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  • Linda Oeder
    Linda Oeder Hour ago

    There will be no Democratic Party when this os over.

  • Cynthia Pittman
    Cynthia Pittman Hour ago


  • Cynthia Pittman
    Cynthia Pittman Hour ago

    Thank God for You Debbie. WE NEED YOU .MUCH!!!!!

  • Lim Lin
    Lim Lin 2 hours ago

    God is moving nations through politics. God holds the nations responsible for the leaders they pick. God uncovers sins of world leaders to fulfill Bible prophecies. God's sovereign control of history cannot be undone by man's clever attempts to determine his own fate. The nations have been established by God for His purposes (Acts 17:26), and He is sovereign over all their affairs. God is greater than the Democrats and the Left journalists who support wrongdoings and go against Pres Trump who is backed by God (Romans 8:31). There are serious consequences in God's system whether the wrongdoers like it or not. We are seeing God's system at work today before our very eyes (Luke 12:2). George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Bidens, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff - they all cannot escape God's judgment for the wrongs and the corruption they committed. That is why their hidden wrongs are revealed to us in the last days. The Lord Jesus says in Luke 12:2, "But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known." Praise the Lord.

  • Robert Frost
    Robert Frost 2 hours ago

    The Democrats seem to imagine things. They live in a world of their own...a world replete with and inhabited by weird stuff, lies, devious stratagems, superficiality, dissimulation, zero standards, inconsistencies, nebulosity and a million demons. In case you're salivating to destroy America, vote Democrats.

  • Manuela Gabathuler
    Manuela Gabathuler 3 hours ago

    Me too, I don’t watched.

  • Gigi M
    Gigi M 3 hours ago

    Bernie, when you have so many people sleeping on streets, YOU as great communist you are, should let them sleep in all 3 of your houses. why don't you Bernie ? Because you don't believe in communism when it's about you. You feel entitled to own as many houses you can afford and earn as much money as you can, no limits on you. SHAME ON YOU BERNIE ! WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR SHAMELESS HYPOCRISY ! But I am not surprised ! It's what ALL communists do: take from the ones who have and are capable to make things, take via confiscation and enrich themselves without any shame.

  • hopeCafe' anew
    hopeCafe' anew 3 hours ago

    Read section 2 article 3 .......real power hit coming... Not section

  • Mike B
    Mike B 4 hours ago

    The Dems have a plan to install a post dictatorship government. It's upon us people. Watch this

  • Jeanne Geib
    Jeanne Geib 4 hours ago

    We ARE a secular country! We are NOT a Christian country! Religion does NOT belong in public schools! Religion should NEVER be the arbiter of our laws!!!!!

  • WindWipper
    WindWipper 6 hours ago

    5:57 _The many hypocrisies of a babbling sociopath..._

  • John Brain
    John Brain 6 hours ago

    I disagree with your guest. Taking out Hussein was a major blunder.

  • WindWipper
    WindWipper 6 hours ago

    2:34 Lol it's _his_ party that put them out there (i.e see California).

  • Cynthia Pittman
    Cynthia Pittman 7 hours ago

    James. Needs to stay in China. Never return to USA. Praying for Hong Kong Peoples!!@!!!!!!!

  • block man
    block man 7 hours ago

    Frank works for the banks. That is why we are there. So that the banks can force those countries to sign a new 50 year charter.

  • Ugadda Seedis
    Ugadda Seedis 7 hours ago

    If Bernie has any money personally "invested" at any amount, in any manor, he is intending to benefit from the ever growing wealth of American Capitalism, that which he abhors, making him a blatant hypocrite hack politician, only pandering to the financially ignorant dupes of America. Amazing he can still speak as he hangs from his own petard.

  • Cynthia Pittman
    Cynthia Pittman 7 hours ago


  • xena tron
    xena tron 7 hours ago

    Le Bron, realised that he is no longer in the slave plantation of the United States and runs to be shackled again as a slave to China.

  • Promoted Facepulling

    If you want to meddle in other people's lands, siding with this foreign-funded monster vs that one today where tomorrow that one will be funded against this, you go. Stop risking and maiming the naive young lives of those who think they're fighting for something worthwhile while chicken-hawks concoct a ropey reason. Under the regime of meddling, Afghanistan was made into a breeding ground for what would become a pivotal disaster. Under the regime of guaranteed strategic meddling, Turkey felt favoured enough to invade Cyprus, stomp out half of its culture and threaten the rest of Europe. Under the regime of strategic interests, dollar-rich Saddam was built up to be taken down for no new reason except it was time for Iraq to be destroyed or destabilised forever. Then Libya, then Syria, Ukraine and on and on, and now, suddenly, the Kurds are the centre of the Special Relationship. Who is the biggest monster in the Middle East? It seems he may be forced to repent by one good man, and so our boys are pulling out. They leave behind the local patriots to face the minions and monsters, and to finally settle their differences. Why? Because a uniquely great and brave President said to the inarticulate babblers of the MIC, "No more will be lost for your pleasure, or at your leisure." As we sit in comfy studios, why do we call anyone else 'armchair' anything?

  • Cynthia Pittman
    Cynthia Pittman 8 hours ago

    Made COMMENT. Disappeared !!! After I rechecked it. Moments

  • J F
    J F 8 hours ago

    Sweden is not a socialist country - Sweden Not a Socialist Success via @RU-clip

  • Michael Tenhoff
    Michael Tenhoff 8 hours ago

    What ?....40 years ago it was unheard of to do bussiness with oppressive or communist regimes......

  • xena tron
    xena tron 8 hours ago

    Democrats.....'who moved my cheese pizza?' Bernie, who paid for your suit and your haircut. Did you really have a heart attack??????? Back up on your feet already??????? Bernie, how will you live without your billionaire hosts which you parasite off and have parasited for your whole existence. Blind and stupid.

  • Gary Flowers
    Gary Flowers 8 hours ago

    Love your video's

  • Mundo Garcia
    Mundo Garcia 8 hours ago

    CNN owner should loose his license and put in Jail for slander

  • s w
    s w 8 hours ago

    Booker..we have to be fair....but I share the concern of everyone on this stage, he has to be impeached. He must be taking lessons from Mayor Pete, who can talk in circles almost as good as Obama. The only one that made a little sense on that issue was Gabbard. Jesus said...A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. This country is at that point, we are very divided.

  • Anthony Beverly
    Anthony Beverly 8 hours ago

    I love this country of my birth, We have uniforms and guns for anybody that wants to go over there and fight. Grass must die, time for the elephants to play. Overstand?

  • Kathy Florcruz
    Kathy Florcruz 8 hours ago

    Again, you'll see the tactics of communism & SHARIA in everything these leftists say against America.

  • Kathy Florcruz
    Kathy Florcruz 8 hours ago

    Barr is pointing out the Communist manifesto as what the left is ALL about now. They're full on communists aligned with Islam. Twice as dangerous as they've ever been. Notice how they're employing the tactics of SHARIA to shut oppostion down. And if you look at the 1936 Constitution, chapter 10 on "EQUALITY" under STALIN, you'll see the script the left is using word for word. It's absolute TYRANNY.

  • Tracy Costa
    Tracy Costa 8 hours ago

    Zucker will be part of trumps plan Z

  • J F
    J F 8 hours ago

    The idea that wages have not gone up is bunk. When unemployment is low employers compete for people and wages go up.

  • marlene smith
    marlene smith 8 hours ago

    They r n our home. Obama made sure of it by allowing these refugees who want Sharia law, not all but those who won't assimulate and want Sharia law. They will fight here because they don't fear us.

  • marlene smith
    marlene smith 9 hours ago

    We hv to realize this is good vs evil, period. And those not supporting r president is not 4 the gd of the usa and its citzens. Wake up folks this is a war of and for r souls. Connect the dots and see whats going on n r skies and around the world. Anyone who wants war or division is fighting 4 the devil. Look at how some r trying to cause a war here and force us n a war to keep the fesr, anger and hate energy going, escalating the negative energies.

  • AwakeYet 2020
    AwakeYet 2020 9 hours ago

    If AG Barr is so great, why is he out giving speeches and pressers while POTUS is attacked from every side????

    • AwakeYet 2020
      AwakeYet 2020 Hour ago

      @Cynthia Pittman Im sure you are a tactical genius lol but I come from a law enforcement background too...and from what I know, you can't prosecute without an interview so um when does that magnificent legal mind of yours predict they will actually QUESTION THEM????????!??

    • AwakeYet 2020
      AwakeYet 2020 Hour ago

      @Kathy Florcruz name ONE deep state arrest. JUST ONE. I dare you. We have tons and tons of agents, evidence and witnesses. They are highly qualified and perfectly capable of following up on cases like: Comey, Clapper, Brennan, EPSTEIN, Assange, Strzok, Page, Rice..etcetera. Would it make you understand my point if I told you that NOT A SINGLE ONE HAVE BEEN INTERVIEWED BY THE AGs office??? Wake up sleepy heads. Adam Schiff might be in prison instead of engineering a coup with Nancy Pelosi if Barr had been investigating EIGHT MONTHS AGO, when he was hired. So now the Democrap are attacking from all sides because they know Barr is too shit scared to challenge them. PLEASE. ANYONE PROVE ME WRONG!!! But please use facts.

    • Cynthia Pittman
      Cynthia Pittman 7 hours ago

      @Kathy Florcruz demonizes! Know. Is comforting!!!

    • Cynthia Pittman
      Cynthia Pittman 8 hours ago

      Ya have a magic wand??? That's lying demoniites!

    • Cynthia Pittman
      Cynthia Pittman 8 hours ago

      Da ya must be a child mind creature

  • B.J Cameron
    B.J Cameron 9 hours ago

    Thank you Debbie. Jeff Zucker talks with an agenda of LIES. He is a Harvard Monster with a very Powerful influence over many people. From inside People like Zucker and Schumer there is an intellectual force that is very intimidating. Here is where they are weakest and it is here where they are the most vulnerable. President Trump challenges this force because he is pragmatic and unorthodox. He challenges their power and their intellect by his ability to achieve through sensate means. Zucker and Schumer hide behind their position of Power but are very articulate at hiding behind others. Schumer v Trump. Zucker v Trump. In achievements Trump wins . The other two win academically. Trump wins Emotionally. Leftist Jealousy.

  • Christine Holloway
    Christine Holloway 9 hours ago

    Thank you for this great news about AG Barr. I was hoping he was a good choice and I couldn't be happier to hear this.

  • R B
    R B 9 hours ago

    To answer Bernie Sanders higher education in this country is not educating their indoctrinating and there lies the problem of income inequality

  • R B
    R B 9 hours ago

    To answer mr. Steyer a wealth tax will cause all the big money to leave America there's nothing stopping them from leaving and that's what the left wants

  • Katherine Richards
    Katherine Richards 10 hours ago

    Look into your cable bills, 5 bucks a month is paid to cnn and your can't opt out , only by cutting off the service.

  • Shirlee Katt
    Shirlee Katt 10 hours ago

    Wow! I can’t believe old Bernies audacity. The American workers are hurting because our government allowed the big corporations to go over seas for cheap labor! President Trump is trying to remedy that! God bless America and God bless President Trump!

  • Defence Man
    Defence Man 10 hours ago

    The Kurds were fighting ISIS because that group was an enemy of theirs as well as ours. So were the Kurds fighting along side of the U.S. or was the U.S. fighting along side of the Kurds ? I think that it was more the latter than the former ! The enemy of my enemy may well be my friend, but he is not my brother.

  • Rick Adam
    Rick Adam 10 hours ago

    Debbie, by 1947 the Patriots Society had created the embryo CIA of news papers, staffs of all comications agencies into a NWO spy network. The FBI & NSA likewise were captured. This is why daddy Bush made hid boast about the NWO. This British subversive group formed in 1902 and completed in 1909 is infact the Deep State, CFR and SES, which are attempting to destroy Donald J Trump.

  • S O'Leary
    S O'Leary 11 hours ago

    I predicted Bernie will have another ♥️ attack on next debate!. This time will be worse for sure!!! Trump 2020 !

  • John Tempest
    John Tempest 11 hours ago

    AG Barr is the best results of Trump's presidency.

  • Lady Augusta in California

    When I'm working out at the gym, there are at least 2 screens showing CNN in the cardiac area. It's really annoying. I'll move to any equipment that is away from it. I watch golf, Anthony Tiger, Court programs, anything but CNN or MSNBC.

    • Rick Adam
      Rick Adam 10 hours ago

      You must not ignore it, instead learn and understand it or you WILL lose your country. And the Republic created that history show is the best form of government if you can keep it.

    • Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe
      Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe 11 hours ago

      Usually an IR blaster and your phone can change it or they have a clicker hanging around that's the first thing I do change that channel

  • Janet Masiello
    Janet Masiello 11 hours ago

    There is NO valid reason to try to impeach President Trump. What are they really afraid of ?

  • Judy McDougal
    Judy McDougal 11 hours ago

    Turkey will have a buffer zone in syria and turkey has a lot of syrian refugees and threatened to release them into europe. It will be something to see what happens with Greece they do not like turkey. Turkey has US nukes too. Thank you

  • Luana Navarro
    Luana Navarro 11 hours ago

    I love your channel. Lots of good info 😊

  • Patriot Girl Forever USA

    I think they want a civil war. Trying to literally get rid of people. Via war and abortion! Sad stuff, stupid stuff!

    • Anita Van Dam
      Anita Van Dam 6 hours ago

      They are following the Globalists agenda to reduce the population of our country to be able to control people as part of The New World Order. Euthanasia of handicapped, elderly & newborns. 😟 All about money & power!

  • Connie Babinchak
    Connie Babinchak 11 hours ago

    Keep up the great work Debbie! I love the way you explain what’s going on. Love it!

  • Tim Barnett
    Tim Barnett 11 hours ago

    Give us U.S. Code an Section!

  • mark o
    mark o 11 hours ago

    They want to tax the rich for health care. The rich will leave and then the middle class will have to pay for there health care . I say bullshit I am taxed enough.

  • Ryan Travers
    Ryan Travers 11 hours ago

    It's funny Bernie Sanders talks about 3 people owning more than 50% they're all Democrats

  • Luna Tuna
    Luna Tuna 11 hours ago

    your hair is on point!!!!....BEAUTIFUL

  • D.B. Baker
    D.B. Baker 11 hours ago

    They will continue their persecution of President Trump, for the next five years. Albeit, then... It's our turn.

    RALEIGH WOOD 11 hours ago

    Time to call out the Marines, Mister President...and arrest every one of those lying horse-thieves, for the treason that they have committed.

  • velda Jacobs
    velda Jacobs 11 hours ago

    Gee Sanders you all could have fix this but look at you .You sold just like the rest of Dems so don't give us your Bullshit you are no better then the rest what a ass wipe like the rest Tick Tock time for Gitemo for all of you double dealers.

  • silvercountry
    silvercountry 11 hours ago

    I believe all the wealth in a few billionaires hand is best for the environment because the money never gets spent.

  • velda Jacobs
    velda Jacobs 11 hours ago

    Get a clue ass wipe child molester Tom.

  • Winnie Levine
    Winnie Levine 11 hours ago

    If they are so worried about the American worker let them sell their properties assets stocks etc and disperse them among working Americans POTUS Trump may not speak well but I judge him by his actions promises made promises kept

  • Karen Tamminen
    Karen Tamminen 11 hours ago

    I agree with Trump’s stance, thinking and moves on the Turkey-Syrian border. Time for the US to get out. The Kurds are a mixed bag and have been fighting for a long, long time.

  • D.B. Baker
    D.B. Baker 11 hours ago

    I believe wealth distribution is against the law. Before Capitalism is forlorn, I'd get my monies, buy gold and tell the elites to F°°k off!

  • TincupTim Metal Detecting

    I have no sympathy! These countries that jumped on this B.S. bandwagon should have taken up pitchfork and sword and taken they're countries government back! Now you will have to fight tooth and nail or be destroyed by 3rd world animals - PERIOD!

  • 2479patrick
    2479patrick 12 hours ago

    I was thrilled when lebron thug left Cleveland for last time. What a douch

    • Cynthia Pittman
      Cynthia Pittman 7 hours ago

      Understand. Lived I Cleveland suburb for decade Know Truth

  • Lorricia Silcox
    Lorricia Silcox 12 hours ago

    Taxation is theft

    • Cynthia Pittman
      Cynthia Pittman 7 hours ago

      Agree. .yet we all must pay.our fair share. !!!

  • Tom Nolting
    Tom Nolting 12 hours ago

    Hey Mr Styeyer how about throwing a mil or two my way. Will be glad take a little ur guilt away

  • pjbikerful
    pjbikerful 12 hours ago

    Democratic Socialism is Worse than Socialism

  • Jo R
    Jo R 12 hours ago

    All of these Democrats are completely out of touch and really do live in their own bubbles. They are sooo stupid to believe that the American people will believe even a fraction of the crap they are trying to sell! Lmoa

  • marlene smith
    marlene smith 12 hours ago

    The divide is bad but the govt getting involved in "oh they can fix it" BS unless they can figure a way to put it n their pockets they won't support it. Their hx of abuse to us. We r tired of the lies and then the abuse. We all can tell situations of ridiculous ways the rich spent their momey. Even gvng to charities of which we recieve none of it. How about they just cut theeir prices on their products. Like cosmetics, they charge so much on such sm. Amt of product. Then live unbelievable lives, throwing money around like it comes from a bottomless barrel. Firing workers for minor infractions it gooes on and on.

  • bigwaverider
    bigwaverider 12 hours ago

    Styer is a Billionaire, Warren is worth 12 million and Bernie is worth 3 million. Seems like they need to be pointing fingers at themselves.

  • michael thompson
    michael thompson 12 hours ago

    Says 3 houses Bernie?

    • Cynthia Pittman
      Cynthia Pittman 7 hours ago

      Never held true Job. Follow the money's! Communist. truth would. Evaporate him

  • Enaid Yretciva
    Enaid Yretciva 13 hours ago

    God forgive me for pointing out that Mr. Booker resembles Mr. Potato Head.

  • Enaid Yretciva
    Enaid Yretciva 13 hours ago

    Among all of the content of today's show, I especially appreciate the title - that you use the proper word(s), DEMOCRAT DEBATE, and not Democratic Debate. Sometimes it's the small things in life that can make the biggest difference, lol. This is one of my pet peeves & I just had to SHARE MY JOY! Hallelujah,

  • Regan Orr
    Regan Orr 13 hours ago

    The Transition Surgery from Man to Woman is Horrendous ! Look it up, it's Terrible!

  • Robert Frost
    Robert Frost 13 hours ago

    The Democrats are truly truly the real deplorables. They are evil.

  • Rhonda Keller
    Rhonda Keller 15 hours ago

    I really think President Trump knows what he is doing....!!!

  • Allen Nah
    Allen Nah 16 hours ago


  • Suzette Petillo
    Suzette Petillo 16 hours ago

    As a grown woman who raised 3 children, THIS HITS HOME. I was a Tomboy. I wanted to play baseball in the neighborhood w the boys, who wouldn't let me. I didn't know why they kept scratching their privates and eyes ( hand signals) I just wanted to SHOW THEM I can hit the ball. (Men n women think differently. You disagree? NAME THE FEMALE CHESS MASTERS! THERE ARE NONE!) So think, THEY WOULD HAVE MADE ME A BOY. I'd have been a sex freak, not a mom or wife. I ADORE BEING A GIRL, now that I've grown up. CLOSE THE SCHOOLS. SAVE THE CHILDREN!

  • anthony mann
    anthony mann 16 hours ago

    Omar’s Just Disgusting

  • Milt Farrow
    Milt Farrow 17 hours ago

    Fuck Biden

  • Barbara Hesch
    Barbara Hesch 19 hours ago

    Correction on my previous comment. Global Patriot Radio Network.

  • Barbara Hesch
    Barbara Hesch 19 hours ago

    People, please go to Global Patriot Network. They are counter jihad radio shows they archive all of them. Listen to Revealing the truth about Islam with Osama Daduck. He is an expert on the subject. Listen to the other shows too and spread the word.

  • S.79 Dishaw
    S.79 Dishaw 19 hours ago

    What advantages do we have fighting for the kurds? How do we benefit in this fight?

  • S.79 Dishaw
    S.79 Dishaw 19 hours ago

    We are not the only ones in the UNITED NATIONS that should help the kurds, we have been there for years! We were only supposed to be there for 30 days, but 10 years later we finally bring our troops back

  • Liberty WOLF
    Liberty WOLF 19 hours ago

    Cultural Marxism is so pervasive, leading the sheep. You are right, insidious Propaganda , it is sickening.

  • Mary Rabbe
    Mary Rabbe 19 hours ago

    Thank you, Debbie... this is so frightening.

  • Lesa
    Lesa 20 hours ago

    We (everyone backing Pres Trump) seriously need to join together and march on Washington. We need to go to Congress demanding to kill the globalist agenda, replace all globalist in Congress & back off the president we voted for. One state at a time, one state each day, until the swamp is drained!!! We need to support the good ones, those who have been trying to do good but keep getting blocked.

  • Ms Janet
    Ms Janet 21 hour ago

    Just more fake news from ABC and their cohorts...

  • Edward George
    Edward George 22 hours ago


  • Topshelf-2
    Topshelf-2 22 hours ago

    Trump couldn't say it& can't now, but we just witnessed Trump using ROPE-A-DOPE on Erdogan's Turkey

  • Frank Yappa
    Frank Yappa 23 hours ago

    We should support Assad - he's the only secular leader in the area

  • The Beast
    The Beast Day ago

    We were supposed to hold the Kurds hand forever?

  • James Dean
    James Dean Day ago

    Everyone here shadow banned? My likes here are not recording. GREAT show! ❤️🇺🇸❤️

  • A OK
    A OK Day ago

    Hopefully there will never be another DemonRat president... But if there is, I wouldn`t want to be him because the Republicans will give it all right back spades .

  • zamo8 Lamora
    zamo8 Lamora Day ago

    He is a Radical Islamist just like Ilan Omar & Rashida Taliban, we are infidel in her eyes ready to slaughter! Wake up America Jihadists is on U.S. soil!

  • Norman Moffatt

    Islam started with one man in 610AD. In 622AD the Prophet of Islam (Mohammad) and his 150 followers migrated from Mecca to Medina. When Mohammad died in 632AD there had been 100 Jihad terror attacks (one every five weeks) and the whole of Arabia was Muslin. Now Islam has 1.6 Billion followers, has the majority and rules in 57 countries, every country taken by force and they continue with one objective, World dominance.

  • Everdine Stenger

    Ilhan Omar is a case in point, give a muslim some power and that power will be used to further islamist ideology.

  • B.J Cameron
    B.J Cameron Day ago

    Will Homosexuality cause our communities to separate into sides and bring about division based on a False Gender?

  • ziggy784
    ziggy784 Day ago

    Executive Order 12803 INFRASTRUCTURE PRIVATIZATION of 1992 USA is DEAD and being SCRAPPED Out- United States Registered in Delaware as Religious Corporation Google this ' File No. 2193946' THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE is incorporated in Delaware as a collection agency for a Puerto Rico company; INTERNAL REVENUE TAX AND AUDIT SERVICE (IRS) /// For Profit General Delaware Corporation /// Incorporation Date 7/12/33 /// File No. 0325720, see exhibit 2 of 3 pages; INTERNAL REVENUE TAX AND AUDIT SERVICE (IRS) For Profit General Delaware-Corporation Incorporation date 7/12/33 File No. 0325720 FEDERAL RESERVE ASSOCIATION (Federal Reserve) Non-profit Delaware-Corporation Incorporation date 9/13/14 File No. 0042817 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AUTHORITY INC. (CIA) For Profit General Delaware-Corporation Incorporation Date 3/9/83 File No. 2004409 SOCIAL SECURITY CORP., DEPART. OF HEALTH, EDUCATION AND WELF For Profit-General Delaware Corporation Incorporation date: 11/13/89 File No.2213135 UNITED STATES TREASURY / U.S. TREASURY, INC. Incorporation Date-02/08/1990 File No. 2221617 For profit General Delaware Corporation." Ever look at the trust corporations (such as the RESOLUTION TRUST CORP (RTC) associated with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC.? Trust - a fiduciary relationship in which one party holds legal title to anther's property for the benefit of a party who holds equitable title to the property. Who holds the equitable title? Ever notice property deeds state 'tenant' when referring to the supposed owner? The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages...will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without suspecting that the system is inimical to their best interests.": - Rothschild Brothers' of London communiqué to associates in New York June 25,1863

  • xena tron
    xena tron Day ago

    President Trump needs to buy Greenland and form his own breakaway country. I would move there.