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  • Troy F.
    Troy F. 6 days ago

    Well.......there's that.

  • Abdul
    Abdul Month ago

    If the Osprey stay defending the nest, the Eagle will take the mum or dad, they cant fight bald eagle, he is way stronger than them

  • Alicia Welsh
    Alicia Welsh Month ago

    Awwww the babys 😍🦉

  • Wink At The Moon
    Wink At The Moon Month ago

    I LOVE owls and have had amazing encounters with them in the wild (especially at night or early morning in the barn). I just wish I could handle the food chain/circle of life thing better. I’d not deny them their food of course, or look badly at ANY animal (except man who hunt for “sport” or trophies) that needs to get its prey to survive. I love ALL animals so as much as I love owls 🦉, it’s hard to watch the struggle of the prey. It’s my issue to deal with & get past. These wild cam vids are amazing👍🏼

  • Tiggy Birchall
    Tiggy Birchall Month ago


  • austin1839
    austin1839 2 months ago

    I get the impression that most if not all of the video was not recorded in summer. It would have been nice for a newcomer like me if info would be provided such as the names of the pair and some background info like how many chicks did they produce this season and did they survive that nasty GHO that almost wiped out the Hog Island Osprey family. Thanks for posting.

  • Wanda
    Wanda 2 months ago

    I was just watching this nest and the bird that was perched on the pole got taken down by something. Hope bear didn't come back. Camera went down immediately. Does anyone know what happened yet.

    • Susan Dhifaoui
      Susan Dhifaoui 2 months ago

      I just checked the facebook page, and all seemed to be well last evening, 9/7. there is a Charlo fan page on facebook you can join. it's Charlo Charlie and Charlotte. hope that helps. I've been away on vacation.

  • Raven The Murderer
    Raven The Murderer 2 months ago

    Cutest bats ever!!!

  • Sound Man
    Sound Man 2 months ago

    5973 hour wtf?

  • vemodaful
    vemodaful 2 months ago

    Pourquoi on ne peut pas voir les vidéos????

  • Cecilia H.
    Cecilia H. 2 months ago

    Why are none of your videos available?

  • Gillian coupland
    Gillian coupland 2 months ago


  • Anne Fridy
    Anne Fridy 2 months ago

    ru-clip.com/video/GbXHrj8k7dg/video.html #SaveOurInternet

  • Adrian Campbell
    Adrian Campbell 2 months ago

    🦅eagles are amazing to see,I realise that Eagles are chemical sensitive , watching the birds on their nest scratching from black flies was frustrating, these eagles need to spend longer on nest, I am sure a way to keep flies down which does not affect birds is needed what is going to happen 🦅

  • Adrian Campbell
    Adrian Campbell 2 months ago

    Go Kaiannika ! 🦅

  • عايض الرشيدي


  • surfnyolly
    surfnyolly 3 months ago

    I’ve only see owlets in this nest once on RU-clip. The camera is always so far panned out and not zoomed in. Hoping someone sees this feedback and zooms in a bit. Thank you!

  • surfnyolly
    surfnyolly 3 months ago

    Love!!!! What a great moment!

  • Misha 0705
    Misha 0705 3 months ago

    Как сервера выдерживают такое количество часов?

  • Discover Life Media
    Discover Life Media 4 months ago


  • x mokibul khan
    x mokibul khan 4 months ago


  • Cruz ferrel
    Cruz ferrel 4 months ago

    abandoned baby. 🙁

  • Joshua Taylor Madison
    Joshua Taylor Madison 4 months ago

    The Logo was too big in the Live Stream. Make it smaller Explore.

  • Molly Butler
    Molly Butler 5 months ago


  • Pneumatic Tube
    Pneumatic Tube 5 months ago

    ★★★★★ - This was easily the most riveting 3005 hours, 23 minutes, and 41 seconds I've ever spent staring at eagles! A nail-biter from fade in to fade out. - Pneumatic Tube

  • Troy F.
    Troy F. 5 months ago

    This is messed up, but what's even more fucked up is I'm watching this while enjoying some delicious BBQ crispy chicken strips! Me and that eagle are toasting right about now!

  • Pilou
    Pilou 5 months ago


  • C N
    C N 5 months ago

    We need to teach Eagles to eat Tofu, it's the only way.

  • Pascale
    Pascale 5 months ago

    it would have been nice to add a disclaimer....

  • Alex the Lego guy
    Alex the Lego guy 6 months ago

    Could not figure out what to do with that one branch lol

  • Melissa Lewis
    Melissa Lewis 6 months ago

    What kind of camera did you use for this?

  • Frances Nash
    Frances Nash 7 months ago

    Didn’t this nest have eggs yesterday?

  • The073156
    The073156 8 months ago

    RIP Bella! You were loved and will be so missed. They have taken your babies to care for.

  • The Gravestone
    The Gravestone 8 months ago

    I love Bats 🦇🕷⚰️💀

  • Jake Torres
    Jake Torres 8 months ago

    Hey guys

  • MTA Rose
    MTA Rose 8 months ago


  • MTA Rose
    MTA Rose 8 months ago

    Aw sweet!!

  • MTA Rose
    MTA Rose 8 months ago

    That was so sad! :(

  • kathlene m
    kathlene m 8 months ago

    Wow, for Channel Islands via iws.org and Dr Peter Sharpe this has been one of the most informative video's. I just luv'd it, Thank you so much. I am definitely going to go wild sharing this!

  • Peace ToAll
    Peace ToAll 8 months ago

    poor bird :-(

  • Cassondra Pockat
    Cassondra Pockat 9 months ago

    This video gives me a lot of happiness! I know that I'm a couple of years late, but I really love this video :)

  • Hiroyuki Fujita
    Hiroyuki Fujita 9 months ago

    What amazes me the nest remained intact.

  • MTA Rose
    MTA Rose 9 months ago


  • Birdie 9001
    Birdie 9001 9 months ago

    I’m so excited for egg laying to begin. Thanks for video!

  • mary Lou shannon
    mary Lou shannon 9 months ago

    Our electric company is replacing our high tension stands, including one with our beloved osprey nest. The top of new pole isn't wide enough to support a nest but we could attempt to get a box up there. Is it likely they would build a new nest in the box? What size should it be? When should we get it up there? Would the Audubon Society help? I'm in the Lehigh Valley of Penna. Thank you. Mary Lou Shannon

  • Perry Matherne
    Perry Matherne Year ago

    Mother Nature is harsh sometimes

  • Sergey Gatich
    Sergey Gatich Year ago

    Is it the mother? It looks like a male owl, because males have less stripes.

  • Winter Vanfleet
    Winter Vanfleet Year ago

    I love magpies they can be annoying like any animal, but I don’t think they are terrible as people make them. They do kill things or eat things that have been dead but so do dogs. I’m a vet technician that works with wild birds and magpies and other corvids are the birds that can completely become your friend with in a matter of hours at times. I think very highly of them and there intellegent level.

  • Bliss
    Bliss Year ago

    Misleading title. The nest is clearly already built when this video begins. This depicts nothing more than housekeeping. What we'd really like to see is a genuine time lapse video showing an eagle nest being built from the foundations and depicting this wonderful feat of engineering.

  • Con Corrales
    Con Corrales Year ago

    GHO and Eagles love to shoplift this nest.

  • Soma Cruz
    Soma Cruz Year ago

    Vampire bats <3

  • Sheila Zuurbier
    Sheila Zuurbier Year ago

    *Really impressed so far!>>>**t.co/2388sifuC5** Exactly what I wanted, considering getting a few more for around the house. Picture is great, sound is great.*

  • JL Bon
    JL Bon Year ago

    Youger brother,you've done back so good.

  • Rose Love
    Rose Love Year ago

    Oh so precious! She was a bundle of fluff and Joy! 💜💙💙💖

  • Rose Love
    Rose Love Year ago

    Joy was so precious! This is my first year watching. Gracie Puffling is my first puffin love. 💙💜💖

  • Rose Love
    Rose Love Year ago

    These birds are so amazing! Thank you for sharing. 💟💙💜

  • stephanie M
    stephanie M Year ago

    Beautiful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rose Love
    Rose Love Year ago

    Love love love these birds! That cutie pie baby is a little spit fire! 💜💜💜💜

  • Harold, 4th of his name.

    flat earthers btfo by this video

  • Rose Love
    Rose Love Year ago

    Congratulations to our awesome osprey couple Rachel and Steve on their gorgeous babies! 💜💙💙💟

  • Diane Whitlock
    Diane Whitlock Year ago

    Thanks for all you do! So enjoy these nests!

  • zacharycat
    zacharycat Year ago

    Wish they would record this again with better acoustics

  • Dayze Mae
    Dayze Mae Year ago

    Where the heck is a Steve?

  • Amy Harmon
    Amy Harmon Year ago

    I've been live streaming my nest during the daytime for the past 2 weeks if anyone wants to check it out. Feel free to subscribe to my channel if you want to keep up with the babies progress and to be alerted when she returns yet again every April. 😊

  • Bryan Scott
    Bryan Scott Year ago


  • Dietrich Wallace

    is that deer going to be okay?

  • Mikefreshbeatz
    Mikefreshbeatz Year ago

    what happened to the 3rd baby eagle in the live stream?

  • Stephanie Rodriquez

    Ugly old skinny lookin hag

  • Antonio Hernandez

    Que tan lejos me escuchan.y cuanto tiempo saben de esto

  • Chi-sa Lin
    Chi-sa Lin Year ago

    That kind of owls had killed many osprey babies past 2 years 😢 many nests suffered from those like eagles something 😑 really hate that kind of birds......

    • Chi-sa Lin
      Chi-sa Lin Year ago

      So sad that it seems the survive rates getting lower... 🙀 & where was the father Doing 😑

  • Mary Hooper
    Mary Hooper Year ago


  • Chi-sa Lin
    Chi-sa Lin Year ago

    So sad that the baby birds didn't make it last season 😔 ...& I'm wondering why this nest needs to rebuild again ❓ (it seems that this isn't a Good place for them 🙀 the weather...the attacks from others...)

    • Chi-sa Lin
      Chi-sa Lin Year ago

      😳 So amazing to see how they rebuild the nest this year~ ♡ though strong wind still worries me...(can't recall how the nest & babies both lost last season 😔 )

  • Chi-sa Lin
    Chi-sa Lin Year ago

    I really Hate...those had hurt osprey baby birds 😣

  • This is my busting face

    Not bad for only having a beak and no arms haha

  • Wendy Black
    Wendy Black Year ago

    Nature's war

  • Tan Judia
    Tan Judia Year ago

    The eyes of this majestic Long- Eared is so mesmerizing to watch.

  • Xzaiver Washington

    The osprey mother should't move away from the nest but i like bald eagles and ospreys

  • MrNerdyBirdy
    MrNerdyBirdy Year ago

    We'll at least they will still have a channel right?¿?¿?

  • pegster6
    pegster6 Year ago

    Wherever you are I will follow 🙂😘

  • FPS Russia
    FPS Russia Year ago

    What are you going to do with this one?

  • Christopher Alessi


  • birds nests nature

    sub 4 sub anyone , we need to support each other

  • gray wolf 708
    gray wolf 708 Year ago

    The dere was cute but its in Haven now