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  • heather
    heather 19 hours ago

    girl, i had symptoms like yours when i was vegan too. i started eating local organic meat & started feeling better immediately. got my youth back quickly too. it was sooo fucking hard for me to go back on meat (i was *very into the whole lifestyle) but i met the farmers that raise the animals i bought at farmers market & talked to them about it & that made me feel a lil better. please no more cleanses. try some healthy organic meat. you know, a lot of these animals wouldn't have even come to earth if not for the purpose of being food.

  • Michele Marston
    Michele Marston 3 days ago

    Have you considered doing intracellular testing of nutrients (vs blood serum)? Apparently they can determine what's supposedly getting to your cells. For example, one could have normal or even high B12 show up in a blood serum test (most likely due to eating fortified foods), but if you check the cells themselves one could come back low in B12 (like if you have the gene snp MTHFR). SpectraCell is the test I'm familiar with that does intracellular testing.

  • Ammyt
    Ammyt 4 days ago

    Obviously the first people on earth weren't like the actual ones, our bodies have been changing because of evolution, as our needs

  • Dave Glam
    Dave Glam 6 days ago

    It's not a stone it's bloody glass daaaaaa🙄

  • Cat Woman
    Cat Woman 13 days ago

    I have a Marcel Vogel Star of David Moldevite pendant with gold hardware. I wear it on a gold chain. It's so pretty. I got it way back in the 90's. It's never made me feel funny or sick, thank goodness. I love it so much! 💚

  • Jennifer Tinker
    Jennifer Tinker 14 days ago

    I was drawn to buy a chrysoprase after seeing a fifty dollar bill blowing in the wind. I quickly got up to grab it. My mother with dementia actually pointed it out to me. We were at the markets and decided to spend the money. When I walked passed a gem stone stall I noticed this beautiful green blue pendant. It took me half an hour to buy it. The seller told me the crystal had the properties for love and healing. People ask me all the time about the stone and I couldn't remember the unusual name. After wearing it for a 18 months without any idea about crystals I did some research on utube. I followed some simple instructions on how to cleanse and charge it. I then programmed it with 10,000 megahertz to open the pineal gland and spoke my intentions into the crystal a couple of days ago.

  • Alice Alessia
    Alice Alessia 17 days ago

    Did anyone with Mal de Debarquement Syndrome tried it? Did it work for u?

  • Mandy Fairbairn
    Mandy Fairbairn 21 day ago

    Guaranteed most of that food wasnt grown but shipped in.

  • Buffy Breeden
    Buffy Breeden 23 days ago

    What book are you referring to? I need it.

  • monsterjazzlicks
    monsterjazzlicks 26 days ago

    9 minutes of pointless waffling!

  • ann hans
    ann hans 26 days ago

    I noticed you have the dancing Shiva statue in your room. In hinduism it's not advisable to keep it in your home. Because that's the destructive energy of Shiva and it invites chaos. So you might want to remove it from your home and put it somewhere nice outside.

  • syncletica saint
    syncletica saint 29 days ago

    Oh we are so blessed to have water at all.

  • Star Karan
    Star Karan Month ago

    I am pretty sure you can find good solutions on woo&pep, great for health and all body :)

  • Claude
    Claude Month ago

    I placed amethyst in my bed and I felt a bad headache until I put it away. Not sure I want it again :)

  • Sol Serpentine
    Sol Serpentine Month ago

    Veganism is a jewish plot lol

  • AHN Great Life
    AHN Great Life Month ago

    Your hair is beautiful

  • Cindy Sinanan
    Cindy Sinanan Month ago

    Its kriptonite

  • Eden Silverberg
    Eden Silverberg Month ago

    Hi there ! I just bought my zapper but paypal sent the payment to fast and it went to my billing address instead of my shipping address! Can someone please contact me so I can make sure it is sent to the correct place! Thank you so much!

  • Dalena Dennis
    Dalena Dennis Month ago

    How much did all this cost and is this prep for just 1 person

  • Godonichia Augustus

    Do you recommend this lifestyle

  • Louise Evans
    Louise Evans Month ago

    i think it looks beautiful. its weird because i feel a warmth just looking at it online...

  • Cortana Infinity
    Cortana Infinity Month ago

    I had the same reaction to my Moldavite pendant that a friend gave to me. Took me a year and a half to get used to it. It was in a really ugly silver bail so one of my coworkers (I work in a gemstone jewelry shop) recently popped it out of the pendant, and remade it into a simply gorgeous ring that I just love wearing. I believe it awakened once it was given a beautiful home as a ring.

  • Rosaelina V
    Rosaelina V Month ago

    Thank you for sharing this video 🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • curtsher11
    curtsher11 Month ago

    I did a session yesterday and i noticed my airways in my throat opened up.

    BELINC7 Month ago


    • rawsynergytv
      rawsynergytv Month ago

      A $115 sauna on Ebay or anywhere else, is not a Relax Sauna and is definitely not the same. The cheap ones on Ebay do not compare at all in quality, materials or results. You get what you pay for. So if you want cheap, $115 will get you cheap. If you want quality, invest in a Relax Sauna.

  • Kelly J
    Kelly J Month ago

    How did she die? 😥

  • Kelly J
    Kelly J Month ago

    Did she take her RU-clip channel down? I can't find it!


    So nice....

  • Cristina Pircalabu

    Yes, pls

  • - Protected
    - Protected Month ago

    Moldavite is calling me. I wasn’t even thinking of it and woke up on day to search for it.

  • Peter Chavez
    Peter Chavez Month ago

    Thank You so much for such a great tip! I'm going to try this for sure!

  • Just in from God
    Just in from God Month ago

    You are beautiful like a Moldavite!

  • YF Chong
    YF Chong Month ago

    i see auras around you. and two standing next to you

  • Asu Toma
    Asu Toma Month ago

    If you are a lightworker.. I recommend Moldavite. Personally. It’s really hard to be one with the energy of Moldavite but once you get there your energy and vibration just continues to grow on a completely positive way. Etc. anything you can think of it can help you with. This stone helps me to heal on a universal scale and I’m just blessed to wear this stone around my neck as a lightworker

  • Michal Viktorin
    Michal Viktorin Month ago

    I ruined my eyes with drugs, hallucinogenic mushrooms to be exact. I draw universe in walls of garage with neon markers and sit there under UV lamp on for 10 hours while being shroomed. I actually reprogrammed my mind after two our to see UV it is possbile, but normal light has more volume, so you cannot see it normally, because it is in shadow in normal light. I can see much better in dark now, but I cannot see as far away as I used too...

  • kauigirl808
    kauigirl808 2 months ago

    Thank you because I hate nuts.

  • Craig Miller
    Craig Miller 2 months ago

    Comparing to your older videos, you appear malnourished. This vegan movement is delusional

  • Grandma Cheap Cheap
    Grandma Cheap Cheap 2 months ago

    I got celery for 89 cents a bunch this week and have my dehydrator running right now. Thanks for your info. Sprinkling on fresh sliced tomatoes is genius.

  • mimi7914
    mimi7914 2 months ago

    I just picked up an amethyst in a store today and immediately my head felt tingly, almost a numb feeling. I have never had that feeling before. Is that a sign I picked up the energy right away? After I handed it to my daughter and took it back again I didn't feel it again though. Well, I bought it because I figured it was for me. By the way, I have held other crystals and never picked up any energy before this. Would you please let me know if you have felt the energy in the head before? Thank you!

  • stanibol
    stanibol 2 months ago

    I just learned Tasha is deceased. Anonymously sending my deepest sympathy to her family and friends.

  • ツTarolayn
    ツTarolayn 2 months ago

    Your Vice Is so calming 😍😍

  • commentoria
    commentoria 2 months ago

    I think you need to eat some protein.

  • Edyta Kapusta
    Edyta Kapusta 2 months ago

    Tasha's website is no longer available. Is she still active? Thanks

    • Kelly J
      Kelly J Month ago

      Trish Munoz How did she die? From what exactly? I'm so shocked and saddened to hear this.

    • Trish Munoz
      Trish Munoz 2 months ago

      She passed away.

  • Mister 007
    Mister 007 2 months ago

    why does everyone talk about using moldavite but never say where to buy genuine moldavite. Theres more fakes out there than authentic ones

  • Journey to Healing with Lauren Brown

    Bless you Alicia!!! You and your husband have helped so many people!!! We love you!!

  • Gordon Bricker
    Gordon Bricker 3 months ago

    11:23 hi, no offense but you look so lost - you need JESUS!

  • Ethan Conrad
    Ethan Conrad 3 months ago

    Moldivite x DMT trip

  • Gina Burton
    Gina Burton 3 months ago

    I got my Moldavite pendant piece a week ago and it was put in a safe place when I went looking for it was gone it's crazy cause, I did not get to use it at all told the owner about it like why must this happen to me all of a sudden

  • MrOramato
    MrOramato 3 months ago

    You should write “exit” on the bottom side with an arrow pointing to the hole, otherwise won’t the be trapped? -AOC

  • Cuarajhy Rojayju
    Cuarajhy Rojayju 3 months ago

    I need to share my experience 2 tables spoons of magnesium chloride stopped the pain in my stomach from eating water melon then I decide it to eat corn’s cake with cheese and butter the pain came back! I drink 1 table spoon of magnesium chloride again went to bad now I just woke up the pain is gone the only explanation I can give is that I believe the bitter content of the magnesium neutralize the too much sugar from the fruit lettuce 🥬 is bitter reason why stopped the pain today I will eat lighter 🍲 food to give my stomach a rest and to heal I’m hope my experience can help other people out there because the stomach pain from water melon is a killer worse pain ever!!!! I ate water melon right after a hot soup that killed my stomach then i found out that watermelon should be eat it along one or 2 hrs away from hot soup or other fruits or soup some fruits or foods can’t be convine it

    • tarstarkusz
      tarstarkusz 29 days ago

      You should try my secret cure... When I eat something that causes me intense pain, I put it down and I don't eat it again!

  • D L Malley
    D L Malley 3 months ago

    NEVER have had any problems with Moldavites . I have Several stones... They have made good gifts to my Special friends and family. ♡

  • Bored Venus
    Bored Venus 3 months ago

    This is AMAZING today for some reason this particular video came up on my feed and I remembered I purchased a Moldavite ring to save for my daughter because I was attracted to the green I put it away and it's been tucked away for 10 years, and I've been going through a spiritual awakening now since late last year and I feel this ring was really meant for this specific time in my life because I am ready for it now and it's my size too not the normal size I would have purchased for my daughter. I feel great wearing it. So happy right now!

  • archie lopez
    archie lopez 3 months ago

    Is the book available here in the Philippines?

  • Cheng Liu
    Cheng Liu 3 months ago

    Did you figure out why Taking HCL made you feel so much better (you mentioned PMS alleviated and more), I experience definitive improvements too, as well as most of my patients who did HCL challenge test. My digestive symptoms, skin hive (histamine) and allergy all went away in a matter of 2 days, and they come back if I stop HCL. So what's your theory that you turned out producing enough, yet HCL helped you greatly? Perhaps pepsin/enzyme broke down protein better so you had less indigestion, or reduced SIBO down the stream? Thanks so much for sharing the video!!

  • Jason Auw
    Jason Auw 3 months ago

    green lantern power

  • poolahpot
    poolahpot 3 months ago

    You are slowly dying from this diet. You are truly not thinking clearly. You are NOT “detoxing” sweetie....you are SLOWLY DYING by means of starvation.

  • poolahpot
    poolahpot 3 months ago

    THIS is a very deadly “lifestyle”.

  • Kimmy
    Kimmy 3 months ago

    Are mood swings a sign of detox? I'm experiencing some depressive feelings at times, not very pleasant 😊 I went raw vegan 2 weeks ago, but I was already gluten and dairy free.

  • Joey Robertson
    Joey Robertson 3 months ago

    This is going to help me I do thank you! I also might add you are freak'n HOT!! just say'n :)

  • madd skillz
    madd skillz 3 months ago

    U looks so much healthy there, how are u know?

  • madd skillz
    madd skillz 3 months ago

    It is one way trap.

  • madd skillz
    madd skillz 3 months ago

    U are sick, try meat!

  • Ruth Christianson
    Ruth Christianson 3 months ago

    A little cold flax seed oil (from refrigerator at Sprouts or Whole Foods) like a tablespoon, is helpful for cell membranes in the body. Might help with the vascular issue in your fingers.

  • Pamela Brown
    Pamela Brown 3 months ago

    Hi there! First time viewer: Did moldavite make you aware that you should eat a raw food diet?

  • BackFireZz
    BackFireZz 3 months ago

    Whens your no longer vegan video coming out

  • Sweet V
    Sweet V 3 months ago

    Hello😊 I do not have to research any longer because you did such a beautiful job explaining the symptoms. Thank you💖

  • TheThe2952
    TheThe2952 3 months ago

    I make a hair rinse with it- 1/2 water, 1/2 ACV. Pour it thru wet hair in the shower, let sit for 2 min and then rinse. Makes my hair super smooth, soft and shiny.

  • TheThe2952
    TheThe2952 3 months ago

    I love the shelf of fruit. Great idea to display it decoratively!

  • Rani Rathi
    Rani Rathi 3 months ago

    This is so true. I remember watching a Mark Bajersky video where he talked about moldavite and then i thought, dude it's so not beautiful like amethyst or azurite... Since the past one month i have been searching for MY moldavite online like crazy. Now i would say moldies are SO BEAUTIFUL.

    • Rani Rathi
      Rani Rathi 3 months ago

      Couple of months back i had a dream of a bottle green crystal. I didn't get it was moldie right away. But now since i have connected to the energy of a moldie, the color green just makes me so happy. like, all green shades there are out there.

  • Roz Christopherson
    Roz Christopherson 4 months ago

    I love this video.It’s so real. Best wishes to both of you beautiful ladies. I just want to ask if it’s ok to have quinoa, bulgur wheat, wheat berries, and buckwheat on my raw journey. One month in now after 2 years vegan.

  • Luna’s Vlogs
    Luna’s Vlogs 4 months ago

    I don’t know if you’ll answer but I wanted to know if the wart would just fall off or would you have to pull it off...also will it hurt???

  • MiguelAngel Jimenez
    MiguelAngel Jimenez 4 months ago

    COME BACK PLEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy Chartrand
    Nancy Chartrand 4 months ago

    thankyou i didn't know about the Moldavite incence

  • Rui Raiz
    Rui Raiz 4 months ago

    No free exercises? Seems fishy

  • MagnaYu
    MagnaYu 4 months ago

    isn't zucchini GMO?

  • Kawaii Keki
    Kawaii Keki 4 months ago

    Wow what a coincidence because my mom always buys Apple cider viniger for some reason.

    DIAMOND ESSENCE 4 months ago

    You talk to much that's why your views are so low. We're here for the food not your life story

  • Sean
    Sean 4 months ago

    Btw , you seem nice but you gave zero scientific information or helpful information on this video

  • Sean
    Sean 4 months ago

    Duh! Humans are designed to eat fruit , carbon is what we need to function on a higher frequency, not so much vegetables , cellulose is not easy to digest , my diet is 75% fruit I’m in perfect health

  • Goltijin12
    Goltijin12 4 months ago

    id smash that....

  • Alina Weiss
    Alina Weiss 4 months ago

    Why don’t you eat your fruit, like the watermelon would be so tasty just as is? I could eat half of a watermelon, yum!

  • Terry Givens
    Terry Givens 4 months ago

    Be kind with your comments friends. :) Thank you for sharing your story

  • hybrid angel
    hybrid angel 4 months ago

    Tektite not gemstone. Thanks for the jnfo

  • Rebecca Lucas
    Rebecca Lucas 4 months ago

    Pair that moldavite with a Herkimer diamond, and it intensifies!!

  • Die Herrscherin
    Die Herrscherin 4 months ago

    My god you have aged so much. Shocking

  • Daverr
    Daverr 4 months ago

    You must have a real big colon.

  • Cardinal Copia's Love Slave

    I haven't watched you in a couple of years. You look like corpse. Vegan diet isn't doing you any favors. Yikes.

  • Tuk Tuk
    Tuk Tuk 4 months ago

    Detox? Are you serious? You need to get some professional help instead of spreading dangerous diets on the internet. You look really unhealthy and underweight. Your symptoms come from your starvation.

  • mike arasta
    mike arasta 4 months ago

    you look like meth addict on vegan diet, yaaaak

  • mike arasta
    mike arasta 4 months ago

    show us your face, you must look like crackhead on that vegan diet. show us your face with no makeup.

  • Bing Nova
    Bing Nova 4 months ago

    So what’s the max time for a larger wart on the foot? I’m serious it’s summer and I want to swim but I can’t. Save me.

  • betzi b
    betzi b 4 months ago

    Are there more vids of this lady? She is wonderful. My osteoarthritis keeps me from playing tag with my grandson. I wonder what herbs she used. She looks wonderful

  • EJ257IHI
    EJ257IHI 4 months ago

    Higher stomach acid is usually found in people with Blood type 'O', if that's the case, this woman needs to start eating meat/protein and not just fruit. She's shooting herself in the foot.

  • Awesome Life
    Awesome Life 4 months ago

    Instructions for the A2300: fill with two cups of water, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, press the “wash” icon, rinse under running water. Very important: dry it right after washing to avoid water spots.

  • Godonichia Augustus
    Godonichia Augustus 4 months ago

    How long is detoxification take? I mean, how many years for general people

  • Sunny Weather
    Sunny Weather 4 months ago

    Alicia you are my fav RU-clipr in the health arena, not based on diet (I’m not hard core vegan) but for you sincerity and good heart. Please let us know if your health has improved and how? I related to you in so many ways (health and then seeing my mom pass with cancer too) and would love to hear life update🙏🏻

  • maria maria
    maria maria 4 months ago

    Im feeling pressure and cold with a raw emerald necklace on me.. why is that

  • Robert Presley
    Robert Presley 4 months ago

    Good info.

  • Motivation : Adaptation & Mindset

    Today 18 May 2019 my Day 10 raw food (sugar level 146, blood pressure 108/76) : suddenly lazy want to rest all days, breath contain small water came from nose & dry cough and eyes look blur... (please forgive my english)

  • Bob Frapples
    Bob Frapples 5 months ago

    We dehydrate and powder onions carrots and celery and then mix together by weight portions; 2oz Onion powder and 1oz each carrot and celery for a ready made mirepoix powder that can be sauteed in butter or oil to add amazing flavor to whatever you are making. Great video!