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my top 10 male kpop biases
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ateez roty
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chaotic hours with ateez
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i’m sorry!
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monsta x ray is wild pt.1
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monsta x as underrated vines
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  • Unicorns_kpop5 kpop

    Omg same , hahah , i LOVE big marvel , lol hahahahah

  • Mélissa
    Mélissa Day ago

    Changkyun my husband

  • Taehyung Kim
    Taehyung Kim Day ago

    I'm new to monsta x and i literally cried when i heard the main rapper singing LIKE WOAH

  • Danne Moula
    Danne Moula Day ago

    I’m new in this group, can anyone told me what song sing Shownu at 0:51, thank u so much! 🧡

  • MG MZ
    MG MZ Day ago

    Amo a i.m totalmente u.u

  • julesssrulesss

    i knew that jooheon was a good singer but damnnnn that boy can sing

  • Wonho's Neoya Rap Got Me Shook

    Monsta x: Can sing well Monsta x: Can dance well Monsta x: Can rap well Monsta x: Have amazing stage presence and performances Monsta x: Always works hard in everything they do In conclusion: Monsta x, LEGENDS 😌💕

  • alma fuertis
    alma fuertis 2 days ago

    I love this group. Each member has their own style & talent. They know how to dominate a stage like no other kpop group.

  • It'sMeYour Shanneshine

    Everytime I hear Changkyun singing it feels like an angel singing a lullaby to me.I love him !

  • A. V.
    A. V. 2 days ago


  • RikeLives
    RikeLives 4 days ago

    Army here and WTF THEYRE GOOOOD

  • Magdalena Samardžić

    Kihyun is the bestttttt the besttttt is the bestttt

  • Ninah
    Ninah 5 days ago

    What song is changkyun singing in this clip (6:13)??

  • Mica Ella Serrano
    Mica Ella Serrano 5 days ago

    IM can really sing he's just too shy to show off his other talent. He's much more confident rapping.

  • Fangirls United
    Fangirls United 6 days ago

    What songs are being sung at 3:35, 5:00 and 7:10?

  • jimlitz
    jimlitz 6 days ago

    lmao they dont have bad songs they just dont

  • Katie Reed
    Katie Reed 7 days ago

    i wish there was more hyungwon it makes me sad how underappreciated he is as a vocalist.

  • _BTS_JM_V
    _BTS_JM_V 7 days ago

    They are angels😍💛

  • aysa lara
    aysa lara 8 days ago

    3:31 im gonna need the whole video

    • lost geek
      lost geek 8 days ago


  • NaMe Fortnite 321 ITS GAME TIME


  • NaMe Fortnite 321 ITS GAME TIME

    Lol poor pants

  • Joy Renata W
    Joy Renata W 8 days ago


  • iBTS ARMY ChoiPop
    iBTS ARMY ChoiPop 9 days ago

    Monsta X will always be one of my fav groups! I have so much love and respect for them!!♥️♥️

  • stay salty
    stay salty 9 days ago

    Boy groups chores are so much more harder. Period.

  • Vanessa Linn
    Vanessa Linn 9 days ago

    I'm so happy that I'm stanning such a talented group. But since I'm new to this fandom, I'm a bit lost somehow. Lol 😅

  • donghyikess_
    donghyikess_ 10 days ago

    damn monsta x really out here voring whole studios

  • oH mAYn hOLY sHiT
    oH mAYn hOLY sHiT 10 days ago

    I.M can do everything except love me back...

  • Izel Ö.
    Izel Ö. 10 days ago

    7:00 IM singing is one of the most beautiful things that ever happened in my life 😍 (including MX)

  • Izel Ö.
    Izel Ö. 10 days ago

    2:25 haha no pb I watch this clip of Kihyun everyday I think I will watch it until I'm 90 years old and still won't get over it so.. 😂❤

    ATINY X ATEEZ 10 days ago


  • Kookie Monster
    Kookie Monster 11 days ago

    Starting a petition for Monsta X to have an all American style r&b album rn cause JAYZUS like as soon as Jooheon started singing you and I my whole body went straight into some dramatic ass hip rolls

  • Katherine the Aroha
    Katherine the Aroha 11 days ago

    I want to watch an entire video of Kihyun, I think my toes are stuck this way now.

  • Ενι Τσοκα
    Ενι Τσοκα 11 days ago

    I wasn't ready for Changkyun's vocals! Omg

  • As Heinze
    As Heinze 12 days ago

    ok so um. i didn’t know changkyun could sing- and him singing Instagram is probably the best things to ever exist

  • Bagas Gasatria
    Bagas Gasatria 12 days ago

    I love Jooheon

  • 김지은
    김지은 12 days ago

    ok i’m so happy everyone is talking abt jooheony but can we talk about shownu why is no one talking about our beautiful amazing wonderful leader he’s the most awesome person born on earth and perfect ;-; love you monsta x

  • tako tetemadze
    tako tetemadze 12 days ago


  • AnotherEmi
    AnotherEmi 12 days ago

    Changkyun's cover of Instagram always gives me goosebumps! Also, I screamed at my screen the first time I heard Jooheon sing in Versace on the Floor!

  • Jodiah
    Jodiah 12 days ago

    They already snatched my invisible wigs but now they done snatched a bitch’s teeth and h2o cause I can’t talk or breathe!! 😦😂😂

  • Joumana Khaled
    Joumana Khaled 13 days ago


    XIMBACHIEFX 13 days ago

    this fucking comment section.

  • G-Kristiell J
    G-Kristiell J 13 days ago

    Kihyun’s cover of hyeya gets me every time my god 🥺🙏🏻💕

  • Kamil Khalid
    Kamil Khalid 14 days ago

    Whats the last song?

  • Karl Strass
    Karl Strass 14 days ago

    Shownu!!♡♡ he has such a soothing voice people tend to forget that he's a lead singer too ♡ monsta x is a complet group ;))

  • Alexisasheep
    Alexisasheep 14 days ago

    I have no bias but ims voice is one I would die for any day anywhere. But damn we stan talent.

  • Minh Phương
    Minh Phương 14 days ago

    6:12 what is this song ‘s name,please ? Help me :)))

  • Dorky Duck
    Dorky Duck 15 days ago


  • Grace Bantegan
    Grace Bantegan 15 days ago

    Jooheon killed me.

  • Gisellembbmx
    Gisellembbmx 15 days ago


  • Crrystal ._.
    Crrystal ._. 15 days ago

    Song??? 3:31

  • is traumatized in korean

    What is the song Jooheon sings in this white suit? I'm in love with his version!

  • Beasty
    Beasty 15 days ago

    Kosina huro ,i will para e gee tou ye

  • Selin Ekiz
    Selin Ekiz 15 days ago


  • Jenny Punzalan
    Jenny Punzalan 15 days ago

    2:23 what's the name of the show?

  • steorra kingdom
    steorra kingdom 16 days ago

    its ironic that the big buffy men's singing voices are so pretty and soft <3

  • kolsoy
    kolsoy 17 days ago


  • Promise to be my Euphoria

    omg protect :c

    WONBEBE X 17 days ago

    Oh f**k i'm crying again;;;;;

  • friedrice
    friedrice 18 days ago

    Some of the most steady and consistent vocals in the game❤❤

  • Irene Seredina
    Irene Seredina 18 days ago

    Jooheon just killed me as fk...Literally crying how beautiful his voice is! TT

  • SuperBabyface1984
    SuperBabyface1984 19 days ago

    I would love to hear shownu do a solo R&B track! 🤩

  • 齋藤明日香
    齋藤明日香 19 days ago

    6:14 Do you know the song?

  • Caitlyn H
    Caitlyn H 19 days ago

    Jooheon singing Versace on the Floor is the reason I'm living. Also Changkyunnie covering Instagram had me DEAD. Love that song, and his vocals sounded so lovely for it

  • Karry Lara
    Karry Lara 20 days ago

    there are physical real TEARS in my eyes from im’s version of instagram holy shit

  • FatZee
    FatZee 20 days ago

    Can anyone plis tell me the name of the song at 1:35 ? I wanna know plis plis plis 🙏

  • Maryse Kim
    Maryse Kim 21 day ago

    I almost lost two teeth because of Jooheon and I.M... WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THIS??? HOOOOOW?????

  • Queen K
    Queen K 21 day ago

    J-Joohoney....😧 Wtf I’m shook asf!! 0~0

  • Valia Siclla
    Valia Siclla 21 day ago

    hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon hyungwon

  • ARMY
    ARMY 21 day ago

    but where is twilight its a masterpiece im in love with dis song

  • seventeen:-;
    seventeen:-; 21 day ago

    UNPOPULAR OPINIONS 1.Seventeen is Underappreciated between bts and exo 2.Stray Kids Han And Changbin Are the Best Rapline Of The Generation 3.Nobody In Ateez To Me Is Stable Exept Jongho listen to there songs with the mr removed ru-clip.com/video/-UuIdTmzuQQ/video.html

  • Riastuti Leony
    Riastuti Leony 21 day ago

    Kihyun, I.M 💗💗💗😘😘

  • tako tetemadze
    tako tetemadze 21 day ago


  • ASMR lover
    ASMR lover 22 days ago

    I didn't expect to die because of Wonho's part during Versace is on the floor.... I mean *"CAN YOU NOT !!!"*

  • Jeon Kiesha
    Jeon Kiesha 22 days ago

    6:11 the f*ck where can i get the full song on IM oppa singing this? it really make me stan him more😍

  • Dieu Doan
    Dieu Doan 22 days ago

    What is the last song ?

    • lost geek
      lost geek 22 days ago

      Changkyun/I.M - Instagram Cover

  • ArtxIgram
    ArtxIgram 23 days ago


  • Daniela Navarro
    Daniela Navarro 23 days ago


  • anabella salazar
    anabella salazar 24 days ago


  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman 24 days ago

    Satan is good, they are betta

  • Scarecrow Viking Star

    What’s the song at 6:16

  • tako tetemadze
    tako tetemadze 24 days ago

    I am shocked wonho kihyun and jooheon's vocal😶😶😶😶😶😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😱😱😱😱😮😮😮

  • Im not okay
    Im not okay 24 days ago

    jooheon. snatched my wig? tf

  • Holly_Nia17 12
    Holly_Nia17 12 25 days ago

    I sear Kihyun singing Heya (I can't remember the name) is my entire reason for living also, Jooheon and IM are both rappers and they can sing... this isn't fair they are gods

  • Ashmita #
    Ashmita # 25 days ago

    I swear I came here for Jooheon but tht kihyun 😭😭😭😭 his voice 3:33 😳 damm it it's very beautiful n attractive 😍 plz tell me which song is that .. n My God Jooheon 4:59 😍😊🤩🤯😭

    • lost geek
      lost geek 25 days ago

      It is a cover version of Crush's You & I... ru-clip.com/video/d_h3Rtoprd4/video.html

  • Shellywho
    Shellywho 26 days ago

    txt are special

  • Armyexolluvienctzenstaycarat

    Okay but changkyun singing Instagram is another level o beautiful like tbh I didn’t rly like his song horizon were he kinda sung I think but something like Instagram suits him so well

  • roshanay waqas
    roshanay waqas 27 days ago

    Why to hate yg CUZ OF THIS

  • roshanay waqas
    roshanay waqas 27 days ago

    Harbin was my bias....i unstanned ikon

  • wot mate
    wot mate 27 days ago

    mini rant ahead im not a stan, but this actually made me cry. im so worried for Hanbin. like you said, if things were THAT bad that he resorted to almost taking drugs, yg taking literally everything away from him will not make things better. he was kicked out, and now is forced to deal with even more problems by himself (which is potentially life threatening). the affect it is having on not only him, but the rest of ikon is so horrible as well; you can tell how much they miss him. i've seen videos of them crying at concerts; not being aloud to even mention Hanbin's name. the emotional toll that this is having on everyone is honestly so scary. i just really hope that Hanbin and the rest of ikon will be safe, and i hope that they can all find peace (preferably with them being together again in a different company). honestly yg is so fucked up.

  • Idkgachastuff
    Idkgachastuff 27 days ago

    unpopular opinion: *i don’t like itzy’s music* 😬 idk I just think their music is not my style haha

  • dbsksarangx3
    dbsksarangx3 28 days ago

    I knew that Jooheon could SING and still wasn't fully recovered but I had no idea about IM and now I'm floored. I shouldn't be surprised because he has such a good voice when rapping but wow, I need more of his singing now.

  • koya
    koya 29 days ago

    i honestly don't believe that he used drugs

  • AnaPaulaMonstaX
    AnaPaulaMonstaX 29 days ago


  • AnaPaulaMonstaX
    AnaPaulaMonstaX 29 days ago

    HyungWon sings so good, MORE LINES TO HIM

  • AnaPaulaMonstaX
    AnaPaulaMonstaX 29 days ago

    The song of Kihyun at minute 2:47 made me cry… I was like Wonho jajaja

  • kOO NeHo
    kOO NeHo 29 days ago

    I’m kinda shookt in Joohoen and I’m not really ready😂😂😂 Main rapper with the vocal like that 🤗❤️

  • sadturns
    sadturns 29 days ago

    desire first. tHE TASTE U GOT

  • 송윤영
    송윤영 29 days ago

    원호 민혁 기현♡♡

  • Sofie Edström
    Sofie Edström Month ago

    Finally someone with eyes. Woosung is so handsome I want to cry because of his beauty

  • desiiiiid
    desiiiiid Month ago

    i relate to this video too much