon talking head. When was the last time she WAS OUT OF THAT CUSH CHAIR AND CHASING DOWN FACTS (yes, I KNOW that TRUTH would not only have to bite her hiney; but do a body slam with a 6,000 pound gorilla sitting on her chest, which is supposed to contain the literal <probably has> & figurative {think she exchanged for crocodile tears and a PhD in lying=misdirection}) in the FIELD; doing what was once unbreakable rule of journalism [mainstream media gave this up for higher pay, cushier chairs, only in field for pleasant, fun for extreme left liberal leaning things; just having to keep silent about truth and accept payment for speaking from fairytale script]; it has been this way now for sooo long that the mainstream media has forgotten CARDINAL RULE: MINIMUM OF 2 (TWO) UNRELATED, BUT MUTUALLY CONFIRMING NEWS. COVEAT:IF only going forward with 2 sources, BOTH MUST BE CHECKED "EVERYWAY FROM SUNDAY" FOR VERSCITY OF STATEMENTS. IF can get multiple sources, veracity must still be checked, but a bit (TINY, TINY, MINISCULE) bit, AS LONG AS SOURCES ARE NOT, {REPEAT, NOT} A PART OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA who are ALSO ACCEPTING MONEY (dare I insinuate BRIBES????), A CUSHY CHAIR, AIR CONDITIONED STUDIO~NO JOURNALISM INVOLVED. JUST GREAT READING OF FAIRYTALES SET IN FRONT OF THEM AS THEIR "NEWS" COPY. Rachel, you CAN REDEEM YOURSELF, BUT IT will involve:effort physical, psychological, being "reprogrammed to a NEUTRAL state of mind, ACCEPTING THE FACT THAT YOUR JOB REQUIRES {YES, REQUIRES, MUST HAVE, YOU MUST ABIDE BY},THAT YOU ONLY[YES, ONLY, NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL, DUE TO YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF MONEY FOR FALSEHOODS LEFT WSNTS PUSHED} only presenting VERIFIED BY 2 OR MORE (MORE BETTER IF NOT MSM) FACTS; NO OPINIONS. See, people who you WANT listening to you [gain respect, better White House access, more adults, across America, the ones non-brainwashed in middle America, who still uphold truth& justice, those who have been called "deplorables" the same individuals who voted to keep out of office the queen of lies, misconception & an ever rising body count of those whom know the truth of her being] , then listeners will take EQUALLY PRESENTED SIDES & COME TO THEIR OWN CONCLUSION. I KNOW it is a foreign concept, but instead of selling their souls, truth along with it, those same SILENT MAJORITY THINKS FOR ITSELF; REALIZES WHEN "STORIES" REEK OF DISINFORMATION AND BEING SOLD PACK OF LIES-something MSM lost ability for with continued pay-offs. You DO realize how many mea culpas you will have to say, SINCERELY, if you have any hope of working in news. I'm also guessing that you, AFTER additional journalism classes, will probably have to start at bottom of the fact checker field, maybe even the get off your derriere and chase down leads~ but that would be after your deprogramming. For a gentler re-entry, Try taking your "fairytales" otherwise called (by you) stories from last 4 years. Forget your propaganda. Search for AT LEAST 2 unrelated (even related in discombobulated way) heck how well they match reality. Check your written by someone else stories~compare THOSE to REALITY. Example: election night 2016, your prediction of our country dissolving. Now: check stock market, check job growth whom Barry Hussein said, ON VIDEO, that he could not see anyway to get those jobs back, &not seeing how new POTUS COULDCDO SO SO HUSSEIN CALLED PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP LIAR. Which soon after, President Trump revealed Barry Hussein in another lie: not only did President Donzld J. Trump GET those companies to relocate back to US soil, bringing large amounts of jobs with them, he did it on the strength of his election, before even taking oath, something Barry could not manage to do, so started dismantling military to gain capital , but stripping our military of best, NEEDED, gear, instead, giving BILLIONS OF & TO TERRORIST &/OR countriescwho supported those groups, even though when Hussein illegally held office, as Commander-in-chief, was responsible for each US citizens/soldiers lives. Who but a treasonous excuse for a "man" would fund opposition who was attacking & killing those he swore under oath to defend???? Our country was made great because of our dearly held freedoms, including to recall any Representative OR Senator we see pulling a Hussein, aka HUGE TREASON ON MANY FRONTS. You, Rachel, said many times that Hillary had election in the bag (of course you probably knew by that point of her rigging DNC elections, paid for misintelligence (kinda makes me question yours~intelligence), and corrupted elections, especially in Fla. How did it feel to not only be publically shamed then, but nearly every day since bt POTUS fulfilling his campaign promises. [Quick...NAME 1, JUST 1, LEFT LEANER, OTHERWISE CALLED DEMOCRAT, THOUGH ACTUALLY A CROSS ON MARXISM & COMMUNISM, WHOM HAS FULFILLED CAMPAIGN PROMISES, SLL OF THEM, UNLESS JUST A FEW ARE STILL WORKING ON? ONE LEFTIST WHOM IS BEHOLDEN TO NO...capital "N" Capitol "O" special interest group IRperson (George Siros comes to mind; Hillary's unprotected server where foreign countries were virtually given a red carpet to US Movements, & US TOP SECRET info; buying off the Dem convention votes, the curious way that ANYONE who knew of one of her plethora of misdeeds & was ready to report is, aka As CONSTITUTION DEMANDS, ended up dead in ways truly impossible; why would the woman who lost 2016 election requiring multi body doubles? Hasn't been done politically since Hitler had 5-1 killed in bunker while real deal being spirited away by US's CIA, The Vatican & the Red Cross, all heading to Argentina, where CIA stood guard. So, Rachel, unless you are willing to start fresh, from the BOTTEM having to prove you actually are a journalist, not script reading talking head, TAKE A HIKE!!!

  • thearchitect27
    thearchitect27 7 hours ago

    ROASTED ALIVE! I honestly think the questioner was more shocked than the theoretical Republican conservative bastards who would ACTUALLY ask that question!

  • gisleyber2s
    gisleyber2s 7 hours ago

    I think the whale should have called 9-1-1 on her: "9-1-1, what is your emergency?" "Hello, my name is Dick, Moby Dick, and I want to report a suspicious white woman in my neigborhood..."

  • 45dvc
    45dvc 7 hours ago

    How much more of Trump's "wisdom" can we take?

  • Kafilat Olorunse
    Kafilat Olorunse 7 hours ago

    I sorry people who die by the twin towers I so sorry

  • Miriam Reid
    Miriam Reid 7 hours ago

    I’m very close to crying happy tears right now. Thank you so much. I am non-binary, and to be able to see myself in children’s toys marketed by one of the most popular toy brands in the world is such a deeply meaningful thing. Thank you so, so much.

  • X32BBFY
    X32BBFY 7 hours ago

    Wonder why he used capitalist healthcare instead of going to CUBA or VENEZUELA or even NORTH KOREA?Wonder why he used capitalist healthcare instead of going to CUBA or VENEZUELA or even NORTH KOREA?

  • Ginette Callaway
    Ginette Callaway 7 hours ago

    For the last 80 years four families have ruled California. Who are they? ru-clip.com/video/CLkF6zLxg_U/video.html

  • dannyBoy CoolestMen
    dannyBoy CoolestMen 7 hours ago

    Can someone explain why is gave his back on the Kurds? And why is is allowing turkey to attack the kids instead of the isis?

  • Vince V
    Vince V 8 hours ago

    This is as iconic as Michael Jordan’s jumpman logo

  • Joel Hullum
    Joel Hullum 8 hours ago

    This question was the equivalent of fuckin tee-ball

  • Faygo
    Faygo 8 hours ago

    Biden should save himself the embarrassment of running.

  • RavenPie
    RavenPie 8 hours ago

    That is scary having a choice of burning to death or falling to death

  • B Dahl
    B Dahl 8 hours ago

    i think we should take care of our own backyard . Use the drug lords in Mexico for example. we also have a small group of terrorists trying to overthrow our Government right now.

  • Kevin L
    Kevin L 8 hours ago

    "Florida" men??? They are Russians who emigrated... why is that not mentioned anywhere??

  • Bob Collinsworth
    Bob Collinsworth 8 hours ago

    Is there anyone left in the United States who doesn't know that Pocahontas is a bald-faced liar? If so, they must have been focused on a rabbit-warren rather than Pocahontas Warren!

  • rdj dwm
    rdj dwm 8 hours ago


  • Itz Madison Duh
    Itz Madison Duh 8 hours ago

    Yes excitement in your life helps with aging weather it be kids or a peomotion

  • Jennifer T
    Jennifer T 8 hours ago

    That’s right , see if you can find ONE 💖💖💖💖🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sage Oldmann
    Sage Oldmann 9 hours ago

    Florida men? Their both Russians, and both live in Russia 😂😂😂😂

  • bryanna malfoy
    bryanna malfoy 9 hours ago

    Your husband needs to stop putting children in cages, and you need to take an ESL class. You are a horrible human being and a curse on your gender

  • Gary Arnold
    Gary Arnold 9 hours ago

    Facebook ... is Mao ... using Tavistock techniques ... very dangerous "Cutural Revolution ... Americans must ... prevent "the Deep State's stated and intiated Georga Guidestone Protocals ... WWW.News-Expose.org

  • yifan liang
    yifan liang 9 hours ago

    we are not electing a native comedian,we are electing for the president here. She is not the one!! Trump 2020

  • yifan liang
    yifan liang 9 hours ago

    Trump 2020

  • The Orange Pekoe Teabag Band

    Finally, her trainers and handlers found something other than her "Be Best Bullshit" to talk about. Now, if only they could teach her how to speak proper English. She's the first 1st Lady who isn't actually a "lady"....not even close. She was born and raised a communist, she's an illegal immigrant and she's probably the first first so-called lady whose naked photos can be found in a simple google search. I like her lesbian porn photos the best. Which ones are your personal favorites?

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 9 hours ago

    The women interviewed in this ad don't have an agenda other than selling dolls, right? I see Mattels stock dropping like a rock. I know I won't be buying anything Mattel this Christmas season....

  • playlists
    playlists 9 hours ago

    Ew for what? The dufus hasnt ever had a job. Neck bearded mouth breather. Hes so fucking stupid

  • Dennis Barnes
    Dennis Barnes 9 hours ago


  • M S
    M S 9 hours ago

    Really sad